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RIFQA Bary :Cause Célèbre For The Anti-Islamic Religious Right- Rifqa Abducted By Evangelical Cult & Muslims Trashed For Praying In Washington

Update: 2:03 PM & 4:59 PM Oct. 7, 2009

Atlas Shrugs using Rifqa as part of their Propaganda War ???
(also see end note)
Rifqa Bary's Brother Leaked Rifqa's Secret Address Info to Muslim Stalker-Blogger Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs Pamela Gellar (and others on the right) using Rifqa as grist in her Anti-Islamic Ayn Rand style screed ( A long monotonous speech or piece of writing. diatribe

One cannot trust a follower of Ayn Rand as they are against any normal sense of morality. They view the "Sermon on The Mount" as unintelligible nonsense or worse a plot to undermine the Elite who answer to no one. It is a creed which defends selfishness and greed.They use the Religious Right & anyone else to advance their agenda & when their usefulness has ended they toss them under the bus.

There are some striking similarities between Ayn Rand's Objectivism & Leo Strauss' Neoconservatism ("Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception" By Jim Lobe, AlterNet.
. Both are morally bankrupt and believe the ends justify the means.

Rifqa Bary Photo of her as a cheerleader which her dad shows to reporter. He explains he had no problem with her being a cheerleader or even being a Christian. He appears proud of her. He doesn't seem the monster the Religious Right has made him out to be.
Rifqa Bary's Mother and Father being interviewed showing photos of their daughter.

Lou Engle of Rightwing Evangelical "The Call"

American Muslims conduct a day of prayer & good Will in Washington Sept.25
Religious Right in their paranoia claim this is a "Spiritual Attack" on America
Religious Right hold a counter Demonstration by telephone to do "Spiritual Combat" with Muslims-sort of like an episode in Harry Potter.
One of the participants featured is the Christian Right hero RIFQA who has super-duper powers it appears
Rifqa a 17 year old Muslim converts to Christianity
She has become a cause célèbre of the Religious Right
Was she convinced by Evangelical Christian cultists that her father would kill her?
Did she run away or was she abducted by Crazed Christian Cultist ?
Much of the account she tells does not add up
Would this story played out differently if she had joined the Moonies or Hari Krisna?
or if she had been Christian and taken in by an Islamic religious group ?

Religious Right leaders are incessantly arguing that Christians be permitted to pray in public places and yet they are upset that American Muslims held a day of prayer in Washington Sept. 25, 2009. Are they saying only Christians and possibly Jews are allowed to pray but not Muslim Americans.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research council and others in the Religious Right see the gathering of thousands of Muslims in Washington who will spend most of the day in prayer are considered a danger to America and should not have been permitted. Would they say the same thing about Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist Americans.

In particular Perkins and others such as Media stars Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham believe every time a Muslim speaks publicly in America they should condemn all acts of terrorism and prove their loyalty to America . So should Catholics in America also be forced to prove that they are first and foremost loyal to America and to the Vatican secondly. Should all Catholics be required to condemn the sexual abuse by Catholic Priests every time they make a public appearance.

Religious Right in their fear of thousands of American Muslims having a day of prayer in Washington decided it was urgent for them to counteract these"dark forces" &"principalities" and so organized their own day of prayer and sermonizing & a bit of speaking in tongues and their newly crowned Martyr for the faith Rifaa aka Esther even joined in which sent them all into a religious frenzy -listen to clip below.

Dobbs guest Family Research Council's Tony Perkins claims "the soil of the Islamic faith just does not work with democracy"
September 24, 2009

From the September 24 edition of United Stations Radio Networks' Lou Dobbs Show:

Highlights From the Religious Right's Anti-Islam Counter Offensive Submitted by Kyle at Rightwing Watch/People For The American Wayon September 25, 2009

The National Day of Prayer Task Force's effort to mobilize its Christian warriors to counter the "dark spiritual content" of the scheduled Muslim prayer rally in Washington, DC, which, as we've seen over the last several days, and continue to see, seems to be causing the Religious Right to completely freak out:

Robert Knight is a senior fellow at the American Civil Rights Union and a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries. He says having 50,000 Muslims on Capitol Hill paints a very potent picture for Muslims around the world.

