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Sheriff Arpaio Abuses & Kills Prisoners With Impunity Supported Napolitano ( Part 3)

UPDATE: 1:30 PM & 2:24 PM Oct. 23, 2009

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says it's an HONOR to be compared to KKK 2007

Racist Nativist Republican Party activist J.T. Ready & Sen. Russel Pearce of Arizona friends of Sheriff Arpaio & Napolitano.
see: Joe Arpaio Asks Andrew Thomas for Legal Opinion; Russell Pearce Calls for Special Session To Pass Anti-Mexican Jim Crow Laws
By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard

Gun Totting Minutemen supporter of Sheriff Arpaio
Mug shot of Sheriff Below Shifty sneaky Hispanic Kids :Arpaio's enemy- the Evil Alien Menace
Anyway first Kudos to Stephen Lemons at Feathered Bastard & Phoenix New Times who has been writing in detail about Shreiff Arpaio

Secondly my computer went down and I was unable to access my blog to continue to edit so Iam in the process of fixing it up.

So anyway here's one of the more recent interviews of Draconian Dinosaur Racist throwback Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Joe Arpaio Battles Isabel Garcia on Anderson Cooper 360 By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard
For those who didn't catch it, here's the segment from Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN last night, which featured a face-off between Sheriff Joe and Isabel Garcia, Pima County Legal Defender and Co-Chair of the human rights organization Coalición de Derechos Humanos. The mini-debate followed a report by Soledad O'Brien (part of CNN's "Latino in America" series) on the plight of Araceli Torres, one of eleven employees arrested during a raid on a Tucson Panda Express in March of 2008.

Will Napalitano be able to stop Sheriff Joe from arresting illegals ?Sheriff Joe tells her and Homeland Security a big NO!!!!

Martella noted that Section 287-G of the Immigration and Nationality Act allows state and local law enforcement personnel to detain and arrest illegal aliens on civil and criminal grounds, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has removed Arpaio's department from that program. Martella asked the sheriff why he has been singled out.

"Politics," Arpaio declared.

"We've arrested and detained over 33,000 illegal aliens, 25 percent of the whole country under that agreement. Evidently Washington doesn't like our success. Maybe we're too successful. So they wiped out my street enforcement authority under that agreement."

Homeland Security, and therefore ICE, is now headed by Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona. Citing allegations that Arpaio and Napolitano clashed when she was governor, Martella asked if there could be "some personal retribution involved here?"

"Not really, because I've worked with her for 17 years. I don't report to governors, I report to the people," said Arpaio.

"We did have a good relationship until the last year she was governor. She didn't like some ways I enforced the illegal immigration laws and took back about $1.6 million that the legislature gave me directly.

"She has her mission. She works for the president. She has to report to the White House, take orders from the White House. So let's share that situation with Obama too and not just blame her."

Mayors and other officials have tried to bar Sheriff Arpaio from entering their jurisdictions because they say the Sheriff and his Posse of Vigilantes is a menace & are purposely out to terrorize neighborhoods and towns which are predominately Latino American.
Guadalupe, AZ -Mayor says NO to Sherrif Joe Arpaio (4/3/08)

Lt. Joe Sousa

Joe Arpaio & Lt. Joe Sousa: We Don't Need No Stinking Badges!
By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard Oct. 23, 2009

In a mentally-challenged media stunt, made more so by the ravings of Rhode Island redneck Lt. Joe Sousa, Sheriff Joe's self-described unit commander for human smuggling, MCSO's 287(g) task force members placed their ICE agent badges in a punch bowl for cameras Thursday. This, so Sheriff Joe and his top Hispanic-hunter Sousa could kvetch to the reporters present.

...Sousa is the same vein-popping blowhard who told elected officials critical of his jefe Joe Arpaio to "Shut up!" in a press conference of deputies earlier this year. He's an unprofessional loudmouth, unworthy of any federal authority. Indeed, his statements today pegged him for the schmuck he is.

"The feds screwed us in Washington, not locally," the nasal-toned nudnik exclaimed at one point in the raw video on Channel 5's Web site. "Do we have to bleep that out, is `screwed' okay?"

