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CPAC ,Rush Limbaugh and The Conservative Movement of Prayer, God , Guns , Hate & Greed

UPDATE: March 1, 5:00 PM

CPAC- Prayer, God, Guns and Greed
Idolatrous Love of a Nation -ie America
Cherry-picking the Bible - or Proof Texts
All Good Christians need to own guns
All Good Christians Hate anyone who is not an Evangelical Christian
Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount Versus Conservative Christians Beliefs
The Meek Versus the Powerful
The Poor versus the Rich
The Peacemakers versus the Gun Totting Evangelical Christians

Anyway the de facto head of the Conservative Movement in the United States Rush Limbaugh asks should Conservatives Compromise with Evil - ie liberals, Democrats and President Obama- his solution is obstructionism - do all they can to prevent Obama's policies from being enacted or carried through- he attacks the average American who has lost their jobs or houses etc. Only Conservatives and the well to do should have a say over the government or the country's policies.

Limbaugh sitting on his high horse acts as if the Conservatives and Republicans have never unfairly attacked those who criticized their views and policies. Over and over again the Bush Regime and its enablers called anyone who dared criticize President Bush as being irrational, part of the lunatic fringe as being unAmerican and traitors . Because America was supposedly at war Limbaugh and O'Reilly and Coulter etc. claimed no American should criticize the President's actions from wire-tapping to torture to war to his ineptness during Hurricane Katrina to billions of dollars contracted out and never accounted for.But its those lucrative no-bid contracts that these people love and the more pork the better except when Democrats take power then they insist on a squeaky clean administration.

"America Is Under Assault from Within" - Rush Limbaugh @ CPAC 02/28/09

and Here's commentary from CNN:

CNN Analyst: Rush Limbaugh Represents the "Angry White Man"

CNN Political Analyst William Schneider says Rush Limbaugh represents "Angry White Men" like he did in 1994 when he was the prophet of "Angry White Men":

March 1, 2009

Anyway the Conservative Movement in the United States has been holding their big conference this week The Conservative Political Action Committee. It was carried on Fox News and CNN & C-SPAN and streaming on various websites etc.

This is the time for all of the conservatives from moderates to the lunatic fringe to come together to review the past year and outline their plans for the future . This year their plan seems to be to try to start a civil war in America if they could. You see for them their worst nightmares have now come true a liberal Democrat has become president and he is black. But what's really scaring the shit out of them is that Obama is not just spouting the same old Democrat's rhetoric but he seems to be implementing more liberal and progressive type policies.

He also has a clear majority in both houses and is very popular among the American people. As these conservative have discovered the world around them is changing very quickly and far too quickly for them. They have also found during the election campaign and since that people are not so willing to buy into their fear mongering or being told that the free-market place or "laissez faire" capitalism and deregulation are good for America or for average Americans. The rich and the well connected as Obama has pointed out have done well for themselves under this system. But it was those very people whose creed was that of Greed which has brought about this economic crisis. If all that matters is getting ahead and being a winner and making more money than anyone else then where could this lead. Is Greed and prosperity the most important values which human beings are supposed to aspire to. As the song goes " Is that all there is ". So that if I prosper , have a well paying job or invest wisely or write a best selling book or whatever and become a millionaire that's all that matters. But of course the Prosperity Gospel teaches that those who prosper do so according to providence and God's Will. They will argue that you need to believe in God and the power of prayer so if you believe in God and need a new big screen plasma TV then get down on your knees and pray and maybe roll around on the floor and Speak in Tongues or even take part in an exorcism once a year or so and you will get the Big TV, the Luxury Car and the Mansion in a gated all White Community.

Meanwhile these conservatives talk about American values as being the same as Christian values . So they tell us the Bible and Christianity stand for certain values which can be realized in a political and economic ideology. That ideology appears to outsiders as being rather contradictory and at times hypocritical since according to the true believers this Christo-American Capitalist ideology they claim supports not only the " Just War " but also pre-emptive war and the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and capital punishment , and yet abhors abortion and homosexuality but is against gun control and they claim any self-respecting decent Christian conservative American must own a few guns as it is their American and Christian duty to do so. Even Tucker Carlson says he's stalking up on guns and ammo waiting for America's Second Civil War.

