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"Nuke The Muslims Declares Wafa Sultan" / Poseur or Opportunist / Islamic Extremists & Islamophobes Cherry-Picking Quran

UPDATE: 12:45 & 1:20 ,Dec. 22,2009

Pam Geller with Wafa Sultan anti-Islam Propagandists
Anti-Islam groups compare the Holy Quran to Hitler's Mein Kampf-But it is they who speak about nuking Muslim countries and expelling Muslims from the West.
Pam Geller organized a Protest for Rifqa Bary and to attack Islam. T Shirts worn at the rally.
Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs gives a rave review of Wafa Sultan's book "A God Who Hates" at FrontPageMagazine.
Wafa Sultan Another member of the anti-Muslim gang of fear mongering bigots

"Islam Is Of the Devil" sign at Church Tampa Florida
see article:
CAIR-Tampa Asks to Speak at Church with Anti-Islam Sign

Critics and anti-Islam Propagandists compare Muslim spokespersons to the Nazis
and compares Afghanistan and its people to an open sewer in need of cleansing-Eliminationists???

—imagine the Taliban as an open sewer, breeding disease and pestilence, and Uncle Sam as the Orkin Man on a mission of mercy...

...The Qur’an is so full of violence, intolerance, bigotry, anti-Semitism, sexism, chauvinism and hatred it could have served as a training manual for an SS Division on the way to the Warsaw Ghetto.

Quotes by Muslim basher Islamophobe Dennis Schultz at from article "You Have Blasphemed Against Islam, The Prophet and the Koran: Wafa Sultan Speaks Out" 2006/03/23

Quotes below from Quran on Jihad and no compulsion in religion:
"Fight in the cause of God those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for God loveth not transgressors. (The Noble Quran, 2:190)"

"But if the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God: for He is One that heareth and knoweth (all things). (The Noble Quran, 8:61)"

"If thou dost stretch thy hand against me, to slay me, it is not for me to stretch my hand against thee to slay thee: for I do fear God, the cherisher of the worlds. (The Noble Quran, 5:28)"

"God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers. (The Noble Quran, 60:8)"

"And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for God. But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers. (The Noble Quran 2:193)"

"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. (The Noble Quran, 2:256)"

"Again and again will those who disbelieve, wish that they had bowed (to God's will) in Islam. Leave them alone, to enjoy (the good things of this life) and to please themselves: let (false) hope amuse them: soon will knowledge (undeceive them). (The Noble Quran, 15:2-3)"

"Say, 'The truth is from your Lord': Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it):......(The Noble Quran, 18:29)"

"If it had been thy Lord's will, they would all have believed,- all who are on earth! wilt thou then COMPEL mankind, against their will, to believe!(The Noble Quran, 10:99)"

"Say: 'Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger: but if ye turn away, he is only responsible for the duty placed on him and ye for that placed on you. If ye obey him, ye shall be on right guidance. The Messenger's duty is only to preach the clear (Message). (The Noble Quran, 24:54)"

"Say : O ye that reject Faith! I worship not that which ye worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship, Nor will ye worship that which I worship. To you be your Way, and to me mine.
(The Noble Quran, 109:1-6)"

Compare to Jesus & The Gospels-Does Jesus call on his followers to engage in Holy War/Jihad ?

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34)

'I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy [a] everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.' "
(1 Samuel 15:2,3)

"Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man,18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man."
(Numbers 31:17,18 )

"However, in the cities of the nations the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes."(Deuteronomy 20:16)"

Wafa Sultan in NYC: Part II (Full Coverage at Atlas Dec. 1, 2009

"Obstacles in Liberating Islam" by Wafa Sultan article found at Neoconservative anti-Muslim "Think Tank" Hudson Institute New York, Sept. 3,2009.

As an Arab woman who suffered for three decades living under Islamic Sharia, it is clear to me that Islam’s political ideology and Sharia must be fought relentlessly by Western civilization to prevent its application in a free society.

However, I have found myself fighting on two fronts. The first front is against Islamists, a daunting fight indeed. But the other front is one shaped by too many uninformed individuals who like to view themselves as open minded “progressives”. They seem to somehow claim superiority on compassion, on peace, on open-mindedness and on appreciation of other cultures. Regarding themselves as tolerant, free thinking individuals, they avoid questioning Muslims’ harmful intentions. They restrict themselves to self-criticism, and make politically-correct excuses for Islamism. Regrettably, they show their indisputable acceptance of ‘others’ at the expense of the public’s responsibility to learn the truth about Islam’s detrimental tenets....

