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Karl Rove (Mr.Integrity) & Bush Senior Rightwing Victims of Liberal Media /MSNBC Biased Smear Campaign ? "Cry Me A River"!!!

UPDATE: Oct. 19 2:39 PM

George H. W. Bush continues with smear on Americans who are not supporters of Republicans, the former Bush/Cheney Regime and who in his view against all logic support Barack Obama and the Democrats. Bush senior is just adding to the Attacks by Fox News and Glenn Beck and others blaming "liberals', progressives and socialists Muslims etc. for mess the US in and for the poisonous political/social environment. Ron Suskind thinks Bush senior was really trying to distance himself and traditional Republicans and conservatives from Fox News Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh unjustifiable rhetoric.

Over and over again as Liberals and progressives and even moderates respond to attacks from the Political Right, the Neocons, the Republicans, the Religious Right and their Media Superstar personalities the Rightwing acts as if they are the victims of a "liberal Media /MSNBC Campaign and conspiracy to spout (in their view) lies and propaganda against the right even though more often than not the Right stated the whole cycle by smaerin "liberals" or Obama or his colleagues and even his supporters. Are Americans not intelligent or well informed enough to see throug all this Rightwing posturing.

MSNBC -Rachell Maddow
George H.W. Bush: Olbermann And Maddow Are "Sick Puppies" Oct. 16, 2009

First a little review of what The Republicans and the Bush/Cheney Regime lied about to push their own agenda at the cost of thousands of the lives of young Americans. They lied then and they continue to and blame everybody else the intelligence community , the evil liberals and Democrats and the anti-war protesters etc. The Religious Right is not complaining because they want more disorder and chaos in the Middle East cause then it means the Endtimes are near. The War Profiteers and military related industries are happy because the last eight years were a boom time for them. And while Obama thinks the best thing to do is to shove all these lies and propaganda down the memory hole Karl Rove , Cheney,Bill Kristol & Fox News just see this as weakness and so they are attacking him like the bullies and junkyard dogs that they are.

Bush Administration's Lies

And From Mister Integrity St. Karl Rove
If Karl Rove says it ;it must be true .So Fox News he thinks is the best news channel in the world and he is unbiased oh yeah he works for fox for a few million a year. But surely Mister Integrity himself Karl Rove would never lie about Fox News or Obama or Weapons of Mass Destruction, Saddam Huessin, Saddam's fictional ties to Al qaeda and 9/11 attack or about torture renditions or how the Iraq War was won in under three months or that American soldiers never killed any Iraqi civilians, or obliterated whole towns with White Phosphorus and Hallibuton , KBR, Blackwater were always honest and never defrauded the US government and its not his fault Cheney sent US soldiers into conflict without enough training or an understanding of Iraq culture language or religion or that soldiers lacked basic armor and vehicles for in a war theater and not vehicles suitable for Sunset Strip and Malibu.Besides Karl Rove Cheney and their Superduberpatiots believe any US soldier who complains is not a real American and should be deported or not let back into the country of the free.

Fox News Slams White House In Ongoing Feud

So here's a few clips On Mister Integrity himself Karl Rove . He was and is a consummate liar. He doesn't see it that way his world view is he believes beyond truth and ethics as a neoconservative and a follower of Machiavelli and who believes in Nietzsche's notion of the Uberman or overman (superman) who is beyond Good and Evil he therefore answers to no one. Unfortunately far too many politicians , bureaucrats and journalists have bought into the notion of "Spin" & Public Relations and all's fair in politics and that loyalty to those in your political party and to old friends and cronies is more important than doing the right thing or doing what's in the best interest of one's nation and its citizenry.

Karl Rove Lies on meet the Press

Matt Cooper Proves that Karl Rove is a liar

McClellan says Rove is lying about Plame, shoulda been fired

Rove Called Out For Iraq Lies by DCCC Chairman Van Hollen

as Bill Moyers points out when Karl Rove resigned far too many journalists(so called) applauded Karl Rove for his service to the country forgetting that he had created a mess and that young Americans were coming home in caskets in part because of Karl Roves scheming and lies. He made himself a number of well placed and extremely rich people so he will be getting favors from them for years to come. And yet after all the lying and scheming Karl Rove still gets treated like Kristol, Cheney , Condi Rice , Gonzales etc. as if they had succeeded in eliminating America's debt rather than worsening or as if they had brought about world peace or managed to bring all Americans together rather than creating divisiveness .


11th Hour Warning From A Friend...Stop Obama Now
October 18, 2009

Using Rush limbaugh's loss of bid for NFL to attack so called "liberal Media Bias".
Kristol and all go after MSNBC and Keith Olbermann and Obama.
They blame Obama and his supporters for wrecking the economy and making a mess of The War on Terror
Fox News and the Republicans and the Rightwing act as if they are victims. Didn't they have their chance at the bat during the eight years of Bush and they blew it taking on an unnecessary war, destroying the US economy in their anti-regulation mania while world opinion turned against the United States . Bush racked up a monumental deficit by a spending spree to help his friends in private industry Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater etc. Billions of government funds poured into these corporation who defrauded the US government and the people of the United States in the tune of a few billion. Meanwhile Kristol, Glenn Beck get their "painties all in a bunch" over a community organizer such as ACORN which only received 54 million over 15 years. And Kristol and Glenn Beck get upset because of charges of racism in their all-out media war against ACORN which mainly helps Blacks and Hispanics and the poor rather than a bunch of rich white guys.


Karl Rove lies again about Iraq claiming Iraq was strong enough to take over all of the Middle East. Yet Iraq was a broken state by the time of the 2003 invasion.
The other issue here in this clip is that the Bush Regime only had vague plans about what to do once they invaded and conquered Iraq but Rove ignores this question accusing the interviewer of having a "Pre-9/11 Mindset". So after 9/11 according to Rove truth and facts no longer mattered. What mattered to him and the American people was that the government take decisive action and invent imminent threats if necessary. As the neoconservatives believed that in order to control the government and the citizenry it was and is necessary to engage in perpetual war and propaganda.

Karl Rove: Dick Cheney 1994 Statements about Iraq Correct

It is rather disturbing that so many Americans & Main Stream Media have now forgotten that the Bush Regime including Dick Cheney, Karl Rove , Condoleeza Rice lied over and over again in order to justify going to war against Iraq. It is of course understandable that the citizenry of a nation would not want to think that their nation was capable of committing such a crime. It means that the 4,000 dead American soldiers died unnecessarily except to continue to justify the war. To pull out of Iraq in 2003 or later would have been an acceptance that the administration had lied to the American people and that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and was not an imminent threat to Israel or the United States.
Bill Moyers' Journal Buying the War part 4

Bill Moyers Buy the war Part 5

and a funny song/parody -much is true in this video but not all-I don't believe 9/11 was an inside job mainly because it was too successful these clowns botched everything except when it came to Propaganda.

Mad Cowboy Disease

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