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Unpatriotic Right Celebrate US Failure To Get Olympics /Obama Zombie Kids V Jesus Camp/ Beck Exploits A Murder/ "Abortion Myth"

To whom it may concern I re-edited post for Oct. 1 " John Perry Suggests a coup to oust Obama"


Racism & The Religious Right
" The Abortion Myth"
US fails to get Olympics for Chicago
Right Wing Noise Machine Celebrates US Failure to get Olympics
Obama accused of brain washing children v Jesus Camp
Right Wing Glenn Beck etc. compare him to MAO
Becks shameful exploitation of a young boy filmed being murdered
Beck blames Godless Liberals of course

First this being Sunday a few words by and about conservative politically activist Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians known as The Religious Right and then on with the show as it were.

It was not the abortion issue and the Supreme Court decision of Roe v Wade 1973 making abortion legal that stirred the religious Right into political activism but rather the result of a series of anti-segregation/ desegregation rulings by the US Supreme Court dating back to
Brown v Board of education 1954

to Green v. Connally 1971

& Bob Jones University v. United States 1983

& "POWELL,J., Concurring Opinion SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES Bob Jones University v. United States 1983" etc.
(see End note)

"The abortion myth serves as a convenient fiction because it suggests noble and altruistic motives behind the formation of the Religious Right. But it is highly disingenuous and renders absurd the argument of the leaders of the Religious Right that in defending the rights of the unborn, they are the "new abolitionists".

The Religious Right arose as a political movement for the purpose effectively, of defending racial discrimination at Bob Jones University and at other segregated schools. Whereas evangelical abolitionists of the nineteenth century sought freedom for African Americans, the Religious Right of the late twentieth century organized to perpetuate racial discrimination.

Sadly, the Religious Right has no legitimate claim to the mantle of the abolitionist crusaders of the nineteenth century."

From Thy Kingdom Come by Randall Balmer, pub. 2006 (pp. 16-17)

and as reported by Glenn Blumenthall( and Randall Balmer ibid pp.12-17)Paul Weyrich one of the chief architects of the Religious Right has admitted that he was unsuccessful until:

"I was trying to get those people interested in those issues and I utterly failed," Weyrich recalled in an interview in the early 1990s. "What changed their mind was Jimmy Carter's intervention against the Christian schools, trying to deny them tax-exempt status on the basis of so-called de facto segregation."

"when the Supreme Court ruled in Green v. Connally to revoke the tax-exempt status of racially discriminatory private schools in 1971...the Internal Revenue Service moved to revoke the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University, which forbade interracial dating. (Blacks were denied entry until 1971).

Falwell was furious, complaining, "In some states it's easier to open a massage parlor than to open a Christian school."

...While abortion clinics sprung up across the United States during the early 1970s, evangelicals did little. No pastors invoked the Dred Scott decision to undermine the legal justification for abortion. There were no clinic blockades, no passionate cries to liberate the "pre-born."

For Falwell and his allies, the true impetus for political action came when the Supreme Court ruled in Green v. Connally to revoke the tax-exempt status of racially discriminatory private schools in 1971. At about the same time, the Internal Revenue Service moved to revoke the tax-exempt status of Bob Jones University, which forbade interracial dating. (Blacks were denied entry until 1971.) Falwell was furious, complaining, "In some states it's easier to open a massage parlor than to open a Christian school."

In 1979, at Weyrich's behest, Falwell founded a group that he called the Moral Majority. Along with a vanguard of evangelical icons including D. James Kennedy, Pat Robertson and Tim LaHaye, Falwell's organization hoisted the banner of the "pro-family" movement, declaring war on abortion and homosexuality.

But were it not for the federal government's attempts to enable little black boys and black girls to go to school with little white boys and white girls, the Christian right's culture war would likely never have come into being.

"The Religious New Right did not start because of a concern about abortion," former Falwell ally Ed Dobson told author Randall Balmer in 1990. "I sat in the non-smoke-filled back room with the Moral Majority, and I frankly do not remember abortion ever being mentioned as a reason why we ought to do something."
Above quotes From: "Agent of Intolerance" By Max Blumenthal at The Nation May 16, 2007

Anyway Obama's bid for the Olympics for Chicago fell through so most Americans and the people of Chicago were disappointed. But when one couldn't imagine the Republicans and their Media superstars acting and speaking any crazier they out did themselves by celebrating Obama not getting the Olympics.This defeat with their twisted logic and mindset they see it as solely a judgment on Obama's presidency and his policies and whether or not the world still liked him.