It also is astonishing how these conservative evangelical Christians cherry-pick the Bible or New Testament to find passages to support their own ideology and agenda. They in doing so ignore or find a different interpretation for Biblical passages which do not fit in with their ideology and agenda. So they search the Bible for passages which allow them to preach Hate against anyone who is not an Evangelical Christian or who is not an ultra-Conservative capitalists or who may question some of the policies of the Zionist Israeli State for example. So they ignore the sayings of Jesus of Nazareth which suggests that as Christians they should love not just other Christians but everyone including their enemies. Or that it is their duty as Christians to help out those in need such as the poor and the meek " for the meek shall inherit the Earth " and that one should " turn the other cheek " and " to do unto others as you would have them do unto you " and Jesus' belief about the Rich who according to Jesus that " It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven " or as for Family values Jesus insisted that son should turn against their Father and Mother and brother against Brother etc. if that was necessary in order to follow Him (Jesus)
or that Christians should accept the rule of those in power " To render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser's and render unto God that which is God's ".

Yet these Conservative Christians claim that Jesus demanded that they as Christians should stock-pile Guns and ammo to fight their neighbors who may not be Christians . These Conservative Evangelicals also preach Hate against various groups such as Gays and Lesbians and to destroy all those who do not believe in Jesus as the Christ and the Son of God. They also claim that the Rich and the Greedy are those who are blessed by God and not the " Meek " , " the poor " and " the Peacemakers ". So what these Conservative Evangelical Christians appear to do is to replace these beliefs as handed down from Jesus with their own narrow , bigoted views which they have come to believe in. They also tend to replace the Kingdom of Heaven and love of God with Love of their earthly country- America and pray for their country rather than for the Christian community or for all human beings and so are from a religious point of view Idolators and Materialists who equate happiness and Godliness or Piety with Material Success and with the success of their nation over all other nations.

A similar argument has been made by many Jewish people over what they consider to be the Idolatrous love of and faith in the very Earthy State of Israel as if this particular man made State represents the ultimate goal of Judaism.Rather the traditional Judaic view is that the Jews can not force the creation of Israel by human endeavor but rather the end of the Diaspora can not be hurried in but is the result of God's Will after the coming of the Messiah who is not to be confused with the Christian Messiah known as Jesus or the Christ.

My own belief is that a large number of these white angry conservatives are still angry over the freeing of the slaves or giving black people and other minorities equal rights alongside white Europeans. This is the only way to explain some of their antics over the last six months or so and their defense of the Confederate Flag or calling Obama not one of us. Even though Obama is an American and went to the best schools and is an evangelical Christian who believes in America's values. But unlike the conservatives Obama is able to distinguish between a moral value and something which is merely a tradition or an out-dated belief.

The system is falling apart and what will emerge is some sort of compromise of capitalism and some socialist style solutions. In Canada and Great Britain and much of Europe there has bee this style of mixed-economy for the last 20, 30 or 40 years or so. But these angry conservatives have been for generations the consumers of a right wing propaganda which has benefited the few over the many which was of course in the interest of the wealthy and the powerful who were insatiable. But here are those who are wealthy who are not as greedy as others in their class and believe it is in the country's best interests that no one should do without the necessities of life and that they too should have a chance at a better life by leveling the playing field. This does not mean that there will no longer be those who are better of than the rest of society but it means there will be less inequality.

