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Enoch Powell, William Pierce Nick Griffin BNP to Geert Wilders American Anti-Muslim Racists

BNP's pro-labor organization Solidarity (borrows its title & banner from the Polish labor union Solidarity)

Above Photo of Racist anti-Muslim Geert Wilders and BNP: British National Party Leader Nick Griffin (former Neo-Nazi and anti-Semite)-both fear Muslims arguing that all Muslims are potential violent Jihadists or are part of a "Stealth Jihad" to make Britain Europe and the United States into Islamic nations -they therefore want to restrict immigration especially of Muslims to Europe and Britain. They also insist on a ban or moratorium on building new Mosques, Minarets and Madrassas (Islamic schools)and expel all Muslims who refuse to take a special loyalty oath or refuse to agree to a ban on Sharia (Muslim or Qu'ranic law).

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A Legacy of Racism 1960-2009
From Racist anti-Immigrant Enoch Powell to Nazi White Supremacist William Pierce to Margaret Thatcher to David Duke(KKK) to Nick Griffin of the BNP to Geert Wilders to Pat Buchanan, Robert Spencer, Pam Geller, David Horowitz, Andrew Bostom , Daniel Pipes to the Minuteman to Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Brigitte Gabriel, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly , Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter , Michael Savage

In Britain, the BNP (British National Party) bars non-whites from membership(until recently) and advocates "voluntary resettlement" of "non-white immigrants."

A former BNP member, David Copeland, killed three people and injured over 100 others in a 1999 London bombing campaign against blacks, Muslims and gays. The party has distributed lists of people who are supposedly part of a Jewish conspiracy. BNP leader Nick Griffin is a former member of Britain's neo-Nazi National Front and a founder of the neofascist International Third Position.

"I look forward to the day," says Griffin, "that Britain returns to being a White, Christian country."

From: American neo-Nazis reach out to their European counterparts in an attempt to globalize the radical right.Southern Poverty law Center-2001

"I wanted to take all of the feminist agitators and propagandists and all of the race-mixing fanatics and all of the mass media bosses and all of the bureaucrats and politicians who were collaborating with them, and I wanted to put them up against a wall, in batches of a thousand or so at a time, and machine-gun them."
Quote from National Alliance Neo-Nazi founder William Pierce (1933-2002).
Reminiscent of present day American Religious Right/ Evangelical Fundamentalists et al and the US (Ultra/Uber) Conservative Movement and their echo chamber at Fox News and a thousand "Talk Radio" programs across the US esp. in the North West and the South.

Enoch Powell had a negative Effect on Britain and British society from his racist incendiary "Rivers of Blood Speech" til his death in 2001. He was not a uniter like Winston Churchill but was divisive sowing the seeds of suspicion , fear and hatred of the "Other" those who were non-white immigrants even if they had become British citizens or had been residents for several generations. Powell wanted all these immigrants expelled from Great Britain.

River of Blood Speech
Powell's Fabricated letter from a constituent an old White woman besieged by black people. Racist Propaganda aimed at the Gut and not an appeal to reason, logic or human decency. Human Decency, empathy , justice, tolerance all concepts for the weak minded according to those on the "Right".
English Nationalist Enoch Powell 1

English Nationalist Enoch Powell 2

Unfortunately this strain of Nativist anti-immigrant fear mongering and racism has now become more blatant and acceptable by a growing segment of the population of Europe and the US since 9/11 and the London subway bombing especially concerning Muslim immigrants. This fear and hatred are being stoked by the likes of Nick Griffin of the (rebranded mainstream) BNP to push their anti-immigrant racist white supremacist agenda. This revival of racism is prevalent throughout Europe and the United States . So to further their agenda and influence their leaders and spokespersons and financial supporters in their respective countries are now involved in an ongoing dialogue and uniting forces to strengthen their respective movements.

"Showcase: The Neo-Cons, the BNP and the Islamophobia Network "by Garibaldi at Sept. 22,2009

Events in London in recent weeks have highlighted the growing collusion between American neoconservatives and the European far right in stirring up hatred of Muslims.

