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Fox News Limbaugh &" heck of a job" Brownie Blame Obama For Oil Rig Disaster & Maddow Attacks Oil Industry & TYT's Cenk Uygur On Energy Bill

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Fox News Limbaugh &" heck of a job" Brownie Blame Obama For Oil Rig Disaster & Maddow Attacks Oil Industry & TYT's Cenk Uygur On Energy Bill

First things first as we take a look at the newest right wing conspiracy theory on the Deepwater Horizon explosion and Oil Spill . The right suggests without any evidence that eco-terrorists blew up the rig and they may have been supporters of Obama -They throw this out as if it is a plausible explanation of what happened.
And if that doesn't stick they suggest Obama deliberately delayed clean up to prove off-shore drilling is not such a good idea
They ignore the fact that BP at first said they had it all under control-
and Fox News Limbaugh etc. ignore the fact that the Oil Industry due to Dick Cheney's interference no polices and regulates itself and is supposed to have all of this emergency equipment and crews on hand- but they didn't

Ed Schultz on his segment Psycho Talk trashes Limbaugh's conspiracy theory
Oil Rig Blown Up On Purpose! Rush Limbaugh April 30

Katrina's Heck of a job Brownie Michael Brown in interview with Chris Mathews suggests that the oil rig blowing up may have been a matter of sabotage by Obama supporters and then delayed action on purpose so the disaster should be worse to undermine the Oil Industry.
Chris Mathews : YOU SOUND INSANE! Heck-of-a-Job-Brownie Plays HARDBALL

DOOMED! Rachel Maddow takes no prisoners
attacking past presidents who after each oil disaster made their empty promises about making America less dependent on oil
and now the current president joins them making empty promises and comforting speeches
May 4, 2010

Oil Spill Disaster 2010 (part64) - Big oil controlling Obama
accusations Obama is beholden to the oil industry or just fears taking them on.
Government and the oil industry give low ball estimates of the amount of oil and about how widespread the environmental, economic , personal damage is caused while exaggerating how effective the clean up is.

Oil Spill Kills Obama Energy Bill
so there's an oil spill and so a bill which should have placed more outside oversight on the oil industry is scuttled. But as Cenk argues the Bill was another compromise on Obama's part to appease the Republicans? and the Oil Industry .

Palin's 'Drill Baby Drill' Vs. Oil Spill
Cenk criticizes trashes Palin and then Obama

As anyone could have predicted Fox News doesn't really want to get into the details of the Deepwater Horizon disaster which could have been prevented -Instead Fox and their other shills for the Oil Industry appear to argue anyone against more Oil Drilling is somehow giving aid and comfort to the Terrorists and America's enemies. And so those who want to sue BP and Halliburton are short sighted selfish and just out to cash in on the spill. At the end of the discussion which in the clip goes off in a tangent in which the Fox Commentator just wants to talk about making America less dependent on foreign oil. Fox News is all for "Drill Baby Drill" with little or no concern for Oil Industry oversight and ensuring safety on these off shore oil rigs. Fox News also does all it can to shift the debate to avoid any criticism of Dick Cheney and the Bush Regime deregulation mania which led to this disaster. Fox of course believes government in no way shape or form should be regulating the oil industry or any other Industry or Big Business. To criticize Dick Cheney or Halliburton or BP is to attack American way of doing business.

golefttv — April 30, 2010 — The Gulf of Mexico oil spill is becoming worse by the day, with over 200,000 gallons of crude a day. Attorney Brian Barr appears on Fox Business Channel's Happy Hour to talk about the pending litigation against B.P. as a result of their negligence in this matter.

May 01, 2010 — Environmental Attorney Mike Papantonio explains to MSNBC's "The Ed Show" how Bush-Cheney Deregulation directly led to the British Petroleum Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico, by allowing Big Oil to skip a simple and inexpensive safety measure that many other nations require. The BP spill was threatening the gulf from Louisiana to Florida at the time this video was uploaded. "License To Spill" was granted by his majesty, then-vice president Dick Cheney at his infamous closed-door meeting with oil company executives (otherwise known as "cheney's base").

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