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Nick Griffin BNP Neo-Nazi Party Rebranded Using Fear About Islam To Promote A Racist Agenda

UPDATE: 1:42 PM Dec. 8, 2009

BNP and Adolph Hitler Is there a difference should we be alarmed- What would Glenn Beck say ?

BNP wants to expel all Muslims & all non-Europeans
see;"Please listen Israel, and all people: The Weimar republic is back in Europe" at News That Matters,June 8, 2009

"Political chaos awaits the European Union. And out of chaos will come a «man of peace» promoting a new «One World Government». Just like in the German Weimar republic. History repeat`s it self."

The 4horsemen of the Anti-Jihad racists- Geert Wilders ,Pam Geller, Robert Spencer & David Horowitz

And below one of their friends Nick Griffin of the BNP

BNP Nick Griffin anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim racist & Still a Neo-Nazi

The BNP and other similar political parties in Europe are Nationalist and Nativist who fear Europe is under going radical changes and abandoning Western or European Judeo-Christian values to accommodate the influx of large numbers of immigrants from non-European countries . Many of these newer immigrants they argue are not willing to integrate or assimilate into European culture but insist on keeping their own culture ,traditions and values. At the moment these immigrant parties claim to be concerned about Muslim immigrants who want to keep Sharia that is Islamic law which is incompatible to European traditions and laws. Where Sharia comes into conflict with European laws such as the severe punishments for apostasy , adultery, blaspheming and so called "honor killings'etc. European law should take precedence.

But we need to look more closely at these individuals and political parties and question whether their concerns over Muslims and Sharia is just a rationalization for their racist agenda of ridding Europe of a large number of non-European immigrants and residents to cleanse Europe of these foreign elements .Since 9/11 and other Islamic terrorists actions in Europe it has become more acceptable to raise fear and hate against Muslims. But is this as they say just "the thin edge of the wedge" to promote racism and a Eurocentric view. Will they eventually go after all non-whites in Europe and all those who are seen as not adhering to historical Christian European values. Many of those raising the alarm about Muslim immigrants are also alarmed about too many in their view Eastern block immigrants entering Europe ie Russians, Slavs, Roma (gypsies) . So they appear to want only those of Western European descent to be permitted to populate Europe.
BNP Leader Nick Griffin with Geert Wilders

This is serious stuff but Nick Griffin adds a bit of unintentional comedy. For instance when confronted about the criminal record of one of BNP's members Griffin's comments and attitude are priceless so he says in so many words- now the guy you know he happened to be in a car when a bomb went off in said car -how is that proof of anything Griffin queries - these things happen you know to everybody or at least to friends of Nick Griffin. Bombs go off or somebody runs into your fist or you know your kicking the shit out of some guy cause he's black or gay or Jewish and he up and dies on you what are you supposed to do never hit anyone ever -gimme a break.

British Nationalist Party (BNP) Exposed-Dec. 18, 2008
The Fascist Neo-Nazi party in Great Britain, Exposed on TV.

Combat 18 and BNP are one Neo - Nazi Organisation.
(anti-Fascist organization Searchlight )

BNP leader on Obama
Nick Griffin's reflections on Barack Obama and "virtually all black people". Dec. 09,2008

In this clip the National Front accuse teachers and the English education system of being rife with communists and socialists who were indoctrinating children into Marxism. Sounds familiar. The Religious Right and the Conservative Movement having been making similar claims since the John Bircher and Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s and continue to do so taday. They sometimes refer to this conspiracy as the Secular Humanists Conspiracy, or a liberalism run amok or Progressives see for instance Glenn Beck et al. They make the claim that there is a Homosexual Conspiracy and a Feminist Conspiracy a Conspiracy by Environmentalists etc. Like the National Front Glenn Beck and others tell their listeners to keep an eye on their suspicious neighbor who may be a "Secret Muslim" and on their local Mosque.

BNP + NF education policy

Rather than admit that they'd failed because most people simply don't like them, following their disastrous performance in the 1979 general election, the NF - who were the direct forerunners of today's BNP - decided they'd been trounced in the election because of a Communist conspiracy to indoctrinate school kids with multicultural ideas.

The NF fought back by hanging around school gates and distributing sickeningly racist comics to kids. Even though in 27 years of campaigning the BNP have not once been able to get even a single MP elected, this video shows how Fascists have kept themselves busy trying to poison race relations in the UK.

The NF youth newspaper "Bulldog" encouraged kids to engage in Nazi-style denunciations of "left wing" teachers, but what the NF really meant by "left wing" was ANY teachers who didn't support racist ideas. Those teachers that a handful of kids did inform on became victims of verbal abuse, beatings and sometimes arson attacks.

and adding insult to injury

From: operationfightback | May 14, 2009 |

BNP press officer Phil Edwards expressed the view that (quote) "black kids are going to grow up dysfunctional, low IQ, low achievers, a drain on our welfare benefits and the prison system, and are probably going to mug you".

The BNP insist they're no longer a racist or Nazi party, and evidently they think these views are "not" racist, so a TV crew tested the BNP press officer's statements on some passers-by to find out whether normal people think the BNP are racist. Please watch the video!

Speaking personally, as a white person who's been stuck-up at knife-point 3 times and physically attacked once by... wait for it... other white people, the BNP view on muggings comes across as wishful-thinking to say the very least.

As to the BNP view of intelligence, Phil Edwards must have been thinking of the well-known research by the Medical Research Council and Edinburgh University scientists which correlated voting patterns to IQ and found people whose IQ averaged lowest were in fact... yep... you guessed it, BNP voters!

Green Party - IQ 108.3
Liberal Democrat - IQ 108.2
Conservative - IQ 103.7
Labour Party IQ 103
Plaid Cymru - IQ 102.5
SNP - IQ 102.2
UKIP - IQ 101.1
Non voters - IQ 99.7
BNP - IQ 98.4


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