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Erik Prince's Holy Warriors / Time For Obama to Clean up the US Military Oust Gang Bangers, Racists , Crazy Born Again Christians

UPDATE: 2:12 PM Jan. 9, 2010

The infamous Blackwater private security firm operates as an extension of the US military and CIA, taking care of dirty jobs that the US government cannot associate itself with in faraway strategic places. Blackwater is anything but a security firm. It is a mercenary army of several thousand hired soldiers.
from American NGO Covers for Blackwater in Pakistan? Sunday, August 9, 2009 By OmEr Jamil at Haqeeqat.Org

Blackwater guards killed with CIA agents in Khost-Not as security-Jeremy Scahill on Rachel Maddow Jan 7, 2009

For all of Obama's speeches about change and not staying the course with the Bush/Cheney policies on the War On Terror to many observers it all looks a lot like it was before Obama became president. Nothing seems to have changes as Obama continues to allow certain self-defeating policies of the former Regime in place: From the anti-gay policy of the US military of "Don't ask don't tell" to allowing the recruitment of Gang members, known felons, members of white Supremacists and other Militant Hate groups to continuing the contracting out of various services such as food preparation, laundry and more complicated task which could be done by the Army Core of Engineers water purification, power plants, construction of buildings, roads, landing strips etc.

Among the issues the Obama administration should deal with include "Don't ask Don't Tell should be the least difficult though rather controversial to change. In a speech and in memos stress that this policy will no longer be followed and that Gays are welcome in the military and any form of discrimination or harassment will not be tolerated.

Next stop recruiting Gang Members/Gang Bangers, known felons murderers, rapist, racists - including White Supremacists and other extremists, individuals who believe this war is a Holy War or Crusade for God who wants to kill Infidels or who just wants payback/revenge for 9/11 .

Stopping recruitment and ousting racist from the military may be difficult because racism in one form another is built into the training and the psychology of every soldier in Basic Training and beyond ie using terms such as Gooks, Hajis, Camel-jockeys, 'Sand niggers'

As for keeping the "religious crazies" out is even more difficult since they are so well entrenched in the US military from top to bottom and for the most part over the last ten years this was encouraged or just ignored by the Bush and Obama administration. The idea is so common among a significant proportion of the American people that is anywhere from thirty million to eighty million Americans as Evangelicals . The hard core numbers about twenty million but they seem to have an effect on American domestic and foreign policies.

This will be more difficult since so many current US Troops and its top brass are committed to an Evangelical Fundamentalists literal reading of the Bible and see no problem with doing the right thing or what would Jesus do? Well according to their view of the Bible "Real Christians " & "Real Americans" would kill all the infidels including women, children, the old , the infirm, lay waste to these unGodly Nations.

As for getting recruitment up so that all these undesirables and contractors will no longer be needed or justified part of the solution is substantially increasing the pay, benefits, pensions etc. of US Troops . With more recruits there will be fewer private contractors and the troops would no longer be forced to serve a number of tours of duty .The more tours of duty the greater the chances of soldiers having mental breakdowns ie Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and physical breakdowns or developing for instance head injuries/neurological damage to the brain itself due to being exposed to a larger number of explosions and gun fire . It seems obvious that every time a soldier is in close proximity to a shell exploding or other explosions this has an impact on the individuals head and repeated enough times the individual develops neurological damage due to force of the explosions which may not be readily apparent and as we have seen is often ignored by Military Medical Personnel since it is their job not just to take care of the sick but to also give a good bill of health so soldiers can return to the battle field and /or to keep the numbers of disabled veterans artificially low. Remember these medical personnel are in the military and are part of a dysfunctional system and so do whatever they are commanded to do by the Pentagon or the White House . So it is up to those at the highest level to insure that the medical personnel have the proper priorities and perspective-ie the health of a soldier comes first not saving money or sending the soldiers back into the field. But as I have said before Americans and Canadians etc. go on and on about supporting the troops but tend to go MIA when considering spending more not a New Fancy Weapons system or Fighter Jet etc. but on the troops themselves.

the bombing of civilians and refusal to charge US troops or Private Contractors such as Blackwater for various crimes from smuggling weapons into Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan to murdering civilians to blowing up non-military targets ie villages, public buildings, Minarets and Mosques to abuse and torture of POWs (detainees) and so forth. If anything Blackwater & other Mercenaries & the crude, brutal , barbaric policies of the US military are proving the old stereotype of the Ugly American . To the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan etc. the American and NATO forces are an occupying force bent on conquest and setting up Puppet Regimes in each country with little interest for the concerns, goals, desires and needs of the citizens of these sovereign nations .