Regrettably, we frequently experience politically correct harsh responses to criticism of Islam by those who admonish liberated Muslims or Arabs. They often use clichés such as, “There are violent stories in all religions texts,” or “How can we bulk all Muslims into one group?” Or, “Among Christians and Jews there are also zealots who have done horrible things to others.” All of these excuses are made without considering critical Islamic doctrines which play detrimental role in Islam’s march towards Western decline.

One Islamic concept in particular is called in Arabic “Al Taqyya.” It allows and encourages Muslims to lie and deceive others in order to reach their ultimate objective which is submitting the world to Islam under Sharia Law. To be sure, Islamists who follow the political ideology of subverting non Muslims under Islam do use the concept of Al Taqyyaa.

Hence, a destructive relationship is created: on one hand, Islamists lie to the gullible non - Muslims and on the other hand, many non Muslims, in particular proponents of interfaith dialogue accept their lies and avoid asking harsh and necessary questions to expose their dangerous intentions. In that context, the Muslims’ Al Taqyyaa and the West’s naiveté and ignorance about the true intentions of Islamists are both harmful models of engagement.

Further, they both violate our right to know the truth, regardless of how evil or unintentional each side’s objective is. Thus, Al Taqyyaa and political correctness are recipes for irreversible damage to the values of freedom and liberty, which are the foundation of our US constitution and other Western liberal democracies.

...People who avoid facing the gloomy facts regarding Islam, have no moral authority to admonish liberated Arabs like me. Those who cannot confront Islamic doctrine boldly and will not allow themselves to question openly dreadful components of Islam are on the wrong side of this conflict.

...I have often been asked to soften and compromise my message. I refuse to do so. I believe the way to solve this Islamic predicament is to highlight and confront it in a most truthful and subsequently painful manner. As we all would agree, at times, an acute disease must be treated aggressively rather than with a benign medicine like Aspirin.

Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch praises Wafa Sultan for her bravery in speaking out against Islam.

Wafa Sultan: "Unfortunately Rifqa Bary’s case highlights the danger of creeping Jihad in the Western world" at Robert Spencer's jihad Watch

Dr. Wafa Sultan, who famously spoke the truth to a Muslim cleric on Al-Jazeera, is a Syrian-born certified psychiatrist, human rights activist, and author of the forthcoming book A God That Hates. Here, she speaks out about the Rifqa Bary case.

Unfortunately Rifqa Bary’s case highlights the danger of creeping Jihad in the Western world. This is not only because of the imminent danger the teenage girl may face right here in the US, had the court decided to have her return to her parents’ home, but also because of the mainstream media’s weak response to the severity of this case. Regrettably, the lack of interest by the media in covering her case comes at the expense of the public’s responsibility to learn the truth about Islam’s detrimental Sharia (Islamic Law) tenets.

Denis Schultz praises and defends Wafa Sultan at right-wing anti-Islam organization

"You Have Blasphemed Against Islam, The Prophet and the Koran: Wafa Sultan Speaks Out" By Denis Schultz at 2006/03/23

On February 21, 2006, Al-Jezeera TV aired a debate between Wafa Sultan, an Arab-American psychiatrist from Los Angeles and two Islamic scholars, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouli of Al Azhar University and Dr. Ahmad Bin Muhammad, an Algerian professor of religious politics. Ms. Sultan, an immigrant from Syria left Islam in 1979 when a professor in a class she was attending at the University of Aleppo in northern Syria was shot dead by terrorists a few feet from where she was sitting. Things of that nature—like lynchings and tornadoes—stick with a student.

The debate had scarcely started when sparks began to fly. Maybe someone mentioned Samuel Huntington or maybe Ygor was in charge of the lighting. “The clash we are witnessing around the world is not a clash of religions, or a clash of civilizations,” said Wafa, “it is a clash between two opposites, between two eras…It is a clash between freedom and oppression, between barbarity and rationality. It is a clash between those who treat women like beasts, and those who treat them like human beings. What we see today is not a clash of civilizations. Civilizations do not clash, but compete.”

