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Sunday Sermon at Values Voters Summit & Wall Street First Commandment : "Greed Is Good " & NYPD Are Cannon Fodder For The 1%

UPDATE: 12:02 PM Oct. 8, 2011 & at 12:58 AM & 2:15 AM, October 9, 2011..

First we begin with the Sunday Sermon from Religious Right's annual Values Voters Summit sponsored by the ultra-right wing bogus " Think Tank " Family Research Council  :  Christian Evangelical pastor introduces Rick Perry  explaining that Rick Perry is their guy for the Lord in the White House . He suggests that Governor Rick Perry of Texas gets his marching orders from Jesus  and so has no problem with his religious beliefs influencing his policies and the way he runs The White House as a true Chritian and Spiritual Warrior for Christ..
What is of note is how  Uberconservative  Christian Nationalists  have managed over the last three decades to being so close to achieving their goals and agenda.
Their success and influence has manged to make this mix of religion and politics  become a part of mainstream politics in the U.S. The nation is turning the clock back a hundred years.
Also includes a special call out to Planned Parenthod as running slaughter houses ie abortion and contraception. Remember according to the Religious Right ie The GOP contraception could be viewed as premeditated murder as a soul about to be born is denied entry to this earthly plane. Praise the lord and pass the ammunition.
Many of them believe that not only should America become a truly Christian nation but that it is America's duty to bring Jesus to all those Godless countries  meaning all those who are not Christian or are the wrong kind of Christians.

Dr. Jeffress Introduces Rick Perry At Value Voters Summit
Uploaded by  on Oct 7, 2011This afternoon at the Family Research Council's Value Voters Summit in Washington, DC, our pastor introduced Republican Rick Perry and said, "replacing Barack Obama [as United States President] is more than a political issue, it's a spiritual issue."

The Democrats under Obama are no better than the Republican Party and both should be ignored by the # movement !

Another protest scheduled to take place in Washington DC and they plan to stay til they see US troops being pulled out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ted Rall spokesperson for march and occupation of Washington also weighs in warning the Occupy Wall Street protesters to be cautious in dealing with the Democratic Party. He argues that the Democrats under Obama are no better than the Republican Party and both should be ignored by the #OWS movement !
Obama had three years to do something substantive on almost any of the issues he said were of utmost importance. Another way to put it is that as the Republican Party moves farther to the right the middle as such  which the Democratic party wants to occupy has shifted decidedly to the right.
This means Obama has been co-opted by the Pentagon, the CIA and Wall Street as was his predecessor. He has also capitulated to Israel on state hood for Palestine has lacked enthusiasm for the Arab Spring peaceful pro-democracy uprisings which means we can expect a rise in Anti-Americanism in most of the Middle East and Muslim nations around the globe. The only country they supported the protesters was in Libya because they have hated Ghaddafi for decades and taking Libya or installing a puppet regime . The other oddity about the Libyan protesters is they had a well armed well organized Rebel Army which used brute force to obtain their goals which may not be very democratic at all we'll see.

Anti-war protest occupies Washington DC

Uploaded by RTAmerica on Oct 6, 2011
Starting today at the Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, the October 2011 movement has been engaged. Not to be confused with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the message of October 2011 is to have all troops returned home from Afghanistan and end America's wars overseas. Ted Rall, editorial columnist and author, gives us more info about the movement.

And now for some funny rap for the revolution:

RAP NEWS 7: #Revolution spreads to America (#OccupyWallSt) - w Pilger, Mahfouz & Glenn Beck

Steve jobs 1984 commercial.
#occupywallstreet Rise against the Corporate Oligarchy #ows

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My first youtube in remembrance of Steve Jobs and also occupy wall street movement . Steve Jobs first major commercial was "1984" which is based on rising against the oligarchy which is what #occupywallstreet is also trying to do. Steve jobs is an example that the 1% should try and strive for. Producing products that add value to society.