If as we have seen Blackwater /XE Services is such a liability for the Americans & NATO in their War On Terror why doesn't President Obama first investigate Blackwater & Erik Prince and if crimes were committed then the personnel involved should be prosecute-meanwhile no new contracts should be given to Blackwater and contracts should be suspended and reviewed. In the bigger scheme of things President Obama should review all such private contractors ie mercenaries working for the United States. Further the administration should stop such outsourcing to private contractors .

But the argument is that America needs these tens of thousands of Mercenaries in order to get the job done. But it appears that these contractors are merely making matters worse since everytime they gun down or blow up innocent civilians such incidents become an incentive for increasing the recruitment of citizens to become part of the so-called Insurrection or Insurgency. These insurgents are not necessarily part of the hard core Islamic terrorists groups such as Al Qaeda but are rather citizens who are angry who do not trust the US or NATO as they watch their country being torn apart by these so-called Western liberators.

CIA & Blackwater meddling in Pakistan's Domestic affairs.

Video: Murder Inc.? Blackwater (Xe Services) Accused of Murder in ‘Crusade to Eliminate Muslims & Islam’ August 25, 2009 By OmEr Jamil at Haqeeqat.Org

Keith Olbermann and Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater scandal corruption & murder, gun smuggling .
Blackwater: Murderous Crusaders for Christ

Transcript For August 04, 2009 of Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Jeremy Scahill

OLBERMANN: The slaughter of civilians for sport, weapons smuggling, destruction of evidence, wholesale corruption and finally murder. In our third story on the COUNTDOWN, a full-fledged criminal enterprise executed by the military contractors known formally as Blackwater, according to the sworn testimony of two of its employees. “The Nation’s” Jeremy Scahill...broke the story...

The details come straight from two sworn affidavits filed late last night by persons who identities have been sealed to protect their identity, men who have previously cooperated with federal prosecutors in the criminal inquiry into Blackwater. From John Doe number two, a former member of Blackwater’s management team, quoting the affidavit, “it appears that Mr. Erik Prince, Blackwater’s founder, and his employees murdered or had murdered one or more persons who had provided information or were planning on providing information to the federal authorities about the ongoing criminal conduct. On several occasions after my departure from Mr. Prince’s employ, Mr. Prince’s management has personally threatened me with death and violence.”

John Doe number two also stating that Mr. Prince, pictured here, smuggled unlawful weapons into Iraq, including sawed-off, semi-automatic machine guns with silencers and illegal hand grenades. The affidavit also says that Prince, quote, “views himself as a Christian crusader eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe. To that end, Mr. Prince intentionally deployed to Iraq certain men who shared his vision of Christian supremacy. Many of these men used call signs based on the Knights of the Templar, the warriors who fought the crusades. Mr. Prince operated his companies in a manner that encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life. Going to Iraq to shoot and kill Iraqis was viewed as a sport or game.”

Striking similar allegations made in the affidavit of John Doe number one, a former U.S. marine who worked for Blackwater in Iraq. He alleges that incidences of unjustified deadly force were initially videotaped and watched in a session called a Hot Wash. Blackwater, now known as XE Services, spelled XE, maintains that Mr. Prince and the company are innocent of any wrongdoing and performed their duties on behalf of their employer, the State Department.

Is the US based NGO- CAII: Creative Associates International, Inc. really a front organization for the US government, or the Pentagon or CIA & Blackwater? Are they working to defeat Al Qaeda or to destabilize Pakistan so NATO and US Troops could invade Pakistan under the cover of protecting Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons ? And why should any sovereign nation stand back and take no action against such foreign subversive activities? Would Britain, Canada , or America put up with such interference ? Yet the Iraqis were told to just behave and let America conquer and destroy their country leaving a million dead a few million still in exile.

Now the Afghans and Pakistanis are told that America and NATO know what's best for them as soon they will be telling the Iranians the same thing. Because when it comes to borders or a nation's sovereignty these mean nothing to the vast armies of NATO and the Americans who believe they are on some sort of human rights mission or a mission from God or that they are fulfilling their responsibilities ie "THE WHITE MAN's BURDEN" or Manifest Destiny or that we in the West are by means of Evolution ,Natural Selection ,Genetics or Cultural Evolution are in fact superior to the peoples of the Middle East and other Non-Western Nations.