Now Mullah al-Khouli could have said you are entitled to your opinion... But what kind of Mullah would al-Khouli have been if he had responded like a reasonable fellow?... So he accused Ms. Sultan of being a heretic.

“The West destroyed the Taliban regime in Afghanistan because it feared the Islamic state,” said Krekar.

That’s one scenario. There are others—imagine the Taliban as an open sewer, breeding disease and pestilence, and Uncle Sam as the Orkin Man on a mission of mercy and one is closer to the truth.

Al-Khouli, Bin Muhammad, and Mullah Krekar; three Islamo-fascist thugs; nasty fellows—they are not the salt of the earth. Did they spring full-blown from the Qur’an or did they creep out of the pages of Mein Kampf? It’s a close call. Krekar is more obnoxious than al-Khouli and Bin Muhammad. He may be a rune short of Reinhardt Heydrich, but he tries. In his elocution Bin Muhammad could pass for Joseph Goebbels and al-Khouli has all the obtuseness of Joachim von Ribbentrop but little of the latter’s charm. Not one of these creeps has contributed anything of value to the civilized world. They are barbarity not rationality. Al-Khouli, Bin Muhammad, and Mullah Krekar—is this the best Islam has to offer?

Wafa Sultan said, “I don’t believe you can reform Islam.”

It is difficult to argue with that proposition. The Qur’an is so full of violence, intolerance, bigotry, anti-Semitism, sexism, chauvinism and hatred it could have served as a training manual for an SS Division on the way to the Warsaw Ghetto.

"A God who Hates," Wafa Sultan: Pamela Geller, Book Review at Atlas Shrugs Dec. 10,2009

I penned a book review of Wafa Sultan's A God who Hates for Frontpage magazine. The book is an earthshaker and should be required reading for every freedom loving man. It's the best thing I have read in years. It is a watershed moment for the Muslim world.

-from FrontPageMagazine

A God Who Hates: The Courageous Woman Who Inflamed the Muslim World Speaks Out Against the Evils of Islam.By Wafa Sultan St. Martin’s Press, 2009 256 pages
A God Who Hates – by Pamela Geller at, Dec. 10,2009

Wafa Sultan’s seminal moment was when she took on an Islamic cleric on Al-Jazeera. The clip went viral on Youtube, and it really was a defining moment in the clash of civilizations. Here was a woman, basically considered “property” in the Muslim world and expected to do what she was told, turning around after she had been interrupted numerous times, and saying in effect, “Quiet, it’s my turn.”

Now comes her new book, A God Who Hates, which will undoubtedly prove to be a key resource in the resistance to jihad and Islamization. In it, the brilliant psychiatrist from Syria, now an American citizen, tells her own story.

It is the story of a Muslim woman who grew up in a country where she was indoctrinated in Islamic ideology. So her perspective is very important in terms of establishing the credibility of scholars like Robert Spencer and Dr. Andrew Bostom. But what makes this book great, apart from its breathtaking honesty and truth and the clarity and urgency of its warning, is that it is also a beautiful love letter to America.
Note: Pam Geller erroneously and purposely refers to discredited Robert Spencer and Andrew Bostom as "Scholars".They are not scholars they are men with an agenda to discredit Islam in the hope of fomenting anger, rage & bigotry so Western leaders will take action against Islam.

Garibaldi in an article on Wafa Sultan at Loonwatch argues that Wafa Sultan is herself an extremist who believes the Quran should be banned as Geert Wilders has proposed in Holland. Beyond that little gem she believes that Americans and Europeans should deal with Islam and Muslims in the same way they did the German Nazis and the Japanese to her there is no room for accommodation or compromise. Once again like other Islamophobes she suggest using nuclear weapons on Muslim countries and expelling Muslims from the West (sounds a lot like the Nazis policies concerning the Jews).

