Friday, May 20, 2011

Lowkey: ME Speech 'People will not be fooled'

Obama and Clinton shed more tears for the brutal Hosni Mubarak than they do for the thousand of Egyptian citizens who have been silenced by incarceration, disappeared, abused and tortured
Obama supports the so called Libyan reformers who are staging the most violent uprising in the region.
Obama and Clinton et al too afraid of AIPAC or just too concerned in general with being re-elected in 2012.
Obama's rhetoric without action- Israel kills 21 and defends it.
Obama in essences supports the Bahrain and Saudi government
Obama accuses Palestinians of acting in bad faith
Is Obama too concerned with defend Saudi Arabia & Israel & Yemen & Bahrain
Obama's American Empire with a smiley face a hug and a shot in the back

and so it goes,

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