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US conceals truth Of Bahraini regime's Genocide Of Shiites & Tell Obama to Unleash the Fifth Fleet On Bahrain

President Obama and former president Bush and Dick Cheney & Karl Rove and most of America's mainstream media should be proud of this dictatorial regime in Bahrain which is merely implementing the justice system which is now in place in the USA-post 9/11.

Once again Obama makes a speech this time about the middle east and touches on the situation in Bahrain but it is just words -will he insist on actions against Bahrain and its protector Saudi Arabia ie threaten to unleash the fifth fleet which just happens to be located in Bahrain.
Is Obama afraid Bahrain will kick the fifth fleet out or Saudi Arabia would threaten war against the USA to protect Bahrain.

Obama claims to acr=tually care about meaningful reform in the Mideast but this is really after the fact. The Obama administration just a couple of months ago was unsure what to make of the uprisings and what has been called The Arab Spring.
Obama and America did not begin the Arab Spring it was the result of grass roots organization which used what ever media they could to arouse their fellow citizens against these mostly American and British backed brutal unjust tyrannical regimes.

Kudos go to these average citizens in the Middle East and Africa and not to Mr. Obama and his team of war mongers , oppressors , torturers and anti-human rights gang. Obama's gang has merely replaced the old Bush/Cheney gang. Of course Obama may be smarter and make rousing speeches but what does it actually amount to.
As someone recently pointed out Obama has a strange habit of believing that when he says something in public that is the end of the matter-all is now resolved and solved and he then moves on to the next issue without actually doing anything about the previous issue.

Obama and Clinton were reluctant to drop their good friend Hosni Mubarak whom they claimed was some sort of champion of human rights and was an honorable person when in fact he had been imprisoning thousands of Egyptians and torturing them while stealing as much money as he could from the country-but then again we see this with the Saudis and the Bahrain 's rulers all great guys one and all according to Bush and Now Obama -first it was the Neocons expanding the American Empire and now it is the so-called neo-liberals both of these groups see themselves as the real "intelligentsia " when in fact they just make stuff up to rationalize the spreading of the American Empire and American hegemony through gun-boat diplomacy and giving unconditional support to various dictators around the globe from Saudi Arabia to South Korea to Indonesia to Burma to Honduras and so forth.

They have created various ideologies and conspiracy theories to support the innocent blood they are spilling with impunity around the globe.
For instance Obama has spoken about and spent more time trying to get the alleged Whistleblower Bradley Manning to produce a confession even if its false than he has with dealing with the blood bath in Bahrain .
Obama and his cronies are also more interested in incarcerating or assassinating Wikileaks Julianne Assange than he is with investigating crimes committed by the US government or the Pentagon or CIA and the generals and soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It is odd how even many so called liberals or progressives in the USA have bought into the erroneous notion that torture of a few people is OK and they always mention waterboarding as if this were the only interrogation technique which could be deemed torture.

Even these liberals in America refuse to acknowledge that the American and British government instituted the use of torture in their war on terror and in the process tortured not just 16 top al Qaeda people but in fact thousands of Iraqis, Afghans and anyone caught up in their massive sweeps of these areas besides all those turned in just for the reward money-just like in the old West Americans put a bounty on people and tell not just the CIA and US military but that any citizen could kill these people on sight and then bring their hacked off head in a card board box to either Mr. Bush or Mr. Obama and film the whole thing for the 24 hour newscycle-

American justice system according to US administration under Obama & Bush treats alleged insurgents or terrorists or outspoken dissidents as being guilty and the accused must try to prove they are not guilty.
This is impossible for the accused as they are deemed guilty from the moment police or the military of secret police identify such persons as "terrorists", "Insurgents", "traitors" or "Agent Provocateurs ".
So they are treated as such during and after their arrests. This explains why President Obama is little concerned with due process as in the case of Whistleblower Bradley Manning who has been held in inhumane conditions or for that matter Obama's threats to have Wikileaks director Assange be assassinated or captured and incarcerated indefiniely while being abused and tortured by American personnel while in the meantime Obama says he was proud to have taken out Osama even if it was an assassination

.But of course if Bin Laden had been given his day in court it would have turned into a farce like the showcase trial of Saddam followed by what many referred to as a typical "LYNCHING"-this just illustrates America's dismissive attitude towards the slow machinery of an above the board fair judicial system.
Obama should like george W. Bush et al be considered a potential candidate for a war crimes and crimes against humanity investigation.

In Bahrain doctors or other medical personnel who have treated wounded protesters are considered to be giving aid and comfort to the enemy. No matter what Karl Rove or Bill O'Reilly or GOP say now surely since they saw nothing wrong with Bush using these tactics and strategems they surely must applaud the actions of the Bahrain government and the Saudis and others who have like the USA & Israel & Great Britain decided unilaterally that it is their right to ignore International Law; the Geneva Conventions and the rulings of the Nuremberg trials or even common decency.

The nation states who now appeal to the likes of Machiavelli, Leo Strauss , RealPolitikand Ayn Rand as being the epitome of political discourse and action all actions are justified if it favors "Security" the defense of "THE STATUS QUO" and therefore the overarching rights and freedoms of the rich and powerful elites.

Bahrain with the aid of Saudi Arabia and the United States continues its use of brutal force against protesters.
Taking a page from the Bush/Obama/Cheney/Clinton cabal protesters are deemed to be "terrorists' and therefore have no rights either human rights or civil rights so they can be incarcerated indefinely without charges being laid or presented with evidence against them.
Further being designated Terrorists they can be Tortured with the help ofSAUDIE OR AMERICAN OR BRITISH TORTURE EXPERTS.

They are also not permitted to see a lawyer or communicate with families etc.

As in the USA these alleged criminals are being kept incarcerated on bogus charges and as in the USA they face Military tribunals or civilian courts where in both cases the results are a foregone conclusion.

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