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Deja Vu Watergate Bunglers? ACORN "PIMP" Landrieu Phone Squad Ties to Republicans & Conservative organizations & to the Intelligence Community

ACORN "Pimp"James O'Keefe arrested For Wiretapping
Republican Operative Dirty Tricks Department

"The four conservative activists arrested for tampering with the phones of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu earlier this week have been linked to the Pelican Institute, a conservative New Orleans think tank. Pelican is a relatively new organization, but it appears to have strong ties to members of the state’s Republican elite, most notably Representative Charles Boustany."

From: "Did Louisiana’s Republican Elite Support the Landrieu Phone Squad? by Kevin Connor at, January 28, 2010

ACORN "Pimp" arrested -republicans embarrassed
Deja Vu Watergate - Pimp a Republican Operative -Dirty Tricks Dept.???
So how far up does this go-to the inner circle of the Republican Party ???
President Obama continues with the Bush/Cheney Regime's disastrous policies on the War on Terror
Meanwhile Health Care Reform is still being watered down to please the Conservative Movement and appease the Health Insurance Industry and Big Pharma etc.

THESE ARE NOT KIDS! Keith Olbermann Comment On ACORN "PIMP" arrested For Wiretapping

Keith Olbermann-On Criminal Consequences for arrested"ACORN PIMP"

"Did Louisiana’s Republican Elite Support the Landrieu Phone Squad? by Kevin Connor at, January 28, 2010

The four conservative activists arrested for tampering with the phones of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu earlier this week have been linked to the Pelican Institute, a conservative New Orleans think tank. Pelican is a relatively new organization, but it appears to have strong ties to members of the state’s Republican elite, most notably Representative Charles Boustany.

Though only one of the tamperers is from Louisiana, Pelican appears to have been the group’s home base there. The apparent ringleader, James O’Keefe — also the activist behind last September’s ACORN videotape — spoke at a Pelican Institute luncheon last week. Another one of the four, Robert Flanagan, is a paid blogger for Pelican (Flanagan is the son of the acting US attorney in Shreveport, Bill Flanagan). Pelican’s founder, Kevin Kane, blogs at Big Government, the site where O’Keefe first posted the ACORN video.

TPMMuckraker has found that Pelican “enjoys a prominent voice in Louisiana political circles.” A close look at its board of directors helps explain why this is the case.

Pelican listed three board members on its 2008 990 (available from Guidestar): founder Kevin Kane, lawyer Stephen Gele, and one “J LeBlanc.” A LinkedIn page reveals that the listing refers to Jennifer LeBlanc, a Republican fundraiser who chaired the Lousiana finance committee of presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani in 2008.

LeBlanc is extremely tightly linked to Representative Charles Boustany, who was a close friend of her late husband, Patrick LeBlanc, before he died in a 2008 plane crash. LeBlanc was a top Boustany donor, as well, and he and Jennifer hosted a high-profile fundraiser for his Congressional campaign in 2005. Vice president Dick Cheney was the featured guest. The LeBlancs, Boustany, and Senator David Vitter all endorsed Rudy Giuliani’s campaign for president in 2007.

Bungling wiretappers Ties to GOP & the Intelligence Community

James Bond Wannabe Part of Right-Wing Plot to Tamper with Senator's Phones One of the men arrested in the plot to bug Sen. Landrieu's phones has ties to the intelligence community -- and an angry penis (according to himself).by Lindsay Beyerstein at January 28, 2010 |

Earlier this week, four young men were arrested for allegedly scamming their way into the New Orleans offices of U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and trying to tamper with the office telephones. All four were criminally charged with entering a federal building under false pretenses to commit a felony.

The circumstances of Dai's arrest are difficult to square any theory that the men were just checking the protocols of Landrieu's phone system. A federal law enforcement official told the Associated Press that one of the four suspects was arrested a few blocks away in a car with "a listening device that could pick up transmissions." Another anonymous official told MSNBC that the man in the car was Stan Dai. It's unclear why the listening device wasn't mentioned in the affidavit. The U.S. Attorney's office for the Eastern District of Louisiana declined my request for further comment.

In 2008, Dai served as associate director of the Intelligence Community Center of Academic Excellence at Trinity Washington University. The ICCAE is funded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and charged with recruiting the next generation of spooks. A university official assured Laura Rozen of Politico that Dai was a civilian whose job with the university ended in 2008 when the grant money ran out.