Given all the bad publicity and turmoil over Sheriff Arpaio it seems odd that he would still have the position or the authority that he does have. But it appears when it comes to politics he is a rather shrewd player and so has a few friends in high places such as Napolitano the head of the Dept. of Homeland Security who was appointed to the post by Barack Obama. So he has his own angels in high places looking out for him. This helps explain that as someone indebted to Arpaio Napolitano is going to try to protect him and even help him. Meanwhile Obama chose her and by doing so gave tacit approval for Arpaio's activities even if they are primarily motivated by racism. So Obama is in a bit of a bind unless he gets rid of Napolitano and Sheriff Arpaio at the same time.
(Odd Glenn Beck didn't fallow this trail but in this case Beck is a big supporter of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.)

Napolitano has a cozy and questionable political relationship with Sheriff Joe Arpaio she interfered and defended Sheriff Joe Arpaio during a federal Dept of Justice investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's activities.
Arpaio has also endorsed her on occasion throwing his weight behind her campaigns.
By choosing her for the Dept. of Homeland Security was Obama unaware of these entanglements and that she had taken a hawkish stand on immigration

Governor Napolitano, Arpaio, 287g and ICE. Dec. 11, 2008

Does Obama and Napolitano not know or not care whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have covered up the abuses , beatings and even the murder of inmates by guards in his prisons. I guess if President Obama is willing to overlook abuses, torture & murder committed by the Bush Regime then we can't expect to go after Sheriff Arpaio or any other law enforcement personnel or agency for abusing prisoners.There have been numerous reports of the abuse of prisoners throughout America.We know Obama can't go after these criminals because Prisons in America have been privatized and so is another Big Business like Big Coal, Big Oil, Big Pharma and Obama is not willing to take any of these corporations on because these businesses have lobbyists who put money in the coffers of politicians.

The Murder of Scott Norberg by TheHuman Project 09
March 25, 2009 At least 60 people have died in Arpaio's jails. Most were murdered by Arpaio's guards.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio 's policing activities appear tainted by his own agenda which is to put most of his resources into hunting down illegal-aliens and incarcerating them. By focusing on illegal-aliens Sheriff Arpaio has few resources left to deal with other criminal activities such as assaults, murder, rape,robberies etc. unless it involves undocumented immigrants then he is keen to take an interest. So there is the issue which concerns Arizona citizens about the allocation of resources. He says for instance that no one has the right to tell him how to allocate his resources.
As mentioned in earlier posts the Sheriff undertakes sweeps of neighborhoods and sets up road blocks not to catch murderers and robbers and rapists but to catch illegal-immigrants.

Is he motivated purely by racism or because he gets more publicity by going after illegal-immigrants or is it a combination of the two that he finds it appealing. It can't be just about enforcing the law because he would then be allocating funds and resources to other criminal activity as well.

From his point of view given all the misinformation and propaganda concerning the issue of illegal immigrants he may believe that by dealing with illegal immigrants in a tough manner this will in effect lead to a reduction of crime over all. All one has to do is watch Lou Dobbs on CNN or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck and they hype the immigration issue to such an extent that they promulgate the erroneous notions that illegal-immigrants in the United States commit crimes at a much larger rate than compared to the rest of the American population.There is no reputable study which shows this to be the case.

So there are those in the media who for whatever reasons play on peoples fears and prejudices and their racism and xenophobia to increase their ratings or to advance their own political or social agenda or simply because they themselves actually believe the erroneous misleading reports or studies or anecdotal evidence which supports their own prejudiced stereotyping of illegal-immigrants.

Having bought into these negative stereotypes which are then reinforced by the media and by society in various ways it becomes difficult to see beyond this mindset. So to a racist it becomes all too easy to believe the worst about illegal-immigrants.

So these individuals are predisposed to believe various negative stereotypes about illegal immigrants. And so being prejudicial in their thinking they are all too eager to believe any data which supports their overall belief system. So it is natural for them to believe for instance that illegal-immigrants are the root cause of all that is wrong in America such as a perceived (though not proven)increase in crime rates, drug abuse, prostitution, murders etc.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio for instance is so oblivious to questions and issues surrounding the whole issue of racism that he sees nothing wrong with being compared to the Ku Klux Klan. In fact he sees it as an honor but does he really understand what it means to be compared to the Ku Klux Klan. When he is talking to Lou Dobbs he just jokes about but in a different incident he is upset about the comparison so in the mean time did he come to a realization on his own or did one of his staffers or PR people explain to him that this was not a good thing and he might even be able to sue for defamation of character or whatever. But after the Lou Dobbs interview how could he since he says he doesn't mind the comparison. So again comparing him to Bull Connor in Birmingham 1963 both men in a number of ways just don't "Get It".

