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Apartheid Arizona Law Gestapo Tactics Meanspirited and Racist & Being Copied in Other States

Cardinal Roger Mahony of L.A. characterizes Arizona's Draconian Immigration law as incipient Nazism and as America's...

"most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law," —a product of "totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources." From Newsweek article Three Cheers for the Bishops by Lisa Miller, April 29, 2010

Rachel Maddow- New AZ motto- Papers please-

The response to the Arizona immigration law is what we would expect from the Talking Heads at Fox News which represents the views and ideology of the Uberconservative Tea partying GOP and their racist base. They talk about this issue in their bloodless style as if this were merely a debate in a philosophy or political science university seminar ignoring the fact that such a law may bring hardship to not just undocumented workers but also to legal immigrants and American citizens who are not white or who speak with a "Non-traditional American accent whatever the hell that means, Will the governor of Arizona hire linguistic experts to train their police ???

Fox News and the Arizona Immigration Law from MediaMatters4America
April 26, 2010

Furor Grows Over Arizona's New Immigration Law
April 26, 2010 AP

President Obama is allowing authorities to audit companies for undocumented workers and then having these workers fired and then instead of arresting & jailing or fining or shutting the business down the authorities give the company a pat on the back as long as they are cooperative.

Just a thought but wouldn't it be better that is easier and cheaper to grant some sort of temporary worker's permit and where necessary ensure the company is abiding by health and safety and other labor regulations etc. surely their must be a better way than essentially declaring war on illegal-immigrants and on their law abiding relatives or friends for in any way helping an illegal-immigrant and firing teachers or other government employees for having a non-traditional American accent or for not speaking in correct and proper grammatical English .

and at New America Media they accuse pres. Obama of sanctioning raids and auditing companies going after the undocumented workers meanwhile not pressing charges against the companies themselves . Immigrant Workers Face Firings Even Without Arizona’s Laws by David Bacon April 30, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. -- While the potential criminalization of undocumented people in Arizona continues to draw headlines, the actual punishment of workers because of their immigration status has become an increasingly bitter fact of life across the country.

Arizona’s Immigration Law Spurs Copycat Legislation by Marcelo Ballvé at New America Media, May 3,2010

Arizona’s new get-tough immigration law has emboldened other state capitols to follow suit.

Legislators in at least 10 states— Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, Ohio, Missouri, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, and Maryland— have called for laws that would mirror Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, according to the Progressive States Network and reporting by New America Media.

First out of the gate to actually introduce a bill was South Carolina.

Along with 20 co-sponsors, Rep. Eric Bedingfield, a Republican, introduced a bill April 29 that, like Arizona’s, requires law enforcement officials to check individuals’ immigration status.

Some of the language in the South Carolina bill, which was posted on the legislature’s website, is virtually identical to the most controversial portion of the Arizona measure signed into law by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 23.

The South Carolina bill reads: “When reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a reasonable attempt must be made, when practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.”

May Day Rallies Take Immigration Fight to the Streets by: Brad Knickerbocker The Christian Science Monitor Via Truthout.org 01 May 2010

From Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Houston, hundreds of thousands of protesters in dozens of cities are marching, chanting, and in some cases engaging in civil disobedience - mostly in opposition to Arizona’s tough new law aimed at stopping illegal immigration.

...The issue challenges public education as well as public safety and local economies.

“The Arizona Department of Education recently began telling school districts that teachers whose spoken English it deems to be heavily accented or ungrammatical must be removed from classes for students still learning English,” the Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

“State education officials say the move is intended to ensure that students with limited English have teachers who speak the language flawlessly," the newspaper reported. "But some school principals and administrators say the department is imposing arbitrary fluency standards that could undermine students by thinning the ranks of experienced educators.”

In Los Angeles Saturday, singer Gloria Estefan kicked off a massive march through downtown streets to demand immigration reform and protest the Arizona law, the Associated Press reported. Estefan spoke in Spanish and English atop a flatbed truck, proclaiming the United States is a nation of immigrants – good, hardworking people, not criminals.

Three Cheers for the Bishops Newsweek by Lisa Miller, April 29, 2010

They're righteous on immigration.
Let's hear it for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. I'm not even remotely joking. Catholic bishops, both in the U.S. and abroad, have taken a justified beating in the press of late (including in this magazine) over their defensive and self-serving efforts to explain the Vatican hierarchy's role in the sex-abuse crisis that continues to roil Europe. But, as my grandfather used to say, when they're right, they're right. On the question of immigration reform and, in particular, on Arizona's new law S.B. 1070, the bishops aren't just right. They're righteous.

The law, which Gov. Jan Brewer signed last week, essentially allows local police to investigate—and then detain or trigger deportation proceedings against—any person about whom they have a "reasonable suspicion" of residing in Arizona without documentation. (Just how law-enforcement officers will do this without violating the protections guaranteed by the Constitution will be the focus of forthcoming lawsuits.)

After the bill passed, Cardinal Roger Mahony, who grew up in Los Angeles—a city where half the residents are of Hispanic or Latino origin—vented on his blog. Careful parsing has characterized bishops' public statements of late; here Mahony lets it rip. S.B. 1070 is "the country's most retrogressive, mean-spirited, and useless anti-immigrant law," he wrote—a product of "totally flawed reasoning: that immigrants come to our country to rob, plunder, and consume public resources." He went on to compare the legislation to incipient Nazism.

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