And these clowns call themselves "Real Americans" and "Real Patriots" but they sound rather unpatriotic and unAmerican glad that their country in this case failed. But bless their bigoted little hearts they just can't help themselves.Part of what's odd about this as Rachel Maddow points out it was George W. Bush who had put a lot of time and effort into supporting Chicago's bid for the Olympics.

So is it a failure of Obama or a failure of their hero President Bush is Bush also celebrating this news. So every failure from now on whether it is a worsening economic situation, higher unemployment, more foreclosures ,or Heaven forbid a massive terrorists attack on US soil these idiots /nutjobs will be either privately or publicly celebrating. That's mighty white of them. What are they hoping for next killer tornadoes, massive hurricanes, floods, pestilences, plagues of locusts, rivers turning to blood,epidemics, boils ,death of the first born have they lost it completely. And all of it will be according to them Obama's fault. It really shows though their utter contempt for President Obama. And so will Obama continue to placate these lunatics or move on finally to face them down to call them out for hatred , their smear campaigns, their insane conspiracy theories and their fear mongering and start doing things The Chicago Way. Ignoring or being civil to these people who have declared not just that they disagree with Obama and his administration but see him and his government and his supporters as "The Enemy"

Rachel Maddow: America Lost Olympics! - Right Wing Celebrates!

So let's take another strip off of crazy but extremely influential Uberconservative racist, bigoted,homophobic disingenuous card carrying member of the Religious Right Glenn Beck . Note he played a big part in our story in the last post on destroying ACORN 101. So Beck should not be ignored . Even Obama more and more bends to the will of "THE Beck"(as Olbermann calls him) and his henchmen. If Beck goes after one of Obama's friends then they are toast and tossed under the next bus.

This video is good for a laugh especially how Glenn Beck and the Uberconservatives and the Religious Right are shown as the hypocrites they really are. Their main issue is that they lost last years election and a quasi-liberal Black American is president. And some of them feel let down by Bush because he didn't round up all the liberals and make America into a theocracy and even refused to nuke Iraq or Afghanistan or even Iran so Bush and Cheney wimped out on them.

"Countdown" Slams Fox News For "Bogus" Claims That Obama Is Indoctrinating Kids (VIDEO)Huffington post Sept. 30, 2009

"Countdown," with David Shuster filling in for host Keith Olbermann, slammed Fox News for their "bogus" claims that President Obama is trying to indoctrinate school children. Playing a lengthy clip reel of Fox News hosts spluttering in "phony outrage" about the recently surfaced videos, Shuster takes apart their wild accusations that the Obama administration is essentially trying to brainwash children.

Shuster also shows video of children being led to praise George Bush for his Katrina response, and Eric Burns of the media watchdog group Media Matters joins the show to discuss this latest right wing conspiracy theory.

Next we have Glenn Beck at his most depraved disingenuous holier than thou moralizing and lecturing America while exploiting video of a brutal murder so he can cry and blame millions of Americans for this kids murder because if they prayed more or went to church more or were allowed to sing Christmas carols in the schools or not voted for Obama or if at the 9/12 march they had stormed the Whitehouse and removed Obama-this wouldn't have occurred ???

Glenn Beck connects senseless cruel murder of a kid to evil "Godless Liberals" "Secular Humanists" Atheists, "evolutionists", liberal media, Hollywood, Liberal TV networks, PBS, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, ACORN, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Wiccans, Harry Potter,Hippies, Beatniks, artists, socialists, Progressives, Liberal Churches Darwin, Obama, The Supreme Court ie rulings on Separation of Church and State or abortion Roe V. Wade.

Glenn Beck says Americans have forgotten God & the Ten Commandments ie Thou Shalt not Kill. Odd he is in favor of capital punishment and butchering hundred of thousands in Iraq just for being Muslims and or Arabs to get revenge for 9/11. Except most Americans see all Muslims as Evill and all Arabs -
Beck's only solution for violence is creating a theocracy in America and then atheists and all non-Christian would become at best second class citizens while Gays ,Lesbians, adulterers, drunkards , drug addicts, disobedient children, beggars, the homeless and those who insist on preaching heresy would be imprisoned or executed

This is also odd since Glenn Beck has been sharing his secret nightmares and fantasies with us fear mongering and just going nuts about anything and everything Obama does or doesn't do.

