Monday, December 07, 2009

Amy Goodman Detained at Canadian Border & Canada's Reputation in Tatters over Climate Change & Obama Escalates Bush's War in Afghanistan

UPDATE: 6:17 PM Dec. 7

Anyway here are a couple of disheartening and disappointing stories from Canada.

Harper's paranoia about any criticism of his governments policies
leads to attempt to intimidate the press & reporters
Harper government approves of Intimidation of the Free Press
Amy Goodman 2 - Border Questioning
Dec. 5, 2009

PM believes only Alberta and the profit motive are of any consequence
Harper vows to defend his oil rich friends and to Hell with the environment???
Canadians concerned over the Tar Sands are UnCanadian and disloyal ?
Whatever is in the best interests of international corporations is what is best for Canada
"Canada is the nation which has done the most to prevent a climate agreement from happening"

Canada's image lies in tatters
Real News Network
George Monbiot: Canada is now to climate what Japan is to whaling

Stop the Tar Sands

Four Greenpeace activists suspended their bodies 42 metres over the North Saskatchewan River today to hang two 7 x 15 metre banners from the High Level Bridge in Edmonton. The banners depict the areas under current and projected tar sands development with the message "Stop the Tar Sands." They hang in full view of the Alberta legislature, which opened today.

Turning up the Heat

Logging in Canada's Boreal Forest is exacerbating global warming by releasing greenhouse gases and reducing carbon storage, says a new Greenpeace report released today. It also makes the forest more susceptible to global warming impacts like wildfires and insect outbreaks, which in turn release more greenhouse gases.

Obama decides war somewhere better than no war at all
Afghanistan still a quagmire a no win situation
as War Lords and Opium crop grows more lucrative
and detainees still being abused and tortured -Obama says those at Bagram prison have no rights because they are not on US soil which is what Bush said.
Wherever Americans are based is de facto US soil-
Obama too afraid of the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex
Obama defends illegitimate corrupt Afghan gov't
Afghan war not about self-defence
Real News Network
Phyllis Bennis Pt2: Afghan people must fight the Taliban and the warlords, US occupation makes it worse

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