"It's adding up to a picture that the United States may not want to paint because there are a lot of Muslims who will be inspired, perhaps, to get more militant if they think the United States is falling into Muslim hands, basically," he points out.

According to Knight, many Muslims believe they have a sympathetic ear in President Barack Obama. "Obama held no National Day of Prayer events at the White House this year, but gave a very positive eloquent speech about Ramadan," he recalls. "And he also has said some very interesting things overseas about the emergence of Islam."

...At least one pro-family organization has expressed deep concern about the individuals who have organized the gathering and who are scheduled to speak. In an Action Alert to its constituents, the American Family Association has described those individuals as "men who harbor both anti-Semitic and fundamentally anti-American views." And like Knight, AFA notes President Obama's refusal to participate in the National Day of Prayer in May -- in contrast to his hosting of a White House dinner celebrating what Obama called "the Holy Month of Ramadan."

Meanwhile, Christians alarmed at today's scheduled gathering of tens of thousands of Muslims outside the U.S. Capitol have prayed together in a national conference call. Shirley Dobson, who heads the National Day of Prayer Task Force, said she and other Christians "are so troubled at what we see going on in our nation -- we're watching the foundations crumble."

Associated Press says Christian leaders in last night's conference call were unconvinced the gathering will be a time for Muslims to pray together, read the Quran, and celebrate America's religious freedom -- as its organizers insist. Family Research Council president Tony Perkins wondered if the Muslims would be "praying for the well-being of our nation."

Perkins called the Muslim gathering "a wake-up call for the church" and a warning that if Christians do not "fill the void that's in this nation with the truth, it will be filled with something else."

Because on Sept. 25 in a spirit of "Good Will" Muslims went to Washington to have a day of prayer to show the nation that the vast majority of Muslims see themselves as loyal Americans the Religious Right decided they needed to fight these dark forces and so decided to have A Nation Wide Call To Prayer on the same day- .
In the clip below we get a sampling of the Religious Right's conference call which included several thousand participants was organized to combat the evil influences of these Muslims praying in Washington. So they spew forth their mistrust and their hate for Muslims and for all non-Christians. They don't want to accept them in a loving Christian spirit but to overpower them with their "Spiritual Essence" their "Mojo" as it were.

Highlights From the Religious Right's Anti-Islam Prayer Rally 9/24/09
These are the voices of the Real Americans who want to obliterate /or convert all Muslims and those of other non-Christian religions

Note Lou Engle as he relates that the reason the Muslims are praying in Washington is so that they can use all the energy they have accumulated during Ramadan and focus it on the Whitehouse & Congress etc. and make everybody into a Muslim???
Shirley Dobson of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and Lou Engle of The Call join forces for a Christian conference call designed to counter a scheduled Muslim prayer rally in Washington DC.

Anyway the story goes that Rifqa-A 17 year old girl of a Muslim American family converted to Christianity and ran away from home claiming her father due to tradition would kill her as an honor killing- Now the right has latched onto her as their new cause and as a way to push their anti-Islam agenda.

Islam the right argues is an extremely violent religion which does not respect the rights of women. This is an odd statement coming from the American Religious Right which also claims women are not equal to men and cannot have the same rights.

Some claim she has made up the story to get attention or because the Evangelicals who helped her to leave her family at some point erroneously convinced her that her father being a Muslim had no choice but to kill her since this is what the leaders of Global Revolution Church believe as do many other American Evangelicals who know little about Islam except what they are told by biased Christians or angry ex-Muslims.. Of course if one listens to her speak there may also be something else going on with her such as having been a victim of a Christian cult especially given her age.

