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"Avatar" Condemned By the Right As Leftist Anti-American Propaganda

"Set in 2154, “Avatar” is a thinly disguised, heavy-handed and simplistic sci-fi fantasy/allegory critical of America from our founding straight through to the Iraq War". by John Nolte at


"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are they who mourn,
for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
for they shall be satisfied.

Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,
for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Gospel of St. Matthew 5:3-10


Neocons, Conservatives, republicans and the Radical Religious Right condemn James Cameron's Avatar as a Liberal Screed to indoctrinate millions of unsuspecting viewers.

Rachel Maddow -Avatar Not right Wing Enough

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John Nolte in his review of Avatar claims that the film is filled with liberal themes and cliches and is basically an attack on the United States its history of the destruction of indigenous peoples. These in his view anti-American themes found in Avatar are a liberal tell which gives away its real motivation and intentions as liberal propaganda. These themes include environmental concerns , colonialism and capitalism and militarism. and the conservative tell is someone going out of their way to bash a film and its director not over artistic differences but on ideology. Another reason these Conservative need to be taken seriously in this critique is that if there were justice in America in their view films like Avatar would be banned or prevented from being made. Like the Taliban they hate liberalism and its ideals of tolerance and diversity.

For all their blather about free speech it often appears that they are not for such freedom to be extended to liberals or progressives. The American way of life and capitalism and militarism they claim are above reproach. Though conservatives are alawys going on about the good old days when everybody knew their place.

REVIEW: Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ Is a Big, Dull, America-Hating, PC Revenge Fantasy
by John Nolte at

Absent from the big screen for over a decade now, Oscar-winning director James Cameron returns armed with a reported half-billion dollars, a story he’s been desperate to tell for 15 years, and the very latest in cutting-edge visual technology. The result is “Avatar,” a sanctimonious thud of a movie so infested with one-dimensional characters and PC clichés that not a single plot turn – small or large – surprises. I call it the “liberal tell,” where the early and obvious politics of the film gives away the entire story before the second act begins, and “Avatar” might be the sorriest example of this yet. For all the time and money and technology that went into its making, the thing that matters most – character and story – are strictly Afterschool Special.

What a crushing disappointment from one of our most original and imaginative filmmakers.

Set in 2154, “Avatar” is a thinly disguised, heavy-handed and simplistic sci-fi fantasy/allegory critical of America from our founding straight through to the Iraq War.

Sunday, December 13, 2009 "Avatar" - One Big Leftard Frenzy?

James Cameron has a new film out called "Avatar" and I haven't seen it ( and probably won't) but all the signs are there that it's some more far Left propaganda out of La La Land.

Avatar is the Most Flamboyent, Liberal Left Movie Ever Made at ,Dec. 11, 2009

also see:GOP Mike's Movie Review - Avatar - Liberal CRAP at it's SMELLIEST!!! at ,Dec. 29,2009

Other than like-minded conservative blogs, I have seen no outrage, no negative comments, nothing about the blatant anti-American, anti-Military CRAP that is the new James Cameron $400 Million liberal love-fest "film" called Avatar...

This film is not just anti-Military/American - It makes our Servicemen and women appear to be ruthless, terrorist killers!!! The mean, bad, capitalist Americans only caring about making a buck, pillage and kills the all-pure, all perfect indigenous culture, the Navi.... I have not seen the lame-stream media (thanks Bernie Goldberg for that one...) once mention that this piece of crap is offensive in any way to our Military or our country... Why??? Because, down deep at places they don't speak about at parties, they HATE the Military and everything it stands for!!! They hate Capitalism, The(y) HATE America!!! Period!!!!

These reviews tend to conservative knee jerk responses to the film Avatar. They contend basically that any substantive criticisms of capitalism or militarism are by definition anti-American and anti-Capitalist and anti-militarism. These ultra-conservatives must get upset even when watching a film version of Scrooge ( Dickens :A Christmas Carol) which is also an attack on rapacious unfettered capitalism and that Greed ,avarice, selfishness are not Christian values. Even the story of the Grinch can be viewed as a liberal rant against materialism and that Christmas isn't just about the gifts but is about the ideals of brotherly love and peace.

To the American conservative they want their Christmas' to be in their view free of all that "Hippie Crap" about peace and love. In their view Christianity is the only true religion and that all other religions need to be wiped out in the name of Jesus. Tolerance, understanding, altruism and empathy according to Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalist are all "Dirty Words" Their view of Christianity has more to do with their conservative ideology than with the teachings of Jesus as in the Beatitudes.

If the Evangelical Fundamentalists were telling the story of Pandora they would have the Navi becoming Bible-Thumping anti-environment pro-militarism and unfettered capitalism. They believe that Capitalism and militarism are part of Christianity's message.

In this next review the author Elsinore attacks the film Avatar as being liberal propaganda . But the writer reveals their racist views and their belief in American Exceptionalism. The film has an environmental message . The film attacks unfettered rapacious capitalism in which greed and profit are the only values to be promoted and promulgated. So anyone who dares to put forth the proposition that there are other competing values such as preserving the environment while still being able to use the natural resources. it is so hypocritical and disingenuous when conservatives claim to believe in traditional values and in Christianity yet do not see a contradiction in believing in Jesus while extolling the virtues of greed , materialism, profit etc. as being the highest values of them all. So for instance the people in the Appalachians who are against Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining are according to conservatives evil liberals who are anti-capitalism and unAmerican.

