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Walid Shoebat Another Islamophe & Faux Islamic Expert Spreading Hate Against Islam & Muslims

Walid Shoebat former Muslim and Terrorist ?.

Islamophobes: Walid Shoebat
Islam as the religion of the Anti-Christ
Martyrdom Arabs and or Muslims who denounce Islam
who are converts to Christianity or who are now atheists

Is Walid Shoebat just another Islamophobe making a career out of bashing Islam and all Muslims. He sells his books and article and is paid to give speeches to mainly groups of Evangelical Fundamentalism who believe that not just Islam but all other religions and Faiths are the result of deception by Satan . So once again we are told that there is only one God who is the God of the Israelites Jehovah, Yahweh and their religion Judaism.

and a little digression if you don't mind?

But then according to Christians God became a man in the guise of Jesus . Jesus was the Son of God but also coeternal with God not as a separate entity but rather God.Or God and Jesus are separate entities so there is God and then there is Jesus and to this mighty duo Christians add the Holy Ghost is an enigma a mystery. The Israelites and the Christians borrowed selective bits and pieces from earlier religions the Trinity (created by the Church), three gods , the three in the one. A baffling and supposedly piece of profound thought as part of Christianity's mysteries, magic, Miracles, Mother Goddess, Martyrs,Prophets ,Wise men add a virgin birth seven day creation, the Flood myth to explain rainbows and unicorns and a prophet put in a reed basket , eating flesh/ Cannibalism ,sexual exploits, stories of revenge and forgiveness and a multitude of demons and angels and just shake & stir.

We are further told that the Demons and Angels like other Gods or Demigods before them are engaged in a fierce possibly eternal Combat of the light versus the darkness , the sun and moon daylight Night.Like the Pagans they believe there is a Combat/ Combat Faith or war between Heaven and Hell . Christianity representing the Good and the one true God is by definition at war with all other religions which are demonic in nature. So the Buddha , Lao Tsu, Confuscius and a few thousand more sages who are seen by the believers as prophets or divinely touched are all part of Satan's multitude of myriad of disguises. At the end of the ancient Egyptians life his very being was transformed in order to live on some metaphysical world . The Egyptians believed in a judgment after death in which each soul was weighed to see if they lived a good virtuous life and then sent to Hell or Heaven. The Egyptians also believed their land was sacred given to them by their Gods and the worse thing that could happen to an Egyptian was to die outside Egypt for he would not be able to ascend to the afterlife. Israelis believe God gave them Israel and therefore they have a legal right to it. Their God is the only God and all other religions are false religions In Islam according to the Quran Christians and Jews are to be treated with some respect since they too pray to the same God and that they are all descendants of Adam and Eve and Noah and Abraham

Walid Shoebat formerly a Muslim and a terrorist (he claims) who converted to Christianity. Now he spends his life preaching against Islam. He argues that Islam 's main purpose is to deny the God of the Christians and of the Israelites. So his attacks on Islam while at the same time praising Christianity and Western Civilizations and its values makes him very popular among the Religious Right and Christian Fundamentalists and Chauvinistic Westerners who see the rest of the world's religions,faiths and cultures as inferior to the "West".

This prejudice and suspicion about Islam is nothing new and has its roots in Western thought going back centuries. So Shoebat is not interested in dealing with the various cultures in which Muslims find themselves. It is easier to appeal to cliches and prejudices, over-generalizations , and stereotypes of Muslims and Islam than to deal with the more complex reality of Islam and Muslims.

Should we judge someone by the company they keep and by those who support them? Walid Shoebat is supported in his crusade against Islam by the likes of Pat Robertson, Bill O'Reilly and Fox News.
Walid Shoebat interviewed by Bill O'Reilly

Walid Shoebat with Pat Robertson 700 Club

Walid Shoebat makes various claims about himself and his life's story which are highly questionable. So is he really a trustworthy sincere honest character or a bit of a fraud using the current situation to make a living by bashing Muslims and Islam and President Obama and of course getting his ego stroked as he is given various media platforms from which to speak and where he is considered an expert and for being brave enough to speak against Islam especially as he has become a Christian convert.

Firstly Walid Shoebat claims to have been a terrorists yet there is no independent proof for this claim secondly he claims his name is fake but his relatives in Bethlehem say this is not true thirdly he claimed to be running a non-profit charity organization the Walid Shoebat Foundation recognized by the state of Pennsylvania but the stae authorities deny this.
He is also deeply involved with the religious Right and has spoken at rallies for Battle Cry ministries etc. So the question is if he is merely tailoring his views and speeches to better fit in with the UltraConservative Movement in America and its main religious affiliate the Extreme Religious Right. The Extreme Religious Right which is becoming more and more the mainstream of Christianity in America is prejudiced against all faiths or religions which do not accept the main tenets of Christian Evangelical Fundamentalism.

Weblog of Dawud Walid Walid Shoebat: ‘Ex-terrorist’ exposed as fraud" April 2, 2008 at Weblog of Dawud Walid and Mar 30, 2008 The Palestinian 'terrorist' turned Zionist at jerusalem Post march 30,2008

Shoebat’s Web site says his is an assumed name, used to protect him from reprisal attacks by his former terror chiefs, whom he says have put a $10 million price on his head.

