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Fox News : The Rightwing Propaganda Network Upset Obama Dares To Fight Back & Arpaio Targets ACORN

UPDATE: 12:45 PM Oct. 24, 2009

From: FIRM Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Can we shut this guy down yet?
October 16, 2009
· ( FIRM : The Fair Immigration Reform Movement is a national coalition of grassroots organizations fighting for immigrant rights at the local, state and federal level.)

Arpaio is facing ever-increasing scrutiny over his immigration enforcement practices and is currently under a Department of Justice investigation for the countless allegations of racial profiling leveled at his agency. Apparently, Arpaio’s biggest defense was the Federal law he mentioned in the video above. The irony is, the Federal law that Arpaio cites as giving him the power to use these characteristics in his enforcement practices isn’t a law at all. In fact, its a legal analysis that was published by none other than FAIR, the anti-immigrant organization designated a hate group by the SPLC.

However, Matt Bunk of the Arizona Capitol Times points out that no such language exists in any federal immigration law and that the document that Arpaio continuously referenced and passed out at a press conference is actually a legal analysis published by a designated hate group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

When questioned about this, Arpaio admitted that it “might not be a law” but that there was “definitely a law out there” that gave him the power to do this. Basically, Arpaio is admitting that he is operating OUTSIDE of the law and has pledged that he will continue to do so, regardless of how far the administration goes in reigning in his powers.

Fox News' War on the White House

And Rachell Maddow points out the Conservative movement & the Republicans are arguing that Obama be impeached and they are not joking .So where's the Fair and Balance on the right whether it is Worldnetdaily or Fox News. Republican are unable or unwilling to accept that they lost to Obama in a fair & legal election. They believe that Obama won because somehow or other he fixed the election or won it because he lied about being an American citizen or that he secretly wanted to destroy America or turn it into a socialist or an Islamic state etc.

Rachel Maddow Goes After "WorldNetDaily"

And Sean Hannity proves that he and Fox News are out to smear Obama and everyone around him based upon the flimsiest evidence. Guilt by association or the person said something that one can use against them even if it was said twenty years ago. Sean Hannity refuses to engage Stephanopoulos 's point that no one could survive the sort of scrutiny that Hannity and others are dealing out. Their strategy is as I see it is to go after Obama like attack dogs on a daily basis so that Obama and his administration has to spend an enormous amount of time and energy responding to these attacks. Maybe Obama should do as conservatives do and hire a Public Relations firm just to focus on the lies and misinformation of Fox News and Worldnetdaily and the Conservative Caucus (Howard Phillips).
George Stephanopoulos Scolds Sean Hannity For Smearing Obama Appointee

Tent City by OutLaw Fleetwood

And Sheriff Arpaio Targets ACORN hated by the Rightwing Nutters & Fox news because they help poor people and blacks and Hispanics to register to vote.
In Glenn Beck's Good old Days in the 1950s to mid 1960s elected officials went out of their way to stop black & Hispanic Americans from voting. Glenn Beck & Fox News are pod because they believe ACORN and other community organizing groups helped to get the vote out which defeated the Republicans. As Rightwing /Conservative Movement organizer Ralph Reed in 1994 said the fewer people that vote the better it is for the Republicans and the right. Those on the right believe that America started to go downhill when the right to vote for Black Americans and everyone else was by law protected and so the White Privileged Class could no longer prevent people from voting with impunity.

Their hatred of ACORN has much to do with any organization helping African-Americans or poor people to vote especially in view of the fact that these people might vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Republicans and the Conservative Movement is only in favor of Democracy and the right to vote when they are in the winning position.

Sheriff Joe’s Got Arizona ACORN in his Crosshairs, Plus a Black Cowboy from Tucson’s Got a Rap for Our Loony Lawman by Stephen Lemons, Feathered Bastard Sept. 22, 2009


Arpaio's bogus subpoena was two things: an attempt to climb aboard the wingnut-driven bash-ACORN bandwagon and maybe score an appearance on über-fool Glenn Beck's TV or radio program and a stab at ACORN after four of its people, including Monica Sandschafer, were acquitted in Encanto Justice Court by Justice of the Peace C. Steven McMurry.

ACORN was the political right's punching bag during President Barack Obama's rise to prominence and has continued to be its punching bag since Obama was elected POTUS. The 30-year-old organization is known for its work with the poor on issues like housing and predatory lending practices, but it took center stage by backing Obama's campaign and by helping to register at least a half-million people to vote nationwide.

