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"Supernatural's" Sam & Dean Winchester VS. Lou Engle " The Call's" "Real Supernatural Warriors" For God (& Rifqa Update)

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Blood Atonement Is Necessary:

..God raises up intercessors who stand before Him to stop God’s judgment. The intercessor says, “God kill me before You kill them.” We do not need intercessors to call down judgment but those who cry for mercy. Judgment will come automatically because of sin unless the plea of mercy stops God by this in friendship with Him. We want to be intercessors for America as God’s friends who call God to remember and hold back His hand of judgment and show mercy.

Therefore He said that He would destroy them, Had not Moses His chosen one stood before Him in the breach, to turn away His wrath, lest He destroy them. (Ps. 106:23)

Quote from:

Supernatural- Becoming "Supernatural Warriors" For God In The Last Days
Sam & Dean Winchester so cool fighting for God & Heaven in their Fictional TV battle while other young Americans join Lou Engle's The Call, Bill Johnson/s International House of Prayer IHOP & Ron Luce's BattleCry to become real" Supernatural Warriors " in the Last Days before Armageddon -are they deluded by these New Cult Leaders of The Religious Right- when fantasy and fiction gets fused with the imagination and into reality???

One of the warriors of old made this statement: "The purpose of war is victory, and the purpose of victory is occupation." In the Kingdom, we add one more step to the process: The purpose of occupation is expansion.

The Lord would not give the Promised Land to Israel all at once because they did not have the ability to occupy all of the territory. By only giving them the amount of land they could occupy, He positioned them for expansion. Expansion is vital to advancing the Kingdom of Heaven. The man who was given the one talent and buried it simply occupied and protected that accomplishment but suffered tremendously because he did not take what he had and position it for increase (Matthew 25:15-28).

"From Occupation to Expansion" by Bill Johnson (Excellent summary by an Evangelical True Believer of how Evangelicals see themselves and their Holy Mission that it is all or nothing and that they believe that America and the world is already in the midst of the Last Days in which each person must make the choice on who's side they are on God or the Devil.)

In this promotional video from the Christian Evangelizing organization International House of Prayer IHOP the message is targeting young adults and teens who are singled out as belonging to the last generation before Christ' Second Coming. The reasoning by Evangelical leaders is that all those born in America since the decision of the Supreme Court in Roe V Wade which legalized abortion that this generation of survivors of what they refer to as a "holocaust" survived because they have a purpose. Their purpose is like that of Sam and Dean Winchester of Supernatural which is to fight Demons to conquer Satan's army to battle as warriors on the side of God & Heaven.

These Evangelical Religious Right leaders such as Lou Engle, Ron Luce, Bill Johnson Rick Joyner , Todd Bentley etc. boost the ego and sense of worth of their teen & young adult followers telling them they are special and that the Pop culture of materialism and hedonism has led them astray from their real purpose and that is why they feel lost. These leaders inform them that the Pop culture and Secular Humanism is all part of the principalities of dark forces which stand between them and God. Once they realize this then this last generation will rise up and proclaim its mission and purpose. They will then begin training as "Spiritual" or Supernatural Warriors who because of their faith will develop physical and mental powers beyond normal human abilities. So their teenage angst is not just a phase is a result of their response to the meaningless materialist hedonistic culture which at a spiritual level without knowing it they have rejected.

They are told that they must reject this evil pernicious culture and remake the whole of society and the nation to reflect God's Will and the literal inerrant teachings of the Bible. It is not therefore merely changing an individual's attitude but a whole generation's followed by social and political and even military action to return America to God and to make America into the "Shining City of Light on the Hill" which will then convert all nations to Jesus, God & true Chritianity by word and example and where necessary by force of arms. God's Law will then be the Law of America and the Law for all nations.

This message is clearly one rooted in Dominionist/Reconstructionist ideology and theology.Their use of militant language is not merely a metaphor but is to be taken literally. This younger generation is being prepared for a physical war which may come at any moment .If this generation refuses to take up arms then the United States and the world is condemned to the darkness of Satan's & Hell's triumphant power over all the nations.

These Evangelical Fundamentalist see signs and wonders everywhere while they look for the new prophets among this last generation the Elijahs and the Esthers who will lead others into the battle against the Devil. So as we have noted Lou Engle,Bill Johnson & other Evangelicals who adhere to these beliefs read into certain situations what may be more than what's actually there.