"Wafa Sultan is Better Known as Wafa Stalin" by Garibaldi Sept. 2,2009

Wafa Stalin Sultan going off the deep end. In the video, Sultan is addressing a group at a synagogue in NYC and says,

“I believe King Abdullah can change Islam overnight, but you need to put pressure on him to do it, and the same kind of pressure you put on Japan, you might need it“ at that moment someone from the audience interjects and asks, “atom bombs?” Wafa Sultan replies, “Yes. At some point the West will need to do it.” This statement is quite revealing considering how in 2007, at a right-wing David Horowitz funded conference called “Restoration Weekend,” Wafa Sultan said, “I will change 1.3 billion Muslims…they have to realize they have only two choices: to change or to be crushed.”

At the end of her speech, she utters something quite strange for an atheist, “God bless you and God bless America.” More charlatanism?

During the question and answer session she divides moderate Muslims into three categories: 1.) a majority, 80% who are unaware of the real teachings of Islam, 2.) huge chunks of them are practicing Taqiyyah, 3.) a very small progressive group who have no effect. All talking points from the far right-wing.

This disgusting woman continues with her fascist fear mongering, she says, “Islam is infiltrating and you are doing nothing about it.” Someone from the audience then asks Sultan, “How would we stop it from infiltrating?” Sultan replies, “Get involved in politics, you have to know the kind of leaders you are choosing.” The man then says, “If we got involved in politics, what would our platform be, what would we say?” Sultan replies quoting Geert Wilders, “Islam is not religion!” The man interrupts and asks, “what would our platform be, what would A, B and C be?” Sultan replies, “the same you dealt with Nazism. The same way, the same exact way. The same way!” To this she receives a big applause from the all too captive audience…”you reversed the Japanese culture, the same, you might need to do it, you might need to do a heavy pressure, I cannot predict the kind of pressure, you understand it, I don’t have to say it.” Quite chilling the way she nonchalantly advocates nuking Muslims.

Sultan also says, “You know Geert Wilders has said if he becomes Prime Minister of Holland he will ban the Quran, I admire him for that.” The audience glibly agrees with her with mutterings of “yes.” If you want to see how fascism takes hold then watch the video. My only question is how much are these synagogues and churches paying her for speaking appearances at their congregations?

And Garibaldi at loonwatch writes in an earlier expose about Wafa Sultan questioning her veracity, integrity, sincerity arguing she is an opportunists who for monetary reasons and such has jumped on "the Islamophobia Gravy Train"- making a buck off of hate- just like their counterparts in the Religious Right-the Evangelical Fundamentalists .

Wafa Sultan: A Poseur Playing off of Ignorance to Further Hate by Garibaldi at Nov. 19, 2009

"Atheist Muslim reformer" Wafa Sultan with anti-Muslim loon Pamela Geller

We must begin this profile with a question: Is there a more contemptible poseur than Wafa Sultan who calls herself an atheist but in the same breath also claims to be a Muslim reformer, which would kind of be like Christopher Hitchens calling himself a Christian reformer? It is difficult to answer that question with certainty considering the wide pool of bigots who combine charlatanism with raving and incorrigible insanity. But for sure one thing is certain, she is completely undeserving of the 15 minutes of fame she has succeeded in procuring.

In this sense, Wafa Sultan falls into the same category as Walid Shoebat, Brigitte Gabriel, Nonie Darwish, Kamal Saleem, Zachariah Anani and other self-proclaimed turn coats from their Arab and Muslim identities. As we mentioned before this group attempts to parlay their “otherness,” and so-called “insider knowledge of the Muslim world,” (the “I’ve been there, I know” line) into a cash cow. Meanwhile, we are supposed to be duped into freaking out and running back to them for more “expert” advice brought to us from our loyal friend who ventures into the other side on our behalf.

...Sultan capitalized on the spotlight she had and with all the ingenuity and creativeness of a con-artist spun a tale which essentially boils down to her “dark days growing up in the barbaric ‘Islamic nation’ of Syria.” A good example of her deception can be gleaned from a recent article she wrote for the neo-conservative website Hudson New York,

As an Arab woman who suffered for three decades living under Islamic Sharia, it is clear to me that Islam’s political ideology and Sharia must be fought relentlessly by Western civilization to prevent its application in a free society. (emphasis added)

This encapsulates the opportunism that motivates Sultan and it also reveals the contempt with which she holds her readers whose intelligence she seeks to insult with such a blatant lie. She attempts to paint her three decades in Syria as a nightmare in which she suffered the brutal force of a Taliban-esque regime that implemented Islamic law on her constantly. The absurdity is only matched by the bravado of her claim, as anyone who cared to check (Wikipidea for instance) could tell you that the regime that ruled Syria had nothing to do with Islam.

