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Obama Was Forced by Iraqi government to Pull Troops Out of Iraq & Racist Corrupt NYPD Police Brutality & Murder

Even the Tundra is being Occupied
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But first more on the so called honorable NYPD's ongoing corruption NYPD is in it for the money and sex no wonder they are upset by the Occupy Wall Street protest which may be interfering in their lucrative corruption. One wonders if the NYPD is on the take and getting their orders from wealthy Wall Street and not from the mayor's office. So things haven't changed much in the NYPD since the of the 1970s.
see for instance: The Law: Up Against the Cops  Time Magazine, May 31, 1971

Last February, Plainclothes Patrolman Frank Serpico and two other New York City policemen knocked at the door of a suspected Brooklyn heroin pusher. When the door opened a crack, Serpico shouldered his way in only to be met by a .22-cal. pistol slug crashing into his face. Somehow he survived, although there are still bullet fragments in his head, causing dizziness and permanent deafness in his left ear. Almost as painful is the suspicion that he, and perhaps his partners, may well have been set up for the shooting by other policemen. For Serpico, 35, has been waging a lonely, four-year war against the routine and endemic corruption that he and others claim is rife in the New York City police department.
His efforts are now sending shock waves through the ranks of New York's finest. An independent five-man panel known as the Knapp Commission, formed as a direct result of information provided by Serpico, is due to report its findings next month. Insiders say that the commission will charge that 60% of New York policemen are on the take. Among certain elite units of plainclothesmen and detectives that are responsible for investigating such areas as gambling and narcotics, the report is expected to say, the corruption rate is between 99% and 100%. Serpico, as a matter of fact, was one of the tiny minority that was untainted.

So why should protesters in New York or even average New Yorkers put their trust in a corrupt police force. Just because someone is in a position of authority doesn't mean they automatically deserve respect.

Narcotics cops showered junkie with crack and forced her to perform sex acts in return: testimony BY OREN YANIV DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Monday, October 24th 2011

NYPD narcs showered a junkie with crack and forced her to perform sex acts in return, she testified in the latest embarrassing revelation to emerge from a police corruption trial.
In one incident, Melanie Perez recalled on the stand last week, a cop called her to his home, made her smoke drugs then pulled down his pants and demanded oral sex.
"What was I going to do?" she testified in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "I did it."The damning account came during the bench trial of Jason Arbeeny, one of eight undercovers charged in a scandal that rocked the Brooklyn South Narcotics squad.
The trial has already yielded troubling testimony on officers "flaking" - planting drugs on innocent victims - to meet arrest quotas and get overtime pay.

Occupy Wall Street Update:

Occupy Wall Street - Day 36 - Police Brutality Protest
Uploaded by ddipasupil on Oct 23, 2011
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 22: A general view of atmosphere during Day 36 of "Occupy Wall Street" solidarity event, the "16th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation", on the streets of Manhattan on October 22, 2011 in New York City. (Photos and video by D Dipasupil)

Pete Seeger, grandson Occupy Wall Street in long tradition of activism By ASSOCIATED PRESS October 24, 2011

Tao Rodriguez-Seeger was halfway through Friday night’s march down Broadway to support the Occupy Wall Street movement, a guitar strapped over his shoulder and his grandfather Pete Seeger at his side. Suddenly a New York City police officer stepped from the crowd and grabbed his elbow.

“Are you Tao Seeger?” the officer asked tersely. “Was this your idea? Did you think of this?”

Rodriguez-Seeger, a New Orleans-based musician, was certain arrest was imminent. The officer reached for his hand and he readied for the cuffs. Then something unexpected happened.

“He shook my hand and said, ‘Thank you, thank you. This is beautiful,’” Rodriguez-Seeger said. “That really did it for me. The cops recognized what we were about.”

That moment affirmed the message that his grandfather has preached tirelessly across nine decades. The causes and movements have changed from time to time over 75 years, but his message has always been the same: Song is the key to understanding and change.

“Music does something to you,” Rodriguez-Seeger said. “It can cross rivers of meaning that entire books can’t get across. ... You take any one of Bob Dylan’s songs and you get to the heart of the matter where it took Homer volumes and volumes of books to get to the same point.”

Chicago's mayor Rahm Manuel and Chicago Police taking a page from Bahrain's government crack down on pro-democracy protesters by arresting nurses who were at Occupy Chicago protest to provide first aid for injured protesters. According to International Law medical personnel are not to be prevented from giving medical care to either side in a dispute ie uprising or during combat whether a civil war nations at war.

Nurses to picket City Hall over arrests at Occupy Chicago protest Chicago Tribune October 24, 2011

Outraged by the arrest of two nurses and a union organizer volunteering at the Occupy Chicago protest over the weekend, National Nurses United is planning a protest at Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office today.

The group, the nation's largest union of registered nurses, is calling on its membership in Chicago to picket City Hall this morning to demand that misdemeanor trespassing charges against the nurses and all of the protesters be dropped.

The two nurses arrested were among a larger group marching with Occupy Chicago protesters and later set up a tent to provide first aid.

