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McCarthyism Redux : Muslim & Socialists Fifth Columnists Taking Over Washington

Muslim Mafia & Obama's Socialists Join Forces To Take Over America ?
Muslim Fifth Column Purportedly discovered in Washington?
Glenn Beck continues his Chalkboard Conspiracy Theory about Obama' Socialist agenda & his "Fellow Travelers"
Attacking anyone soft on Muslim infiltration & soft on Communism/Socialism
Demonizing Muslims and Community activists
attacking ACORN & those who support ACORN
Public officials put the profits of corporations ie Halliburton KBR etc. before the rights of US citizens or the "The Good of The Country"
For example employee cannot sue a govt contractor for sexual harassment , sexual assault or Gang Rape-

These ridiculous allegations about Muslims or socialists planning to take over America from within which are being presented as "Facts" are not so funny given what the consequences might be. Will anti-Muslim loons & anti-Socialists Loon combine forces to take out the Obama administration by gutting it and keep it from accomplishing much of anything.

Will they go further by accusing Obama of sedition because he is not willing to go on a Witch-hunt or he does but finds no evidence of such a conspiracy on the part of American Muslims or so called socialists.

If Obama refuses- the Republicans will say he is a traitor if he goes ahead doesn't find evidence or even throw a few innocent people to these ravenous unpatriotic wolves they will counter by saying his investigations were not serious bu just a matter of Public Relations & damage control. And what follows then impeachment & arrests or a Coup D'Etat or just a lot of mob violence. Meanwhile those who have stirred the pot will feign innocence.
CAIR Video: Rachel Maddow Exposes Anti-Islam Extremists in Congress

SEE: Republican Lawmakers Leading Witch Hunt Against Muslim Group

SEE ALSO: Fox Trumpets CAIR Conspiracy Theory Charges Made by Author with Anti-Islam History

Rick Sanchez at CNN lends some credence to "Muslim Plan to Take over the US Conspiracy Theory"- The media should investigate their sources on such matters and question the motives of these individuals who base their allegations on rumor, inuendo and a distrust borne out of miss-perceptions and misrepresentations of Islam.
Rep. Myrick argues she is not anti-Muslim she just doesn't think they should be involved with the US government where they can influence policies.
Rep. Myrick on Anti-CAIR Campaign: 'This Has Nothing to Do with Muslims'

"Chalkboard conspiracy" Glenn Beck's New Low -McCarthyism Redux
And he says he's not trying to incite violence while he calls Obama an Enemy of America.

"The Enemy are inside our house" (America? or the White house? or your actual house? I'm confused again? Beck's doing my head in!!! Stop the Madness)

What Glenn Beck Doesn’t Know About His Hero Thomas Paine at Think Progress oct. 16, 2009

Glenn Beck uses an old Coke ad to make his point that America has changed. It's an ad Glenn. Does he have a significant number of shares in the Coke co.

Does Glenn beck not realize this is just another phony Coke commercial- Coke=Spiritual Awakening, Patriotism, God, Jesus, Country-no they are selling a product but then again so is Glenn Beck with his rebranding of McCarthyism.

- In Beck's country there is no room for a fairly large group of American citizens of people-liberals, progressives, socialists, feminist, Homosexuals, Muslims & other non-Christians, the poor ,the unemployed, the lame , the sick , the homeless, veterans who speak out against the War or who gripe about lack of health care, or anyone who is against more Nukes for America or who dares express concern over the 1 million dead Iraqis or over Drones attacking wedding parties and funerals in Afghanistan.

Beck Weeps for 'Simpler America'
He recalls kinder, gentler football players
Coca Cola Classic - Mean Joe Green

US Senators Say Gang Rape no Big Deal-Get over It- this is why some of us compare the Republicans and the Religious Right to the Taliban. You see they at times vote for what they consider to be silly feminist type causes because at the moment that's the politically Correct thing to do. But they in their heart of hearts don't believe in all this nonsense about equal rights for women or Gays or blacks or Hispanics cause those groups are not real Americans . So they feel they have to placate and appease these angry voices but they wonder why are they angry . Why have they got their panties all in a bunch?