Check out their website at : Global Revolution Church

What may be the key to understanding this Christian Evangelical Church is their belief that the end-times are imminent and the Pathway to Health (is their belief in Ministering )to the mental and physical health by identifying spiritual illnesses.
They are also a misinformed group of Christians who have accepted the propaganda of the Conservatives and the Religious Right in America who preach that Islam is an evil religion created by Satan. But of course Religious Right believe all non-Christian religions are not just mistaken in some of their beliefs but are completely in error and the followers of these religions have been duped by the Devil and are therefore enemies of the the True God Jesus Christ/Jehovah/Jaweh.

CBN update on Rifqa Bary
Another credible witness.

I want to thank each and every one of you who took the time to write, call, email, fax, Governor Crist and the Attorney General and the Secretary of State to save this girl's life. You made a difference.

Rifqa is a prayer warrior and is very strong in her faith, but could use encouragement from those who support her. If you want to send her a note of encouragement or a prayer, they will be compiled into a notebook and given to her

Rifqa Bary is a 17-year-old girl who was coached to leave her home in Columbus, OH, on July 19, 2009. A church group helped her going to Florida. Pastor Blake Lorenz and his wife illegally kept her at their home for 2 and a half week and did not inform authorities of Florida. On August 8, 2009, the pastor called DCF and finally informed that he had this girl. DCF did not take any action and left her with this couple for 2 more days. On August 10th before handing over Rifqa to DCF, coached her to give statement against her father on video. According to Florida law, nobody can keep a minor for more than 24 hours without having custody rights. To this date, no actions have been taken against this pastor Lorenz and his wife for their alleged crime. Instead the father has been grilled for a crime that he never even imagined.

In this next clip Rifqa joins the conference call and things get strange with all the voices some seem to be speaking in tongues (or a scene out of the Exorcist very strange)The participants have raised Rifqa up to the level of Queen Esther

Right Wing Watch: Rifqa Bary Graces Right Wing Anti-Islam Conference Call
Sept. 24 2009-

A right-wing anti-Islam conference call organized by the National Day of Prayer Task Force received Rifqa Bary as a special, surprise guest. The man introducing her is Lou Engle from The Call.

Rifqa Bary and the Right Wing Holy War" by Kyle Right Wing Watch/People For the American Way Sept. 14, 2009

Back on September 3, the judge overseeing the case involving Rifqa Bary sealed the findings from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's investigation into the wild allegations made by right-wing activists who have been claiming that she'd be she'd be murdered if she were sent back to her parents in Ohio, alleging that the mosque her parents attend is a terrorist hotbed, and even throwing around allegations of sexual and physical abuse.

The report was to be sealed for ten days to give all parties a chance to read it over. Well, the ten days are up and early reports on its contents say the report has not substantiated any of the right-wing claims:

The FDLE report on the case of a teenage girl who ran away from home fearing an honor killing for converting to Christianity shows local church officials likely had a role in getting her to Orlando.

The report, which was under a 10-day seal that expired Monday, alleges 17-year-old Rifqa Bary misled investigators about most of the details about how she arrived in Florida.

Bary initially claimed she hitchhiked her way to the Greyhound bus station in Columbus, Ohio and used money she had saved up from her job to buy the ticket to Orlando. Instead, investigators say she was driven to the bus station by a young pastor named Brian Williams. He baptized Bary in Columbus but has since moved to Kansas City. And the ticket, they say, was purchased under a fake name by someone in Orlando.

Once here, authorities say she was met by the Law family, apparently leading members of the Global Revolution Church, and taken to the home of the church's Pastor Blake Lorenz. She stayed there for 2-and-a-half weeks before her first hearing in juvenile court that placed her in foster care. The report does not say that the Lorenz family, or the church as a whole, had an explicit role in getting Bary to Orlando.

The Global Revolution Church is now "restructuring," according to reports.