"It was the wrong move," RoseAnn DeMoro, the group's executive director, said Sunday. "We were there to make sure if the occupiers get harmed, they have first aid."

DeMoro said the nurses' arrest will only serve to strengthen her organization's commitment to the Occupy movement.

"The nurses are angry, and it's made us double our resolve," she said.

DeMoro said nurse volunteers have set up tents at Occupy protests in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York without any arrests.
Obama forced by Iraqi government to pull troops out of Iraq.

The mainstream Media treats Obama's announcement of pulling troops out of Iraq as if this were his choice to make. In fact it is the Iraqi government which has insited the US pull out its troops government and has rebuked Obama's pleas to extend the deadline.

"Goodbye Iraq? Not Exactly " by: David Swanson, War Is A | News Analysis Oct. 22, 2011

...This is compliance with a treaty that Bush and Maliki made three years ago, which the Iraqi government has refused to modify to accommodate Obama's desire to keep troops in Iraq longer.

There will be U.S. troops remaining in Iraq. They simply will not be employed by the "Department of Defense" (as we call it, I'm not sure Iraqis call it that). Thousands of mercenaries will be employed by the State Department.

Iraqi police will be trained to U.S. specifications on the U.S. taxpayers' dime. We will maintain the world's largest embassy. And I have to assume the CIA is not departing.

...As U.S. troops have been withdrawn from Iraq a number of things have not happened:

· Iraq has not descended into the worst hell imaginable, many times worse then the hell we've helped to create there.

· The reputation of the U.S. military has not collapsed to the point where every little nation with a grudge to settle has attacked Washington.

· The people of Iraq have not risen up to demand a longer occupation.

· The U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq have not come back from their graves to insist that their memories require additional years of pointless killing and dying by others.

· The rule of law has not suffered a fatal blow (partly because it was already dead).

All of this suggests a few of things. One, it is possible that sometimes Fox News is wrong. Two, it is possible that the two-thirds of us who favor withdrawing from Afghanistan are right about that one as well. Three, maybe keeping the peace movement going would have been a good idea, and maybe we should revive it.

Now, Iraq is not, and will not at any time soon become, a paradise. Millions of refugees are in exile. Every family has been decimated by the slaughter. There is a long road ahead. We owe the people of Iraq reparations. But first we owe them what we shouted about eight long years ago: liberation. When most people hear that "all U.S. troops" will leave Iraq, they think that means what it sounds like it means, and so it should.

The problem with U.S. training and funding of Iraqi police is not that U.S. money is going into the wrong economy. We owe the Iraqi people far more than that. The problem with U.S. training of anyone's police can be observed in the streets of New York, Boston, Oakland, Denver, San Diego and everywhere nonviolent protesters are being beaten by a militarized state. During the course of this war, we have been turning the United States into what we were told we would help Iraq to escape from. Our first duty now is to allow Iraq to escape from us. We should support the Iraqi economy from afar, bring our troops home from every other foreign nation as well, and use the saved trillions to begin converting our own economy to nonviolent industries.
 While Obama takes credit for US troop withdrawal in fact it is the Iraqis who are the ones insisting the US leave.

" Read the fine print: The Iraq war isn’t over U.S. withdrawal leaves 5,000 mercenaries on the ground and the State Department's private air force in the skies " BY JORDAN MICHAEL SMITH at, October 24, 2011

... “After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over,” Obama said. That is not the case.
In his contention that the war will be over by New Year’s Eve, Obama was making the (admittedly important) distinction between members of the U.S. military and everyone else employed by the American government. And indeed, there will not be a single American soldier stationed in Iraq by the end of the year.
Except, that is, for the approximately 150 troops that will stay to protect the huge U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad. As that fact suggests, there is a lot of fine print underneath Obama’s declaration that the war is over. Besides those remaining troops, thousands of others officials in the American government will be staying in Iraq. There are the more than 5,000 security contractors hired by the State Department to guard the American presence. And there are the more than 10,000 other diplomats, the largest American diplomatic group anywhere on the planet. Those civilian workers form the full size of an Army division. The 104-acre embassy compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone — the largest embassy anywhere in the world — has an astounding 21 permanent buildings. The State Department will also run its own air service — the 46-aircraft Embassy Air Iraq — and even its own hospitals.
For Iraqis, it might matter little that the huge number of Americans serving in their country are not official members of the U.S. military. “What really matters is what those civilian workers are doing,” says Stephen Walt, a foreign policy expert at Harvard.  “If there are armed troops conducting night raids and manning checkpoints, there may not be a substantial difference in their eyes” between official combat troops and “security contractors,” who essentially act as mercenaries. On the other hand, if Iraqis feel like they are no longer occupied, they may see the Americans still in their country as simply allies acting at the request of their government. Even if American GIs are no longer stationed in Iraq in sizable numbers, the war will truly end only when Iraqis no longer believe themselves to be under an American thumb.
.. The American military may be almost entirely gone from Iraq by the end of this year. But the American presence? That will be in Iraq for many years to come. 

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