So enter Rifqa Bary a convert from a Muslim American family who refers to herself as an Esther chosen to play a special role in the last days by God.She says she has had visions of angels and demons of God and Satan and hears God speaking to her directly . So to some she is a prophet to others possibly just a rather enthusiastic convert to Christianity and to others they wonder if she is either just delusional or whether the Evangelicals with whom she was in contact encouraged and fed her delusions. For instance like any true prophet she too must suffer and be ridiculed and harassed and victimized by non-believers so she may exaggerate all out of proportion certain events and encounters and the speech of others. In her case with the help of these anti-Islamic Evangelical Christians she has come to believe her parents want to kill her or that other Muslims are looking for her so they can kill her.

These "True Believers" latch onto her narrative and so believe that Rifqa is being persecuted by her family by Islam and by those who are in authority in part because they recognize who Rifqa is though they may not know this on a conscious level. So all facts surrounding her case are seen through this prism of signs and wonders and the persecution of the "Real Church" or "body of Christ" so they are not going to be easily convinced that they are wrong about Rifqa that she may just be another confused impressionable anxiety ridden teenager with a touch of meglomania.

Update: on the Rifqa story
Rifqa Bary EXPOSED!!!

A report by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement says it has found no evidence to support Rifqa Bary's charges that her life was threatened after her parents discovered she had converted to Christianity.

"Our investigation has provided no clear evidence of criminal activity," the state report said.

A teacher at the girl's high school told investigators she had no reports or had seen no evidence of abuse.

Although Bary told investigators her father never saw her in a cheerleading outfit for fear of her father's disapproval, investigators stated in the report that they saw pictures of the girl in her cheerleading outfit displayed in the living room of Bary's Ohio home, CNN reported.

Bary, 17, is in foster care in Orlando, Fla., while a judge decides if she should be returned to her family in Ohio. She claimed her father threatened to kill her for converting to Christianity. Her parents have denied the charges and have said they would allow her to practice her faith.

also see: "When Two Become One: Rifqa Bary And The Religious Right's Battle Against Islam" by Kyle September 24, 2009 -at Rightwing Watch/People For The American Way

Lou Engle "The Call"

About Lou Engle from website THE CALL

Lou Engle is the visionary and co-founder of TheCall solemn assemblies, a movement of prayer, gathering two generations, but primarily targeting young people to pray and fast for justice and spiritual awakening. Since 2000, TheCall has gathered hundreds of thousands of people to pray both nationally and internationally.

Lou Engle's passion is to call young adults into a lifestyle of radical prayer, fasting, holiness and acts of justice. With over 30 years of history in praying for revival Lou has helped plant two churches, the ministry Bound4LIFE targeting the issue of abortion, and raised up the first Justice House of Prayer in Washington DC to pray for the Supreme Court and for righteous leaders in America. Since 2004, JHOPs have emerged in San Francisco, Boston, New York, Montgomery, and San Diego.

Lou presently resides in Kansas City, and is a part of the leadership team of the International House of Prayer. Lou and his wife, Therese, have been married for over 28 years and together they have five sons and two daughters.

Our History

In 1997 Promise Keepers hosted one of the largest Christian gatherings in American history. An estimated one million men gathered to the National Mall in Washington DC responding to a call to live a lifestyle of humility and godliness. Lou Engle was deeply impacted by this profound event and began to mobilize a vision to raise up a corresponding youth movement of prayer and fasting that could bring forth a sweeping revival across America.

In 1999, a woman approached Lou and asked if he had ever considered putting young people on the National Mall like Promise Keepers did in 1997. Amazed at the question, Lou replied that two years prior he had proclaimed that the youth of America would gather together at the National Mall and it would be a sign from God that America was turning back to Him. The woman promptly wrote a check for $100,000 initiating what would eventually result in the TheCall DC. On September 2nd, 2000, an estimated 400,000 people collectively joined not to the sound of the latest names in Christendom, but to this phrase, “Almighty God summons you to a solemn assembly.” The presence of the Holy Spirit, with words of encouragement from our nation’s spiritual leaders, forever impacted multiple generations in attendance.

TheCall was has now been held across the nation in seventeen different locations. Each gathering brought thousands of people hungry to seek the Lord. Specific regional and national issues such as racism, sexual immorality and abortion were targeted in corporate repentance as the body of Christ responded. This movement has filled stadiums, arenas and massive open-air fields in cities across the nation.