This attitude on the part of the West goes back to 19th century Colonialism in recent history but can be traced back at least to the Christianization of the Roman Empire when the Christians took power and outlawed all other religions and all those who were Pagans or Heretics. Their Sacred Temples and Shrines of these Pagans and so-called Heretics were destroyed along with a few hundred thousand Pagan Martyrs who refused to denounce their FAITH by the small-minded bigoted "Early Christians" who unlike their former Roman Rulers had no tolerance for any other religion or faith.

"American NGO Covers for Blackwater in Pakistan?" August 9, 2009 By OmEr Jamil at

In May, a US diplomat was caught arranging a meeting between a suspected Indian spy and senior Pakistani officials in the privacy of her house. In June when Pakistani officials confronted Washington with evidence that terrorists in Pakistan were using sophisticated American weapons, US media quickly leaked stories about American weapons missing from the US-trained Afghan army. And now reports confirm that the dirty secret arm of the US government – the mercenaries of Blackwater – have infiltrated sensitive regions of Pakistan. Blackwater works as an extension of the US military and CIA, taking care of dirty jobs that the US government cannot associate itself with in faraway strategic places. The question: Who let them in? And who deported one of them, if at all?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Three weeks ago a group of concerned Pakistani citizens in Peshawar wrote to the federal interior ministry to complain about the suspicious activities of a group of shadowy Americans in a rented house in their neighborhood, the upscale University Town area of Peshawar.

A NGO calling itself Creative Associates International, Inc. leased the house. CAII, as it is known by its acronym, is a Washington DC-based private firm. According to its Web site, the company describes itself as “a privately-owned non-governmental organization that addresses urgent challenges facing societies today … Creative views change as an opportunity to improve, transform and renew …”

The description makes no sense. It is more or less a perfect cover for the American NGO’s real work: espionage.

The incorporated NGO is more of a humanitarian front that alternates sometimes for undercover US intelligence operations in critical regions, including Angola, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Gaza, and Pakistan. Of the 36 new job openings, the company’s Web site shows that half of them are in Pakistan today. Pakistan is also at the heart of the now combined desperate effort by the White House-military-CIA to avert a looming American defeat in Afghanistan by shifting the war to its next-door neighbor.

In Peshawar, CAII, opened an office to work on projects in the nearby tribal agencies of Pakistan. All of these projects, interestingly, are linked to the US government. CAII’s other projects outside Pakistan are also linked to the US government. In short, this NGO is not an NGO. It is closely linked to the US government.

In Peshawar, CAII told Pakistani authorities it needed to hire security guards for protection. The security guards, it turns out, were none other than Blackwater’s military-trained hired guns. They were used the CAII cover to conduct a range of covert activities in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province.

The infamous Blackwater private security firm operates as an extension of the US military and CIA, taking care of dirty jobs that the US government cannot associate itself with in faraway strategic places. Blackwater is anything but a security firm. It is a mercenary army of several thousand hired soldiers.

Pakistani security officials apparently became alarmed by reports that Blackwater was operating from the office of CAII on Chinar Road, University Town in Peshawar. The man in charge of the office, allegedly an American by the name of Craig Davis according to a report in Jang, Pakistan’s largest Urdu language daily, was arrested and accused of establishing contacts with ‘the enemies of Pakistan’ in areas adjoining Afghanistan. His visa has been cancelled, the office sealed, and Mr. Davis reportedly expelled back to the United States.

There are other things happening in Pakistan that are linked to the Americans and that increase the chances of Blackwater’s presence here.

...1. One of the largest US embassies – or military and intelligence command outposts – in the world is being built in Islamabad as I write this at a cost of approximately one billion US dollars. This is the biggest sign of an expansion in US meddling in Pakistan and a desire to use this country as a base for regional operations. Interestingly, US covert meddling inside Pakistan and nearby countries is already taking place, including in Russia’s backyard, in Iran, and in China’s Xinjiang.

2. A large number of retired Pakistani military officers, academics and even journalists have been quietly recruited at generous compensations by several US government agencies...