The #occupywallstreet movement as such  according to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks should be on their guard to prevent President Obama and the Democratic Party's Phony Populism undermine or Co-Opt the movement. 
President Obama and his party had three years to address these various grievances of average Americans but failed big time.
Over and over again President Obama has shown he is on the side of the Status Quo and all his talk about "Change" was merely an empty campaign slogan which fooled millions of people (including myself). Now Obama once again in need of support for next years election is suddenly a populist again.

Cenk Uygur: Corporate media tried to ignore Occupy Wall Street

According to a number of Uberconservative Evangelical Christians they too believe Greed and Avarice are in fact cornerstones of their faith .
They preach the Prosperity Gospel in which there are winners and losers and they support the notion of " to  the victor go the spoils".
This becomes evident when we hear some preacher telling his followers that one of the signs of the truly faithful is their prosperity.
The more money one makes the more stuff you own the more houses and estates you have are all signs of those whom God has blessed.
It is not just some Christian preachers like Pat Robertson, Rick Warren , John Hagee . Peter C. Wagner but they are joined and supported by the likes of spiritually dead Uberconservative such as Sarah Palin, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck .
These double talking con artists are using those average Americans who became part of the Tea Party only to have it taken over by the rich who do not have a genuine concern over the fate of those Tea Partyiers.
President Obama it can be argued used organizations such as to get elected and once elected he essentially put a gag order on and other progressive grass roots organizations.

If the NYPD and other average Americans have been duped by those in power who led them to believe that their policies were patriotic and pro-Christian and erroneously claim  that God Himself favors rapacious unfettered deregulated capitalism .
So those people on the left or the right or in the middle should realize that they are part of the 99% and that the 1% couldn't care less about them.
For instance those who helped finance the Tea Party and Fox News which championed the movement have shown they are out for themselves  .
So police officers, fire-fighters , nurses paramedics , teachers, farmers, small business owners are all actually part of the 99% and over and over again have been betrayed by the rich and the powerful and their quislings .
So  it is in their own interests and that of society's that the NYPD and other police in the US cross the line and join the protesters as teachers, nurses and other unionized workers have shown solidarity with the protesters on Wall Street and those who are protesting across the US.
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Time For "Real Change" Not Just Speeches
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The US military has been routinely abusing and torturing POWs or enemy combatants along with innocent civilians .
In Vietnam as part of its "pacification program " the US forces were given the "Green Light" from the Pentagon and the White House to do as they saw fit but make sure whatever atrocities they committed would not end up as the front page news or as an article in Time magazine . This brutal and criminal mindset was passed down through the decades since Vietnam to Iraq and Afghanistan .
These atrocities and War Crimes are not merely "a few bad apples" or "isolated incidences" they are systemic in a military which is more concerned with taking down Whistleblowers than with stopping the wanton killing of civilians .
And President Obama by taking no substantive action to investigate such War Crimes and by sending the message that whistleblowers are risky more than those who commit atrocities and War Crimes, murder, torture , rape and the destruction of entire villages, towns and cities .
"Bradley Manning stands as testament to which side President Obama is on -he is with the military, the CIA and the Pentagon unconditionally and has given them the impression that as in Vietnam Americans soldiers can do as they see fit and that no laws especially international Laws have any jurisdiction over American personnel.

See for instance Deborah Nelson's book "The War Behind Me: Vietnam Veterans Confront the Truth About US War Crimes  Inside The Army's Secret Archive of Investegations published 2008.
Whistleblowers & Morality vs America's Romantic Embrace of Torture

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Injustice from Wall Street to the White House to Iraq and Guantanamo

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How Republican Politicians Defend Wall Street Greed

Average Americans including Republican and Democrat voters and even the majority of Tea Partyiers want to raise taxes for the rich. And yet the Republicans and conservative Democrats claim this is not true.
Then again Democrats and Republicans deny the US routinely abuses and tortures "detainees".
These so called detainees include thousands of prisoners who are merely suspects and yet are treated as if their guilt has been proven beyond a doubt.
This mind-set which views all Iraqis and Afghans as the enemy or the potential enemy as in the case of children including toddlers who might grow up to fight against the American occupation .

'Occupy Wall Street' Goes Mainstream, Gains Steam!

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