TheCall has extended beyond the borders of America to Australia, Africa, Germany, Norway, England, Korea, Brazil, France, Indonesia, Holland, Canada, Israel and the Philippines. The nations are responding to the summons of united fasting and prayer.

Anyway for the last ten years the Religious Right has grown as it targets young adults, teenagers and pre-teens telling them that they are the last generation before the Second Coming of Jesus to prepare the way. It is therefore incumbent upon them to rise up as "Spiritual Warriors" to fight on God's side against these evil forces of darkness.Lou Engle using the terminology of revolutionaries to appeal to their natural youthful spirit of rebellion. He others tell these young people that they are different from previous generations and even their peers because by becoming warriors of Christ they are refusing to conform to the commercialized,materialistic pop culture.

Last year Lou Engle and his Evangelical Fundamentalist youth group The Call stage demonstration in San Diego to fight against Gay Marriage and to support traditional marriage. He characterized the issue as a fight between the light and darkness. He claimed that if Gays won the right to marriage then America would surely fall into the hands 0f God's enemies . According to intercessor beliefs he and his followers were acting in order to stave off God's wrath.

If his warriors for God are successful which they were then this would help usher in a new era of "freedom and Justice. So denying certain rights to Gays is a victory for Go's church and for the nation.

Part of what he is suggesting is that by defeating the Gay community on this issue "real Christians " could stem the tide of what they refer to as the "Gay Agenda" and start fighting to strip Gays of any other rights one at a time. We can only surmise given the over-the-top rhetoric of Lou Engle and other Religious Right leaders that this is just the beginning of their attacks on Gay Rights and the Liberal or Secular Humanist anti-Christ culture in America Of course as noted previously they were also helped out by the Mormon Church LDS & Fox News which helped to spread misinformation and half-truths about what would happen if Gays had the right to marry-it would be the end of America and the end of Western Civilization.

antiGay Marriage
TheCall California-Prop. 8 -2008
Hold Back The flood

And Lou Engle on CNN Newsroom explains sort of how evil and pernicious the redefinition of marriage would be. He claims he has no problem with Gays entering into a civil union and isn't bothered by the Gay lifestyle-this is rather doubtful since he sees it as a sin and that somehow it is destructive of society.
Lou Engle, Founder of TheCall, discusses the fight over Proposition 8.

Pro-life anti-abortion
TheCall DC Promo August 16, 2008-overthrow The Altar of Death
Rebellion & Revolution death of 50 million babies
Uses 9/11 to prove end-times are near
TheCall DC on the National Mall on Saturday August 16, 2008. A massive gathering of generations desperate for revival in our nation.

Lou Engle explains that God will want retribution in the form of blood for the 50 million babies aborted.
A Case Against America part 1 Lou Engle

And Lou Engle has progressively become more political and aggressive:

Lou Engle's New Political Movement by Kyle at RightWing Watch/People For The American Way, June 8, 2009

In recent months, Lou Engle, founder of The Call, has been becoming increasingly political.

When Engle was organizing a Call event on the National Mall last year, he repeatedly insisted that the event was not about politics but simply a call to "fasting and prayer for the benefit of the nation." Of course, the fact that it was held just months before the election and featured political operatives and figures like Tony Perkins, Harry Jackson, and Mike Huckabee rather undercut that assertion.

When he organized another Call event in California explicitly to fight for the passage of Proposition 8 where he was joined by James Dobson, it became clear that it was only a matter of time before Engle officially announced that he was starting a full-fledged political organization that would seek to turn the tens of thousands who attend his Call events into a bona fide political force.

And that is just what he did at the recent Rediscovering God in America conference that we mentioned earlier. In this clip, Engle declares that he is no longer willing to be "silenced" by the limits of The Call's 501c3 status and so he started a 501c4 group known as The Call to Action and that this conference was its first official act.

and : Lou Engle also runs other groups such as IHOP International House of Prayer not to be confused with the International House of Pancakes though this is probably intentional to appeal to young adults and Teens to make it more brand friendly: "IHOP: The Call, 24/7" by Kyle on July 31, 2009 at Rightwing Watch/People For The American Way

Lou Engle of The Call tends to only generate press when he hosts one of his massive prayer rallies, and even then, only the events that are timed to coincide with political events or elections ever receive any coverage, like the one he held last year in San Diego that was focused largely on the need to pass Proposition 8.