Richard Bartholomew has details of a meeting at the George Restaurant in east London in August attended by Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer and Douglas Murray of the Centre for Social Cohesion at the invitation of the Christian Action Network. Also invited were the English Defence League, the group responsible for a number of recent violent anti-Muslim protests.

Robert Spencer (of Jihad Watch) says on his blog that he and Murray refused to meet with the EDL, and cites Adrian Morgan as a witness to this version of events. But the presence of Morgan, who did meet the EDL, is itself evidence of the emerging relationship between the neocons and the far-right.

Morgan is a contributing editor to Family Security Matters, which has been described as a front for the Center for Security Policy, a Washington think-tank run by the ultra-neoconservative Frank Gaffney.

He is also the author of Western Resistance, a defunct blog on which he laid out his view of the BNP:

I am slightly ambivalent about the British National Party, on account of its racist past. Nowadays, under the leadership of Nick Griffin, a skilled politician, the racist agenda has become replaced by an agenda which is highly focused against Islam. With this aspect of its policies, I am in agreement. Islam poses a more serious threat to every aspect of British democracy than anything previously encountered. (via the Internet Archive)

So lets see how radical is the BNP has it really shed its Neo-Nazi racist policies-not so much.

The BNP are always going on about British heritage, so let's take a look at THEIR heritage, specifically at the relationship between BNP beliefs and GERMAN Nationalism, as exemplified by no less than the BNP founder John Tyndall.

John Tyndall created the BNP and worked with the current BNP chairman Nick Griffin for 25 years. If anyone thinks BNP Nazism is really in the "past", then BNP deputy chairman Scott McLean was shown on TV giving Nazi salutes as recently as 2006...

This is a disturbing trend for those who believe in democracy, freedom of religion pluralism, diversity, tolerance, mutual respect and the protection of minorities from the tyranny of the majority or the loudest voices in the land. Democracy as simply the rule of the majority does not in itself offer protection for those communities which represent minorities . Democracy in this sense is a balancing act between the majority and the various minorities. Both must be willing to make some compromises without undermining the basic values of a tolerant society which is dedicated to the rule of law combined with common sense.

For example these respective Western nations ought to be seriously concerned over Human Rights and not just pay lip-service to such ideals. Therefore women's rights should be as important as the rights of men in these societies. So wherever or whatever part of the world an immigrant comes from whether India, Indonesia, Africa, Middle East or the Eastern Block they can not argue to have the right to limit the rights of women or others . Whether a family is from Croatia, the Ukraine or Indonesia are Muslim or Christian Orthodox Russian Orthodox or Jewish Orthodox or Hindu or Sikh the men of the family do not have the right to beat or abuse the women in their family or any other women.This is not simply a matter of Christians or Westerners vs Islam but rather a more liberal and enlightened view of Women's rights and the rights of Children and others versus conservative or traditional or cultural views of women and children as mere property to be treated in whatever fashion the owners of this form of chattel decide.

Violence against women and assault and rape are against the law in our societies and should be enforced. Unfortunately those in authority often even today have an ambivalent attitude when it comes to domestic violence and rape.

As Mike Phillips writes in the Guardian at the time of Enoch Powell's death (2001) of the negative effect Powell had on Britain and on individual non-white Brits who from the time of Powell's Rivers of Blood Speech to the present felt that there were many Brits who did not welcome them or see them as part of British society.

"Enoch Powell An enigma of awkward passions" Norman Shrapnel and Mike Phillips, The Guardian,7, 2001

Powell destroyed our complacency in one night. His speech about seeing the Tiber 'foaming with much blood' was like a key to Pandora's box. I'm not sure how strongly most other immigrants reacted, but we all felt the dramatic change. It was hard to say quite how it had happened, but Powell had become a rallying point for most of the hostility and rage we encountered, a shorthand for hatred and contempt. "I'm with Enoch," they said, or "they should let Enoch sort you lot out," and that was enough.