3. CIA and possibly Blackwater have established a network of informers in the tribal belt and Balochistan...

4. Members of separatist and ethnic political parties have been cultivated by various US government agencies and quietly taken for visits to Washington and the CENTCOM offices in Florida.

5. Pakistani officials have in recent months collected piles of evidence that suggests that terrorists wreaking havoc inside Pakistan have been and continue to receive state of the art weapons and a continuous supply of money and trainers from unknown but highly organized sources inside Afghanistan...." and so forth

So as Blackwater has earned a reputation for recklessness and murder and smuggling weapons and handing out bribes it has now moved into Afghanistan and Pakistan. And for all we know they may be working in covert operations elsewhere such as Iran creating chaos so the Regime will either fall or it will respond in a brutal manner to the protesters so that NATO and America and Israel will claim to be justifying in bombing the shit out of Iran and a few other Islamic nations.

As we have seen over the past year or so the US policies on the War On Terror are in large part driven not just by mere rhetoric that is characterizing this conflict in religious terms as a battle between "Good and Evil" with America and Evangelical Christianity pitted against not just Al Qaeda and other terrorists organization but against Islam . MA large proportion of the US military and its Chaplaincy and the Pentagon and the troops on the ground have preached this message of hate against all Muslims and that it is America's duty as assigned to it by God/Jesus to spread the Gospel of Jesus and to destroy God's enemies which includes Muslims and the peoples of other faiths who are not followers of Jesus and who refuse to be "Born Again". This goes well beyond what the goals and agenda of the War on Terror are supposed to be according to the Obama administration.

This is also another reason that Iraqis, Afghans, Pakistanis have become dubious about America and NATOs intentions. What are these people to think when they see American soldiers huddled together saying a Christian prayer before they go off to kill the so called enemy.

Blackwater God's Warriors

Blackwater also sees itself on a mission from God to spread their Americanized version of Christianity as its former ? CEO Erik Prince has stated that his mission from God is to spread the Gospel and kill all the Infidels (non-Christians). So Erik Prince has passed this message onto his troops /employees/mercenaries/ so that they too believe they are involved in a Holy Crusade to wipe out Islam by conversion or death.

The Apocalypse/ ENDTIMES

So if they also believe -which I think they do- in the Americanized ENDTIMES nonsense then they will do whatever they can to hasten the ENDTIMES & the Apocalypse and either the Messiah's return or a thousand year period in which Christians only rule the Earth and applying GodLaw to all of humankind.

"After Iraq, Blackwater Haunts Afghans" informazione dal medio oriente اوروكنت.إنفو information from middle east المعلومات من الشرق الأوسط Aug. 13,2009

CAIRO — After gaining notoriety for killing many Iraqi civilians, the US private security company Blackwater, which now calls itself Xe Services, is running amok in Afghanistan.

"The Americans must answer for my son's death," Mirza Mohammed Dost, an Afghan elderly, told the Los Angeles Times, standing at the foot of his child’s grave, near a headstone that reads, "Raheb Dost, martyred by Americans."

His 24-year-old son and another civilian, 22-year Romal, who was on his way home from work, were killed in May by four Blackwater gunmen on a busy Kabul street.

The contractors opened fire after one of their vehicles tipped over in a traffic accident.

The killing revealed that US security contractors, whose heavily-armed convoys are a common sight on Kabul's traffic-clogged streets, were running amok.

"They have caused some serious difficulties for the people," said Fazlullah Mujadedi, a member of a parliamentary commission looking into security companies.

A June report by the US Commission on Wartime Contracting in Afghanistan and Iraq cites serious deficiencies among private security companies in Afghanistan in terms of training, performance and effective use-of-force rules.

...Zemaray Bashary, an Interior Ministry official, says many of the contractors, whose main task is to guard embassies and other premises or act as bodyguards, are "unlicensed and unregulated."

Some race past in SUVs with tinted windows, sealing off traffic lanes and forcing motorists and pedestrians to the curb.

Media reports put the number of security contractors in Afghanistan between 18,500 and 28,000.

But according to P.W. Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who wrote extensively on the subject, they number more than 71,000.

and even though:
Security contractors sign contracts making them liable for prosecution for violating Afghan laws.

But the four contractors in the May shooting left for the US before Afghan authorities could file a case against them.

The Interior Ministry has since stepped up licensing of security contractors and is demanding stricter monitoring.

and so it goes,

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