As recent developments have made clear, Engle has been making a leap from mainly religious events into more overtly political activism, joining hands with the likes of Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee, and James Dobson and appearing at rallies where he introduced and prayed over Newt Gingrich and unveiled his own political organization called "Call 2 Action."

In addition to his work with The Call, Engle is also a "a senior leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City with Mike Bickle,"

“The Call” Warns of Antichrist Legislation in California and Beyond By Sarah Posner at Religion, October 29, 2008

While stirring up fears that Satan is taking over America hasn’t helped McCain in recent polls, surveys in California show a tight battle over Proposition 8, with some polls showing support for the ban running slightly ahead of opposition. Engle is a key part of a formidable and well-funded strategy, run by religious right political organizations and churches, to amend the state’s constitution to prohibit gay marriage, overturning the decision of the “activist judges” of the California Supreme Court.

Engle, a leading figure in the Third Wave Charismatic movement, praised by many cohorts for his raising up of an army of spiritual warriors for revival, has now emerged as a key political mobilizer of young Pentecostals and Charismatics for the religious right. But Engle, whose previous forays into politics focused on anti-abortion protests, is entering new territory by injecting himself into electoral politics, says Margaret Poloma, a sociologist at the University of Akron and an expert on Pentecostals and Charismatics, who first met Engle in the 1990s. “I never thought he was going to launch on his own that way.”

Engle has intertwined his longtime core issue, abortion, with his opposition to gay marriage by pinning both issues to the necessity of appointing judges who won’t allow what Engle calls “Antichrist legislation” to stand. He maintains that the prayers of his young spiritual warriors, who pray and fast at a Capitol Hill location known as the Justice House of Prayer, were responsible for the current, more conservative composition of the Supreme Court. Engle’s protegés regularly demonstrate silently in front of the Supreme Court, their lips sealed—symbolic of the silence of what they believe are murdered unborn children—by red “LIFE” stickers. As shown in the documentary Jesus Camp, Engle recruits warriors as early as elementary school for his cause.

...The Call’s advisory board is stacked with prominent Pentecostal and Charismatic preachers, leading figures in the controversial Apostolic movement, which is elevating a new generation of self-appointed prophets and apostles, African-American and Latino religious leaders, Charismatic publishing giant Stephen Strang, and religious right leaders like Perkins, Harry Jackson, and Gary Bauer.

The religious right political leadership’s keen interest in Engle was evident at The Call held on the National Mall in August. The day before the event, the public relations firm Shirley Bannister introduced Engle—flanked by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and former Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee—at a press conference just a few blocks from the White House. Perkins, one of the most visible political leaders on the religious right, noted Engle’s influence on young evangelicals, who he claimed were even more conservative on abortion than their parents, though he cited no surveys or polls to support the claim...

International House of Prayer

And here's a bit on IHOP:
About the International House of Prayer Missions Base

Since September 19, 1999, we have continued for ten years in night and day prayer with worship. This is the foundation of our ministry to win the lost, heal the sick, and make disciples, as we labor alongside the larger Body of Christ to see the Great Commission fulfilled and to function as forerunners who prepare the way for the return of Jesus. By the grace of God, we are committed to combining 24/7 prayers for justice with 24/7 works for justice until the Lord returns. We do this best as our lives are rooted in prayer that focuses on intimacy with God, and intercession for breakthrough of the fullness of God’s power and purpose for this generation.

Lou Engle uses language in a way that gets the attention of young people calling this younger generation as "revolutionary" to change the world for the imminent coming of the Lord Jesus. These young people from elementary school age to those in High school colleges and Universities are told that by joining this religious revival they are not conforming but are rejecting conformity to the current materialistic commercial pop culture and therefore are the true radicals and revolutionaries. They are told they are in a war to destroy the old order anti-God secularism and the religious establishment which is characterized as being spiritually dead and has little to do with God's teachings. As Lou Engle gets thousands of young people to attend religious gatherings he then says that the success of these events is a sign from God.

Lou Engle compares this "last generation" to playing the role which John the Baptist played in spreading the word that the Messiah had come. Holy Revolutionaries calling out to him day and night.

