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#OWS Change What Change??? USA Vs Democracy From Chicago 1968 Anti-war Demonstrations to the #Occupywallstreet Protesters

UPDATE: 11:19 AM, October 10, 2011.

 The Obama Regime supposedly supports the pro-democracy protest in the Middle East but not the pro-democracy movement in the U.S.
The 99%
Uploaded by  on Oct 9, 2011Video compilation from the Wall St. protest in Zuccotti Park October 7, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Too Big to Ignore-RT

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Oct 9, 2011
The collective voices of American dissent has manifested into a movement impossible to ignore. "Occupy Wall Street" began in the world's financial capital, but this week protests have blazed through dozens of cities nationwide.

and now a word of support from Alan Grayson for # #Occupywallstreetmovent
note how the pro-wall street pro-rich detractor once again spouts the Mainstream Media narrative and so refers to those protesting at Wall Street as part of a fringe group of "dirty hippies & beatniks" who are not to be taken seriously.

Alan Grayson is awesome on Real Time with Bill Maher about Occupy Wall Street!

Tea Party Christian Evangelical and Glenn Beck foot soldier calls President Obama The Anti-Christ -of course the Tea Partyiers and Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Fox News have often compared Obama to Hitler, Stalin, Mao , Fidel Castro claiming he wants to set up a police state and hunt down all the "Real Christians" and Patriotic conservatives.

It is anyone's right to disagree with Obama but to call him the Anti-Christ or compare to Hitler etc. as Glenn Beck has is just plain nuts. But there are millions of Americans who actually buy into this nonsense preached by the Uber-conservative Evangelical Christians.

Barack Obama gets called "The Anti Christ" by Tea Party/GOP heckler.

And now an American anthem by Phil Ochs in which he praises America but cautions that America must keep to its ideals of freedom, democracy and economic , political, and social Justice for all and not just for the rich and powerful.
For writing such songs Phil Ochs was labeled Un-American, Commie, a dirty hippie and worse.
He like others made the mistake of calling for the realization of the American dream as did Martin Luther King who was also branded as Un-American, a commie, a trouble maker and just plain uppidity.
In the 1950s 1960s and 1970's the ruling class or the establishment argued that all citizens must accept the natural order which meant American citizens who were part of some minority group ie black, Hispanic, Asian , university students , women and the poor had no real rights except those permitted them by the ruling class and the upwardly mobile Middle Class.

PHIL OCHS - Power And The Glory (1974)

The U.S. has been involved in adventurism and extending its Empire from it 's early years in the colonial period up to the Revolution and beyond with its wars on the Indigenous people to the its war with with spain, Mexico, the Philippines , Cuba , Central and South America to Iran to Vietnam and Iraq and Afghanistan .
For many uears America was known not for its peaceful diplomacy but for the use of military force and C.I.A. operations which became known as "Gun Boat Diplomacy"
So here is a song by Canadian Bruce Cockburn about the U.S. use of force to keep various countries in line that is Kowtowing to American interests even at the expense of these countries own interests and its sovereignty.

Burn (by Bruce Cockburn)

And here's the American dream turned into a nightmare as patriotic Americans dare to criticize their government and the Military establishment and its immoral slaughter of of the people of Vietnam whom the U.S. claimed as they have in Iraq that the U.S. is their to bring the people peace, democracy and prosperiety at the point of a gun.
In Vietnam the U.S. backed a corrupt anti-democratic brutal regime which had little concern or sympathy for its own citizens.

As mentioned in yesterdays post the U.S. military, the Pentagon and the Whitehouse did all they could to cover up the tens of thousands of War Crimes committed by U.S. personnel. The top brass including Westmorland and McNamara and President Nixon and VP Spiro Agnew knew that there were numerous atrocities taking place in Vietnam but their only concern was keeping this information out of the media.

To these cold hearted "Machine Men" (as Charlie Chaplin calls such bullies) individuals just like their contemporaries today ie President Bush & VP Dick Cheney & Condoleeza Rice et al and President Obama and VP Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are once again covering up for the ongoing wide spread atrocities being carried out by U.S. troops and the CIA and the Mercenaries in America's employ.
Obama claims no torture is taking place but it is taking place its just that with a semantic shift these outrageous War Crimes are referred to as "The Rules of Engagement' .