The report also found no evidence to back up claims of abuse or serious threats to Bary.

Bary told investigators her father had punched her while they rode in a car because she had shown embarrassment about wearing an Islamic headscarf. Her father denied that allegation. However, FDLE says it did not investigate that specific incident, or other claims of physical or sexual abuse, because they would have occurred outside Florida's jurisdiction. Ohio authorities told them they had no reports of the abuse.

The teen also told authorities her teacher had offered to let Bary stay at her house if she needed to get away from repercussions from her family because of her Christian faith. But when the FDLE interviewed that teacher, she told them she offered up her house because Bary's brother was having parties with alcohol at the Bary home when their parents were out of town, and she had never been told about threats of danger to Bary because of her Christian faith.

Of course, the findings in this report probably won't dissuade right-wing activists like Pamella Geller of Atlas Shrugs from their crusade to save Bary from the horrors of Islam or stop her from penning diatribes like this piece entitled "Is Newsweek Trying to Kill Rifqa Bary?" any time anyone writes an article that doesn't re-confirm her biases.

In her piece, Geller attacks this recent Newsweek article as being riddled with errors and misrepresentations, such as this:

Finally, [author Arian] Campo-Flores asked of Rifqa's family: "if they were indeed such fanatics, why would they have let their daughter prance around as a cheerleader?" But according to [Rifqa's friend Jamal] Jivanjee, Rifqa's parents never saw her in her cheerleader's uniform. The cheerleaders had a warm-up suit; when Rifqa dressed to go to games, she had the warm-up suit on, never the cheerleading skirt. But Campo-Flores never bothered to discover that.

And if there are any doubts that the right-wing activists who have rallied around Riifqa are doing so as part of their perceived battle between Christianity and Islam, this ought to dispel it:

At the Orlando prayer meeting on Sept. 2, believers talked about how God is using Rifqa as a catalyst to bring more people to Christ.

They asked God to heal her right eye, blinded in a childhood accident, as a divine sign. "It would show the world there is one true living God,"[Blake] Lorenz said. "We do believe, oh God, Jesus is preparing the world for his return."

In fact, this spiritual battle against Islam seems to be a driving force behind a lot of right-wing activism, like the "Cry Out America" 9/11 prayer rally we mentioned last week.

for example from: Christians to Seek God’s Help on 9/11 Anniversary by Adrienne S. Gaines Charisma News Online Sept. 11, 2009

...Billy Wilson, co-organizer of Cry Out America, sponsor of the noontime prayer gatherings, said more and more Christians believe the nation is in a spiritual crisis that is escalating. He said participation this year doubled over the 2008 events, with more than 700 gatherings planned nationwide, including in all 38 of the nation's most populous counties.

...Cry Out kicked off Thursday New York City ... Speakers included 9/11 survivor and evangelist Sujo John, New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera, Luis Cortés Jr., president of the Hispanic evangelical network Esperanza; Teen Mania founder Ron Luce, Eagles' Wings Robert Stearns and Charisma editor J. Lee Grady.

..."9/11 was the greatest physical wake-up call in our generation," Wilson said. "We all remember where we were, what we were doing. It's still a sobering thing to realize what happened here.

"We felt like it would be an appropriate moment to continue to issue a spiritual wake-up call for the nation," he continued. "On 9/11 America went to her knees, we responded with prayer and a positive action to help our neighbor, and we feel that's the right response for the American church now."

He said 9/11 also illuminated the spiritual battle the nation is in to maintain its Judeo-Christian identity.

"There is an encroachment of Islamic thought in America, and the Islamic agenda is growing in the United States," Wilson said. "We see that the real spiritual battle in America is going to be around this particular front, the pluralism of the nation. Cry Out America is really about lifting the name of Jesus in the public square again and that wherever else we look, the real answer for us is in God and in Christ in the nation."

