Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jeremy Scahill : Blackwater Erik Prince’s Private Army of “Christian Crusaders” in the UAE

Erik Prince's Blackwater mercenaries aka "Christian Crusaders" represent America's desire for profits , privatization of the military and the spreading of Americanized Christianity ie Evangelical Dominionists who are out to globalize their view of Christianity and the free market place. Prince is not a fan of non-Christians or those who want reform and more personal freedom whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Egypt or Wisconsin and the USA.

Is Blackwater comparable to Al Qaeda as a private non-government organization which in fact is doing some of Washington's Dirty Work.

Once again even with Obama as president we see the "Ugly American" stereotype being let loose on the world.For example Obama is continuing his own little war against Qaddafi while ignoring the brutality of the Bahrain and Saudi forces who are out hunting down anyone who took part in the peaceful protests over the last couple of months. It is odd that the Israeli forces this week are also going from house to house to incarcerate or kill all those who took part or sympathized with those protesting on NAKBA DAY.

As Scahill points out Blackwater main purpose is profit and that Prince is for hire by various repressive regimes . One can easily see Blackwater being hired to take care of and to crush as it were those taking part in Arab countries demanding reform and greater personal freedom and even god forbid Prince might say "Democracy".

Blackwater has been criticized for its lax Rules of Engagement and a lack of respect or concern about the killing of innocent civilians. To put it another Blackwater like the "C Street" cult of Doug Coe appears to believe that average citizens have no right to question their rulers , the rich and the powerful who have been mostly put in power according to God's Will.

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