Exclaiming while pretending to pour gasoline over someone and says "Obama why don't you just set us on fire"while fantasizing about killing Nancy Pelosi and using as his symbol the "Don't Tread On Me" & the idea that "the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of Patriots" Now he is celebrating Obama not getting the Olympics. So Beck is glad Obama failed and that this is a blow to the country and to Chicago. Would he have done the same if it were George W. Bush no he would go into a tirade against the anti-American Olympic committee etc.

Fox News shows murder and blames it on the godless

So Glenn Beck on Fox News recently (September 29, 2009) showed a graphic murder. This is the sort of thing that would get a video pulled from youtube almost immediately, but for some reason Fox deemed it important enough to put on the Glenn Beck show.

Now I've seen the ugly side of mankind. But to be honest this is something that one has to mentally prepare for. It should not be the sort of thing that should get pushed in your face. I mean the only warning Beck gives is to tell 'children to leave the room' before showing the young teen getting beaten to death. This is I am pretty sure just for the shock value to make the audience more receptive to Beck telling them that its all because we have taken in god we trust off some of our currency.

Beck goes on to blame this on the 'loss of god' in America.

Beck gives several monologues as tirades where he basically dictates to the audience what they should think, and in this sense is not unlike howtheworldworks.
Watching Glenn in action is like watching the art of manipulation in motions. He targets his appeals to every mechanism of suggestions, bar reason, logic and facts


End Notes:

Jerry Falwell's racist past By George E Curry NNPA Columnist at Frost Illustrated

"Falwell" from Religious & Religiously-based conflicts Controversial comments by leading fundamentalist Jerry Falwell: 1979 - 2006

Rev. Jerry Falwell Dies Submitted by Ezra on May 15, 2007 - Right Wing Watch People For The American Way

Bob Jones University v. United States 1983

Petitioner Bob Jones University
Respondent Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Petitioner's Claim: That as a non-profit educational institution, it was entitled to tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (IRC), and that the revocation of that status by the IRS--because of the school's policy of racial discrimination in admissions--constituted an abridgement of rights under the freedom of religion clauses of the First Amendment.

Date of Decision 24 May 1983
That the petitioner did not qualify as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3), because its policy of racial discrimination was a goal clearly in opposition to common law standards of charity, and the government's interest in eradicating racial discrimination outweighed whatever burden denial of tax exemption would place on the petitioner.
Bob Jones University v. United States, along with the companion case of Goldsboro Christian Schools v. United States, established the higher importance of the federal interest in ending racial discrimination over that of preserving the tax-exempt status of religious institutions.

Bob Jones University, located in Greenville, South Carolina, was a nondenominational and fundamentalist Christian educational institution. In line with its founders' segregationist beliefs, allegedly based on an interpretation of the Bible, the school practiced racial discrimination in admissions and prohibited African Americans from enrolling. At the same time, the school enjoyed tax-exempt status as a charitable institution under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) of 1954.

Then in 1970, in the case of Green v. Connally, a special three-judge district court ordered the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to withhold tax exemption from private schools in Mississippi that continued to practice racial discrimination in their admissions policy. The Supreme Court upheld the decision on appeal, in Coit v. Green (1971). Therefore the IRS issued Revenue Bulletin 71-447, which revoked tax exemption for any private school that discriminated against applicants on the basis of race. Not only did the new rule require such schools to pay federal taxes, it also removed the tax deduction for individuals who made donations to the school.

In 1970, Bob Jones University was informed that it would lose its tax-exempt status, but the school continued to maintain that it was entitled to such status.
In 1975, the Court of Appeals of the Fourth Circuit outlawed racial discrimination by all private schools, a decision upheld by the Supreme Court in Runyon v. McCrary (1976). Therefore Bob Jones University was required to open its doors to non-white applicants, and it did allow unmarried black applicants to enroll--but the school maintained a policy of punishing interracial dating with expulsion. In 1976, the university filed tax returns for the period from 1 December 1970 to 31 December 1975, and paid a tax of $21 on one employee for the calendar year of 1975. The IRS responded by informing the school that it owed $489,675.59 in taxes, plus interest.

also for more information see PDF file UPDATE ON PRIVATE SCHOOLS

and : POWELL, J., Concurring Opinion SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 461 U.S. 574 Bob Jones University v. United States CERTIORARI TO THE UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT No. 81-3 Argued: October 12, 1982 --- Decided: May 24, 1983

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