What was hardest to bear, and most alarming, was the pervasive sense that the politicians, the people who were meant to be in charge, seemed to be afraid of him and what he could do. In those days he cropped up in all sorts of places. Johnny Speight's bigoted Alf Garnett, on TV every week, offered him up in a domesticated package and gave him a renewed currency. He became a myth, a bogyman, in whose name blacks and Asians were to be harassed and assaulted for the next couple of decades.

In hindsight, I think it would be flattering Powell to say that he was entirely
responsible for the effect of his speeches, but it's true that by marrying his
version of nationalism to racist rage he gave British racism and racist violence in British streets its own peculiar shape for a time, and it bore his name, Powellism. He offered British politicians a model for racialist rhetoric which was to last for a long time - when, a decade later, Mrs Thatcher spoke of British civilisation being "swamped" the Powellite echoes were unmistakable, and successful.

Astonishingly there are those supposedly in the mainstream in Britain who are still defending Enoch Powell's racism some forty years later.

For instance Simon Heffer argues that Enoch Powell's concern and alarm over immigration policies were justified and he should be honored as a British hero who was trying to defend the traditional British identity from being undermined by massive immigration of non-Europeans . These immigrants from the third world nations are he believes not interested in adapting or integrating or assimilating into British society but rather want to preserve their own traditions and laws. Many of these immigrants in fact want British society to be radically changed by accepting and tolerating all of their traditions and laws.


Enoch Powell: the Great Lie survives by Simon Heffer april 19, 2008

Sunday is the 40th anniversary of perhaps the most significant speech made in British politics since the Second World War: Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech.

...Many of our immigrants have assimilated over the past 40 years. Equally, many have chosen not to. Four of them murdered 52 innocent people on London's public transport network nearly three years ago. Others, according to the police and the security services, are busily engaged in trying to repeat the incident. So far they have been thwarted: but for how long?

This is all the legacy of those who refused to take Powell seriously; of militant Leftists who mischievously cry "racism" to avoid any sensible debate on immigration; of well-heeled politicians who saw no harm in driving millions of poor immigrants into ghettos, with a perfect disregard for their welfare and for that of the people already living in those places; and of ministers in this very Government who for years saw no reason to enforce immigration controls at all, in the interests of deliberately destroying our national identity.

Powell was the greatest Conservative thinker in political life in living memory. He foresaw what were then unimaginable tensions caused by forcibly altering the character of a country. We should remember him tomorrow with enhanced respect. For he was right.

"Hannan, Powell and the convenient constituent" at Freemania Aug. 29, 2009

NHS (National Health Service)-hating, Enoch Powell-admiring Tory MEP Daniel Hannan’s latest piece on the Telegraph website is headlined ‘Down with collective responsibility’. He means this as a plea for more “heterodoxy within political parties”, but it could equally do as a summary of his attitude to public service provision.

As for Powell, Hannan and his supporters protest that he applauded Powellite views not on race and immigration but on “national democracy”, an “independent country”, free markets and small government.

"Do the BNP and EFP leadership still believe in the mass slaughter of billions?" by Roddy Newman,Lancaster Unity, Sept. 13, 2009
In November 1995, the guest speaker at the BNP's annual rally in London, was the most extreme fascist party leader that the world has ever produced since Hitler, the late William Pierce (1933-2002), who led the National Alliance splinter group from the American Nazi Party. In Pierce's 1978 novel, "The Turner Diaries", which he wrote under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald, fascists use nuclear weapons, terrorist bombings, and other methods to wipe out all of the world's Jews and non-white people, or, in other words, billions of people. The novel can be read online...

Not surprisingly, when the then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, found out about Pierce's 1995 visit to London, he banned him from visiting the UK for life...
Pierce also wanted to kill many white people. In his July 26, 2002 obituary in "The Independent" newspaper, you can read:

When writing The Turner Diaries, he recounted in a radio broadcast in 1997,

"I wanted to take all of the feminist agitators and propagandists and all of the race-mixing fanatics and all of the mass media bosses and all of the bureaucrats and politicians who were collaborating with them, and I wanted to put them up against a wall, in batches of a thousand or so at a time, and machine-gun them."