Cry Out is sponsored by the Awakening America Alliance as part of its ongoing efforts to spark another great awakening in the U.S. Wilson said continuing prayer initiatives are developing out of the county gatherings being held today, and he wants to see the momentum build.

"Our heart all along with the Awakening America Alliance has been to see a grass-roots movement of what Jonathan Edwards called ‘extraordinary united prayer,'" Wilson said. "We're also working in a practical way to see what can be done to serve our nation and pave the way then for a new generation to experience awakening."

Time"A Florida Culture-War Circus Over Rifqa Bary" By TIM PADGETT / MIAMI , Aug. 24, 2009

...the battle for Rifqa Bary, a 17-year-old girl from Columbus, Ohio, who ran away to an Evangelical church in Orlando, Fla., because, she claims, her Sri Lankan Muslim family has threatened to kill her for recently converting to Christianity.

Craig McCarthy, one of two Orlando attorneys appointed to represent the Barys in Florida, says that while they may have been dismayed at first by Rifqa's conversion, as devout parents of any faith would be, they are hardly the kind of fundamentalist Muslims who would declare a medieval fatwa, or death sentence, on their daughter. "There is a vast, vast difference between not being pleased that your child has not chosen your faith and wanting to kill your child," says McCarthy. "This is a family with Westernized kids. Their daughter is a cheerleader."

(if the parents allowed their daughter to be a cheerleader without disowning her they are probably not fundamentalist/extremist Muslims. And why would they be so eager for her to return home if they have disowned her. And if they are lying with all the media attention they surely wouldn't be so stupid as to harm her. Anyway the whole story sounds a little fishy. -GORD.)

If Rifqa's claims are indeed false, that raises the question of whether she may have been prodded by her new friends at Global Revolution Church to make the death-threat accusations, and whether she was somehow lured to Orlando by the Lorenzes via the Internet...

But Beverly Lorenz has acknowledged that she talked by phone with Rifqa before the girl ran away. Blake Lorenz, who insists that Rifqa will be killed if she goes home, earlier this month made clear to reporters his Crusades-era belief that this is part of Christianity's holy struggle against Islam: "These are the last days; these are the end times," he said, "and this conflict between Islam and Christianity is going to grow greater. This conflict between good and evil is going to grow greater."

... After its probe of the situation this month, Florida's Department of Children and Family Services took Rifqa from the Lorenzes and placed her in foster care. At a hearing in Orlando on Aug. 21, a judge ruled that she could remain in Florida until he decides, probably at a later hearing slated for Sept. 3, where she should ultimately go. (McCarthy says the Barys were willing to let Rifqa be placed in Ohio foster care while the case is adjudicated.)

Not surprisingly, Rifqa is turning into a cause célèbre. Conservative websites often accused of anti-Muslim agendas, such as the Jawa Report, Atlas Shrugs and WorldNetDaily, have been lighting up over the Rifqa fight. No doubt conservative and anti-U.S. Muslims will eventually step into the media frenzy. And politicians have already started weighing in.

Florida's moderate Republican governor and U.S. Senate candidate, Charlie Crist, who needs conservative voters to win his state's closed GOP primary next year, issued a statement on Aug. 21 saying he's "grateful to Circuit Judge Daniel Dawson for his decision to grant [Rifqa] the right to remain in Florida ... We will continue to fight to protect Rifqa's safety and well-being as we move forward."

Of course, Crist's conservative primary opponent, former Florida house speaker Marco Rubio, released his own communiqué: "Florida not only has a responsibility to protect [Rifqa's] innocent life, but also to defend her sacred right to worship freely." True enough. But despite the heated rhetoric once again fueling a Florida fracas, it's not at all clear that Rifqa Bary's rights are in danger.

