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Chile Opens Memorial Museum for the Victims of Pinochet's US Sponsored Brutal Dictatorship & Why Americans Hate Democracy & Human Rights

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...Victor Jara was 38 when he died. In the 1960s he wrote songs of protest against the ruling elite of his country. He was one of the founding fathers of Chile's 'New Song' movement which in 1970 helped elect the democratic popular unity government of Salvador Allente. As a result Chile's right wing hated him.

Image of Poet Victor Jara from Poets For Human Rights

"...As every cell in Chile will tell
The cries of the tortured men
Remember Allende, and the days before,
Before the army came
Please remember Victor Jara,
In the Santiago Stadium,
Es verdad - those Washington Bullets again..."

~ The Clash - Washington Bullets Sandinista! ©1980

see: They couldn't kill his songs'website

Victor Jara Manifiesto

Musician, poet, activist Victor Jara of Chile who was murdered by the Pinochet/Nixon/ Kissinger dictatorship. Still Americans wonder why they are disliked, distrusted or even despised around the Globe. Because they are almost always on the side of brutal dictatorships like Pinochet, or the Shah of Iran, or Saddam before he invaded Kuwait.
Henry Kissinger with his hero Mass Murderer Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet

Dictator and mass murderer Pinochet - America's favorite dictators. Without US support the Coup in Chile in 1973 would not have been successful. Such brutal Coups are the Hallmark of American foreign policy. Honduras at the moment is under the rule of an elitist backed Coup which was given the Green Light by the US. It is as we now know the Hallmark of the Evangelical Extremist Shadow organization to which Hillary Clinton and others belong known as The Family headed by Doug Coe. The elite who are members or affiliated with the Family believe that God helped them to become successful so they could implement an unfettered form of capitalism around the Globe and deny the lower classes any real freedom or human rights. The overarching right as such they believe is that of "property rights" and the accumulation of wealth. The needs of the rest of society are an after thought .

President Salvador Allende at a rally in Chile

Chile announces the opening of a memorial to the victims of Pinochet & his American backers from 1973-1990. The dictator Pinochet backed by the US government including Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger took power from the elected president Salvador Allende in a brutal Coup d'etat .The notion of sovereignty is put aside in favor of America's interests as with any empire. Its wealth can't be maintained without the access to cheap labor & natural resources. Before the Coup the US government had spent millions to destabilize Chile 's economy and society. The US financed professional agitators in Chile to make it appear that Allende was unpopular with the Chilean people. This was not the case for in general the Chilean people favored Allende. It was the powerful elite in the country which saw their profits decrease under Allende's governance who revolted against Allende. This elite did not represent the average Chilean but the US had little interest in maintaining a democratic government if that government did not protect American interests and those of the wealthy elite in Chile. Before Pinochet took power Chile was a free democratic society in which people individual rights were protected. American presidents may claim to be in favor of democracy and human rights in other countries but historically this has not been the case ie Guatemala , Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua , the Philippines , Indonesia, the Congo , South Africa etc.

Some 35,000 Chileans were murdered under Augusto Pinochet dictatorship 1973-1990. Over 3,000 were killed in the first couple of weeks after the Coup D'Etat. And who put him in power well of course the United States because they didn't like the elected president Salvador Allende policies which were reducing the profits of American corporations. So the deaths of these citizens of Chile is not just the responsibility of Pinochet and his thugs but also the responsibility of the United States which committed a criminal act by aiding and abetting the overthrow of a democratically elected government. The US also had a number of CIA operatives and others working inside a sovereign before the Coup to undermine the nation as a whole to set the stage as it were for a Coup. Their motive publicly stated was that the Americans feared a communist take over in Chile which was completely groundless. Their real motives were the protection of thousands of American businesses operating in Chile who were being forced to pay workers decent wages and provide benefits for workers and to insist on a safe working environment. What Allende was struggling to do was to extend human rights to all Chileans including the poor and the working class which as we know the American elite does not care about except when making speeches on the campaign trail. So it is no wonder that President Obama is facing such stiff-necked opposition in favoring a better health care system for all Americans not just the elite or the upper middle class . From the point of view of many Americans what's the point of being wealthy and successful if even the poorest of the poor were to get free high quality health care or be able to attend well financed public schools or that they are provided with financial help so they can get to eat decent food and have a roof over their head. As the great mystic and poet William Blake said :"Pity would be no more/If there were no poor" or as the American pastor John Hagee says about the poor"Let them Starve". John Hagee's remark is worth repeating because it shows or reveals what Americans in general mean by Christian virtues that is it is old fashioned mean spirited Calvinism Americanized.

Chile opens memorial to dictatorship victims including the desaparecidos/ the disappeared

U2 - Mothers of the Disappeared - Live Popmart Santiago 1998

U2 perform a rare version of Mothers of the Disappeared during the Pomart Tour in Santiago, Chile with the actual mothers on stage with the band. Bono allows them to say the names of their loved ones during the song. Awesome.

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Allende 1/5 American Backed Coup D'Etat
TV program Seidean Staire -( Spanish with English subtitles ) The story of the American backed coup of General Pinochet in Chile which replaced the legally elected President Salvadore Allende on September 11, 1973. Pinochet's regime replaced a hundred year old democracy with a dictatorship . The new regime was brutal and anti-democratic . Over 3,000 people were murdered in the first three weeks after the coup. Yet the Regime was kept in power for 17 years with the backing of the United States.

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mostly academics, artists, professionals, University students

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