...Nick Griffin, who was famously convicted for inciting racial hatred after he denied the Holocaust in a 1998 article for the BNP magazine "The Rune", claims that the BNP has become a respectable democratic political party since he took over its leadership from its hardline pro-Nazi founder, John "Mein Kampf is my bible" Tyndall, who led the BNP from when he founded it in 1982 until 1999...

and from ADL: Anti-Defamation League see more on William Pierce William Pierce, Turner Diaries and the National Alliance & endnote.
William Pierce, who died on July 23, 2002, gained renown in far-right circles throughout the world as the author of The Turner Diaries. A fictionalized account of an apocalyptic Aryan revolution in the United States, the book was the inspiration behind one of the worst terrorist acts committed in the United States - the 1995 bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people. As founder of the National Alliance, the largest and most active neo-Nazi organization in the United States, Pierce used several media - weekly radio addresses, the Internet and most recently white power music ventures and racist video games - to promote his vision of a whites-only homeland and a government free of "non-Aryan influence." Since Pierce's death, his followers have vowed to carry on his work.

" March of the Right" by Mark Mardell's Euroblog at,June 8, 2009

The British National Party (BNP) will not feel too lonely in the European Parliament. Similar parties with a strong nationalist message and opposition to immigration have been elected in the Netherlands, Hungary and Romania.

The leader of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV), Geert Wilders, denies he is a racist, saying his problem is with Islam as an ideology, not the colour of people's skin. The leader of the BNP and new MEP, Nick Griffin, says his all-white party is no more racist that the National Black Police Association. Hungary's Jobbik says the real racists are the liberal establishment who do not put Hungarians first. They have attacked the Sunday Telegraph for its report on their party. It is time someone put this hotbed of liberal do-gooders in their place.

The attempt to join forces of the various racist and anti-immigrant and Nativist groups has been ongoing at least since the 1990s.

In an intelligence report from Southern Poverty Law Center in 2001 warns about the danger of various racist and Nativists and anti-immigration individuals and groups in the United States communicating and forming alliances with the BNP and other far right groups , neo-Nazis and political parties and individuals in Britain and continental Europe.

As we have seen within the last few years this has become more of a reality with the likes of Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Pam Geller,David Horowitz, Bostom , Brigitte Gabriel attending conference in Europe such as the 2007 Brussels
Intelligence Report :Hands Across the Water American neo-Nazis reach out to their European counterparts in an attempt to globalize the radical right.Southern Poverty law Center-2001

operating out of a small apartment in Falls Church, Va...a British expatriate named Mark Cotterill is doing what no fire-breathing leader on the American radical right has managed since World War II: He is uniting a significant number of American extremist factions, all in the name of raising funds for the neofascist British National Party (BNP).

Cotterill's group, the American Friends of the British National Party (AFBNP), has provided a meeting ground for hate groups as disparate as the neo-Nazi National Alliance and the more mainstream, neo-Confederate League of the South.

Featuring speeches by a stellar cast of foreign and domestic racist leaders, the AFBNP's frequent gatherings also have helped these groups to increasingly see eye to eye on issues as narrow as NATO's alleged injustices in the former Yugoslavia and as broad as the importance of "pan-Aryan" internationalism.

...Despite this radical history, Cotterill has been successful precisely because of his ability to build consensus. His networking in the United States began in 1993, when he visited neo-Nazi William Pierce at his National Alliance headquarters in West Virginia.

...In 1995, Cotterill moved to the United States. He was the U.S. distributor for the British far right publication Right Now! and corresponded with future BNP leader Nick Griffin. He developed a friendship with former Klansman David Duke.

And using the pseudonym Mark Cerr, Cotterill served as the youth organizer for the Council of Conservative Citizens until he resigned following the December 1998 exposure of his identity in a special edition of the Intelligence Report.

