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Mary Matalin :"Healthcare Jihadists" The Enemy Within Conspiracy From FDR's New Deal To President Obama

UPDATE: 2:38 PM & 9:38PM Dec. 28

Abdul Umaru Mutallab potential terrorists - lone gun man or Al Qaeda operative
Mary Matalin "Healthcare Jihadists"-the Enemy Within-Fifth Column
the Tyranny of a minority
Should they be outed and tossed out of government by whatever means necessary
Republicans return to cold-war anti-Communist hysteria & John Birchers Playbook
labeling as UnAmerican anyone who disagrees with the Ultraconservatives and the Religious Right.

But first the breaking news:

Dec. 27,2009 Fox News Greta Van Sustern with dubious Terrorist analyst Steven Emerson & Harvey Kushner
Greta argues that the individual in this case Abdul Umaru Mutallab was reported earlier to authorities by his own son to having extremist beliefs yet he was not put on a watch list or anything done it appears to investigate him. So the issue to a great extent has to do with national intelligence/ security organizations coordinating their efforts and sharing information and acting upon it.
Steven Emerson argues because the alleged terrorists Abdul Umaru Mutallab didn't reflect the normal terrorist profile which makes him the best sort of recruit by Al Qaeda. If this is so then the authorities' typical profile of would be terrorists is not as effective or applicable.

So what should authorities do - should anyone who looks like a Muslim or not white or non-European should be strip-searched before boarding any aircraft but there are large numbers of Muslims who are not black or Middle Eastern. In this case Abdul was not Middle Eastern but African from Nigeria who was an engineer and upper middle class - he was not some poor disillusioned young adult . But if the terrorists were smart they would have their operatives or foot soldiers do whatever they had to not to look different or foreign or standout from the other passengers on the aircraft.

Fox News Trots Out Two Islamophobes To Discuss Northwest Airlines Terrorism Incident

12/26/09 Each guest suggests that the most important security improvements needed are less political correctness and more anti-Islamicism. Ironically, each guest went on to note that the major red flags against the suspect had nothing to do with him being Muslim.
Fox News chooses two Islamophobes to suggest that greater(more) racial profiling and/or anti-Islamicism is the key to effective anti-terror efforts . Kudos to Greta Van Sustern for not going there with her guests.

"Healthcare Jihadists" -"Entitlement Jihads" from FDR in the 30s to President Johnson in the 60s to the current Obama administration.
Mary Matalin Republican Strategist: Watch Out For 'Health Care Jihadists!'

Suddenly we are told that those liberals, secular Humanist, Communists who are in favor of Healthcare reform have been working hard and have been scheming and plotting their next move in order to ruin America on behalf of Islam or just hatred of America. It appears these reformers have been working to undermine America or to radically transform America since FDRs New Deal in the 1930s . That is their "conspiratorial stealth campaign" has been on-going over the last 70 years. So according to the Republicans and other Conservatives the red scare and Joseph McCarthy in their view were right in their battle against a Communist/liberal fifth column operating in the United States.

So a whole new category of Jihadist can now be exploited by the Conservative Movement , the Religious Right and Neoconservatives in the United States. The "Healthcare reform Jihadists" or liberals or secular humanist are just as dangerous as the "Stealth Jihadists" and homegrown terrorists of Muslim Americans. So real Americans they believe should wake up and realize their country has been taken over by a radical minority of "Reform Jihadists" who should be dealt with in a similar fashion to how the law should treat Violent Jihadists whether foreign or homegrown. Maybe they'll set up a system such as the House Unamerican Activities Committee or follow in the footsteps of the Christian Inquisition .

These American conservatives perceive liberals/ secular humanists/ reformers as a cancer which must be removed to save the nation. Starting to sound familiar. So the majority of Americans according to this all encompassing Conspiracy theory are being ruled over by a tyrannical minority of dedicated evil liberals and reformers who wish to radically transform America. Since these conservatives believe this to be the case then what are their remedy to this problem- for instance are they going to go on "a witch hunt" to "out" all these evil unAmerican liberals out of government from the Senate and congress to liberal bureaucrats in the government. Again we are reminded that the Tea Party anti-Obama birthers & their professional media agitators such as Glenn beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & Bill O'Reilly etc. forces want to incite violence and or a coordinated armed uprising against the Obama administration and all those who support this government unless they can find a way to either cripple Obama's administration or take it down legally long before 2012. These people do not want to wait as everyday they invent a new scandal to undermine Obama's authority.

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