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Jerome Corsi Conspiracy Theorist & "Fellow Travelers" Accuse Obama of being a"Globalist', a Communist, a "Secret Muslim" and Not an American Citizen

National Alliance & Minuteman Project "Fellow Travelers"
above photo from Southern Poverty Law Center:
Two Minuteman Project volunteers, who described themselves as members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, pose near the Mexican border with a handmade sign bearing an image identical to that on Alliance pamphlets and billboards.

The Conservative Movement and the Republican Party along with their biggest supporters the Media stars of Fox News and Talk Radio have been slinging mud at Obama by way of Guilt by Association -but this strategy can be also used against the Extreme Right who have now moved into the mainstream. They opened this door as my lawyers say and so those of us on the other side can also use it to show their connections to some rather unsavory characters and organizations. Sean Hannity and lou Dobbs and Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs hang out with Minutemen and other racist organizations . They condemn all illegal immigrants and all Muslims as evil and are very frightened by the fact that an African-American a Black Man has become President. They try to explain away Obama's victory with a myriad of "Conspiracy Theories".

Jerome Corsi fellow travelers include racist "Political Cesspool" and the Nazi organization The National Alliance & StormFront

Smear Merchants, Hate Mongers , Nativist, Racists Jerome Corsi Conspiracy Theorists with "Fellow Traveler " racist Sean Hannity-

UPDATE: 2:34 & 4:00 pm. Dec. 2, 2009

Jerome Corsi has developed various conspiracy theories about Obama . He has accused Barack Obama of being a "secret Muslim" who is therefore on the side of Islamic terrorists. This conspiracy theory claims Obama is not loyal to America's traditions and values. This according to this view explains why President Obama has bent over backwards to show deference to Islamic leaders and to Islam itself. Jerome Corsi has promoted the "Birther" conspiracy as well claiming that Obama has been involved in a massive cover-up of the fact that he was not born in the United States but in Kenya and therefore not eligible to be president. Jerome Corsi also promotes the notion that President Obama is a "Globalist" in favor that is of a one world government and the creation of The New World Order. Corsi further argues that Obama is a Communist or socialist who has surrounded himself with those on the hard left who are out to radically change America into a "Socialist" nation thereby undermining America's traditions, values and sovereignty.

The fringe rantings of Jerome Corsi would not be taken seriously except for the fact that his "Fellow Travelers" in the media rather than ignoring or being skeptical about his outlandish "Conspiracy Theories" treat them as plausible and reasonable explanations based upon solid research. So we get the likes of the Usual Suspects lining up over and over again to do lengthy interviews with Corsi on television or radio thereby giving some credence to Corsi's bizarre theories. The Usual Suspects include Glenn beck, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and even fringe wackos such as Alex Jones and various racist, nativist, & white Supremacist such as James Edwards at the far right talk radio show "The Political Cesspool" which is connected to the American Nazi organizations the National Alliance and Stormfront.

10/13/09 Hannity pt. 1 interview w/ Dr. Jerome Corsi author of "America for Sale"

10/13/09 Hannity pt. 2 interview w/ Dr. Jerome Corsi author of "America for Sale"

Obama connected to radical Islam by way of Odinga Kenya -hope & change Jerome Corsi, Alex Jones on Barack Obama (2of4) - 11/10/08

and here's Jerome Corsi promoting the insane theory that the Swine Flu /H1N1 scare is part of a plan to do at least a rehearsel to setting up a State of Emergency to bring about Martial Law in the United States and elsewhere as a move towards one World Government.

Alex Jones & Jerome Corsi - "The swine flu is a HOAX and there's a North American Union coming" 2of4
Alex welcomes Jerome Corsi to get his take on the swine flu hoax and the SPP/North American Union process. A must see.

Jerome Corsi is singled out by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his not very well planed or thought out travel plan to Kenya to try to dig up dirt on Obama and his family. The Kenyan government detained him and tossed him out of the country. Corsi is quite indignant about the whole affair.

