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Glenn Beck Is To Be Worshiped & Adored : Shep Smith LOu Dobbs the Other Fanatic & Racist

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Let the madness continue...

Shep Smith used to be funny til they sent him a memo.
Glenn Beck to be worshiped & adored
Fear Chamber
Shepard Smith Goofs on Glenn Beck!
Shep has some fun goofing around about Glenn Beck's Big Event today. Chris Wallace has a few choice words, and Beck himself gets interviewed.

Glenn Beck confuses fictional Jack Bauer with Reality
and so concerned about veterans once Obama's in power during Bush years any serving soldier or retired who complained was called a phony soldier.

Glenn Beck & Chris Wallace reading from the same telepromter & Karl Rove's Talking Points Memo.

Fox "News" vs. Fox "Opinion"

It is unfortunate that so many of sincere American citizens have been duped by Lou Dobbs and his lies , exaggerations, distortions, fabrications, slander, smears, & racist views about Latinos and undocumented persons in the United States. To fit with his own racist views he just makes stuff up or relies on dubious, questionable information from biased rightwing Think Tanks which manipulate statistics and studies to fit with their own racist Xenophobic, Nativist agenda. But unfortunately there are others who are as hate-filled or simply misinformed or misguided who help Lou Dobbs and his attacks on illegal-and legal immigrants. They include Glenn Beck, Bill O'reilly, Michael Savage Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh ,Michele Bachmann, Tom Tancredo, Ann Coulter Laura Ingraham , Pamella Stellar at Atlas Shrugs etc.all of whom are proud of their racist viewpoint which they refer to as "racial realism" or Racialism.

These same folks also hate all Muslims including Muslim Americans whom they see as forming a fifth column in the United States and who are now joining the Illegal-Latino Immigrants to undermine America's traditional values and its way of life.

Given their own view of life it is no wonder that these Nativists don't trust Latinos or Muslim Americans or African Americans etc. Their view is that of a form of conservative social Darwinism which states emphatically that life is a struggle in which it is a matter of the survival of the fittest so they reject notions such as cooperation, bi-partisanship, working together , sharing the wealth of the country to its citizens And they hate notions such as Empathy and altruism just read your Leo Strauss & Ayn Rand . Both of these so called political and social philosophers believed in the inequality of man . They believed in classes which are a matter of genetics or culture & socialization but in essence they reject any notion of equality at birth or otherwise. They believe in a strict dichotomy of winner take all and that it is not how you play the game but whether or not you win or lose., and the dialectic & dualistic thinking of Good vs Evil, Saints Vs Sinners, Demons Vs Angels.

Lou Dobbs a problem for CNN

Tom Tancredo compares human rights group ALa Raza to the Ku Klux Klan Of course one gets the impression that Tancredo like others of his xenophobic, Nativist ilk longs for the days before there was desegregation in America. But it is not politically astute to attack African Americans though his view Latinos, Mexican-Americans, Hispanic Americans are "Fair Game"- it is the new improved Brand of acceptable racism in America -so who's with the Klan ??? -
So Mr. Tancredo how many white people has La Raza "Lynched"- how many times have Latinos forced all non-latinos to sit at the back of the bus, or refused to serve White Americans in their restaurants , or made White kids attend second rate schools , or told white Americans if they tried to register to vote or to vote they would be beaten or their whole family "Lynched" The accusation that they in any way are similar to the KKK is nonsense its like saying NAACP is like the Klan because the organization was formed to deal with issues concerning African-Americans.

And make no mistake those who are most vocal about illegal-immigrants are also pushing for tighter controls and fewer legal-immigrants-some argue into the United States (as they also argue here in Canada) that the immigrants allowed in should reflect our existing population ie mainly white Christian Europeans should get put to the head of the line etc. These restrictions are in effect just another form of racism no matter how they try to dress it up. So they want strict controls of Muslims and people of other religions they don't like.

These people mainly whites fear that they may in the future not be the the majority.These racist in earlier times feared the Irish immigrants the majority of whom were Catholic, the Asian immigrants or Eastern Europeans or the Jews. These xenophobic fears change & morph with the passage of time.

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