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Canada's Democracy Undermined By P.M. Harper-Haiti Aid & Madonna & Obama's "State of the Union "


Post Update:4:31 PM & 7:42 PM Jan. 29, 2010
" So little news so much space"
" So much news so little space'

* Donate to Red Cross (ICRC)and other reputable agencies-avoid internet scammers
* Haiti- Communities pulling together
*Haiti Tribute: Madonna sings "Like a Prayer"
* Canada PM Suspends Parliament & Democracy -will he next outlaw elections- or declare a state of emergency -
* Analyzing Obama's State of the Union address

First a song for Haiti tribute by Madonna - Like A Prayer [HOPE FOR HAITI

and update on Haiti-Mainstream Media still exaggerating the amount of violence in the country- in this video we hear about a community in Haiti which was able to take some measures to help each other- proving Neo-Cons & Neo-Liberals and other antiDemocratic ideologues such as David Brooks and Fox News that Haitians are not lazy or apathetic and do have strong family and community values.

The likes of David Brooks and other racists should be ashamed of themselves but they are not because in their minds they truly believe that most nonwhite Europeans Aryans etc. are in fact stupid, lazy, apathetic, corrupt to the core who devalue human life- this sort of sentiment is "rich" coming from Americans who think and defend their Illegal- War Of Aggression against Iraq, Afghanistan and Now Pakistan, Yemen and next Iran .

and now more on Haiti- the good news:

Interview the Director of the refugee camp in Les Cayes, Haiti. What is striking is the extent that the local community and churches have prepared for the influx of refugees arriving from Port Au Prince.
Great Commission Air has been assisting in the supply of this camp and local hospitals since Jan 18th.

And here on the Edge Of the American Empire our Prime Minister who is still a devotee of Bush & Cheney & is himself a Neoconservative and anEvangelical Fundamentalist-So he rules as if he had a clear majority when in fact he has a minority -similar to Bush's close call in 2000 when Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and the Republicans staged a non-violent Coup and took the Presidency -

Stephen Harper suspended parliament he claims to get more done by his government. But others argue Harper did so to prevent more questioning about Canada's mission in Afghanistan and whether we are acting responsibly or are we giving POWs /detainees over to foreign forces which we know engage in torture and abuse of POWs such as the Afghanistan military or the American military neither of whom Canada can trust not to abuse and torture prisoners in Afghanistan. The CIA we are told along with the military are still acting the same way they did under President Bush.

And now some bad news about the American & British War Crimes:

Its even harder to get justice since the American's have now cleared the Torture lawyers Jay Bybee and John Yoo of charges that they acted illegally or unethically by giving the Bush/Cheney Regime the Green Light to go ahead with torture and abuse of detainees and for kidnapping citizens in other countries and spiriting them away to secret detention centers run by CIA or by subcontractors such as Blackwater /XE Services - they use contractors because it appears they are not responsible to any one and no laws it appears apply to them -so they can abuse, rape, torture and kill without fear of prosecution.

Meanwhile Tony Blair claims even though the Intel was faulty or even made up fabricated he doesn't care because like George Bush he was the decider and therefore whatever he decided was legal and moral- as we now know God it appears was on speaking terms with Tony Blair and George Bush- so if God told them to attack Iraq who are they to argue- besides they told the public Saddam was as evil and as dangerous as Hitler & was the Anti-Christ-though now they say the Iranian leader is the Anti-Christ as foretold in the Book of Revelation in the Bible.

Therefore according to their logic anyone who was or is against the Iraq invasion or the blowing to bits innocent civilians in the Pashtun (Afghanistan/Pakistan area) area etc. must by definition be antiJesus and pro-Anti-Christ.

From Real News Network

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has single-handedly shut down Parliament. It is the second time he has done this since being re-elected in October of 2008. Critics claim that the move was used this time in order to postpone an inquiry into accusations of war crimes complicity for members of his administration and the Canadian military. Stemming from evidence that Canada continued handing- over people detained in the War in Afghanistan over to Afghan prisons that they knew practiced torture.

Produced by Jesse Freeston.

More on the State of the Union address

and from President Obama Mixed Messages the good the bad and the ugly-
finally speaks up for Gay rights and women rights and speaks about increasing enforcement of equity employment laws and enforcing Hate Crime laws.

Obama is another American President who to a great extent believes the Mythos of America that it has always been on the side of Justice, fair play democracy etc.
America has more often than not have been on the side of Brutal dictators and have supplied them with arms and CIA operatives to help operate "Death Squads"

I would counter that America interfered in the domestic affairs of other nations to extend its influence and its Empire It does what it does best overthrowing freely elected reformers who might in some way pass laws which might hurt the profits of American Corporations who are now according to US law "Persons". This was one of the main changes conservatives have been fighting in favor of for decades.

Bur it is a two edged sword because if a corporation is a person a citizen of the US then they are bound by laws affecting all citizens-therefore a corporation could be tried for criminal actions such as murder or committing murder through environmental pollution either over a short or long period of time. This will probably not happen because Americans treat corporations as if they were as invioble as a Religious organization-Most Americans pray to God or to the Better God that is the God of Prosperity and the God of Mammon and to General Motors , Disney Inc. MacDonalds Inc. & the most favored group in America all those companies that are part of America's rather dubious legacy to the world that is the Military Industrial Complex and the Mega-giant Ad agencies.(**Endnotes: see for Instance sci-fi satire "The Space Merchants" by Frederick Pohl.& C.M. Kornbluth or the novels of Kurt Vonnegut or Philip K. Dick or John Brunner :Shockwave Rider etc.)

and a more positive review by Chris Mathews on Obama's performance


at"The Space Merchants by Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth
# Paperback: 172 pages
# Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (August 15, 1958)
# Language: English

It is the 20th Century, an advertisement-drenched world in which the big ad agencies dominate governments and everything else. Now Schoken Associates, one of the big players, has a new challenge for star copywriter Mitch Courtenay. Volunteers are needed to colonize Venus. It's a hellhole, and nobody who knew anything about it would dream of signing up. But by the time Mitch has finished, they will be queuing to get on board the spaceships.
About the Authors
Pohl and Kornbluth started writing together as early as 1940, although both authors produced a wide variety of stories separately, under their own names and pseudonyms. Each wrote sections, starting where the other left off, and through long experience they developed an almost telepathic awareness of each other's intentions.

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