But sometimes they think the Politically Correct liberals go too far and they vote according to their real beliefs. So 30 Senators voted against a Bill which would according to them be detrimental and as unfair punishment for a private corporations being contracted out by the government. So when they voted it could be construed that they don't believe sexual assault and rape are not that serious of an issue for it in any way have a negative effect on a corporation.

This is also one of those odd claims because conservatives are always claiming a corporation should have the same rights as an individual ie right to ownership, privacy, free speech, non-interference by the government- but there is another side to this issue which is the individual and the corporation have certain responsibilities and must act in accordance to the law while also acting as good citizen . In this case the corporation is seen in the case of rape as being above or outside the law. They always want it both ways.

As for women being harassed or assaulted or raped while serving in the US military or working overseas with contractors such as Halliburton or KBR well that's to be expected because boys will be boys after all. They see nothing really wrong with what these men do or with Halliburton's response or policies instead they blame the victims for putting themselves into situations where these things sexual harassment and rape are bound to occur. This is the sort of line one hears from the Republicans, Neoconservatives and the Religious Right and this is not that surprising .

What is stranger though is to hear such hardened expressions from Neoconservative, Neoliberal & Religious Right women who one would think might have some empathy for the plight of other women but in fact don't.*( End-note)
The Gang Rape and the Republicans Behold, 30 U.S. senators who don't give a damn about battered women" by Mark Morford at SanFrancisco Chronicle Oct. 16, 2009
Here is freshman Minnesota senator Al Franken's first-ever legislative action, a relatively simple, almost laughably surefire bill requiring the Pentagon no longer do business with any contractor -- hi, Halliburton! -- that requires its employees to agree that she cannot sue said contractor if she is, oh let's just say, gang raped by its employees.

You read that right. It's a can't-sue-us-if-you're-raped clause. In a U.S. government contract. Aimed squarely at Halliburton. Thanks, Dick Cheney!

First, you are required get over your initial disgust that such legislation is even necessary, that such clauses even exist and that the Pentagon is already doing business with such contractors (hi, Halliburton/KBR!), and that there has already been a truly horrible case validating it, wherein a 20-year-old female employee was allegedly gang-raped by contractors, locked in a shipping container, abused every way from Sunday, and found out later she was unable to sue.

Let us pause to imagine if, say, Wal-Mart had such a clause. Or maybe Toys 'R' Us. Starbucks. Let us imagine the appalled outcry. But Halliburton? Dick Cheney's vile little spitwad of shameless war profiteering? No problem. Hey, it's Republican-endorsed military contracting. No one said it was ethical.

But that's not most the repellant part. Ready?

The most repellant part is the 30 U.S. senators -- Republicans each and every one -- who just stepped forth to vote against the Franken amendment, essentially saying no, women should have no right to sue if they are sexually abused or gang raped, Halliburton and its ilk must be protected at all costs, and by the way we hereby welcome Satan into our rancid souls forevermore. God bless America.

Let us repeat, for clarity. Franken's amendment passed with a vote of 68-30. Meaning 30 U.S. senators voted against the elimination of the rape/sue clause. Meghan McCain, call your dad. He's one of them.

End Notes :

Press Conference Long version:
Senators Myrick, Shadegg, Broun and Franks Call For CAIR Investigations

Neoconservative Female pundits in need of therapy???:
They tend to have stereotypical views about women which are basically the same as their male counter parts. So conservative pro-Religious Right and Ayn Randian female spokespersons such as political pundits a like Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin who seem to have a real hatred for women who want to do jobs that were traditionally done by men. They also never see the irony that without the Feminist movement over the last hundred to two hundred years they would not be taken as seriously as they are.

But what is now just part of the reality for many middle class & professional women like them would not have been their reality a few decades ago. So they lend their voices to support these Rightwing macho misogynist . These women seem anger and bitter because they feel betrayed that real men in their view are scarce replaced by men who seem all too willing to share their feelings show their emotions and their so called Feminine side ala Alan Alda as they used to say. What these women seem to want is to not have to work so hard and to be the ones to take charge. They would prefer to let the men in their lives and in the political arena be the ones in charge . As a Freudian I suspect they are constantly & obsessively looking for their Father or Father figure with whom they can feel safe. But with this sort of pathological need such individuals rarely find the man who is a xerox copy of Dear old Dad.

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