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ACORN Gutted: Rachel Maddow Asks Who's Next & Republicans: "The Chicago Way"

UPDATE: 6:06 PM , Oct. 3, 2009

Advice For Obama- The Chicago Way

So "this is how its done he pulls a knife you pull a gun...; that's the Chicago way" Sean Connery
The Chicago Way -From The Untouchables-

Jimmy Malone tells Eliot Ness what it will take to get Al Capone.

"That Blackwater Inc. received as much money in one day of operation as ACORN received over 20 years"
Jeremy Scahill
Anyway in this scenario being played out by President Obama it is the Republicans and their media henchmen who are "The Untouchables"

If Obama wanted to get the Republicans he should be willing to play rough because they are in no mood to compromise or help Obama and if he shows signs of weakness as he has done over and over again these bastards will just go after him and everyone around him with even more determination. They made him capitulate over investigating Bush and Co. for various crimes renditions, abuse , torture and murder of detainees and their Kangaroo Courts and their wiretapping and taking America into an unnecessary war in Iraq billions of dollars have gone missing and they have caused the deaths of 5,000 US soldiers and 1,000,000 (one million) Iraqis they took out Van Jones and now ACORN they are destroying Obama's so called health care reform and who's next. He says he's "all fired up" but for what making more speeches.

First They Came for ACORN... But Who's Next?
Sept. 30. 2009 Rachel Maddow via CommonDreams

Republican and Democrats hypocrisy over ACORN. ACORN has been targeted by the Republicans going back at least five years. Bush Cheney Karl Rove hated ACORN because it was successful in getting large numbers of poorer Americans registered to vote which they feared would cost Bush the 2004 election and later in 2006 ACORN's activities cost a number of Republicans re-election. Of course it had nothing to do with Bush's failed policies and an unpopular War in Iraq or concerned about executive over-reach or that the divide between rich Americans and average Americans had grown into a mighty chasm.



In an earlier post I was looking at the remote possibility of a Coup D'etat to remove Obama in response to John Perry's suggestion that this might be the only way to save America from Obama. I argued that such an event though unlikely might be undertaken if the Republicans, the Religious Right , Fox News , Glenn Beck etc. couldn't find a legal way to remove him or by using pressure get him to step down. It was also note that an attempt at a coup had occurred at least twice in America's history.

Now with the issue of the ACORN scandal if the Republicans, the Uberconservatives and the Religious Right and their rightwing megaphone at Fox News & CNN & Talk Radio can get enough traction and convince a large enough or a noisy segment of the American populace to put pressure on the Congress & Senate etc. they could either investigate Obama's connections ACORN and muddy the waters enough to neutralize his presidency or get him to step down or impeach Obama. This is another tactic which has the possibility of making Obama into a lame duck president or get him removed. Of course if this ACORN strategy doesn't work they will move onto some other strategy. But there is also the danger that once this scandal gets out of control or other invented controversies if the the Democrats or Republicans cannot or will not remove Obama then again there is the possibility of massive demonstrations finaced by the wealthy conservative in the United States to put pressure on Obama to resign or at that point a bloodless coup could be justified to the American people after being fed a constant diet of rumor, half-truths, misinformation and a host of conspiracy theories. The sort of common sense Faux Populist like Glenn Beck, Limbaug, Dobbs and Hannity would say if there's smoke then there must be fire and so for the good of the country they might argue Obama should step down or be removed by whatever means necessary.

Flaherty: ACORN is 'Big Laundromat' for Money

Jason Leopold argues that the Bush Regime and Karl Rove had targeted ACORN over five years ago.And so what is happening now is just a continuation of that war against ACORN to smear it and destroy the organization by whatever means necessary. What he argues is that many of the allegations against ACORN are either not true, or have been exaggerated and blown all out of proportion. Yes ACORN over the years has had problems mainly with dealing with employees who lied or didn't fulfill their responsibilities , their work was shoddy , unprofessional and possibly criminal.

The Republicans and their Media Echo cnhamber have made enough noise about ACORN tha a bill was passed to defund them and Obama said ACORN deserved to be investigated. At the same time Obama still laughs at the idea of investigating the Bush Regime for renditions, abuse, torture and murder of detainees or of investigating them for their abuse of power to take the US into an unnecessary war in Iraq.

