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Glenn Beck's Apocalyptic Crazy Train From Hysterical Fear-Mongering to Tearfull & Maudlin

UPDATE: 12:10 PM Feb. 23, 2009

Anyway as we see in Alexandra Pelosi's film Right America Wronged there are some 58 million Americans who voted for McCain/Palin ticket and therefore against Barack Obama. Not all voted against Obama because he is black but rather they feared he was too liberal. The propaganda of the Bush Regime and the ultraconservatives and their media spokespersons from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to Ann Coulter created the impression that anyone who disagreed with the policies of the Bush Regime were liberals who were unAmerican or not even Real Americans. These liberals were characterized as being anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, and therefore as Ann Coulter has argued Godless Socialists or Communists who actually hate traditional American values.

Here's a clip of Alexandra pelosi with Sean Hannity

"Right America Feeling Wronged " Feb. 13, 2009

Alexandra Pelosi talks with Sean Hannity about her new documentary Right America: Feeling Wronged. She speaks with some of the 58 million Americans who didn't celebrate the election of Barack Obama and are terrified of the new direction the country is taking.

Anyway maybe we should examine the media spokespersons who represent the conservative Americans to understand them better or to understand how they are able to influence so many Americans who come to believe just about anything they say or is it that they are saying what these conservative people already think and believe.

Glenn Beck and other Media stars of the Republicans and ultraconservatives in America never tire of trying to debunk the science of Global Warming . They believe it seems that talk of Global Warming is just a propaganda tool of evil liberals. But the majority of scientists who have been studying the phenomenon of Global Warming see it as a scientific fact. But Glenn Beck et al know better.

Glenn Beck - 02-05-2009 - Global Warming Indoctrination with Bernard Goldberg

While Glenn Beck and Bernard Goldberg claim that Al Gore's discussion of Global Warming to young children is pernicious they see nothing wrong with Christian Fundamentalists or Evangelicals indoctrinating their children in their belief system.
In the clip below from the documentary "Jesus Camp" we see what some of us consider to be a dangerous form of indoctrination of children into extremists Christian Fundamentalist doctrines. This is not merely an hour or two of lectures and discussions but at Jesus Camp the children are at the camp for a couple of weeks where doctrines are taught in such a way that they encourage emotional and non-rational responses on the part of the children. The children are told that they are already sinners who need salvation so they will not die and burn in Hell for eternity. They are also expected to conform to the group mind-set. Those who show the greatest emotional responses and who appear to speak in tongues etc. are praised . The indoctrination and propaganda techniques used by the adult speakers go from the subtle to the most blatant .

But to many Christian Zealots like Glenn Beck this type of Indoctrination or Brain Washing is seen as OK - to tell five year olds that Christianity is the only true religion; that Islam is anti-Christian ;that Harry Potter is evil and an enemy of God and Harry Potter should be put death ; that George Bush has become president because God wanted him to be President; that even children at five years old need to repent and that they are to be radical as members of the army of God who shall take over the nation in the future in order to establish a righteous government which will lead a crusade for Christ against all other nations etc.

Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ''Highlights'' )

" To attack Obama's New Deal, Beck invokes Henry Ford -- the Nazis' friend" By David Neiwert Feb 12, 2009 at Crooks and Liars

Glenn Beck is one confused puppy.

Last week (in between weeping jags) he was all over the ideological map: warning us one day that America was on the road Communism, and the very next telling us we were traveling the path to Nazism. Of course, the source of much of that confusion became clear yesterday when he had on Jonah Goldberg to explain that this was all Liberal Fascism at work.

So in the very next segment of yesterday's show, Beck featured a right-wing crackpot named Burton Folsom Jr., who's out there hawking a book built on the historically and economically risible claims that FDR's New Deal was bad for Americans -- by way of explaining that Obama's similar economic-stimulus plans are, on Planet Beck, leading us to Liberal Fascist Socialism or something like that.

In the course of the conversation, Beck held up Henry Ford's opposition to the New Deal as a beacon of inspiration:

Beck: This blue eagle [holds up National Recovery Act poster], there were more of these in the windows of New York City than there were swastikas in Munich at the time of the war. This was -- if you didn't have this, you weren't American. People were told, don't shop at that store. Ford actually said, 'I don't want anything to do with it.' What happened to Ford?

Folsom: Ford said, 'If we lived up to it, we'd have to live down to it.' He thought it was a terrible code. He also thought it was unconstitutional. He said, 'We're not ready to be like Russia just yet.' He refused to go along with the code. General Motors did go along with the code, Ford did not, and so Ford was denied access to any government contract on automobiles that he submitted bids for.

Funny thing about Ford's opposition to the New Deal: It was indeed based on his belief it was 'socialist' in nature. But that brings up another aspect of Ford's political worldview: He was not only an admirer of Hitler and the Nazis -- as well as one of the major overseas investors in their war machine -- his naked anti-Semitism helped inspire the Holocaust.