The regime in Syria, during much of the time period that Sultan talks about was ruled by the secular, anti-Shariah Ba’athist dictator Hafiz al-Assad who happens to come from the same privileged sect that Sultan was born into: the Alawies. Her allegation is even more obscene considering the fact that Hafiz al-Assad massacred 20,000 villagers in Hama, Syria who were members of the Muslim Brotherhood. One has to ask Sultan, if you were made to suffer for thirty years under Islamic Sharia’, how could you, a woman, have finished your medicine degree at the University of Aleppo? On top of that, would an Islamic Sharia state as horrid as you describe have funded your education for free?

Another good example of her tale of woe is the profile carried by self-described “bad girl of Islam” Asra Nomani in TIME magazine. Asra Nomani, who can’t pen anything without including herself writes,

" I connected with her (Sultan’s) anger and pain. She questioned Islam in 1979, when, she says, she witnessed the murder of a professor by men with alleged ties to the ultraconservative Muslim Brotherhood political group."

One wonders if Nomani was so moved by her “connection” with Sultan that she (and her editors) forgot to fact check whether or not Sultan actually could have witnessed the murder of her professor in her classroom. InFocus, a California based magazine did more thorough research into the matter than TIME in a piece titled Wafa Sultan: Reformist or Opportunist,

" As to the claim that her professor (thought to be Yusef Al-Yusef) was gunned down before her eyes in a faculty classroom at the University of Aleppo, Halabi said the incident never took place. “There was a professor who was killed around 1979, that is true, but it was off-campus and Sultan was not even around when it happened,” he added.

InFocus contacted the University of Aleppo and spoke to Dr. Riyad Asfari, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, who confirmed Halabi’s account. “Yes, the assassination took place off-campus,” he said. Dr. Asfari was keen to add that no one had ever been killed in a classroom anytime or anywhere at the university.

Syrian expatriate Ghada Moezzin, who attended the University of Aleppo in 1979 as a sophomore, told InFocus that she never heard of the assassination. “We would’ve known about the killing if it had happened,” she said. “It would have been big news on campus and I do not recall ever hearing about it.” Moezzin, who lives in Glendora, Calif., added that government security was always present around the university given the political climate in Syria at the time."

Half-truths and lies corroborate and reveal the true motive behind Sultan’s hate and invective against Islam: money. The article reveals more,

Adnan Halabi*, a Syrian expatriate who met and got to know the Sultans when they first came to the United States, spoke at length about the Wafa Sultan that very few people know.

According to Halabi, Dr. Wafa Ahmad (her maiden name) arrived in California with her husband Moufid (now changed to David) in the late 80s on a tourist visa. Contrary to what she told the New York Times, they came as a couple, leaving their two children back in Syria.

Another source named Nabil Mustafa, also Syrian, told InFocus that he was introduced to Moufid Sultan through a personal friend who knew the family well, and both ended up having tea at the Sultans’ one-bedroom apartment one evening in 1989. It was then that Moufid told Mustafa the story of how he was reunited with his two children. According to Mustafa, Moufid Sultan told him that a short time after they arrived in the country, his wife, Dr. Wafa Sultan, mailed her passport back to her sister Ilham Ahmad in Syria (while the passport still carried a valid U.S. tourist visa). With Ilham bearing a resemblance to her sister Wafa, the plan was to go to the Mexican Embassy in Damascus and obtain a visa to Mexico, making sure that the airline carrier they would book a flight on would have a layover somewhere in the Continental United States.

With an existing U.S. visa on Wafa Sultan’s passport, Ilham Ahmad had no trouble obtaining an entry permit to Mexico. Shortly after, Ilham and Wafa’s two children landed in Houston, Texas. She and the children then allegedly made their way through customs and were picked up by Moufid and brought to California.

Taking advantage of an amnesty law for farmers, the Sultans applied for permanent residency through a Mexican lady who worked as a farm hand. She helped Moufid with the paperwork by claiming he had worked as a farmer for four years. The application went through and the Sultans obtained their green cards.

