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Jon Stewar V. Cramer Crazy Train, Boss Limbaugh, Christ Likes Torture, Obama Blamed For Economic Crisis

UPDATE: 1:29 PM & 2:16 PM, March 12, 2009

Jon Stewart ongoing epic battle with Cramer & the Peacock Family & Joe Scarborough
Crazy and downright nasty stuff Limbaugh has said.
Limbaugh's low approval rating
Fox News & MSNBC erroneously blame Obama for Economic Mess
Hannity still defending torture and abuse of POWs -Detainees

First up: Jon Stewart in case you missed it Jon Stewart's epic battle with Jim Cramer heats up again. Ingenious move on the part of Cramer as he calls Stewart a " Comedian" So when's the " Cage Match " ?

Jon Stewart On Scarborough And Cramer- March 11, 2009

also see: Jon Stewart Continues His Smackdown on Market-Worshipping Jim Cramer and CNBC by Isaac Fitzgerald, AlterNet March 12, 2009.

The epic battle between the Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Santelli, Jim Cramer, CNBC and the whole NBC family continues.

The fight between Jon Stewart and CNBC started out with a "brutal, but utterly hilarious" attack on Rick Santelli's infamous rant against homeowners, and an insightful look at just how wrong CNBC got it in the days and months before the econopocalypse:

Stewart aped Santelli's newsgrabbing shouty-faced blubber from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, coyly admitting, "I have to say, I find cheap populism very arousing." And then, for eight minutes, Stewart at his arch best (with the help of the crackerjack Daily Show research team) went on an absolute tear and burned CNBC right down to the doorframes. "If only I'd followed CNBC's advice, I'd have a million dollars, provided I'd started with a hundred million dollars."

Cenk Uygur- Cramer v. Jon Stewart Fight
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The Real Problem with CNBC by Cenk Uygur, at Huffington Post March 11, 2009

I know that Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer have been in a bit of a "fight" lately. Of course, it's not really a fight because Stewart isn't doing this to pick a fight with Cramer or because he doesn't like him. He's making fun of him -- because that's what he does.

Stewart also makes fun of Obama from time to time (check out him ripping Obama here). Does this mean he doesn't like Obama? No, it means he's a comedian. Over the last couple of days Cramer and Joe Scarborough have been using that word as a pejorative, but that's the guy's job -- to make people laugh. They are pissed because he's good at it.

But if they think there is a kernel of truth in what Stewart is saying -- which, of course, is why they're actually angry -- they're right. Stewart also wants to make you think about what the role of the media is. And when you think about that in regard to CNBC, Jim Cramer is the least of their problems

And now a nostalgic look at the career of Rush Limbaugh the angry rich white American male turned Political Pundit.

Keith Olbermann :Rush Limbaugh - A Retrospective March 4, 2009

"Majority of Voters View Limbaugh Negatively, 45 Percent "Very, Very Negatively": Study" Sam Stein at Huffington Post
March 11,2009

(also see: John Aravosis at Americablog )

" The Democracy Corps released results of a public survey on Wednesday that underscores just how astute a political strategy it is for Democrats to tie the Republican Party to Rush Limbaugh.

According to the Democratic polling firm, voters view the conservative talk show host "negatively by a two-to-one ratio (53 to 26 percent), with nearly half the country, 45 percent, viewing him very, very negatively. Among independents, the ratio rises to three-to-one."

In short, Limbaugh is toxic for the GOP brand. But the findings only get worse from there. "By a nearly two-to-one ratio (57 to 32 percent) a majority of voters -- and independents -- say Limbaugh does not "share their values," but Republicans are in a different world where, by two-to-one, they believe he shares them."

and :

"* 49 percent of respondents said Limbaugh has too much influence over Republican ideas and direction.
* 15 percent said he has too little influence.
* 62 percent of voters said the GOP was embracing the "same old ideas and leaders it has relied on for the past 20 years" rather than seeking out new leaders and fresh ideas."

The "Obama Bear Market" and Other Tales of Cable News Insanity by Bob Cesca at Huffington Post, March 11, 2009

If there's one thing we've learned since January 20, it's that President Obama is driving the establishment press (and far-right conservatives) crazy. To date, the volume of media ridiculousness compressed into these 50 short days has been almost impossible to comprehensively document. Seriously, I'm afraid at this rate we'll run out of internet by Memorial Day.

And experts in the field of cable news crazy haven't even factored into their estimates the exponential growth of the Glenn Beck Crazy Bubble. His "War Room" episode alone, in which he and a panel of fellow paranoiacs discussed how the Obama presidency would lead to an army of bubbas and the end of civilization as we know it, pushed the structural integrity of the crazy containment unit well beyond acceptable levels.

But what's worse Bob Cesca argues is that even a more mainstream network like MSNBC has gotten into the act covering such stories as " Is Obama doing too much " & " The Obama Bear Market " which makes the erroneous claim that Obama is to blame for the economic meltdown without mentioning that the downturn began in 2007 or at the very least five months before Obama became president .

So how can MSNBC honestly -- and I underscore "honestly" -- lay the blame for the down market at President Obama's feet? They can't. It's absolutely dishonest, and I think Mark Whitaker, Senior Vice President and Washington Bureau Chief for NBC News, along with Joe Scarborough, Alex Witt and the other anchors who aired this graphic owe us an explanation.

I mean, when MSNBC airs a reoccurring story that coincides with Michelle Malkin's latest rant, then I think we can safely begin to question MSNBC's descent into crazy.

Incidentally, what happens when the Dow recovers? If the criticism from the far-right and, now, MSNBC is that the president is solely to blame for the down market, the only honest way to look at a future surge in the Dow would be to give the president full credit. And, yes, the Dow will recover sometime during the Obama administration. So what, then? CNBC's resident cranky-pants, Mark Haines, appeared on MSNBC Wednesday morning and gave us a hint. He credited Monday's rally like so: "The market is going up because it's done going down." Insightful! Whatever the excuse may be, we can rest assured knowing it'll be just as inconsistent and ridiculous as that.

Hannity and Co. still defending torture and denial of any rights for so called " detainees". He uses the fallacious "Ticking Bomb" argument. But it just seems like Hannity like the idea of torturing America's enemies. Being none too bright as it were Hannity still doesn't understand the moral arguments against the use of torture or even the practical concerns over Blow-back. He also repeats the lie that over 60 released detainees went back to the battlefield.Meghan McCain disagrees over torture says it is wrong to torture based on what it did to her father John McCain.

Hannity suggests Christianity compatible with torture
March 11, 2009

Democrat fear mongering about an economic catastrophe in the future because of Obama's policies.

Cenk Uygur argues the economic downturn happened before Obama became president. He also argues that if Bush was given a free ride before 9/11 then Obama should also not be criticized until after Sept. 11, 2009 given the Republicans argument.
No Criticism Of Obama Until September 11

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