Ah well only 5,000 soldiers did in the war no biggie- as for the one million dead Iraqis who cares -Americans & most of the West & Christendom couldn't care less allthey are worried about is their steady oil supplies. Meanwhile the harassment and witch-hunt conducted by Bush & Karl Rove against ACORN is ignored by President Obama and the Republicans . Its not like ACORN represents some Big Corporation too Big to Fail or some wealthy campaign donor to the Republicans who all get forgiven for their wrong doing as Maddow points out about Blackwater, KBR, Haliburton etc.

So what's a few billion between friends as opposed to some organization for the most part representing poor people and staffed by mainly Blacks and Hispanics-its not like these people are really connected or part of the American elite. In this case even Obama, Bidden, Hilary etc. are quite willing to do a Clinton & throw ACORN under the bus for if proven defrauding the government out of a measly ten or more million while Halibuton & others defrauded the government out of hundreds of millions but they have many more friends in high places and that's what counts . Bail out banks and investment agencies and obscure finacial traders while average Americans making less than Glenn Beck's 23 million a year are still losing their jobs and homes.

The other question is how many more people and organizations will Obama throw under the Bus before taking a stand or will this just continue for the next three years as Obama back-peddles on his campaign promises. is this part of his deal to take down one community activist organization after another. Every time there is push back he caves in.

Karl Rove And The Republican War Against ACORN By Jason Leopold The Public Record Sept. 25th, 2009

In recent days, the Washington Post, the New York Times and other major news outlets have recounted the “troubled” history of the poor people’s advocacy group ACORN, but left out the five-year anti-ACORN campaign led by White House adviser Karl Rove and other Republican operatives.

Dropped down the memory hole is the fact that ACORN was at the center of the so-called “prosecutor-gate” scandal, when the Bush administration pressured U.S. Attorneys to bring indictments over the grassroots group’s voter-registration drives and then fired some prosecutors who resisted what they viewed as a partisan strategy not supported by solid evidence.

The latest furor over ACORN was touched off by conservative filmmaker James E. O’Keefe III and a right-wing columnist who posed as a couple planning to buy a house for use as a brothel and getting advice from a few ACORN employees, rather than being turned away.

...Stark Juxtaposition

That juxtaposition is a stark example of how Republicans – aided by the giant megaphone of the right-wing media – continue to keep Democrats on the defensive, while evidence of Republican guilt gets little sustained attention except at a handful of Internet sites.

That pattern holds true even for issues connected to ACORN.

For instance, much less media interest followed the House Judiciary Committee’s August release of Bush administration e-mails related to the role that Rove and other Bush administration officials played in the firings of nine U.S. attorneys amid a Republican effort to target ACORN’s voter- registration work during the 2004 presidential election between President George W. Bush and Sen. John Kerry.

Two of the nine U.S. Attorneys who were fired in 2006 were targeted because they refused to bring criminal charges against individuals affiliated with ACORN. The firing of another U.S. Attorney was due, in large part, to his refusal to convene a grand jury and secure a voter-fraud indictment against individuals, some of who were affiliated with ACORN.

In a May 2, 2005, Rove deputy Scott Jennings sent to another Rove protégé Tim Griffin an e-mail, which said that in the fall of 2004, Bernalillo County’s Republican Sheriff Darren White and Pat Rogers and Mickey Barnett, Republican Party operatives in New Mexico, turned over hundreds of “suspected fraudulent voter registration forms” handled by ACORN workers. The e-mail was also forwarded to Leslie Fahrenkopf, Bush’s associate counsel.

In 2004, New Mexico was considered a swing state in the Bush-Kerry race and Bernalillo County had been targeted by ACORN for a major grassroots effort to register voters, which resulted in about 65,000 newly registered voters, many of who were low-income and minorities who tend to vote for Democrats.

Sheriff White challenged the integrity of some of the names on the voter registration rolls, according to then-New Mexico U.S. Attorney David Iglesias in his book, In Justice: Inside the Scandal that Rocked the Bush Administration. White held a press conference along with other Republican officials in the county to call attention to the matter.

“The purported examples that were then produced included a woman who had correctly filled out two different registrations with slightly different signatures and another in which a husband, with his wife’s permission, had signed her name to the form,” Iglesias wrote. “It was demanded that I take action against what was perceived as rampant abuse of the system.”

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