Friday, May 20, 2011

THE TERROR REGIME IN BAHRAIN البحرين Libyan Protesters Heavily Armed Why Shouldn't Bahrainis Be Armed???

US Business interests trump human rights in Bahrain
and Obama makes excuses for the Royal family

In a number of videos about Bahrain's protest some protesters are shown armed with steel pipes baseball bats and so forth and the Pro government factions says there Gotcha!! cause some are armed or throw rocks or Molotov cocktails while in Libya the protesters formed their own well armed militia with automatic weapons racket launchers and 50 caliber guns bolted to their Nissan /Datsun pick up trucks ( which are ubiquitous in the Middle East it seems).

So the Libyans have a rebel army & militias and yet the USA and Pres. Obama & NATO think that's ok and so are giving them more arms and so called "advisors" and of course bombing the shit out of the country in the name of reform and democracy or is it just another land grab by the USA and its quisling allies who just do as they are told.

The upshot is if you are fairly well armed and you want to over throw your government America will come to your aid while allowing peaceful demonstrators to die in the streets. Remember Obama refused to give encouragement to any of the peaceful protesters until it became impossible for him to make up more lies about these American friendly yet brutal regimes which were and are against reform or notions such as equal rights for all including Shiites and Sunni Muslims and those of other faiths .

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