The Last Word: Hatewatch’s 2nd Annual Smackdown Awards by Mark Potok December 30, 2008

8. Worst International Travel Plan Award
Jerome Corsi — the insult-spewing WorldNetDaily “reporter” who helped lead the Swift Boat defamation of John Kerry and also wrote a fawning tome glorifying anti-immigrant vigilantes — had a plan. His new target was Barack Obama, and Corsi, who’d just been exposed on this blog for his appearance on a white supremacist radio show, decided in October to go to Kenya to track down “deep dark ties” between the Democratic presidential nominee and various Muslim politicians there, including the prime minister. Corsi apparently forgot that most people in Kenya, where Obama’s father was a well-known economist, thought quite a bit of the man who would be America’s first black president — and he also neglected to get a work permit. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when authorities snatched up Corsi, who likes to call Muslims “Boy-Bumpers” and “RAGHEADS,” and put him on the next plane back to the United States. Never one to be deterred by the facts, Corsi had also just published a book falsely claiming that Obama is secretly a Muslim.

Minuteman Author Detained By Kenyan Immigration Authorities by Sonia Scherr on October 7, 2008

It wasn’t the first time in recent months that Corsi’s attempts to generate publicity have gone awry. In mid-August, just as Corsi was in the midst of a blitz of media appearances to promote his latest bestseller, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, Hatewatch revealed that Corsi had recently been a guest on the Political Cesspool, an overtly anti-Semitic and white supremacist radio show, and that he was scheduled to appear on the show again. (Corsi subsequently backed out of the second Cesspool appearance).

According to WorldNetDaily, a far-right website to which he’s a prolific contributor, Corsi had been invited to Kenya by Christian missionaries who are concerned about the spread of Islam in the East African country. One of the principal, and thoroughly discredited, tenets of Corsi’s newest book is that Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama, whose father is Kenyan, is secretly a Muslim. (Corsi is hardly a Republican operative; earlier this year he just as spuriously attacked GOP presidential candidate John McCain for supposedly accepting funding from a group with ties to Al Qaeda).

Corsi was in Kenya to investigate and “expose details of secret deep ties” between Obama and certain Muslim politicians in Kenya, according to WorldNetDaily. No doubt Corsi’s failure to obtain a work permit in Kenya, which led to his detention, according to the Associated Press, is the result of dark forces at work.

Corsi Cancels Second ‘Political Cesspool’ Appearance Posted in Extremist Propaganda by David Holthouse on August 18, 2008

Right-wing propagandist Jerome Corsi backed out of his scheduled appearance on the white supremacist radio show, “The Political Cesspool,” last night only five minutes before he was supposed to go on, according to the show’s host James Edwards.

Just before 5 p.m. CST, Edwards came on the air following a commercial break to announce that Corsi had just E-mailed to cancel his scheduled hour-long interview due to “travel plans that changed.”

Edwards sounded skeptical of Corsi’s explanation, and with good reason. Last week Corsi was at the center of a media firestorm concerning the multitude of inaccuracies, distortions and outright lies in his new book The Obama Nation, as well his scheduled appearance on last night’s “Cesspool,” which was first reported by Hatewatch on Aug. 13.

That night, during his appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” Corsi reiterated his past apologies for a series of bigoted and hateful blog posts he wrote in the years spanning 2001-2004.

But if Corsi was trying to salvage his reputation by not appearing on the “Cesspool” last night, he was probably too late. As Hatewatch also first reported last week, Corsi had previously appeared on the racist, anti-Semitic radio show on July 20. His interview was streamed live on the Internet by the white nationalist website Stormfront, which is run by a former Klan leader.

Yesterday’s edition of the “Cesspool” was a rough outing for Edwards. Not only did his marquee guest ditch him at the last minute, but also his warm-up act — United Kingdom Independence Party Chairman Nigel Farage, who didn’t answer the phone when Edwards called.

Edwards was reduced to dialing up emergency back-up interviewee Sam Dickson, a former Klan lawyer, who delivered a meandering soliloquy about Jewish control of American foreign policy for the bulk of the show.

Edwards sounded unusually defensive throughout his most recent broadcast, repeatedly taking issue with the previous week’s widespread characterizations of his show as racist and anti-Semitic. “We’re a mainstream voice for European-Americans,” he said. “We’re the show of record for the paleo-conservative right,” not a bunch of “knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.”

“We don’t malign any racial groups on this program,” he said. “We conduct ourselves as gentlemen.”

