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" Kill the Pagans " Just Crazy or " A Real Spiritual Warrior " ala Lou Engle & The Jesus Camp lady Gone Psycho

UPDATE: #takewallstreet or #occupywallstreet
 Sunday  10:30 AM & 2:13 PM & 4:18 PM October 2, 2011.

Protesters shut down Brooklyn Bridge followed by mass arrest by NYPD
More abuse and excessive use of force by New York's finest NYPD
No word from the Obama administration -Is he and his friends too afraid of Wall Street to take any action except round up more protesters as the US supported thugs in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain & Israel  have done.

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"Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord's House shall be established on the top of the mountains" Isaiah 2:2

First a little music for a Sunday before the sermon-one of my favorites by the incredible Blind Willie Johnson

'The Soul Of A Man' BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON (1930) Gospel Blues Guitar Legend

It is one thing to be a True Believer and another to be a psycho-fanatic.
The example below is of a Christian but there are such people who inhabit all religions mostly this group is a tiny minority . . Sometimes they just appear harmless and just a little touched but sometimes they can be insane and possibly dangerous .

This video was from the TV Reality show Swapping Moms or wives I thought it was some sort of reality eroticism or porn.
Anyway this poor woman is allowed to believe whatever she wants but assaulting and insulting these people is beyond the pale.
And I do feel sorry for her kids being abused in this way and humiliated on TV.

If you take notice of how the present Evangelicals who are referred to as the The New Apostolic Reformation they use a lot of militant war like rhetoric Spiritual Warfare, Spiritual Warriors . "This means War" training children to prepare for real warfare to at the least to rid America of Pagans, Buddhists Non-Christians, Goths etc. As for these uberconservative Christians like Ted haggard, Lou Engle of The Call, Cindy Jacobs, Pat Robertson , Peter C. Wagner et al they also divide Christians into two groups "liberal Christians " or in their view Real Christians who refuse to compromise with the non-believers.

They are in favor of making America into a christian evangelical nation however they happen to define it.

Peter C. Wagner of the International Coalition of Apostles and others such as Johnny Enlow spell it out plainly that Christians must infiltrate and take over all sectors of society. Those in the Apostolic movement refers to these sectors as The Seven Mountains which include government, economy, the Church, education , the family, Celebration /Arts .
Ralph Reed has said that the Real Christians must work in stealth like Guerrilla soldiers .

But there's nothing stealth about this "True Believer"
She believes that the family she went to live with are demonic  in the grip of Satan because they are New Age Pagans .
If she had her way would she have these non-Christians burned at the stake like the Christian extremist do even today in countries like Kenya where American Evangelicals have a great deal of success in converting people to their form of Uberconservative Evangelical Christianity or as in Uganda where the Real Christians  want to have the government execute all Gays.

Jesus camp is just an example of how the Conservative born again evangelical movement want all of America's children taught in public and private schools  from pre-school to High School to University .
Christian Taleban anyone.
These poor kids who are just ordinary children are being taught that if they do not get right with Jesus then they are doomed to spend eternity in Hell -
The message is that without Jesus these children and their lives are meaningless that each of them is not worth shit without Jesus.

Jesus Camp - Evangelical Children

The sweet church lady tells these little kids that they are hypocrites and liars who willingly side with the devil rather than follow in her view the righteous path to God's kingdom.
Of course if one believes in original sin which I don't then logic tells you that an infant , a toddler, a 6 year old or 12 year old are all sinners who are in need of a spiritual cleansing . Those children who refuse to pray to Jesus should I presume be disciplined not just noTV, Computer, Cell phone  for a week but send them to some militaristic get right with Jesus Boot Camp.

Spiritual education or child abuse?

and so it goes,

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