And to those Christians who argue that Jesus was anti-materialism, anti-greed , anti-violence and that the world is in need of more justice and fairness the conservative claims that these Christians are not the Real Christians. Real Christians according to the Evangelical Fundamentalists are pro-capitalism, anti-Environment, anti-regulations of industries and that God loves the rich and successful more than he does the virtuous who cling to old fashioned ideas such as honesty, integrity, respect for others even if they are of a different color, culture or religion and that war should be avoided if at all possible. These conservatives see the film Avatar as anti-war and therefore a criticism of the war in Iraq. The problem is that the conservative leaders and Media personalities and the former Bush Regime lied about the reasons to justify a war against Iraq. There were no WMD or a connection between Saddam and Al Qaeda and Iraq was no longer a real threat to the rest of the Middle East.

"Avatar" Liberal Propaganda Blockbuster, by Elsinore ,at, Dec. 14,2009

Humans, evil humans are on the path of greed and unsustainability. Fallen and lascivious.

They soon encounter a new Garden of Edenesque planet full of 'more-human-than-thou' people.

...The Magical Negro archetype of racial harmony is being revived for the umpteenth time in Invictus, the pseudo-historical narrative of Mandela's post-apartheid hellhole of South Africa.

..Liberalism can fool some of the people some of the time, before most people learn some simple facts:

1. Non-Europeans invaded Europe before Europe invaded other countries.

2. Indians were not peace-loving, environmentalist beatniks.

3. Blacks are incapable of civilization.

4. Trotsky invented multiculturalism and the doctrine of 'racism.'


5. Non-Europeans want to dominate the world and its resources just as much, if not more, then we ever did.

and see; from

Avatar is Not Liberal Propaganda (It is Something Far More Pernicious)
by Izgad,December 30, 2009
Izgard argues that the Navi characterized in the film "Noble Savages" would have a hive mentality and their lives would be "nasty brutish and short". So the Navi would have little regard for individualism since everyone in the groups would have their responsibilities which are performed on behalf of the colony or tribe. The author goes on to argue that in such a case the Navi society would more like a fascist style existence than liberal and democratic.

When Cameron and other members of the Hollywood left attack free enterprise corporations and venerate hunter gatherer cultures, they are not being liberal. On the contrary, they set the stage for the destruction of liberalism, for fascism.

For all of their moral flaws, corporations are built around individual freedom. People, of their own free will, choose to work for these corporations and people freely choose to purchase the goods and services provided by them. No physical coercion is used. (Corporations wielding heavy armaments designed for use in offensive warfare are no longer private businesses, but governments. So, when properly understood, Avatar is a story about big government oppression, despite the corporate label.) In stark contrast to this is the hunter gatherer society, living close to a state of nature. Life in all observed hunter gatherer societies here on earth is proverbially "nasty, brutish and short." Considering the Skull island quality of the natural life on Pandora, life would be nastier, more brutish and shorter. A society living under such conditions would need to devote itself nonstop to providing food and fending off enemies, creating a militarized leadership.

---But I would disagree with this assessment by Izgad since it is an underestimation of the power of private corporations which are part of the Military industrial Complex whether building weapon systems or supplying troops with food or laundry services or water treatment plants and other utilities they are out to make as much profit as possible. This is one of the reasons among others which has made the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan so bloody expensive. In past conflicts many of these activities were done by the military themselves such as cooking by military cooks, laundry done by military personnel and more complex programs such building and maintaining water purification , electrical powerwould be done by the US core of engineers. Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to privatize the war as much as possible bringing in private citizens to work for these private corporations such as Haliburton and Kellog Brown and Root etc.

Meanwhile the Bush regime hired tens of thousands of Mercenaries who were paid a hell of a lot more than the average soldier. Besides the added expense and that these Mercenaries ie Erik Princes Holy Crusaders of Blackwater/Xe Services were permitted to act with impunity and helped according to many military experts helped to fuel the so-called insurgency. So turning such duties and responsibility over to private enterprise has been for the US expensive and counter productive.

The other point is that what is of concern is not the military as such but when those in power who control the military act in a dishonorable unethical and illegal manner sending the military where it is not necessary or for promoting the abuse and torture of POWS besides turning Iraq into a free-Fire Zone as the military and government also did in Vietnam . The invasion of Iraq was based on lies , fabrication, and propaganda by the government and the media.

The other issue is that individuals become part of big corporations because that's for the most part the only game in town. Most of the people working for these companies do not have nice posh jobs like the CEOs .Mostly their work experience is of the day to day drudgery of repetitive routines . See the film Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" or "1984", "Equilibrium" in which we see a society in which an elite controls everything and live fairly comfortable lives while everyone else live a dull grey life.

As for the Navi in Avatar they are in many ways far from the sort of helpless "Nobel Savages".For one thing they seemed to be able to hook into their own sort of natural /biological internet spreading knowledge from one part of the planet to another. Their so called God-Tree is not a god but again rather part of a planet-wide biological possibly intelligent system. So these beliefs they have are built upon very real concrete realities of their environment. Are they looking after the trees or are the trees looking after them. So this is not mere mysticism or superstition.

and so it goes,

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