Meanwhile Sheriff Arpaio pals around with Neo-Nazis,with people who belong to Nativists organizations which are racists or Minutemen or Patriot groups and Militias etc which preach America First or are White Supremacists. Not all of these groups are blatantly white supremacist or racist and so surprisingly may even have Hispanic Americans or African -Americans this maybe a change in the basic beliefs of the organization in question or merely a matter of public relations or for pragmatic reasons ie otherwise their membership would decrease to the point where the organization becomes irrelevant.

and here's another indication of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lack of compassion or a sense of human dignity as he pre-charges inmates for abortions.

Judge Orders Sheriff Arpaio to Stop Pre-Charging Prisoners for Abortions By Daphne Eviatar at Washington Independent 10/20/09
The American Civil Liberties Union just won a court order against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona, who was illegally pre-charging female prisoners hundreds of dollars for the costs of being securely transported to medical clinics to obtain abortions.

.. Arpaio, the Maricopa County sheriff who’s under investigation by the Justice Department for civil rights violations, had been requiring female prisoners in his jurisdiction to pay in advance all the costs associated with getting to a health clinic to obtain an abortion — specifically, transportation and security costs. The costs were $300 per day, and so could reach $900 if complications required the patient to stay at the clinic for three days. The costs could be difficult for many women in prison to come up with at all, let alone on short notice. And if they couldn’t get the money, they couldn’t obtain an abortion at all.

So the ACLU, which had sued Arpaio back in 2005 for denying women the right to get an abortion in his county at all without a court order, took him to court over the latest obstacles he’d imposed.

Here is some video of members of United For Sovereign America, A racist Hate-Group out of Phoenix Arizonia. They bring guns to protests, insult mexican children, urinate in public and try to close day labor centers down. Oh and they are buddies with Sheriff Arpio,

Joe Arpaio Asks Andrew Thomas for Legal Opinion; Russell Pearce Calls for Special Session To Pass Anti-Mexican Jim Crow Laws By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard Tue., Oct. 20 2009 Phoenix Times

This comedy regarding Joe Arpaio's supposed legal authority to question people on the street about their immigration status is reaching epic proportions, like some Monty Python sketch gone awry. Our geriatric top gendarme recently told Channel 12 News that he will seek a legal opinion on whether or not he has 287(g) authority without having 287(g) authority.

(Confused? Don't worry. So is he.)

"We're going to ask for an official, official decision [sic] on this federal law," Arpaio told reporter Brahm Resnik, "whether law enforcement can get involved -- uh -- you know, supporting that law and arresting those that are here illegally. I will ask for an opinion very soon, and I think it will put everything to rest, depending on what the decision is."

"Don't you think you should have done that before the sweep this weekend?" asked Resnik. "That way, everyone would know what your authority is."

"I know what my authority is," shot back Arpaio.

Er, then why ask for this big legal opinion? I'll tell you why. Because Arpaio needs to pull a lame CYA move after asserting he has the right to stop, question and arrest people whom he suspects of being in the country illegally based on appearance. (This is generally known as "racial profiling" in civilized parts of the country.) Remember last night, Channel 5 reported that Joe said his deputies can stop you if "you look like you just came from Mexico."

Now Arpaio really looks like a boob. Local TV journos are openly mocking him. Fox 10 followed the Channel 5 story, stating in a subhead that the "sheriff's foot-in-mouth quote is questionable."

Joe Arpaio Cites a Federal Law He No Longer Has Authority Under to Justify Racial Profiling By Stephen Lemons in Feathered Bastard
Oct. 21 2009 Phoenix New Times

I give the MCSO points for trying. Ever since the sheriff's office cited a non-existent law and text from a nativist Web site to justify its claim of federal authority after being stripped of 287(g) street power by ICE, the MCSO's been attempting to walk the conversation backwards and extricate themselves from the legal tar pit they've wandered into. Joe's even claimed that he can stop you and ask you about your immigration status, if "you look like you just came from Mexico."