"WAFA SULTAN: Reformist or opportunist?" By Abdussalam Mohamed, Staff Write In Focus 2007

Unlikely journey from obscurity to fame, rags to riches.

She has been described as a hero, a reformist, a crusader, and a brave woman who defied the Muslim world and stood up for what she believed in. In 2006, Time Magazine named her one of the 100 most influential people "whose power, talent or moral example is transforming the world." Dr. Wafa Sultan has been honored countless times for her now famous appearance on Al-Jazeera television opposite a Muslim cleric named Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khouly on February 21, 2006.

In that memorable clip widely distributed by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), Sultan referred to the current conflict between the West and militant Muslims as "a clash between a mentality that belongs to the Middle Ages and another that belongs to the 21st century... a clash between civilization and backwardness, between the civilized and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality." The clip spread through the internet like wild fire and landed Sultan in the LA Times, the New York Times and CNN among others. MEMRI estimated that the video was viewed at least one million times.

All of a sudden, and out of obscurity, Sultan found herself the center of both attention and controversy. On the one hand, she became the darling of many right wing media pundits and mainly pro-Israel groups who viewed her as a beacon of reform that stood up to what was wrong with Islam and Muslims. On the other hand, Muslims contended that by making broad, unfounded and ignorant proclamations about their faith, Sultan was nothing more than a pawn playing into the hands of Islamophobes, and an opportunist who intentionally pushed the divide between the Islamic world and the West to further ulterior motives that included fame, fortune and immortality.

Reformist or opportunist, Sultan continues to enjoy the spotlight as she routinely figures prominently as a guest speaker at many functions and fundraisers across the country. As her fame grows, so do her admirers and detractors.

...These same critics allege that Islamophobes are most certainly behind the likes of Sultan. They argue that the clip that made her famous was distributed by MEMRI, a media group that purports to independently translate and distribute news from the Middle East when in reality it is promoting a pro-Israeli slant. In an article titled, "Selective Memri," published on August 12, 2002 by the British newspaper The Guardian, investigative reporter Brian Whitaker wrote: "The stories selected by MEMRI for translation follow a familiar pattern: either they reflect badly on the character of Arabs or they in some way further the political agenda of Israel."

According to Whitaker, the founder of MEMRI is an Israeli named Yigal Carmon. "Mr - or rather, Colonel - Carmon spent 22 years in Israeli military intelligence and later served as counter-terrorism adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, Yitzhak Shamir and Yitzhak Rabin... of the six people named (as MEMRI’s staff), three - including Col. Carmon - are described as having worked for Israeli intelligence."

also see: Wafa Sultan’s Lies Refuted by Bassam Zawadi Answering Chistianity

And the fall out from this hate-filled anti-Muslim propaganda has consequences causing some to believe they can attack Islam in the most vile manner with impunity and the hate appears to be spreading.

CAIR-Tampa Asks to Speak at Church with Anti-Islam Sign

(TAMPA, FL, 7/9/2009) The Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) today asked to speak about Islam and the American Muslim community at a Gainesville, Fla., church that has a sign claiming Islam is of the devil on its property. In his address to church members, Kiliç would ask that the offensive sign be taken down as a gesture to promote greater interfaith understanding and tolerance.

The church's senior pastor has been quoted saying: "We actually posted the sign because there is a tremendous growth in Islam at this time. It is a violent and oppressive religion and does not have anything to do with the truth of the Bible."

"Crucifixes and Minarets: Europe at a Crossroads"
by: Eugenia Relaño Pastor | El País (Spain) at Truthout Dec. 12,2009

...Recently, in voting booths across their nation, 57.7 percent of Swiss voters found themselves in agreement with Fallaci, as they moved to support an initiative that prohibits the construction of new minarets in that country.

European secularism needs to remain flexible and be attentive to the excesses of secularism, discrimination against practitioners of minority faiths and the coercions of the cultures of majority faiths. Messages of exclusion and imposition, Swiss and Italian respectively, could not be further from that contemporary Europeanism that cherishes the notion of diversity just as much as equality; for the official motto of the European Union, mind you, is "Unity in Diversity." The essential task of European citizenship, then, is to create a common ethics that welcomes diversity.