For Nixon, Bush & Obama the lives of Iraqis do not factor into their military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan since only the lives of Americans have any real value.

There is nothing knew about this as America has shown over at least the last two centureies as U.S. troops slaughtered the people of the Philippines and the Native Americans including men women childre toddlers and infants . In all these cases atrocities were the norm and not some extraordinary event .It also seems that a significant portion of Americans have similar attitudes towards non-Americans especially if they have dark skin wear different clothes or have a different religion.

So here's a clip about the 1968 anti-war demonstration in Chicago during the Democratic convention when as the official report later stated that the riot was not started by the protesters but rather the Chicago Police under the direction of Mayor Daley .
If you notice most demonstraters are unarmed and though noisy they are peaceful while the police are in riot gear wearing gas masks and have even brought in machine guns to use against their fellow citizens who dare to question the status quo.

As we have seen in last three weeks in New York the police have been the ones trying to instigate violence and arrest people on the flimsies grounds which merely leads to the growth and notoriety of the demostrations which have now spread across America.
At what point will President Obama give the police the right to use deadly force and will he send in Black Water Mercenaries or US troops .

What is also disturbing about the way the NYPD and other police forces have dealt with the Occupy Wall Street protests in in stark contrast to their hands off attitude at the Tea Party protests even when some protesters were carrying hand guns and rifles and talked about watering the ground with the blood of tyrants.

USA vs Democracy - Chicago Illinois 1968
vntiger 72 videos

Uploaded by vntiger on Jun 9, 2009
On August 23 1968 demonstrators challenged the civil rights of liberty and freedom of the American constitution. The rally consisted of 20,000 people from men, women and children. The government refused to grant a permit for the public to rally down to the National Convention Center. Protesters were determined to rally down to the National Convention Center anyway to show their opposition for the unpopular war in Viet Nam.

The bridge to the National Convention Center was blocked by Armed national guards in gas mask. Determined to stop the the peaceful rally forcing the public to withdraw from their protest by releasing choking gas into the crouds. This caused the demonstrators to take the road down by the Hilton Hotel.

That night the public demanded peace from the officers and soldiers until the authority engaged the demonstrators with bruteforce attacking unarmed civilians with choking gas, blunt weapons and military vehicles. The aftermath of this event resulted to several civilian casualty and arrests.

Compare this police over-reaction in Chicago to the NYPD's over-reaction to the Occupy Wall Street protest 2011.

Occupy Wall Street on Brooklyn Bridge, 700 protesters arrested

As can be seen in this video police did nothing to prevent protesters marching onto the Brooklyn Bridge and even appear to lead the crowd to the bridge.
Once on the Brooklyn Bridge the protesters are "Kettled" by the police and yet are told to disperse -they are blocked by the NYPD on either side so the protesters can not disperse unless they start jumping into the Hudson.
With the large number of police and paddy wagons showing up within seconds it becomes obvious that this was a deliberate and planned action by the NYPD.
As far as these protesters were concerned the NYPD seemed to have no problem with the protesters crossing the lower roadway on the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Protesters Illegally Ketteled Video Proof? 700 Illegal arrests?

Uploaded by  on Oct 2, 2011Brooklyn Bridge Protesters Illegally Ketteled Video Proof? 700 Illegal arrests?
Please give full credits and subscribe to: This channel is leading the information war on these occupy protests!

A debate has risen over whether the Occupy Wall Street protestersdeliberately crossed onto the roadway of the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday, or were led there by the New York Police Department. The below video catches the early moments of the protesters stepping onto the Brooklyn Bridge, around 30 seconds in:
Protesters started marching up the pedestrian walk way over the bridge while others tried to take the traffic lane. For a few minutes officers held the line and then they turned around and led the way up the traffic lane on the Brooklyn Bridge. From what I saw no police told any of the protesters to leave until they created a barricade in front of the march about halfway through the bridge. They then pulled vans and buses up to the back of the group and started arresting everyone.

and so it goes,

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