Now the MCSO has issued a press release, and what looks like part of a 2005 Immigration and Customs Enforcement training manual, which the sheriff's flacks say will "set the record straight." The page from the ICE manual states that an immigration officer must have "reasonable suspicion based on articulable facts" (kudos to commenter Tommy C for his posts concerning reasonable suspicion). It gives examples of articulable facts, such as speech, demeanor, dress, general observations, and so forth.

Interestingly, looking like you "just came from Mexico" is not listed.

This is Joe's latest effort to cover his hindquarters and get his many flubs on this subject past him. The press release reads like a denial of his past statements. It says, in part:

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio has continually stated that his deputies have never initiated contact with anyone solely on the basis of their nationality. The Sheriff's Office has always required its law enforcement personnel to have reasonable suspicion that a violation of state law has occurred which may then develop further indicators or facts to support the detainment of a suspected illegal alien."


Arpaio and other Republicans and the Tea Party movement have some connections with various racist hate organizations such as USA :United For A Sovereign America.
Glenn Beck Fox News and Lou Dobbs have given these hate mongers time on tv thereby lending them some legitimacy.

Nativist Arizona Group Posts Racist Obama Images
by David Holthouse at Hatewatch Southern Poverty Law Center August 11, 2009

United for a Sovereign America (USA), a nativist extremist group best known for harassing immigrants outside Phoenix-area day labor centers, put its crude ideology on full display last week.

First, USA posted blatantly racist images of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama on its website. The images consisted of a cartoon caricature of Obama captioned “Uncle Sambo,” and a digitally altered photograph of Michelle Obama wearing a kerchief, labeled “Aunt Jemima Breakfast Club.” (As first noted by Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, the images looked awfully similar to the handiwork of inner-circle USA member “Buffalo” Rick Galeener, whose personal website is filled with similarly offensive imagery targeting Latino immigrants. Galeener’s site also advertises “Undocumented Illegal Alien Hunter” T-shirts designed by Galeener. Another shirt, ostensibly for Mexicans to wear, reads, “My back is still wet.”)

Then, last Saturday, Galeener and several other USA members staged a counter-demonstration along the route of the “Children’s Walk for Family Unity,” a march by about 150 persons, more than half of them children, to protest Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s immigration round-ups, raids and nasty publicity stunts. At least two of the USA nativists were armed with holstered handguns.

Lemons, who covered the march for New Times, asked one middle-aged woman among the USA counter-protesters why they were packing heat. Wrote Lemons: “Looking suspiciously at the assembled children and adults, she muttered, ‘There could be killers in that crowd.’”

and another Nativist neo-Nazi connected to the Republican Party in Arizona

Nativist Jason "J.T." Ready, 34 Mesa, Ariz. Inelligence Report 2008 Southern Poverty law Center

A member of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as well as the founder of the prominent, Arizona-based nativist extremist organization Americans First, Jason "J.T." Ready advocates deadly force to stop Mexicans from crossing the U.S. border illegally. "I firmly believe in having a minefield across the border," he says in a widely distributed video. "This is 100% effective."

The past president of the Mesa Community College Republican Club and current Maricopa County Republican precinct committeeman, Ready is deeply involved in mainstream conservative politics. He's also an outright neo-Nazi. Ready spoke at a rally put on by the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement in Omaha, Neb., last September (where he was billed as an "Arizona Republican activist") and appeared at the neo-Nazi National Vanguard's "Winterfest" gathering in Phoenix last December. He regularly posts to white nationalist online forums, including NewSaxon, where last December he offered this charming observation on the root causes of illegal immigration: "The truth is that negroids screw monkeys and rape babies in afreaka [sic]. Then stupid white man who licks kosher jew rear lets negroids in. … Stop Negroid immigration and integration now!!! Nature will take care of the rest."

In 2006, Ready ran for Mesa City Council. He made headlines that March when he fired a pistol at a Latino man armed with a BB gun. Later, his campaign derailed when, shortly after Ready volunteered to act as master of ceremonies at the Mesa Veteran's Day parade, it came to light that Ready had been court-martialed and drummed out of the Marines.