To take multiculturalism and pluralism seriously in our Europe means doing away with marginalization, indifference and hegemonic crosses. The ideal of universalism is built from the recognition of equality and fundamental rights, and so the realization of these principles entails eliminating the restrictions to freedom and guaranteeing liberty for all people; it entails respecting and uniting believers of different faiths and also non-believers. To prohibit and impose excludes and divides, it does not unite, and it dissolves the bonds between fellow citizens. This road leads not to peace and social harmony, nor to an inclusive and pluralistic European citizenship.
Nidal Hasan's killing spree at Fort Hood according to many Islamic Quranic scholars argue that Hasan's actions cannot be defended, excused or justified by an appeal to the Quran. The Quran states that a Muslim must abide by the Law of the land in which they reside.

"Muslim Americans Must Obey U.S. Laws" by Nidal Hasan Disobeyed Islamic Doctrine at Nov.10,2009

The Islamophobic blogosphere has gone buck-wild. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and the rest of the goof troop are pretty ecstatic that Major Nidal Hasan, a Muslim American, killed thirteen U.S. soldiers at Fort Hood. Nothing makes a neo-conservative happier than an attack on American soil; as the family of the victims mourn the dead, the anti-Muslim ideologues gleefully co-opt the situation to market their hate-filled beliefs.

The Islamophobes claim that Major Hasan was simply “being a devout Muslim” when he opened fire on his fellow soldiers. According to them, this is a part of Jihad, an obligation in Islam. As such, the enemy is not just extremists, radicals, or terrorists; but rather, it is Islam itself. It is not then a gross perversion of a religion by zealots that result in such horrific attacks, but rather the exact opposite: it is a faithful understanding of the Islamic religion which results in terrorism. That’s what they claim at least.

There is, according to these anti-Muslim bigots, a conspiracy by Muslim Americans to overtake the country from within. The tactics to do so can be non-violent (”Stealth Jihad”) or overtly violent (such as 9/11 or the Fort Hood Massacre), but the goal is the same: to overthrow the U.S. government, rip the Constitution to shreds, and enact Sharia (Islamic law) in the West. It is for this reason, you–the average American Joe–need to fear your Muslim neighbor.

The Covenant of Security

But experts of the Islamic legal tradition say differently. The Islamic religion commands believers to obey the laws of the land they live in, even if it be one ruled by nonbelievers. Muslim jurists consider citizenship (or visa) to be a covenant (aqd) held between the citizen (or visa holder) and the state, one which guarantees safe passage/security (amaan) in exchange for certain obligations (such as obeying the laws of the land); covenants are considered sacredly binding in Islam. The Quran commands:

And fulfill every covenant. Verily, you will be held accountable with regard to the covenants. (Quran, 17:34)

...From a religious angle, Muslim Americans are forbidden to rebel against the U.S. government. They are not allowed to seek to overthrow the government, rip up the Constitution (which they gave an oath to uphold!), etc. They are not allowed to cheat on taxes, steal from anyone, kill or harm any of their fellow citizens, etc. Instead, they should be law-abiding citizens–according to the Islamic religion and the consensus (ijma) of the Muslim clerics since the last 1,400 years, in spite of Al-Qaeda’s reinterpretation (perversion) of religious doctrine.

Even if hypothetically the U.S. law were to stipulate a condition which was against Islamic teachings, the Muslim American would still have to follow it, as the Islamic cleric I quoted above says:

[Muslims] have to avoid whatever contradicts Islamic teachings. In case they are obliged by law to uphold something contrary to Islamic teachings, they have to adhere to the minimum that the law requires of them.

This idea–that Muslim Americans should uphold the laws of the land–is taught in mosques across the country with great unanimity, so the Islamophobic fear mongering is ill-founded.

and concludes:

The actions of Islamic extremists–such as the 9/11 hijackers and Major Nidal Hasan–flout the normative tradition of Islam and the teachings which millions of Muslim Americans follow. It is therefore inappropriate to conclude that the religion of Islam itself advocates such things, or that these attackers were simply following their religion. Such a thing is offensive to say and quite frankly inaccurate.

In any case, it is too early to say with any level of certainty what Major Hasan’s motivations were. Was he an extremist or simply a guy who lost his marbles like so many other shooters? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure: his actions do not reflect the Islamic teachings nor the millions of law-abiding Muslim Americans.

and so it goes,

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