Thursday, October 27, 2011

Occupy Oakland Crackdown: Cop war-zone tactics? Keith Olbermann & Cops Shoot Iraqi Veteran For Protesting???

In Oakland the police have gone rogue which is not surprising since the police in Oakland are known for over reacting and have on numerous occasions been accused of brutality and a heavy handedness against their fellow citizens . Like a lot of police forces in the US or here in Canada see themselves as not being part of their community but see themselves as outsiders and as better than the rest of their community. They believe by taking their orders from the rich and powerful they are doing the right thing.

But those in positions of power and authority above the police may praise them when they are needed but when a police force asks for more job security and benefits and higher salaries those in power will refuse and if necessary pass back to work legislation if the police even threaten going on strike . In the end the police are just part of the underclass that is the 99#.

The police are supposed to be on the side of the people to serve and protect not to bash heads in and take away the citizens right to protest; the right to peaceful assembly; the right to present their grievances to those in authority without interference by the police.

Welcome Back to the war

So here's a video clip I put together about the #occupyoakland struggle against a draconian militant police force.
The music is by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers "I Won't Back Down"
It includes the lone man at the barricades scene and the flash bank video of protester shot in the face.

As one protester complains that unfortunately there are a few protesters who wear masks or kerchiefs to hide their faces as they antagonize the police and throw shit which just gives the police an excuse to beat on them and on the non-violent protesters.
So be peaceful, don't hide your face each protester should stand proud and be identified with the movement and don't needlessly provoke police.

Countdown: OccupyOakland - Cops brutally wade into peaceful crowd,

UPDATE #occupyoakland Oakland Policeman Throws Flash Grenade Into Crowd Trying To Help Injured..

Police State USA: # Tear Gas Attack III #OccupyOakland

Police treat the situation as if they were in a War Zone.
This was expected because you can't stop the illegal wars of aggression by the US Empire and the use of criminal tactics such as treating POWs etc. Detainees in brutal fashion using beatings , torture , indefinite detentions , renditions and the utter contempt that the US government and its military have for the rule of law.
Like Vietnam the chickens are coming home to roost from the Global War on Terror from Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib, from Bagram from the obliteration of cities such as Fallujah -if the US military can be so casual in ignoring not just the rule of law but common decency then why should police forces and others in positions of power or authority in America be forced to abide by what the Bush/Obama Regimes refer to as "quaint" or just old fashioned laws and agreements.

So being Americans with power they too that is the police have the right as it were to abandon the rule of law. Given this moral void that the US is now in the protesters could also claim that if the police are not behaving according to the rule of law or common decency then why should they. This would create a disaster which the police and the wealthy elite look forward to so they can show the 99% who really runs things .

Though the protesters could appeal to this sort of twisted logic it would be better if they the protesters take the higher moral ground and refuse to fight back and remain as peaceful as possible while keeping a watch out for rogue extremists or even undercover Police Provocateurs as we saw the authorities apologetically used in Toronto at the G20 protests.

The problem with President Obama and those around him is that they are part of the 1% and will protect their turf anyway they can . Remember Chicago 1968 and Kent State massacre. which those at the top relished these violent events as they always do.

Welcome to the police state as the cops do as they please and the Mainstream Media turns a blind eye. Law and order and conformity more important than freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association- like the so called "Detainees" (POWS) everyone is guilty of something until they can prove otherwise. Franz Kafka would not be surprised.

Naomi Wolf arrested for standing on the sidewalk. She explains that municipalities across the US not liking mass demonstration or even a demonstration of just two people they have passed various ordinances, bylaws & permit granting laws to shut down protests in their towns and cities.

But these local laws are in fact in violation of the American Constitution and the 1st Amendment.
So this is an end run around the federal government or with the collusion of the US federal government, the Supreme Court of the USA , the Congress and the White House.

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