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Obama Should Shut Down Rogue Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Little Hitler) And His Private Army Part 1.

UPDATE: 2:16 AM & 2:06 PM

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Humiliates Prisoners By Making them Wear Pink Underwear and the parades them through the streets- Arpaio is a throwback to the Pre-Civil Rights Movement and so loved by The Rightwing Media such as Fox News, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Limbaugh & other KKK Wannabees.
"By parading human beings shackled in chain gang stripes, in a misguided effort to collectively humiliate and to terrorize an entire population... reopened the wounds from which we all still suffer, by invoking the painful memories of slavery and segregation . . . By doing so, he has not only brought shame upon the state of Arizona, but is bringing shame upon the entire nation."

Quote by Zack De la Rocha of Rage Against The machine March 2009 Protest march against Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio Must Go Website

Anti-Immigration Organization Hold Their Feet To The Fire

"...that the mainstream right had over the previous decade been establishing much greater interaction with the extremist far right, particularly the proto-fascist Patriot movement, in ways that suggested the kinds of significant internal shifts we saw in the early 1970s as a result of Nixon’s “Southern Strategy”: crafting their appeals through the use of far-right echo chambers; picking up themes, ideas, and agendas from the racist and anti-Semitic right in a way that disguised their noxious roots; and transmitting these “memes” into the mainstream of American political discourse.

Fascism is a poisonous ideology that grows and adapts to its circumstances – Eurofascism reflected European vices; American fascism is similarly home-brewed. Therein lies the challenge in identifying it and combating it. Fascism always wraps itself in the flag, always seeks absolute power, always brands opponents as traitors, always relies heavily on propaganda for dissemination of its ideas, always invokes subversive enemies (at home and abroad), always embraces militarism and permanent war, always favors politicizing of police functions (and expanding them and the surveillance state), always scorns intellectuals, artists, and bourgeois democratic values, always is hostile to leftist and labor movements, and is obsessed with idealized images of a mythic “better time” of the past (while at the same time destroying that past, and the nation as a whole).

Above Quote by David Neiwert From: PDF file The Rise of Pseudo Fascism David Neiwert February 25, 2005

To Conservatives Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is seen as a "Folk Hero" while others believe him to be a throw back to the days when racism was acceptable to many Americans and when the rights of alleged or convicted criminals were completely ignored.

But given the cavalier attitude to the human rights of prisoners in US jails and to Terrorists suspects/detainees who were denied their basic rights were abused ,humiliated & tortured during the Bush Regime it is no wonder that even some journalist Wall Street Journal. the Financial Times , The Washington Times(conservative online magazine run by Bush's beloved Moonies) and Fox News and CNN think Sheriff Arpaio is a true American patriot who is courageously enforcing the law by trying to put a stop to what they refer to as the "Browning of America".
Human League video & Music
Humanleague 002's Channel

Arpaio's Reign of Terror Oct. 2009
Want proof Sheriff Arpaio is racially profiling and abusing his authority?

How the World Views the United States of America as a nation is based in large part on the TV/ Youtube images it receives .which is more unjust than Just When those outside America and I am one of them see the antics of someone like Sheriff Arpaio- the new Bull Connor chasing down Latinos and Mexicans . The conclusion they come to is that there is something terribly wrong and troubling about America. For instance think of the images and the words of hate that were spoken at Political Rallies of the Republican Party last year and then to hear and see it all repeating day after day this past summer at town hall meetings .

And What the world sees is America's reality which is at times positive and other times downright ugly and vicious but the darker side many Americans refuse to see or acknowledge. This is part of what Obama tried to change and that is that in America there is no place for such virulent uncontrollable racism or any other form of prejudice and bigotry.
Joe Apairo like Bull Connor may end up ironically bring more justice for Undocumented Hispanic/Latino workers
Parade of Injustice!!!!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona continues his human rights violations. This video shows disturbing images of Americas worst sheriff and modern day Bull Connor abusing his power. Arpaio paraded 200 shackled individuals suspected of being in this country undocumented as a form of transportation from one jail to another. The inmates new place of captivity is "tent city".

Arresting the "Brown Skins"
Has some 3,000 special deputies/Racist Minutemen
April 15, 2008

What is disturbing is that after years of documented abuses and possible fraud on the part of Sheriff Joe Arpaio the rampant rabid self-aggrandizing little Hitler is getting his contract with the federal government renewed and it seems with President Obama's blessing. Is even Obama afraid of this bully who has refuse over and over again to stop and desist his activities by local mayors and the state government and now thumbs his nose or gives a one finger salute to Obama.

Doesn't Obama have the authority to bring him under control since I though immigration is mainly a Federal issue and is also under the Federal agency the Department of Homeland Security. So is Obama and Homeland Security not worried that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has his own little army of over 3,000 heavily armed Posse members which he could deploy wherever he wanted to.

