Friday, January 01, 2010

The Grammys! Not! PHIL OCHS Two Anthems For America " The Power and the Glory " and "There But For Fortune"

The Grammy's Not
& Rock & Roll Jingles
Phil Ochs Anthem For America

One of the positive things about the Grammys was that they were continuing to ask for aid for Haiti. Otherwise the same old same old glitz glamor and the industry patting itself on the back- even Dave Mathews appeared transformed into another clean cut grown up Disney Kid with a tie on.He should have played All Along the Watchtower or Hard Rain The only part I sometimes enjoy is when they do a tribute that I can agree on like tonight's for Micheal Jackson.

Song for Haiti Mad World

America " Yet she is only as rich as the poorest of the poor
Only as free as a pad-locked prison door
Phil Ochs performing his anthem for America The Power and the Glory
PHIL OCHS - Power And The Glory (1974)

For Haiti Phil Ochs performing "There But For Fortune "

Video clip of Phil Ochs singing "There But For Fortune" at the Bitter End, 1967.

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