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Alan Grayson 44,000 Americans Die Each Year Due to Lack of Adequate Health Care- It is a Life & Death Issue

The United States stands alone among industrialized
nations in not providing health coverage
to all of its citizens. Currently, 46 million
Americans lack health coverage.1 Despite repeated
attempts to expand health insurance,
uninsurance remains commonplace among US

From:Health Insurance and Mortality in US Adults pdf file

The Republicans demanded that Alan Grayson apologize for offending them with his statement that the Republican did not care about the average American but rather about themselves and wealthy Americans and big corporations. In fact the Republicans and others against health care reform lack any sort of normal human compassion for their fellow citizens whom they publicly and shame-facedly claim they do care about them. If anything they are the ones who are the enemy of the American people. Glenn Beck for instance makes 23 million a year so what would he know about the average American.
Rep. Alan Grayson discussed the study, which shows that 44,000 people in America die every year due to a lack of health care insurance.

Alan Grayson on the GOP Health Care Plan: "Don't Get Sick! And if You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!"'

Once again the Republicans and their Media Echo-Chamber prove their hypocrisy . They criticize Alan Grayson for daring to call the Republicans the "Party of No", Obstructionists, in the pay of the Health Insurance Industry and Nattering Nabobs of Negativity ( Spiro Agnew coined phrase) and knuckle dragging neanderthals... -

But Grayson also points that the Congress should not just be concerned about the unborn but also about those who have been born. The Republicans have been trying to push for various changes in the health care bills to prevent health in any way shape or form help pay for abortions or any form of birth control. The Republicans and unfortunately some Democrats are not on the side of the people when it comes to health care. They are really on the side of the corporations involved in the health care industry. The Republicans and some Democrats get large donations for their election campaigns and money for other goodies and so don't want to kill the hand that feeds them.
Meanwhile the Republicans who are against any real substantive reform of healthcare claim to be baked by a spontaneous populist grassroots protest movement. But it is Republicans and conservatives and corporations which benefit by the broken & outdated healthcare system which fails to give adequate healthcare to 47 million of their own citizens who financed and created and staged a populist rebellion. Many concerned citizens of good will unfortunately became part of these protests Tea Partys Glenn Beck's 9/12 TeaParty march on Washington etc. after being fed a whole host of lies and conspiracy theories in which supposedly Obama was involved.

Many of these people were duped by a well financed and orchestrated propaganda campaign in the same way many Americans of good will were convinced by the propaganda of the Bush/Cheney/Karl Rove machine by the lies and misrepresentations they were fed for months on end in a relentless daily 24/7 that Iraq had to be invaded.

There were no WMDs, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, it had no nuclear weapons etc. And there are no "Death Panels" or FEMA concentration camps and Obama is an American citizen and not a foreign agent or the anti-Christ etc.

Meanwhile these hyper-sensitive Republicans and their media echo-chamber have called Obama various names and falsey accused him of secretly hatching various plots.
They have compared Obama's Health Care bills to the policies of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis and their Eugenics plan to get rid of the unfit mentally or physically by killing them.
They have said that Obama has a hidden agenda to make America into a totalitarian police state.
They have accused Obama of wanting to the guns away from law abiding Americvan citizens.
They have suggested that Obama is not an American citizen and therefore has no right to be president.
They have defended people who went to Town Halls not to listen or take part in a discussion even a heated one but rather to shout down the speaker and shut down these meetings.
They have also defended people's rights to show up at Town Hall meetings carrying guns.
They even saw nothing wrong with US citizens with assault weapons at Town Halls with President Obama in attendance.
They have smeared Obama with terms that are pejorative such as "socialist: Collectivist , Communist a Maoist worse than Pol Pott .
They have called Obama a racist and elitist .
They have accused Obama of giving aid and comfort to America's enemies.
They have called Obama unpatriotic, UnAmerican, a Manchurian candidate, anti-American and that he has made America less secure.
They have argued that Obama is going to have all conservatives and anyone who criticizes him or his policies put into concentration camps.
They claim Obama is denying vaccine for H1N1 in order to allow all those people not inoculated to die to reduce the population or the H1N1 vaccine itself will be used to kill people.
They have blamed Obama for helping to cause the economic meltdown in America even before he became president.
The point is the Republicans see nothing wrong with name calling and making outrageous allegations from Death Panels to FEMA Death Camps.
In the ACORN affair they accuse Obama of somehow directing Obama's operations and in 2004 & 2008 trying to use ACORN to fix the elections.

Every Half Hour Another Nicky Dies! Congressman Grayson
September 17, 2009 C-SPAN

Rep. Alan Grayson Discussed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

This is Arianna Huffington and Keith Olbermann discussing Rep. Alan Grayson's comments on the Republican health care plan on 9/30/09.

Alan Grayson on the Ed Schultz Show: Response Has Been "Overwhelmingly Positive"

Rep. Alan Grayson discusses the Republican health care plan and GOP charges about him with Ed Schultz on Oct 1, 2009.

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