Check out Right Wing Watch :CPAC from which I have borrowed some videos and commentary as examples of the lunacy and desperation but also the possible danger of these "True Believers " who may be emboldened to act out some of their radical violent fantasies - as they talk in terms of stock piling food and guns or fantasize over the image of a mushroom cloud rising above Chicago-

A Free and Armed People - All God's People Need Guns
Even Jesus and his disciples carried Guns

CPAC: If You Don't Have a Gun, You Have Nothing
By Kyle | February 27, 2009 - 12:35pm

The NRA's Wayne LaPierre tells the CPAC audience that the 2nd Amendment is the foundation of all of our freedoms and that all rights and freedoms are nothing but "stains on a rotten piece of parchment paper in a museum somewhere" until they are "guarded by the blued steel and dry powder of a free and armed people."

He also proclaims that he knows it is not politically correct to say so, but he doesn't care "if their butts pucker from here to the Potomac, the Founding Fathers understood that the guys with the guns make the rules":

CPAC: Back to the Future with Sen. DeMint
By Kyle | February 27, 2009 - 10:31am

Were it not for the occasional mention of President Obama and current political developments, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is a twenty-year old clip of Sen. Jim DeMint, rather than a speech he delivered just this morning, in which he explains that government is the cause of all of our problems and the only solution is more freedom:

"Government is out of control and freedom is the only solution. In America, freedom is built on the principles and values that are derived from Judeo-Christian religious convictions. If we allow this government to continue to purge religion and faith and religious values and the principles that are derived from them from our culture, we will lose our freedom."

DeMint also warns that "if we allow Congress and the President to continue to ignore the Constitution and compromise the rule of law, we will lose our freedom" ... but presumably that is meant as a criticism of the month-old Obama Administration rather than as a call to investigate the actions of the Bush Administration:

CPAC: Marriage Equality Will Create a Generation of Violent Criminals
By Kyle | February 26, 2009 - 6:09pm

The Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver explains to the CPAC audience that "same-sex marriage sets forth a fatherless policy" and says that you don't need a bunch of scientific data to know that that is bad. After all, kids without fathers tend to fare poorly ... and if you need proof, all you have to do is take a look at the prison population.

Thus, the logic seems to go, letting two women get married will lead to a whole generation of fatherless children who will inevitably become violent criminals:

If God decides when one's life should end then how can they justify Capital Punishment

CPAC: Huckabee Stands Up for the Social Conservatives
By Kyle | February 26, 2009 - 4:50pm

After blasting the bank bailouts for giving taxpayer money to "the geniuses that got us into this mess," Mike Hucakbee took a swipe at all the fiscal conservative who dismissed him during the GOP primary as some sort of populist for daring to suggest that there was a "Wall Street to Washington axis of power that was out of control" and wondering when they will all apologize to him, as his warnings "seem prophetic now."

He then called out those in the conservative movement who are trying to use the GOP's recent string of electoral losses and the economic crisis to throw the social conservatives under the bus, saying that social conservative's values are the key to creating a fiscally conservative government and that the GOP "didn't lose because of social conservatives," but rather because it became the party that forgot what it stood for.

He doesn't say anything particularly radical in this clip, but it is interesting to note that, when he ran for president, Huckabee didn't get much support from the Religious Right power-brokers in Washington DC and got absolutely no support from the limited government/fiscal conservative organizations. It looks like, as he positions himself for a possible 2012 presidential bid, Huckabee has decided that the group he most needs to win over are the social conservative leaders ... an effort that will undoubtedly be complicated by the fact that, in his last book, he spent several pages calling those leaders a bunch of sell-outs:

CPAC: Obama's a Communist and a Foreigner, Bush was a "Pseduo-Socialist President"
By Kyle | February 26, 2009 - 3:36pm

Accuracy in Media's Cliff Kincaid, tapped to introduce Rep. Mike Pence, regaled the audience with tales of CPACs past, when the country had a president who was not a communist and was actually born in the United States ... oh, how times have changed.

He also praised Pence for being a conservative before it became "stylish and popular for ... House Republicans and others to suddenly discover fiscal sanity" under Obama. And to prove it, Kincaid hailed Pence as one of the few Republican members of Congress willing to stand up to "pseudo-socialist president George W. Bush." Pence then came out and thanked Kincaid for his kind words:

and so it goes,

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