Monday, May 23, 2011

West' Silence On Bahrain Complicity In Oppression

America's Greatest Ally Saudi Arabia Deny Women Their Rights even the right to drive-
Just the tip of the ice-berg of human rights violations in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain.
Hypocrisy : US concerned about human rights and civil rights in Iran but not Saudi Arabia And Bahrain.
Is Obama on the wrong side or is it all just about the oil & human rights violations not really a concern.
Saudi Arabia has Medieval style Sharia but Obama is silent .

Obama's lack of outrage is complicity in the Cultural genocide of Shiites in Bahrain
Obama once again as a good American conservative blames unrest in Bahrain , Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan and Saudi Arabia on "Evil Iranians"
Obama in effect says"human rights violations, What human rights volations killings, torture, soldiers attacking people in their homes bulldozing mosques
Cry the beloved Country
In Bahraini Government Crackdowns, 'Nobody's Untouchable'

footage of Bahrain by CNN reporters

Bahrain mosques targeted-

the REAL news_The US_ Gulf Kings and Brutal Repression in Bahrai

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