Maybe I may sound a little over concerned which is possible because Iam reading a book on Hitler's 1923 Munich Beer Hall Putsch which failed .But afterall Hitler was successful ten years later. Part of the reason he was successful was that Germany was in chaos but much of the violence and street brawling was caused by Hitler's small army and that of other rightwing anti-communist anti-semitic ( in USA Latinos, Mexicans & Muslims are fair game)anti-non Germans and anything which didn't uphold the ideal of "True German Values" & traditions (USA: UnAmerican, Anti-American) combined with a rising belief in German/Aryan purity ( IE The Patriots: Nativism, Nationalism, "Real Americans" "American Exceptionalism" God Fearers VS the Traitors: "Godless Liberals" and Socialists and "Secular Humanists" traitors) sentiments which were on the rise as so many Germans needed someone to blame for their predicament.

( While in America a Myth had to be created to explain the 9/11 attack (The Stab in the back) which was seen as the fault of Godless Liberals who left America vulnerable to an attack by a bunch of backward barbarians)

Has 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Lost It? By Isabel Macdonald, AlterNet. October 20, 2009.

Sheriff Arpaio Storming Out of Interview

Asked about his well-documented record of racial profiling under his contract to carry out immigration enforcement for the Department of Homeland Security, Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio stormed out of a June 2009 interview.

and she continues:
Local community organizers are calling on the DHS to go further in stripping rogue Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s powers.

Moreover, the Obama administration announced on Friday that it is renewing Arpaio and 60 of his deputies' federal immigration authority in Maricopa County jails.

Arpaio's anticipated new federal contract offers little comfort to human rights groups, given that Arpaio has staked his reputation on denying the human rights of his prisoners (he proudly noted to me during the interview that the temperature in the tents where suspected illegal immigrants are forced to reside rises to 140 degrees in the summer, and Amnesty International has even documented jail torture under Arpaio's watch).

The issue of Sheriff Joe Arpaio is now characterized by the right and Republicans as part of a populist grassroots campaign to refuse to go along with President Obama's policies concerning immigration and law enforcement. In their perception Obama is refusing to enforce US laws concerning immigration and so contravenes his oath of office.

So this is another cause for the Right to use to beat up on Obama while pushing for their own agenda ie more local control and less federal control? But it is also a means to undermine Obama's authority. It is similar in some ways to the fights between the states and local authorities during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s & 1960s when people in authority tried to stand up against the federal government over the issue of segregation such as Governor George Wallace and Bull Connor who believed the Federal government did not have jurisdiction over Segregation/Jim Crow Laws in the South.

The other similarity is that Arpaio and his supporters claim the issue is over jurisdiction and the enforcement of the law but to his opponents the attitude and defiance of Arpaio appears a bit over the top suggesting from statements he has made that his motivation at least in part if not entirely are based on racism since Arpaio appears to buy into a number of racial stereotypes concerning Latinos and Mexicans and the facts be damned.

The way Arpaio might be assessing the situation is that from his point of view Obama is in a no win situation ; if he does nothing about the situation his supporters and especially his Latino & Mexican American supporters will be upset. If he takes decisive action to remove Sheriff Arpaio the Conservative Movement including Republicans, the Religious Right and possibly moderate Democrats might turn on Obama. And Obama is at times too much of an appeaser as if he wants to win and be liked even by his enemies. But his enemies merely see his compromises or his delays on decisions as weakness which is when they like to pounce.

In the same way he should take the Bull by the horns in this case the big lumbering dull witted Elephant and show them whose in charge - shut down idiots and rabble-rousers such as Arpaio , take a more decisive stand on other issues which are no brainers such as Gay Rights , pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan and shutting down at least half of the unnecessary American fortifications around the globe to start the dismantling of the American Empire which historically has been pro-dictatorships and antiDemocracy.

I think Obama in this case as in others should do the right thing since the complaints against Sheriff Arpaio go beyond his arresting of ill-legal aliens but that he is racial profiling, doing ill-legal searches and seizures violating the rights of American law abiding citizens. His frequent use of road-blocks and "sweeps" of areas are more like the sort of behavior to be expected in the former Soviet Union or in some Banana Republic. These "sweeps " lead to a great deal of anxiety in these communities because the people searched and some who are arrested are found not guilty of any crime yet Joe Arpaio sees no reason to apologize to these law-abiding American citizens because in his view after all the are not as the Republicans & Fox News tell us these people are not Real Americans.

And as this article from the Rightwing Canadian Press characterizes Sheriff Joe Apairo as a " Folk Hero" and an underdog fighting for America's homeland against an invading army of Barbarians like the Visigoths and Vandals who brought down the Roman Empire.

"Sheriff Arpaio told viewers that he and his deputies would continue to enforce the law and pointed to Arizona state laws that he would enforce “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio Stands Up to Obama Administration" By Jim Kouri at Canada FreePress October 19, 2009

Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio—hailed by many as America’s Sheriff—is under attack for cracking down on illegal aliens. The liberal-left politicians, activists and members of the news media are vilifying Sheriff Arpaio for his department’s immigration and crime sweeps in and around Phoenix.