Victory in Cotterill's "white fight" may seem far away, but he has a plan. He wants to help build up the British National Party (BNP) from its relatively weak position into a major political force in the United Kingdom, along the lines of extreme-right parties like France's National Front or Austria's Freedom Party.

..."It is now time to give Americans of British heritage ... the opportunity to hear a real racial-nationalist message from the old country," one Scottish organizer explained to an audience at an AFBNP meeting. "That message is coming from the BNP and the BNP only."

In Britain, the BNP bars non-whites from membership and advocates "voluntary resettlement" of "non-white immigrants." (see note below)

A former BNP member, David Copeland, killed three people and injured over 100 others in a 1999 London bombing campaign against blacks, Muslims and gays. The party has distributed lists of people who are supposedly part of a Jewish conspiracy. BNP leader Nick Griffin is a former member of Britain's neo-Nazi National Front and a founder of the neofascist International Third Position.

"I look forward to the day," says Griffin, "that Britain returns to being a White, Christian country."

More on the BNP British National party from its website:

Mission Statement

The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for millennia.

We use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here after the last great Ice Age and which have been complemented by the historic migrations from mainland Europe.

...While we recognise the United Kingdom as a political entity, the BNP does not arrogantly seek to impose one set of Westminster dominated decisions across these nations. We embrace and cherish the native cultural diversity within the British Isles and wish to extend the concept of democracy to the lowest possible level, where those that are affected by a decision are the ones who influence and make the decision.

Political battle

The struggle to secure our future is being waged on many fronts. The need for political power is crucial to bring about our goals. Without effective political representation the majority of Britons, who are deeply concerned about the future, have no voice in the chambers where decisions are made. Increasingly numbers of voters are expressing apathy and discontent with the endless incompetence, lies,false promises and sleaze coming from the three parties that make up the Old Gang. The BNP will contest and win elections at council, parliamentary, Assembly or European level in order to achieve political power to bring about the changes needed.

BNP On Immigration at its website

All these facts point inexorably to the overwhelming and extinguishing of Britain and British identity under a tsunami of immigration. To ensure that this does not happen, and that the British people retain their homeland and identity, we call for an immediate halt to all further immigration, the immediate deportation of criminal and illegal immigrants, and the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin assisted by a generous financial incentives both for individuals and for the countries in question.

We will abolish the ‘positive discrimination’ schemes that have made white Britons second-class citizens. We will also clamp down on the flood of ‘asylum seekers’, all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries.

The BNP’s policy is to:

- Deport all the two million plus who are here illegally;

- Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British;

- Review all recent grants of residence or citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate;

- Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;

- Stop all new immigration except for exceptional cases;

- Reject all asylum seekers who passed safe countries on their way to Britain.

Immigration is out of control. Britain’s population is now over 60 million and rising, solely due to immigration. Not only is Britain increasingly overcrowded, but the fact is that a country is the product of its people and if you change the people you inevitably change the nature of the country.

We want Britain to remain – or return to – the way it has traditionally been. We accept that Britain always will have ethnic minorities and have no problem with this as long as they remain minorities and do not change nor seek to change the fundamental culture and identity of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles.

The current open-door policy and unrestricted, uncontrolled immigration is leading to higher crime rates, demand for more housing (driving prices out of the reach of young people), severe extra strain on the environment, traffic congestion, longer hospital waiting lists, lower educational standards, higher income taxes, lower wages, higher unemployment, loss of British identity, a breakdown in community spirit, more restrictive policing, higher council taxes, a shortage of council homes, higher levels of stress and unhappiness and a more atomised society.

The flagship magazine of the British National Party, Identity is 28 pages of glossy full-colour quality.

