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Maddow Exposes FAIR's Nativist, Nazi Roots Motivated Arizona's Draconian Immigration Law

The nativist and racist roots of FAIR and how it has never really changed they just have better PR especially at Fox News And CNN who treat FAIR as a legitimate source for views concerning legal or illegal immigration. Yet FAIR often is more involved with scare tactics and fear mongering about the so called "invasion" of illegal-immigrants into the USA using phony or cooked data misrepresenting the harm being done to American society.

May 04, 2010 — Friday April 30ths Episode of The Rachel Maddow Show exposes the entities that wrote the Nazi Style Arizona Immigration BIll.



042610 Maddow on Immigration.m4v
FAIR's mission and motivation embedded as a mixture of Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Eugenics movement & other dangerous nonsense -

and the racism and madness continues Fox News proud to announce the state of Michigan has decided to also pass immigration laws as draconian as Arizona's because of the violence associated with illegal aliens or undocumented workers . But none of this takes into account that illegal-aliens are responsible for less crimes compared to other Americans. Arizona itself has had a drop in crime over the last three years . Oh yes don't let a few facts get in the way of your Nativism and racism .
As these states go forward with such draconian anti-illegal immigrant laws they tell all undocumented workers to leave their state and the US or be jailed. This reminds me of the Spanish Reconquista in the fifteenth century and the retaking of Muslim Spain Andalusia . The Muslims had controlled that part of Spain for over 300 years during which time the Christians and Jews under Islamic/Moorish rule lived in relative peace . The Spanish Jews were treated better by the Muslim rulers then their counterparts in Christendom. Anyway the Jews were given the choice of exile or conversion to Christianity while the Muslims were kicked out.

Now if the Christian Spain had a right to retake this land after some 300 years then other peoples should therefore have similar claims and rights. Therefore ipso facto the Mexicans and Hispanics kicked out of the USA a century and a half ago should in fact have the same right to retake the land that was their's for centuries.
We can compare the Reconquista of Spain to the retaking of Palestine and the Holy Land by the Israelites in 1948 some 18 centuries after the Roman engineered diaspora ande 1800 or more years of fanatical Christian Anti-Semitism. The Arabs and Palestinians were then pushed out of Palestine by the Israelis and the United Nations even though these peoples had occupied the area for centuries going back to before the rise of Christianity.

So Hispanic/Mexican/ Latino Native could be said to have a claim to parts of what is now the USA territory stolen from them by the White European settlers. The same could be said about Native Americans who had occupied the Americas for a couple thousand years. Similar arguments could be made not just about Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California but also Alaska, Hawaii and other states or US colonies.

Kim Meltzer Rep. of Michigan -illegal immigrants must leave or what turn themselves in? and then what to be put on an Arpaio style chain gang.

This fear of illegal-Hispanic /Mexican /Latinos comes when Illegal-immigration into the US is dropping. But thanks to the tireless fear-mongering Nativists and racist at Fox News and other Uberconservatives such as Rush Limbaugh & Michael Weiner Savage and Lou Dobbs, O'reilly, Glenn Beck ,Hannity et al they have successfully stirred up their racist base by their false characterizations of these immigrants as an invasion of immoral, unclean, criminals ,disease spreading, sexually depraved Mexicans .
May 10, 2010 - The Michigan Invasion: Following Arizona's Controversial Lead

And the Nativist are restless as they continue to revive the Hispanic/Mexican Reconquista conspiracy rhetoric to stir up their base.

"Arizona Debate Unleashes New ‘Reconquista’ Accusations" by Sonia Scherr at Hatewatch ,Southern Poverty Law Center on May 5, 2010

As the debate intensifies over Arizona’s harsh new law aimed at undocumented immigrants, nativist groups are claiming that opponents of the measure support nothing less than the reconquest of the Southwest by Mexicans.

Though the myth of “la reconquista” — a purported secret Mexican conspiracy to take back part of the United States — has long pervaded the nativist movement, anti-immigrant groups recently have been using it to portray critics of the Arizona law as anti-American. The law, which detractors (including Southern Poverty Law Center lawyers) say would lead to racial profiling, gives police the authority to arrest people suspected of being undocumented if they have some other reason to make contact with them.

Some of the most overheated rhetoric came from Peter Brimelow, the British immigrant who runs the anti-immigrant hate site VDARE.com. In a VDARE.com post last week titled “Help VDARE.COM Resist [Raul] Grijalva’s Reconquista!,” Brimelow vilifies the U.S. representative from Arizona who vowed at a Phoenix rally to “overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law.” Brimelow asserts that “Grijalva is not an immigrant but a Mexican colonizer and what he’s against is not the ‘power structure’ — he’s against America.”

and : What Happens in Arizona Is Everybody's Business by Connie Schultz via Truthout, May 5, 2010

The argument goes something like this: If you don't live in Arizona, you have no business meddling in its immigration problems.

After all, what's it to Midwesterners if Arizona makes it a crime not to carry proof of immigration status? Why should East Coast residents care if a new law in the Southwest targets people of color? What right does anyone living somewhere else have to criticize a law in Arizona that directs police to demand proof of documents from people who trigger "reasonable suspicion" that they are illegal?

The message, often steeped in a vat of vitriol, is clear: Mind your own business.

I've been hearing this a lot in the wake of my recent column criticizing Arizona's new immigration law. The response has been overwhelmingly negative and often profane. Some insist that the number of opposing viewpoints on Cleveland.com alone proves I'm not only wrong but also defeated. As an American whose gender had to wait 144 years to wrestle the right to vote from those convinced of their superiority, I find such claims of conquest by cacophony humorous. Not laugh-out-loud funny, mind you. Call it a giggle.

On Monday evening, on the campus of my alma mater, Kent State University, Rep. John Lewis brought it all home.

Tuesday was the 40th anniversary of the Ohio National Guard shootings that left four students dead and nine wounded. As part of the commemoration, I was honored to introduce the civil rights hero, who proceeded to remind the packed ballroom that sometimes justice calls the lucky among us to engage in "necessary trouble" for the benefit of not-so-lucky others.

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