But on Aug. 14, the day after the Corsi furor began dragging his show into the harsh spotlight of mainstream media scrutiny for the first time, Edwards had this to say on the topic of models in the fashion industry: “As everyone knows, white women are by far the most beautiful women. And when it comes to looks, black women are at the bottom of the totem pole. It’s simply an undeniable fact.”

How gentlemanly.

Lou Dobbs banging the drum on Illegal-immigration showing his racist nativist bias or just using any issue he can to increase his ratings and there by his salary. Of course Dobbs has been removed from CNN for his promoting and promulgating various Conspiracy Theories and racist views on Immigration, on the "Birthers" or calling Obama anti-American and of being a Usurper of the Presidency.

In the discussion Lou Dobbs has with two anti-Immigrationist Minuteman Jim Gilchist and Confabulist jerome Corsi Dobbs promulgates the most vile racist views on illegal-immigration - that they are disease ridden parasites who are more violent and criminal in nature than the average American. Dobbs and his guests also see something nefarious in the way the federal government is not dealing with the issue- ie they hope to create a North American Union which would then be part of a "Global" Economy and Government thereby destroying America's sovereignty. Dobbs also promotes the fallacious "Aztlan Conspiracy" & Reconquista that the Latinos are invading from Mexico to reconquer the lands they believe to be theirs in the South West -California , Arizona , Texas etc. Dobbs and his fellow travelers are not interested in realistic discussion of these issues but rather are Merchants of Fear and bigotry.

Lou Dobbs Tonight w/ Guests Jim Gilchrist & Jerome Corsi April 21,2007

Lou Dobbs interviews Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist and Human Events/World Net Daily journalist Jerome Corsi on their book, "Minutemen: The Battle to Secure America's Borders."

Minuteman Project spokesperson Jim Gilchrist during interview abruptly ends the interview when asked about his connection with White Supremacist organization National Alliance ( Erich Gliebe Chairman, National Alliance. founder William Pierce died 2002) They are also connected to the Eurocentric racist right-wing party The BNP British National Party with which the likes of Robert Spencer Jihad Watch and Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs and David Horowitz are connected. More on BNP next post)

Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist Storms Off Debate-Oct. 11, 2006
Democracy Now! Amy Goodman

as for Jim Gilchrist see article at Southern Poverty Law Center:

"Confession Reported in Nativist Murder Case, Along With Another Round of Infighting"
Posted in Anti-Immigrant, Extremist Crime by Sonia Scherr on July 11, 2009

In a July 2 advisory to his supporters, William Gheen, leader of the North Carolina-based Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said he’d added Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol (which is listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group) to a list of organizations that activists should avoid. The list already included Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, which had defended Forde after she claimed to have been the victim of shootings and assaults in and near her home in Everett, Wash. “Both Gilchrist and Spencer have been highly negligent in who they have associated themselves and their organizations with by supporting and assisting Shawna Forde long after it was clear to many others that she should be cast out of our movement,” Gheen wrote...

and see:
"Racists join Minuteman Project": Southern Poverty law Center ,2005

DOUGLAS, Ariz. -- For months, Minuteman Project organizer Jim Gilchrist promised that his group would peacefully observe the Arizona border as a protest against illegal immigration. Volunteers — he said there would be 1,300 of them — would be carefully screened, with FBI help, to keep out white supremacists and racists and only permit holders would be allowed to carry concealed weapons.

As the month-long April project started, Gilchrist's promises proved empty. An FBI official denied that the agency was screening Gilchrist's or any other private group's members. Some 300 volunteers showed up — a thousand fewer than predicted. At least four-fifths of volunteers did carry weapons, and almost none were checked for permits. Racist talk abounded, and some neo-Nazis and other racists did join in Gilchrist's project.

...White supremacist literature distributed
In fact, National Alliance pamphlets were distributed in Tombstone and Naco, a predominantly Hispanic border community, just two days before the project got going. "Non-Whites are turning America into a Third World slum," they read. "They come for welfare or to take our jobs. Let's send them home now." Many other white supremacists had promised to attend, including members of the neo-Nazi Aryan Nations, but it was difficult to know if they showed up.

and so it goes,

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