On Friday, government officials with the Homeland Security and Justice Departments stated that the veteran lawman’s deputies could no longer make arrests based on a person’s immigration status. However, during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Sheriff Arpaio told viewers that he and his deputies would continue to enforce the law and pointed to Arizona state laws that he would enforce.

In response to the federal complaints regarding his activities, Sheriff Arpaio dispatched deputies on a two-day “crime suppression” operation. While heralded by the men and women he serves, Arpaio’s sweeps have been characterized as racial profiling by opponents of immigration enforcement.

The nationwide enforcement of immigration law has been under the gun since President Barack Obama took his oath of office. Many political leaders, mostly Democrats, have targeted enforcement agencies and agents over the past few months with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi calling immigration raids “Un-American” and Congressman Luis Guttierez calling Border Patrol agents “The Gestapo.”

Attorney General Eric Holder has also threatened Arpaio with a federal investigation of his Sheriff’s Department and its activities as a result of his success at capturing hundreds of criminal aliens.

“Nothing has changed,” Arpaio told a Reuters reporter while overseeing an operation in a suburb northwest of Phoenix. “We’re still going to be doing what we’ve been doing tonight and during the last two and a half years. I don’t take orders from anyone.”

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona is a hero to those who are anti-illegal immigrants who have exaggerated the dangers to America posed by illegal immigrants, They claim these Latino and Mexican illegal aliens are involved in criminal activities drug smuggling, selling drugs, and prostitution, thievery , assaults, murders, rapes , child molesting and that they are unclean and so are carriers of a number of diseases and so are undermining American society from within. According to a number of studies over the years immigrants and illegal-immigrants are no more prone to criminal activities than are the average American. But don't let facts get in the way of a perfectly good conspiracy theory.( Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Dobbs, Hannity, Michael Savage all believe the fabricated engineered statistics over those of more reputable sources)

These Nativists and Minutemen & Patriot groups also claim that illegal and legal Latino and Mexican immigrants are also involved in a great conspiracy to reclaim a large land mass of America as belonging to them known as Aztlan accused of racial profiling and of terrorizing neighborhoods and towns in which the majority is made up of Latinos.

Sheriff Arpaio likes to set up roadblocks at the entrances of these areas and he and his officers and those who are members of his Posse who have been deputized who number some 300 to 3,000- then search the cars of anyone who looks Latino. He and his men also conduct "sweeps" of Latino areas to ostensibly try to nab illegal-immigrants. So his dragnet may capture a few actual illegals it mainly serves to remind Latinos who is in control. There are also complaints that Sheriff Arpaio is wasting a large amount of resources on the problem of illegals while not putting enough resources dealing with other crimes . The only time he seems to be concerned over a crime is when the victims or suspects might be illegal-aliens.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio strikes back with video and a website Truth Behind the Headlines He believes that there is an orchestrated conspiracy by the liberal biased media and organizations such as ACORN, Human Rights Watch etc. to smear him and to remove him from office. So Sheriff Joe Arpaio believe he is the real victim in this story.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County Arizona launches a new program called "The Truth Behind the Headlines" in an attempt to counter biased media reports that commonly aim at discrediting him and his office.

Glenn Beck Mexico Illegal-Immigrants and Joe Arpaio
Glenn Beck talks with Sheriff Joe Arpaio-Feb. 24, 2009

02 24 09 -- Glenn Beck talks with Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona. The Sheriff has his hands full. Not only is he having to deal with a high crime rate with Phoenix becoming the number two city in the world in kidnapping, now he has to deal with the corruption in the government.


Can America Really Afford Mass Amnesty? at Federation for American Immigration Reform

Illegal Immigration and Public Health at FAIR Federation For American Immigration Reform

Hold Their Feet to the Fire 2009 Media Library at FAIR

and : Anti-Arpaio website: :WHY ARPAIO'S GOTTA' GO!
The staff of site has polled citizens and employees of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and has complied this Top Ten Reasons NOT to vote for Arpaio.
See why everyone is so upset about this administration.
A few reasons why Joe's GOT TO GO

With Arpaio, real community law enforcement takes a backseat to publicity stunts.

He lives in a fantasy world of self-importance.

Millions of tax dollars have been wasted on lawsuits

He is responsible for a critical and dangerous shortage of personnel in both in the jails and patrol.

Hundreds of current MCSO employees, represented by a number of employee organizations, have expressed a vote of no confidence in Sheriff Arpaio.

The self proclaimed “Toughest Sheriff in America ” is too fearful to debate other candidates.

Arpaio routinely abuses his authority for personal, political, and vindictive reasons.

Many Phoenix community leaders and concerned organizations have looked beyond the smokescreen to see the corruption and incompetence of the Arpaio administration.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has deceived, misinformed and outright lied to the public and violated rights!

Arpaio's self-serving and ego-driven actions have severely damaged relations between the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and other Arizona agencies.

and : John Dornberg's Munich 1923:The Story Of Hitler's First Grab For Power pub. 1982
& Mein Kampf (pub. 1925) by Adolph Hitler translated by Ralph Manheim pub.1999

and so it goes,

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