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Bill Moyers:Health Care The Fix is in & Similarities between Hitler And Religious & Political Right

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(Mein Kampf) may well be called a kind of satanic Bible. To the author-although he was shrewd enough not to state it explicitly himself, but to have it said by his spiritual adviser, Alfred Rosenberg-the belief in human equality is a kind of hypnotic spell exercised by world-conquering Judaism with the help of the Christian Churches. Later the Jews invented the mass-seduction of liberal democracy; in the last stage Marxism was their tool. By preaching the principle of human equality, Judaism has attempted to extirpate the feeling of pride from the soul of the Aryan race, to rob them of their leadership.To give back to these noble races their former consciousness of superiority by inculcating the the principle that men are not equal is the theoretical purpose of Mein Kampf.

From :Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler trans. by Ralph Manheim Introduction by Konrad Heiden 1971 p.19

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Alan Grayson says Democrats should fight for comprehensive health care because it is what most Americans want. Unfortunately money talks and the Health Care industry have deep pockets and too many US politicians are for sale a million or so each.

Rachel Maddow Interviews Rep. Alan Grayson About GOP Attacks

Anyway I would like to begin with the above quote that grabbed my attention from the introduction to Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf in order to compare this analysis with the aims, agenda, motivations of the Republicans, the Conservative movement and the Religious Right in the United States. The Religious Right and others who are against a number of policies of the Obama administration have at times compared Obama and his policies to Adolph Hitler . This belief is argued for by drawing similarities in some programs or the use of certain language but they are unable to find any concrete evidence for their Conspiracy theories.

In part it can be argued that the Conservative movement and the Religious Rights rhetoric and proposals can also be smeared by the same technique.
It is interesting at least that there are certain points on which Hitler and these contemporary movements agree . This does not mean that their social and political program and agenda are exactly that of Hitler but have similar characteristics at least on the surface.

The more radical and murderous proposals as part of his his program as such is grounded more in his own twisted personality than in ideology. For instance he erroneously blamed various groups for the mess that Germany found itself in after the first world war . Even the war itself was lost not because of overwhelming forces on the other side but because of treachery by the Jews and others ( the stab in the back).

Hitler believed that Germany and the German people the Folk and other members of the pure Aryan race were superior to all other peoples and nations. He believed it was the Aryan Race which had been the force behind the creation of European civilization but it was being undermined quite purposely by the "Jews" whom he believed were involved in a world wide conspiracy to control not just Germany but all nations as the hidden hand behind all actions all wars & conflicts.

Note: when we say as we often do something is similar to like something else this does not mean that they are exactly the same in all respects.For instance in comparing social and political movements an aspect which is similar to that of another movement in one instance may be mere rhetoric , bombast without any real agenda to actually carried out.

The main reason for making the comparison to some of the stated motivations and principles of Adolph Hitler is that the Radical Rightwing Movement has "opened the door" to such comparisons by using comparisons to Hitler & the Nazis as attacks on President Obama and his administration ie they claim Obama's healthcare plan would be used for setting up a Eugenics program to distinguish between useful citizens and those who are not who should then not be given any help and possibly encouraged to commit suicide or be left to die or even executed.

Many Religious Right Evangelicals themselves have little or no sympathy for the poor who they refer to as being too lazy to work and should therefore should be left to die.

They also target certain groups as having a pernicious evil effect on the rest of society so they should be marginalized and segregated from the rest of society ie Gays,Muslims, legal & ill-legal immigrants who refuse to assimilate especially Latinos whom they erroneously claim are an unhealthy influence in America through crime ,drugs, disease and are a drain on the economy ,etc.

The Republicans and the Religious Right in the US have similar views as those of Adolpn Hitler which match up as it were on the surface ; the problem for researchers is to attempt to discover how deeply held these views are.
They believe not everyone is equal some people having more intelligence, more imagination, more energy , more ambition, are driven are able to make themselves successful and /or quite wealthy while others lack these qualities.

They also like Hitler are anti-Liberal democracy and anti-liberalism which believes in tolerance, diversity, pluralism, multiculturalism, religious freedom and inclusiveness which is always expanding to include which previously were misunderstood and so treated unfairly.
They like Hitler believe in a form of super-patriotism
Real Americans we are told believe in American exceptionalism which implies that all other nations and peoples are inferior to America and Americans. They tell us that their system of governance is by far superior to all others.

They tell us that America's history is to be admired by all other nations.

They tell us that America's economic system of the free market place and unfettered Capitalism is the best system in the world which all other nations should accept as their own.
They tell us that all other economic systems are inherently unjust because they over tax the wealthy and place too many arbitrary rules and regulation on businesses not allowing them to grow naturally.
They tell us this is why President Obama should not have apologized to the rest of the world for the mistakes it has made. Being an exceptional country it is by definition impossible for America to make mistakes or to treat other nations or peoples unjustly.They tell us that America exists today in the form that it does due to Divine intervention in the war of Independence against Great Britain and in the Civil War , First and Second World wars , Vietnam to its fight against Communism and its War with Iraq and Afghanistan.

They tell us that each president of America has been chosen by God to further in some way the Divine agenda.

They tell us from the religious point of view this principle of exceptionalism and Divine Providence makes it impossible for America to make a mistake for whatever America does is by definition part of God's plan for America and humankind.

The more religious Americans tell us that God has chosen America to bring the word of God to the rest of the heathen fallen world.
America is the country chosen by God to help usher in the Biblical Endtimes

They believe that by preaching the Gospel to the world so that each and every person understands the Gospel and either accepts or rejects it.

Those rejecting the Gospel reject Christianity and God and are therefore on the side of Satan and the Anti-Christ.

They believe it appears that these people who have rejected the Gospel and God are not deserving of mercy or compassion.

Pat Buchanan , Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and other white Christian Americans tell us that America and Western civilization were built by White Christian males who therefore should be treated with the respect they deserve.

So when it comes to those who are not Americans by birth or geography or who have have not assimilated to its culture they are seen as inferior , as mere brutes, or as enemies of America and of True Christianity as defined by certain Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians.

Hitler also believed he was on a special mission by God to reform the churches and return them to a purer form of Christianity in which Jesus is quite capable of violence when necessary and often spoke of bringing a sword and that his teaching would cause divisiveness in families and nations as each person decide on whose side they were on. Hitler referred to himself as a sleepwalker being guided by God or destiny.

( this is very similar for instance to certain Pentecostal groups, the Southern Baptists Convention,organizations such as Coral Ridge Ministries, Lou Engle of The Call, Ron Luce of Battlecry, Francis Schaeffer, James Kennedy, Dobson, Randall Terry, Ollie North, Gary Bauer Tony Perkins etc who believe that if one finds Jesus and is born again it may be necessary to cut their ties with friends and family or colleagues so much for Family Values)

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