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#OWS US Hypocrisy on Pro-Democracy Movements & Killing Iraqis Like Flies US War Crimes & Would be US President Mitt Romney Promises Perpetual War

One of the demands of the #occupywallstreet & the 99% should be bringing the US troops home and for America to abandon its adventurism and the expanding of its empire. Every time US troops kill an innocent civilian it is murder and a war crime .

Universal Soldier sung by Donovan Leitch

Killing Iraqis Like Flies in Fallujah

Killing from a distance and from the air the US soldiers has no evidence that this large group of people are insurgents or civilians waving a white flag.
But in Fallijah the US declared it a Free Fire Zone and that every person who stayed in Fallujah is a legitimate target.
This is not the way to win hearts and minds.
It should be noted the cavalier attitude of the US soldiers in killing their fellow human beings.
Unwilling to do the job properly and with some common sense restraint the US soldiers see all Iraqis as the Enemy.
The US military closed off Fallujah and refused to even allow medical personnel of the Red Cross or Red Crescent to enter the city till days after the killing stopped.
In Iraq even ambulances , medics, hospitals, schools and other civilian infrastructure have been treated as legitimate targets which is contrary to international law ie the Geneva Conventions.
If it were a just world the US military commanders and even those who hide out in the Pentagon or the White House would be put on trial for War Crimes.

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Dropping A 500 Lb.Bomb On Iraqi Civilians On The Street ~ Video Of Iraqis Killed Just Like The Civilians Killed In The Movie Collateral Murder, This Dropping Of A 500 Lb.Bomb Video Killing Around 20 Iraqis Was Taken Around 2007 When Wikileaks Massacre Was Also Committed

The Hypocrisy of the US Government-October 13, 2011.
In favor of free speech and the freedom of assembly in foreign  nations but not in America unless it is more profitable or to America's advantage to defend the ruthless authoritarian governments.

# Washington D.C. & Anti-war Movement
Vets For peace , War Is A Crime
video from Washington Post October 13, 2011.

Mitt Romney the same old Fear-mongering and Propaganda
He looks forward to a future of Perpetual War as America he believes is surrounded by nations that hate America. Over a million dead Iraqis and he can't wait to kill more people especially Muslims though to be fair he is raising the Red Fear all over again . Soviet Union soon to be reborn and joining with China Iran and Pakistan to crush the American Empire.
The irony is awesome the nation that fought for independence from the tyrannical British Empire just wants to be the new Tyrannical Empire to spread democracy and freedom at the barrel of a gun.
The other oddity I see is that much of what he plans Obama , Biden, Hillary Clinton et al are also planning to take on Iran, Pakistan, Syria, North Korea and any country which has goods that America wants from Opium to Oil.

Meanwhile in the real world US backed Afghan government systematically tortures prisoners.
The problem is why shouldn't they use certain torture techniques since the US Military, the CIA, The Pentagon, the White House, the Congress and Senate and the American Mainstream Media and the American public along with both Bush and Obama claim that the for what is or what is not torture is debatable and is relative .

Obama has made changes in wording and semantics to allow for various forms of torture to be re-branded as "Enhanced interrogation Techniques" ie sleep deprivation, exposing a detainee to extreme temperatures, bouncing detainees off of walls, slapping them across the face a few well placed punches in the gut, stress positions, sensory overload,indefinite detention, pro-longed isolation ie Bradley Manning and of course various techniques for intimidating and humiliating prisoners calling them names, poking fun at their manhood, putting women's underwear on detainees heads and so on .
The only torture techniques the US and the Obama administration have banned is "waterboarding' or any technique which might damage body organs or lead to death everything else they claim is not torture.
Since the Inquisition most people were agreed upon what was and is not torture till the Americans created their new lexicon for what is or is not torture as Bush said "America does not torture" which means whatever techniques the US uses on prisoners can not be characterized as torture by definition as it were because "America does not torture"

And President Obama sees torture in the same terms as Bush which is mainly that the problem is one of PR:Public Relations so his concern is not over torture Per-SE but over its use being made public by Whistleblowers who are characterized as Un-American, anti-American and traitors.
At what point will Americans come to realize that they are at times in fact "The Bad Guys" and that America is now the World's No. 1 Bully.

Torture in Afghan Prisons -AlJazeera

More War Crimes committed by US/NATO forces in Libya
as for the NATO/US intervention in Libya the Western military forces have committed war crimes in Libya.

NATO/US contrary to the Geneva Conventions bombed civilian infrastructure: hospitals, schools, Power plants, water & sewage treatment plants & residential areas

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