Despite this embarrassment, Ready informed the Intelligence Report he plans to run for office again — even though he fears assassination. "They want to kill the patriot who is only a lowly dogcatcher long before he can expose the aliens who subvert freedom from within the halls of Congress or the White House," he said. "Though I want to live free and in peace, I am fully prepared to be murdered or falsely imprisoned for what I believe to be true."

FAIR is identified as a hate group which publishes dubious reports on legal-& illegal Immigrants and yet representatives of FAIR appear regularly on Fox News & Lou Dobbs at CNN without revealing their agenda that they are anti-immigrant especially non-European immigrants. They continue to spread lies, misinformation and bogus conspiracy theories.

Can America Really Afford Mass Amnesty? at Federation for American Immigration Reform
At a recent gala sponsored by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, President Obama indicated the need for passing an amnesty bill and resolving the issue of 12 million illegal aliens...

With our current economic situation and the highest unemployment in 25 years, is this really the time to talk about mass amnesty?

Today, American workers are facing a shrinking job market. Forcing American workers to compete with illegal aliens in this kind of job market is unfair. In addition, amnesty would make illegal aliens immediately eligible for many government programs, placing an unfair burden on American taxpayers and further straining already over-burdened government programs. Clearly, the costs associated with mass amnesty make this idea unwise.

Illegal Immigration and Public Health at FAIR Federation For American Immigration Reform

The impact of immigration on our public health is often overlooked. Although millions of visitors for tourism and business come every year, the foreign population of special concern is illegal residents, who come most often from countries with endemic health problems and less developed health care. They are of greatest consequence because they are responsible for a disproportionate share of serious public health problems, are living among us for extended periods of time, and often are dependent on U.S. health care services. 1007

According to Dr. Laurence Nickey, director of the El Paso heath district “Contagious diseases that are generally considered to have been controlled in the United States are readily evident along the border ... The incidence of tuberculosis in El Paso County is twice that of the U.S. rate. Dr. Nickey also states that leprosy, which is considered by most Americans to be a disease of the Third World, is readily evident along the U.S.-Mexico border and that dysentery is several times the U.S. rate ... People have come to the border for economic opportunities, but the necessary sewage treatment facilities, public water systems, environmental enforcement, and medical care have not been made available to them, causing a severe risk to health and well being of people on both sides of the border.”1

Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009 Media Library at FAIR

FAIR's Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009 was a great success!! If you weren’t able to join us for this event, you can still view some of the key interviews from hosts such as Lars Larson, Greg Garrison, Howie Carr, and more…..Listen to great interviews with U.S. Representatives who attended the event, as well as FAIR’s President Dan Stein, Hazelton, PA mayor Lou Barletta, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Click here to access the rest of FAIR’s YouTube library and get ready to relive Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009.

FAIR President Dan Stein
Hazleton, PA Mayor Lou Barletta
Author Brigitte Gabriel
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)
Rep. Tom Tancredo
Pat Buchanan
Rep. Brian Bilbray (R-CA)
Roger Hedgecock

FOX: Galeener & Dallacroce on McCain's Support of Amnesty

"Buffalo" Rick Galeener of United for a Sovereign America and Michelle Dallacroce, the founder of Mothers Agaisnt Illegal Aliens, question John McCain's presidential qualifications.

Immigrants Targeted: Extremist Rhetoric Moves into the Mainstream Groups: Mothers Against Illegal Aliens - Arizona
at ADL Anti-Defamation League

In January 2006, Michelle Dallacroce founded Mothers Against Illegal Aliens (MAIA), a group that, in her words, was formed “to show every mother in America what is going on on our streets.” Through media appearances, connections with extremists, and personal appearances at anti-immigration events, Dallacroce promotes themes that demonize immigrants. She describes immigrants as a “mass invasion” of unintelligent, disrespectful, conspiratorial criminals while targeting her message to women and families. She focuses on immigration as a threat to American children and denigrates the values of immigrant families, branding immigrant children as “dumb” and violent.