End Notes:

Ayn Rand & Pamela Gellar at Atlas Shrugs using Rifqa to further a Fascist agenda

Rifqa Bary's Brother Leaked Rifqa's Secret Address Info to Muslim Stalker-Blogger Pamela Geller Atlas Shrugs Pamela Gellar using Rifqa as grist in her Anti-Islamic Ayn Rand style screed ( A long monotonous speech or piece of writing. diatribeOne cannot trust a follower of Ayn Rand as they are against any normal sense of morality. They view the "Sermon on The Mount" as unintelligible nonsense or worse a plot to undermine the Elite who answer to no one. It is a creed which defends selfishness and greed.They use the Religious Right & anyone else to advance their agenda & when their usefulness has ended they toss them under the bus. Unfortunately The Religious Right is just as cold and calculating.

"Cult of Ayn Rand & the Worship of Fascist Supermen" at Austin's Atheism Blog By Austin Cline
Friday February 24, 2006

Objectivism and Libertarianism owe a great deal to the writings of Ayn Rand and both are typically associated with belief in expansive degrees of personal liberty. It is arguable, though, that Ayn Rand's writings exhibit a disturbing fascination of and interest in more fascist attitudes towards humanity and human social relations.

Johann Hari writes:

She explained her philosophy at first through pot-boilers like ‘The Fountainhead’. One of her heroes boasts that he is the polar opposite of Robin Hood: “He was the man who robbed the rich and gave to the poor. I’m the man who robs the poor and gives to the rich, or to be more exact, the man who robs the thieving poor and gives back to the productive rich.” If you want a sign of Rand’s quiet victory, close your eyes and realize this could be Dick Cheney in one of his more candid moments, explaining the logic behind his massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

Rand’s morality was a perfect fit for the age of the celebrity billionaire. She conjures a world where the CEO is Messiah, where the sign of the Cross is replaced with the sign of the dollar, and where hideous penis-proxies like Trump Towers are the pinnacle of human achievement. In her novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’, the world’s billionaires – the Ted Turners and Donald Trumps – go on strike in protest against the “insane regulations” and “exorbitant tax” handed down from Washington D.C. The country quickly regresses into anarchy, with businesses collapsing, food distribution networks falling apart, and America becoming a wasteland – until finally the grateful populace welcomes back their economic Overlords and promises to never again pester them with wild notions like taxation or regulation.


Whittaker Chambers famously wrote in the National Review, “Just as her operatic businessmen are, in fact, Nietzschean supermen, so her ulcerous leftists are Nietzsche’s ‘last men’, both deformed in a way to sicken the fastidious recluse of Sils Marnia… [In her vision] resistance to the Message cannot be tolerated because disagreement can never be merely honest, prudent, or just humanly fallible. Dissent from revelation so final can only be willfully wicked. There are ways of dealing with such wickedness, and , in fact, reason itself enjoins them. From almost every page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding, “To a gas chamber – go!”” [...]

and on Leo Strauss: "Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception"By Jim Lobe, AlterNet.May 19, 2003.

Many neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz are disciples of a philosopher who believed that the elite should use deception, religious fervor and perpetual war to control the ignorant masses.

...Rule One: Deception

It's hardly surprising then why Strauss is so popular in an administration obsessed with secrecy, especially when it comes to matters of foreign policy. Not only did Strauss have few qualms about using deception in politics, he saw it as a necessity. While professing deep respect for American democracy, Strauss believed that societies should be hierarchical – divided between an elite who should lead, and the masses who should follow. But unlike fellow elitists like Plato, he was less concerned with the moral character of these leaders. According to Shadia Drury, who teaches politics at the University of Calgary, Strauss believed that "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior."

This dichotomy requires "perpetual deception" between the rulers and the ruled, according to Drury. Robert Locke, another Strauss analyst says,"The people are told what they need to know and no more." While the elite few are capable of absorbing the absence of any moral truth, Strauss thought, the masses could not cope. If exposed to the absence of absolute truth, they would quickly fall into nihilism or anarchy, according to Drury, author of 'Leo Strauss and the American Right' (St. Martin's 1999).