Our vision is to prepare thousands of full-time intercessory missionaries who, like John the Baptist, live a lifestyle of discipline and devotion to God. As forerunner messengers, their lives and voices cry out, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” We invite you to visit us online and in person. Join with us as we set our hearts to love God, worship Him alone, and dedicate our lives to serving Him without reservation; to demonstrate our love for others in works of service, justice, outreach, and compassion; and to proclaim the return of Jesus.

History of the Prayer Movement

Around 1000 BC, King David established a tabernacle in Jerusalem and set a precedent of night and day worship before the Lord that continued at various times throughout Israel and Judah's history. Each time this order of worship was reintroduced, spiritual breakthrough, deliverance and military victory followed. Likewise, throughout the centuries, groups in Ireland, Germany, South Korea, and elsewhere across the globe have established day and night centers of prayer and worship. Following in this tradition, in 1999 the International House of Prayer started a prayer and worship meeting in Kansas City that has continued to this day.


also see: August 05, 2009 Why is Lou Engle a Lightning Rod? Beyond Grace blogAug. 5,2009

...Engle has espoused a thesis or prophetic insight regarding the War Between the States(1) . In this thesis he states, with the implied endorsement of God, that "The Civil War was the day for reckoning for America for the bloodshed of slavery – 600,000 men died in the God’s day of reckoning in America for slavery." In other words, he states that 600,000 were killed for a "blood atonement."

He goes on to make an analogy between the issue of slavery and the issue of abortion.

...In essence, he suggests that today, as then, there is now a national blood-guilt that must be atoned for.

The issue is this: can there be any further atonement - or was the sacrificial death of our Lord on the cross all-sufficient for all-time? Engle implies that is was NOT, and I'm having a hard time with this. Quoting Engle "It is not enough that Jesus died. Someone must apply the blood of Jesus to the national sin of (the) USA." To accomplish this, Engle calls for a priestly ministry "to bring forth the blood of the Lamb on behalf of shed blood."

...While some might accept the suggestion that some sort of priestly ministry could somehow function in an atoning manner, Engle goes on to suggest the slaughter of multitudes to appease a blood-thirsty God if we do not repent. And again, he uses the example of the War Between the States as proof

...God raises up intercessors who stand before Him to stop God’s judgment. The intercessor says, “God kill me before You kill them.” We do not need intercessors to call down judgment but those who cry for mercy. Judgment will come automatically because of sin unless the plea of mercy stops God by this in friendship with Him. We want to be intercessors for America as God’s friends who call God to remember and hold back His hand of judgment and show mercy.

Therefore He said that He would destroy them, Had not Moses His chosen one stood before Him in the breach, to turn away His wrath, lest He destroy them. (Ps. 106:23)

Blood pollution comes on the land when innocent blood is shed. That sacrificing of babies is fueling the demonization of our nation. A day for reckoning is coming to the US without God’s mercy through intercessors and action to stop abortion.

They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons, 38 and shed innocent blood,the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood…. Therefore the wrath of the LORD was kindled against His people, so that He abhorred His own inheritance. (Ps. 106:37-40)

...God’s justice may be slow in the way it is meted out. However, suddenly in one generation the reckoning is required for the sins of past generations. Lincoln cried out that God’s judgments would come to the US because of slavery. Lincoln understood the Civil War was God’s judgment on America.

"Whoever sheds man's blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man. (Gen. 9:6)

Q. The Civil War was the day for reckoning for America for the bloodshed of slavery – 600,000 men died in God’s day of reckoning in America for slavery. If we do not deal with this blood in the court of man, then it will be dealt with in the court of God...

R. What will it mean for God to deal with us for the shed blood of 50 million.

And what is also disturbing is that "The Call" is connected with more extrmist Reconstuctionist/Dominionist groups;

The Call & Joel's Army & Elijah lists

Joel's Army and The Call
Submitted by Kyle on August 28, 2008 at rightwingwatch People For The Amrtican Way
We wrote about The Call a few times before the rally on the National Mall earlier this month, but the Southern Poverty Law Center has released a fascinating new report entitled "Arming" for Armageddon that puts its activities in an entirely new light.

It turns out that The Call and its founder Lou Engle are closely aligned with a militant Christian dominionist movement called "Joels Army" run by self-proclaimed prophet and faith-healer Todd Bentley:

also see: The Rise of Lou Engel by Kyle at right Wing Watch/People For The American Way on October 29, 2008

and so it goes,

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