and blames immigrants for spreading disease:" …with diseases such as mono, chagas, hepatitis, staff infections, and flesh eating diseases, which are noted in this report, it is reasonable for a reasonable person to conclude that many of these diseases are here and on the rise because of our OPEN AND INSECURE BORDER with Mexico and the fact that Illegal Aliens are not subject to medical inspection or certification, as are legal applicants. With our children being exposed to and infected by the SUPERBUG in our schools, it should not be inconceivable that we are now being exposed and subjected to attacks by diseases which put our lives at risk because of learned bad behavior and unexceptable [sic] and prohibited cleaning practices which could kill us and our children while staying in any hotel or eating at any restaurant anywhere in America!!!!! The next time you eat in a restaurant or sleep in a hotel or motel....just remember to bring your own food, dishes, untensils [sic], glasses, towels, and maybe your own water. The person who cooked your meal or made your bed may very well be the one who picked your fruit and vegetables, yesterday....and we’ve heard the stories about what they do in the fields....haven’t we? "

Opposing diversity

Dallacroce goes beyond anti-immigrant rhetoric; she has also voiced opposition to diversity. She claimed that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has been “hijacked by La Raza” [a Hispanic advocacy group] in response to MADD’s October 2007 request that MAIA remove the “Mothers Against” from its group name. In the October 2007 interview with Wooldridge, Dallacroce makes recommendations for steps that she would like MADD to take. She explains, “the second thing I would like them to do is actually, uh, stop this whole diversity thing because we’re in America, and we’re not supposed to be diverse. We’re one nation.”

Promoting the “reconquista” conspiracy theory

Dallacroce has also proclaimed that America is under attack by Mexico. She promotes the conspiracy theory that Mexican immigrants are trying to reclaim land in the United States that once belonged to Mexico. MAIA’s current “Mission Statement” states, “We are not only at war with Iraq, but we ARE at WAR with MEXICO; a silent war with Aztlanders…”

and on "Buffalo 'Rick Galeener:

"Buffalo" Rick Galeener, 57 Phoenix, Ariz. at Southern Poverty Law Center/ The Nativists

Lately, Galeener has focused his rage on immigrants, becoming a fixture at Phoenix anti-immigration protests as well as a member of the board of directors of Riders United for a Sovereign America, or Riders USA. The immigrant-bashing motorcycle gang has sponsored or participated in more than a dozen events since November 2006, when its members debuted by terrorizing Latino day laborers in Cave Creek, Ariz., during "Operation Adios Illegals."

Galeener also runs an online store that sells T-shirts. One reads: "Illegal Immigrants. When they RAPE your daughter you'll care!" Galeener's website encourages "Frontline Warriors" to stockpile weapons and ammunition and join him on the border for weekend excursions. The website pledges that new recruits will be issued a computerized ID card, a set of combat fatigues, and a .45-caliber pistol equipped with a laser sight and a bayonet. "Once you finish our training course you will be completely prepared and equipped with everything except an illegal alien hunting tag or permit," Galeener promises.

"Alleged" No Longer: Nativist Buffalo Rick Galeener Pleads Guilty to Urinating in Public by Stephen Lemons Feathered Bastard at Phoenix New Times Tues. Dec. 2008

Urinating in public is a class 1 misdemeanor, and carries a potential $2,500 fine, and six months in county stir, where, hypothetically, Galeener might have enjoyed the luxurious hospitality of his hero, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The incident, in which Galeener was spotted making water by a local Hispanic lady Paulita Cortes and her two year old son, took place on March 8, nearby the Macehualli Work Center, just south of 25th Street and Bell Road.

Galeener was outside the work center for migrant day-laborers as part of a months-long protest of the site by members of United for a Sovereign America, the most virulent anti-immigrant hate group in the Valley, and one that recently marched outside of Mayor Phil Gordon's home to protest Gordon's outspoken criticism of Sheriff Joe's immigration policies.

According to the Phoenix police report of the incident, Cortes spotted Galeener around noon near his 1992 Ford Ranger truck, "exposing his penis and urinating in a container." The same report stated Galeener admitted to a police officer that he had urinated, but had done so inside his truck where nobody could see him. It should be noted there's a McDonalds and a Taco Bell just about a block away from where the incident took place.

"Neo-Nazi J.T. Ready Speaks at Phoenix Tea Party Event, as Does Tasered Tempe Pastor Steven Anderson" Phoenix News ,July 6, 2009

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