Second Principle: Power of Religion

According to Drury, Strauss had a "huge contempt" for secular democracy. Nazism, he believed, was a nihilistic reaction to the irreligious and liberal nature of the Weimar Republic. Among other neoconservatives, Irving Kristol has long argued for a much greater role for religion in the public sphere, even suggesting that the Founding Fathers of the American Republic made a major mistake by insisting on the separation of church and state. And why? Because Strauss viewed religion as absolutely essential in order to impose moral law on the masses who otherwise would be out of control.

At the same time, he stressed that religion was for the masses alone; the rulers need not be bound by it. Indeed, it would be absurd if they were, since the truths proclaimed by religion were "a pious fraud." As Ronald Bailey, science correspondent for Reason magazine points out, "Neoconservatives are pro-religion even though they themselves may not be believers."

"Secular society in their view is the worst possible thing,'' Drury says, because it leads to individualism, liberalism, and relativism, precisely those traits that may promote dissent that in turn could dangerously weaken society's ability to cope with external threats. Bailey argues that it is this firm belief in the political utility of religion as an "opiate of the masses" that helps explain why secular Jews like Kristol in 'Commentary' magazine and other neoconservative journals have allied themselves with the Christian Right and even taken on Darwin's theory of evolution...

From website The Call

Urgent Nationwide Call To Prayer
It is critical that the church in America understands the times and what needs to be done now. The natural things speak of the invisible. Natural happenings on the earth are revealing something that is going on in the spiritual realm. There is a great spiritual conflict with a rising tide of Islamic boldness being manifested. Several happenings are converging this week. First of all, our President has recently proclaimed, honored, encouraged the Muslim holy days of prayer and fasting called Ramadan. He was very silent on the National Day of Prayer but very vocal on the support of Ramadan. Interestingly at the same time a major Christian leader of the Emergent Church called for forty days of fasting and prayer in the same Ramadan period with the goal that the church will better understand our Muslim friends. We are all for understanding but we must have spiritual discernment as to the spiritual dark powers that are being invoked into our nation.

Cause for Concern

At the same time, on the 25th of September, Muslims are calling for a Muslim Day of Prayer in Washington DC ( They are calling for 50,000 Muslims to gather and pray on the DC Mall. This is the exact word of one of the Sheikhs who is leading this historic gathering, “Muslims should march on the White House. We are going to the White House so that Islam will be victorious, Allah willing, and the White House will become into a Muslim house.” These are not empty words. They speak of a dark spiritual intent and a coming day of great trouble to America.

A Divine Moment

Now these events are enough to awaken us to this significant throbbing moment, but when they all converge it becomes a massive spiritual alarm that must be responded to by the praying Church. This convergence, I believe, is urgently summoning us in the midst of the rising tide of Islamic influence in America to recognize that our God is above every god and that if we return to Him with all of our hearts and call upon Him with fasting and prayer then God could use what the enemy meant for evil to bring about a great day of salvation for Muslims in America.

Here is the Vision

First of all, we cannot be passive as a Church to let these kinds of developments go on without being challenged in the spirit. Our fight is not against Muslims, it is against principalities, powers, and forces of darkness. We are calling the Church of America at the end of Ramadan, from September 21st through 25th, to five days of concerted prayer. On Friday, September 25th, the Muslim Day of Prayer, we are calling the Church of America to fast and pray that Muslims would be moved by the Holy Spirit, convicted by the testimony of Christ, and even be visited by Jesus in dreams. We must pray that God would restrain the spiritual powers behind Islam and grant us the great awakening that we desperately need for America.

Calling Christians

Therefore we are calling Christians all over America to join Lou Engle, Mrs. Shirley Dobson, Tony Perkins, and many other major leaders in America to a national conference call to pray for America. Please join us on Thursday, September 24th from 7:30PM to 9:00PM Eastern for what we believe is a critical moment in American History.

and so it goes,

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