Shoebat is sometimes paid for his appearances, and he also solicits donations to a Walid Shoebat Foundation to help fund this work and to “fight for the Jewish people.”

The BBC, Fox News and CNN have all presented Shoebat as a terrorist turned peacemaker, interviewing him as someone uniquely capable of providing insight into the terrorist mindset.

...Last year, Shoebat spoke to the BattleCry Christian gathering in San Francisco, which drew a reported 22,000 evangelical teenagers to what the San Francisco Chronicle described as “a mix of pep rally, rock concert and church service.”

...However, Shoebat’s claim to have bombed Bank Leumi in Bethlehem is rejected by members of his family who still live in the area, and Bank Leumi says it has no record of such an attack ever taking place.

also see article Wolves In Sheep's Clothing on Walid Shoebat and other dubious former Muslims who have made a career out of bashing Islam at website Abrahamic Faith

and see article "Walid Shoebat’s Son Shares Blog with BNP(racist anti-Islam party) Supporter " January 1, 2009 by Richard Bartholomew at Bartholomew's Notes on Religion

another shady character
"Christian Convert, Walid Shoebat, Bashes Islam On Fox&Friends" by Priscilla - September 8, 2009

Fox&Friends do seem to love those who don’t love Islam. In the past month we had Frank Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel promoting fear of creeping American Sharia law in conjunction with the Rifqa Bary case. And now we have Islamophobe Walid Shoebat, a darling of the neo-con and rapture ready, fundamentalist Christians, chastising Muslims who didn’t speak out vociferously against the release of the Lockerbie bomber Al Megrahi. His new book was also promoted – “God’s War On Terror – Islam, Prophecy, and the Bible.” No bias there, nosireee!!! But as Fox lovers frequently say, Fox&Friends is “an opinion show” so there’s no requirement that they be fair, balanced, or even accurate. Hmmmm, love the smell of propaganda in the morning!

Brain (whoops Brian) Kilmeade scored propaganda point number one when he asked why peaceful Muslims weren’t outraged by the release of al Megrahi. He introduced his guest, Walid Shoebat, as a former terrorist and former member of the PLO. He didn’t mention that Shoebat, whose connection with terrorism is based on his claim, converted to Christianity and now is an “ardent Zionist.” The second conservative Christian talking point was worked in quickly when Kildmeade (not a theologian) asked “Why doesn’t forgiveness resonate in the Muslim community and that’s the kind of forgiveness that the Scots and British gave to this guy.” (So– Islam isn’t nice like Christianity because they don’t forgive people or is it that the bomber and Muslim community didn’t ask for forgiveness. I don’t think the writing for this segment was clear.) Shoebat explained that Islam has no tradition of confession and gave a litany of Muslim dynasties that engaged in massacres and rapes (and Christianity doesn’t!) and had no “confession” about them. The chyron – “Where’s the Outrage, Muslim world silent on Megrahi release.” He referenced how, in Turkey, talk of the Armenian genocide is suppressed. He spoke of “collective denials” about the release of the bomber. The chyron read “Releasing a monster, closer look at Megrahi’s release.” Shoebat, not a Muslim theologian, said that in Islam, murdering a non Muslim is not punishable by death as it would be if a Muslim were murdered. Kilmeade said, sarcastically, “That’s a nice little addendum to our 10 commandments. In response to a question about whether’s Gaddafi’s son was “playing us,” Shoebat asked why Gaddafi named his son “the sword of Islam” if Islam is a peaceful religion. Shoebat looked back, nostalgically, to Reagan’s bombing of Libya which “brought us decades of peace” and now they’re “testing our forgiveness.” Kilmeade scored another propaganda point, “maybe they’re testing our weakness” and encouraged his viewers to read Shoebat’s biography because Shoebat has a “great perspective, you’re not just speaking off the cuff, you studied all religions and came to this conclusion.”

Comment: Walid Shoebat has a “great perspective?” Excuse me, but he is a rather shady character with strong partisan and religious views. He is not a religious scholar; but somebody who is paid to give lectures on “jihad ideology.” Interestingly, he has been endorsed by Frank Gaffney as a “righteous Arab who speaks for Israel.” He preached about being saved by Jesus at the Air Force Academy. He has claimed that Obama is a Muslim. So obviously he’s perfect for spreading the perfunctory anti Islamic Fox message – but ”fair and balanced” – not even close. And to those who say that Fox “opinion shows” need not be fair, balanced, and accurate, I would say that even “opinion shows” have a responsibility to convey some semblance of accuracy and provide background on the speaker that tells the whole story. This morning’s Fox&Friends audience is given the impression that neo-con, radical Christian, Islam hater Walid Shoebat is an authority on Islam, that Muslims are allowed to kill non Muslims, and that Muslims (unlike Christians) aren’t required to seek forgiveness and that peaceful Muslims are bad because they haven’t condemned the release of the bomber. The message(s) were a little confusing. But it’s just an opinion show, so it’s all good.

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