The right's responded with outrage and claims of fraud. But as's Joe Conason recently pointed out in a vigorous defense of ACORN, the proportion of any actual fraud has been "infinitesimal."

"Over the past several years, a handful of ACORN employees have admitted falsifying names and signatures on registration cards, in order to boost the pay they received," Conason wrote. "When ACORN officials discovered those cases, they informed the state authorities and turned in the miscreants."

The most recent round of fake outrage on the right has come courtesy of two tres conservative 20-somethings, James E. O'Keefe III and Hannah Giles, who punked various ACORN offices around the country with Ashton Kutcher-like gotcha videos featuring O'Keefe as a pimp in a wide-brimmed hat and Giles as a 'ho in a short skirt. They look so ridiculous and act like such unvarnished fakers that it's amazing they weren't kicked to the curb everywhere they went.

The con didn't always work. In some cases, he and his faux hoochie-mama were booted out. In Philadelphia, the ACORN office filed a police report on the pair after they came in with their cock 'n' bull tale of smuggling in underage prostitutes from El Salvador.

...Well, why do you think it was issued? Sure, Joe would like to find out what ACORN, which has opposed Arpaio's racial-profiling sweeps, may have told the feds. After all, ACORN was instrumental in getting the House Judiciary Committee to hold hearings on the 287(g) program and Arpaio in April, and ACORN's anti-Joe activism also helped egg on the Justice Department to investigate claims that Arpaio's violated the constitutional rights of the people his gendarmes halt. Any info Arpaio's attorneys can glean for him through communications between ACORN and the DOJ will be helpful to Joe, despite the fact that this has nothing to do with the Melendres suit.

Also, we all know Joe loves being on the TeeVee. So it would surprise few if we were to discover that Arpaio asked his faithful poodle Casey to subpoena ACORN in a vain attempt to score Arpaio's flaccid jowls some airtime. As Bodney points out above, ACORN is red hot now. And Arpaio has to strike the proverbial iron if he's to get coverage.

The other reason for the subpoena and for Arpaio's new obsession with the org? Not only is this the group that convinced Sharpton he should come to Phoenix to denounce Arpaio (Sharpton and ACORN's Bertha Lewis go way back), it's also the one that recently whipped his hide in justice court, beating the rap on charges brought against four ACORN activists for disorderly conduct when they applauded during a Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Meeting in December 2008.

Idiotic in the extreme? Hell, yes. But, hey, this is Maricopa County, with a backward voting majority that keeps electing Joe. The ACORNers, which included Sandschafer, Kristy Theilen, Jason Odhner, and Joel Nelson, were arrested by MCSO deputies and had to spend 10 hours in jail while getting processed. Raquel Teran, an organizer with Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability, was later cited by the MCSO for the same disruptive clapping, even though applause is not proscribed by the Board of Supervisors' rules of conduct.


And the Right claims they are not attacking Obama merely reporting what "the Evil Islamic AntiChrist Socialist Fascistic Bastard is doing to America so bend over America grab your ankles and take it like a man." (Note:This is satirical but not necessarily funny-GORD.)
Todays Headlines from Worldnetdaily:

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
FCC not only agency seeking media regulation
Obama chief Sunstein drew up 'New Deal Fairness Doctrine'

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Sunstein urges: Abolish marriage
Adviser compares institution to country club membership

What God has joined together ...
Sound off on Sunstein's call to abolish government sanctioning of marriage

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Catholic League: Why does Obama like 'Christian basher'
'Remember … Jennings was chosen to instruct youth on moral matters'

Obama: Policy 'czars' won't testify before Congress
Decision senators say goes against president's promises of transparency
--Washington Times

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Meet White House adviser who supports Islamic law
Muslim leader says Dalia Mogahed 'shares the outlook of Islamists in Egypt, Pakistan'

McCain blocks Obama Labor nominee
Critics troubled by Becker's controversial writings, legal-advocacy work
--Fox News

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Under Obama, Chicago-style bullying and intimidation go nationwide

And more conspiracy theories such as the North American Union , One World Government, Islam taking over America from the inside, Illegal-alien invasions as part of Illuminati/ Islamic /United Nations conspiracy -or the "Swine Flu inoculation conspiracy", or the Birther conspiracy etc. The Nutters have taken over the Republican party & no one is safe.

from World Net Daily :

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