Last June, Dai was a featured speaker on torture and terrorism at a "CIA Day" for students in the Junior Statesmen of America's summer school. The mission of the Junior Statesmen, according to the organization's Web site, "is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for life-long involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society." The students visited Central Intelligence Agency headquarters in Langley, Va., and then returned to Georgetown for a series of lectures.
While President Obama tries to defuse anger at Muslims his conservative counterparts are stirring up more hatred of Muslims . They are also taking concrete measures against ordinary loyal patriotic Muslim Americans. The Islamophobes in Washington and their media agitators want to curb the rights of all Muslim Americans and appear to be moving towards more Muslim Americans being investigated and held in indefinite detention and possibly at some point a round up of all Muslim Americans. If such a step were necessary why didn't their hero in chief George Bush move in that direction. So if they want to blame anyone for intel failures regarding homegrown terrorists they should also hold the Bush & Obama administrations jointly responsible. It's like other policies for instance on abortion if it was such a core issue for Republicans and conservatives why didn't the Republican conservative Bush Regime not take action on the issue of abortion. Well in part because the pro-life /abortion issue is one that is great for campaigning and rallying the troops but to resolve the issue would mean losing a good campaign issue.

"How Members of Congress Are Advancing Anti-Muslim Hysteria to Push a Radical Legal Agenda:Islamophobes in Congress like Joe Lieberman are trying to set the U.S. on a path to establish a different set of legal standards for Muslims." AlterNet / By Liliana Segura, Jan.28,2010

Roughly one month after the massacre at Fort Hood and a little over a week after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (the "underwear bomber") tried to blow himself up over the city of Detroit, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Congress, South Carolina Representative Gresham Barrett, re-introduced a sweeping piece of legislation that he first rolled out in 2003 as a freshman on Capitol Hill.

The Stop Terrorists Entry Program (STEP) Act was originally introduced on September 11 (naturally), 2003 "to bar the admission of aliens from countries determined to be state sponsors of terrorism, and for other purposes." At the time, these countries included Iran, Libya, Syria, North Korea, Iraq and Cuba. The bill not only sought to bar presumed enemies of the state from entering the U.S., it also would have forced "nonimmigrant aliens" -- visitors with a temporary visa -- to leave the country, within 60 days of its passage.

In other words, they would be deported.

The STEP Act never got very far. But a few days into the new year, Rep. Barrett decided to try again. "Twice in the past two months, radical Islamic terrorists have attacked our nation and the administration has failed to adapt its national security and immigration policies to counter the renewed resolve of those who seek to harm our citizens," he announced. "In light of these unfortunate facts, the Step Act of 2010 bars the admission of aliens from countries designated as state sponsors of terrorism and Yemen."

"You have said you are reintroducing the STEP Act in response to the Fort Hood shooting and the Christmas Day attempt to blow up an airplane over Detroit," Parsi wrote. "We hope you recognize that no Iranian has been involved in any of these attacks, or the 9/11 terrorist attacks for that matter. The individuals who carried out the Fort Hood attack and the Christmas day attempt -- an American Army major and a Nigerian national -- would not have been affected in the slightest by the sweeping provisions offered in your bill."

Maybe it would be better if Obama listened to Rep. Grayson rather than those in his inner circle IE Bill & Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden etc. who have too many ties to Big Business to ever be serious about health Care reform or going after Big Pharma or the Military Industrial Complex which is too powerful to fight . Far too many people in various government departments appear to act as if they are still taking orders from Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld et al.

Democratic Rep. Grayson thinks its not too late for Obama to push for real Healthcare Reform but Obama still wants to govern with bipartisanship consensus when in fact the Republicans are not interested. If the Republicans fight Obama on various initiatives if those fail the Republicans won't be affected. But if he were president would Grayson do what needs to be done or would he also find himself between a rock and a hard place.

Rep. Grayson: Obama Needs to Push Health Care In Earnest -- With a Public Option The health care battle between Republicans and Democrats has looked like a fight 'between the crazies and the lazies,' Grayson said. Now it's time to get serious.AlterNet / By Adele M. Stan January 28, 2010

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., has a message for Senate Democrats: Pass health care with a public option -- and pass it quickly. On Wednesday, Grayson joined Adam Green of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Jim Dean of Democracy for America in delivering some 225,000 petitions to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that demand the Senate leadership use a procedure it has avoided so far in the health care fight in order to pass a bill that contains a public health insurance option. CREDO Action also co-sponsored the petition.

In the War on Terror for instance Obama is just continuing the Bush/Cheney policies. Blowing stuff up killing innocent civilians targeted assassinations , indefinite detention ,renditions, secret prisons and enhanced Interrogation Techniques (torture) & other abuses of POWS. One wonders why Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize while he escalates the war and abuses detainees and makes excuses for killing civilians (collateral damage) And Obama has done nothing to reign in the Evangelical Fundamentalist who have infiltrated and now control the military, the Pentagon and much of the Intelligence Community.

Iraqi and Afghan citizens spirited away; disappeared by US agencies military Special Forces, CIA, Blackwater -but why doesn't Obama just issue a directive stopping this or hold back on funds for the Military or CIA etc.

Under Obama in Afghanistan, US Conducts Night Raids, Runs Hidden Detention Centers Even if inherited from the Bush administration, the Afghan night raids, the accompanying killings are now after a year in office, Obama's official policy. / By Anand Gopal via Jan 28, 2010

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