Edited by nationalist veteran John Bean, ID was founded in 2000 to provide the BNP with its own in-house monthly journal of ideas and in-depth analysis of current affairs. Regular features include an incisive article by BNP leader Nick Griffin, John Bean’s editorial and Nationalist Notebook, and articles by a wide range of talented writers.

also see:

"Fascist Public Servants Exposed as BNP Chickens Come Home to Roost" -
Love Music Hate Racism statement

and :

"Rajinder Singh: First non-White Member Joins BNP" by Mooneye at Nov. 23,2009
The BNP, the openly anti-Muslim political party that is steeped deep in racism and hatred has under threat of being banned lifted its “White only policy” and allowed a non-white member into their ranks. The man, known as Rajinder Singh says he only joined the BNP because he hates “Islam.”

For instance Mike bird warns that the racist anti-Muslim BNP leader Nick Griffin should be taken seriously and not just treated as a buffoon in his ambitions and his anti-democratic racist message.

"Don't treat BNP Griffin's ambition as a joke" by Mike Bird at News & Star UK , 02 December 2009

"Nazis in the Town Hall: Now the BNP Target Bexley" Nov. 18, 2008

House of Treason Passes Anti-White “Equality Bill” The British National Party Blog December, 2009

ENDNOTE: William Pierce 1923-2002 at ADL

Long Career in Bigotry

William Pierce, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has been active in the extremist movement since the 1960s. A Ph.D. in physics, he taught at Oregon State University from 1962 to 1965 and, during that time, briefly joined the John Birch Society, a hard-right political organization. He stopped teaching as his political views grew more radical and, in 1966, moved to Washington, D.C., where he began associating with George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party. Pierce claims that he was never a member of the ANP, but he met with Rockwell often and became the editor of the National Socialist World, a quarterly aimed at intellectuals and academics that was published by Rockwell's World Union of National Socialists.

After Rockwell's assassination in August 1967, Pierce became one of the principal leaders of the National Socialist White People's Party, the successor to the ANP. In 1970, Pierce left the NSWPP and joined the National Youth Alliance, a far-right political group (with neo-Nazi leanings) founded by Willis Carto in 1968 that attempted to recruit college students to "smash" liberal causes on campus. (Carto, head of the extreme-right Liberty Lobby, established the NYA after an earlier incarnation of the group, Youth for Wallace, failed to get Governor George Wallace elected as president in 1968.)

By 1971, Pierce and Carto were openly feuding. Carto accused Pierce of stealing the Liberty Lobby mailing list to send letters that vilified Carto's group. Ongoing disagreements between Carto and Pierce and their supporters caused the NYA to split into factions, and by 1974 Pierce's wing became known as the National Alliance. Since then, Pierce has run the group and edited its magazine National Vanguard (originally titled Attack!), as well as an internal newsletter, National Alliance Bulletin (formerly called Action). He also broadcasts the group's "American Dissident Voices" weekly radio address and controls other businesses associated with the NA: National Vanguard Books, Resistance Records and Cymophane Records.

Forming the Cosmotheist Church

In the early years of the National Alliance, Pierce held weekly meetings near Washington, D.C., in an effort to attract people to the organization. At the same time, Pierce was formulating a philosophy that became the basis of what he called "Cosmotheism," a racist religion that stresses the superiority of the white race and the unity of the white race with nature.

In 1985, Pierce relocated the National Alliance from Arlington, Virginia, to a 346-acre farm in Mill Point, West Virginia, which he bought for $95,000 in cash. He called his new compound the Cosmotheist Community Church. (There has been some speculation over the years that at least some of the money used for the purchase had come from the proceeds of bank and armored- car robberies committed by The Order, a white supremacist terrorist gang that included National Alliance members and whose aims were drawn from Pierce's novel, The Turner Diaries.) Pierce's formation of the church may have been a last-ditch effort on his part to avoid paying taxes; he had tried, years earlier, to acquire tax-exempt status for the National Alliance itself by claiming that the organization was educational. The Internal Revenue Service denied his application in 1978; he appealed, but an appellate court upheld the I.R.S. decision. As it happened, the Cosmotheist Church did receive federal, state and local tax-exempt status, although it lost its state exemptions in 1986 for all but 60 acres and those buildings being used exclusively for "religious purposes."

and so it goes,

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