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Bush & Co. Still Defending The Invasion and Occupation of Iraq & Call The War a Victory

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America's imaginary victory in Iraq

Anyway it seems hard to believe that six years after the invasion of Iraq the war continues though according to the Mainstream Media the War ended and it was a Great American Victory. It is not just Bush & Co. who want to believe this but millions of

UPDATE: 12:37 PM & 1:04 PM , March 21, 2009

Americans also want to believe the war was justified and that its outcome has been victory. To admit the invasion was wrong or that it has not been a resounding victory would mean that these people would have to accept certain truths ie that their President lied to them or that America made a mistake and is therefore not perfect and possibly not acting in accordance to some sort of Divine Plan or that America is not necessarily destined to rule the world. Though even Obama believes in America's imagined notion that America has been God's chosen nation and that its people are superior to all other peoples and nations.

Iraq Veterans Against the War's "End the War Now" ad, aired once coast to coast on NBC during the inauguration of President Barack Obama on January 20, 2009 at 8:57am PST/11:57am EST.

Visit for more information about Iraq Veterans Against the War -March 14, 2009

Rachel Maddow takes a look at the Iraq War and she is astounded that even now in the last week or so members of the Bush administration are still lying about the reasons for going to war with Saddam. Was it because of Saddam's imaginary WMDs or Saddam's non-existent connections to the 9/11 attacks.Part of the rationale & talking points and propaganda for the invasion of Iraq was that Bush and co. feared Saddam would order another attack on the United States.But this argument is nonsense since Saddam had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks. Saddam was not an imminent threat to the US or to America's allies ie Israel.

Condoleeza Rice and others are still defending the invasion of Iraq based upon the various bogus arguments which have been shown to have no basis in fact or reality. Though the problem is that the various rationalizations for the invasion are still being kept alive and continue to circulate among those who support the Bush Regime. So these bits of propaganda are part of the psychological landscape of the tenacious " True Believers " who still think any criticism of the Bush Regime is tantamount to treason or is a sign of partisanship or insanity. We have seen this over and over again as those in the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh and others appear to believe that Bush & Co. were justified in going to war with Iraq and no facts are ever going to change their minds on this.

Rachel Maddow insists that Americans should be reminded that the Bush/Cheney Regime lied about the reason for going to war with Iraq. She thinks maybe the American can lear from these mistakes and not make them again. Maddow is naive to believe this since the history of the US shows that America made the same sorts of mistakes in the past as in The Vietnam War or America's interference into the domestic affairs of other countries such as Iran, Chile, Iraq etc. Rarely has America been on the side of the people in these countries but was rather on the side of the elites , the rich and powerful , the military and the anti-democratic forces.

So the danger at the moment is that the propaganda machine will once again be stirred into action to trump up a war against another country ie Iran . The US will either attack Iran or Israel will attack Iran. And so the Public Relations people and the lobbyists will go into hyper-drive to convince the American people that Iran is an imminent threat to the US or her allies ie Israel. Meanwhile Obama has set a time frame to exit Iraq while leaving 50, 000 troops behind so that the occupation of America's newest colony can continue while at the same time pouring troops and resources into Afghanistan to make it into another colony of the United States though this time with the help of NATO.

It doesn't seem to matter to President Obama that the Iraq and Afghan peoples want the Americans and other foreign troops out of their respective countries. Neither country is in any way better off because of these military incursions. So in all probability the American government and military will not learn from their mistakes but rather feel embolden to do more of the same unless Obama's administration is willing to radically change American foreign policy which has been in place for at least the last sixty years or so.

Maddow Takes A Look "Down The Memory Hole"-March 20, 2009

And for a look back at the Senate vote in 2002 on giving Bush the power to invade & occupy Iraq in a Pre-emptive strike and to do the same to any other country he deemed a threat. These days the Hawks and Neocons and Neoliberals are urging Barrack Obama to attack Iran and a few other countries to enlarge even further the American Empire and to secure the natural resources of those and other countries. The " Imperial Presidency " has not yet ended.

Propaganda campaign of the Bush administration creating an echo chamber of Neocon/ Karl Rove Talking Points .
Note how hawkish these people are especially Hillary Clinton
Sen. Robert Byrd one of the few who was the most outspoken against the war in part because he believed he had been duped once before in 1964 and the vote to go to war in Vietnam. The administration of that time lied to to the Senate, Congress and American people.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Remembering the Iraq War Vote | PBS

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