That would be this Henry Ford:

the Henry Ford who in 1920 began publishing The International Jew -- one of the most infamous anti-Semitic screeds in history. This text first raised to national prominence the notorious Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion hoax -- and indeed may have been responsible for its subsequent wide distribution in Hitler's Germany as well.

Speaking of Hitler, here's what he had to say about the speculation in 1923 that Ford might run for president:

I wish I could send some of my shock troops to Chicago and other big American cities to help in the elections ... We look to Heinrich Ford as the leader of the growing fascist movement in America ... We have just had his anti-Jewish articles translated and published. The book is being circulated in millions throughout Germany."

As the ADL notes:

Though Ford apologized for The International Jew and closed the Dearborn Independent, he later accepted the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Hitler's Nazi government in July, 1938.

Ford also probably did more than any American to help build the Nazi war machine in the 1930s. As Christopher Simpson describes in his book The Splendid Blond Beast, Ford invested heavily in German jobs during the Depression rather than American jobs, setting up a Ford auto factory in Cologne and investing elsewhere as well. At one point, Ford's German division made plans to purchase an 'Aryanized' firm called Stoewer-Werke AG -- part of the Nazi program to convert former Jewish-owned companies into fully 'Aryan' operations. Ford's cooperation was touted by the Nazis as proof of the "global reach" of the worldview behind Aryanization.

Ford also invested in proto-fascist organizations in America. It was reported (but never proven) that he was a secret investor in the German-American Bund, which turned out after the war to have had an abundance of Nazi connections, including being basically underwritten by the Nazi Party; and he was a major supporter of America First, whose leading members after the outbreak of war held a gathering where they planned to lead the Vichy-style occupational government after the Nazis inevitably defeated the U.S

More of Glenn Beck at Crooks and Liars

The Eyes of Glenn Beck Are Upon You
By David Neiwert Wednesday Feb 04,2009 at Crooks and Liars

It's the eyes! The eyes!

I'm not sure what Fox News thought it was getting when it hired Glenn Beck away from CNN, but what they're getting is one serious train wreck of some of the most gobsmackingly weird and embarrassingly maudlin on-air performances in major-network history. Considering that we're talking about Fox here, that's saying something.

On Monday for one of his monologue segments Beck had the camera zoom in on his eyes so people could see them, while another camera kept his headshot in view. It was obvious what they were trying to achieve: Look into his eyes and see his earnest sincerity and you know he's a guy just like you and me and isn't that swell and make you feel better, and doesn't he make sense even when he talks complete lunacy?

Or something like that.

Me, I saw a glassy-eyed fanatic. And I expect a lot of people did. One viewer wrote in to say it looked "creepy" -- and so Beck confessed Tuesday (in the closing segment of the above video) that these shots were his idea. And he goes on to explain why: It's because, gwarsh, we all just need to look each other in the eye.

Which is, of course, as phony as can possibly be, because Glenn Beck isn't looking into anyone's eye when he stares into that camera. He's just pretending to himself that he is. Sort of like how he pretends to himself he can connect with people through their TV sets.

It's all just too weird for me. The crying thing was bad enough, but this kind of stuff is downright creepy indeed.

David Neiwert suggests that Beck's crying may be staged but it seems that Beck's tears are real for his world has been shattered since the election of Obama. Beck also I believe longs for a Golden Age which has passed . To him and other on the Right hoped that Bush was helping to usher in or revive that Golden Age and that with the election of McCain and Palin the new age would be a certainty . With their election all of the unwanted liberal policies could be undone and reversed and America could once again be as it was in the past . As Beck points out he believes in that Norman Rockwell ideal America of the 1950s or 1940s . But that world is misremembered it was never that perfect world which he and others believe it to have been. Because for many Americans such as women and black Americans or Jews and other minorities and those who did not conform such as Gays and Lesbians it was not all that great a place for them. There were even then millions of Americans who felt they had been left out of the so-called American dream.
Didn't Bush and Cheney say that they and America didn't have time to discuss and dither about all the ins and outs of what to do but rather the need was to act and act decisively. It was therefore a time for Real Men of Steel who would do whatever needed to be done even if it meant war and going as Cheney said to the dark side. Was the attack on Iraq of Shock and Awe just part of the Big Show another media event staged to appease the millions of true believers back home in America watching it all on TV and cheering believing this would teach anyone not to screw with America. Was it that cynical.

Glenn Beck and others on the Right in America believe that Obama is not America's Saviour but rather will be America's undoing.

Laura Ingraham is another star of the Right wing media in America who supported most of the policies of the Bush Regime .

Ingraham and Glenn Beck are they wearing their tinfoil hats

Laura Ingraham & Glenn Beck "Socialism & Nazi Germany" Oh My!
Feb. 18, 2009

Glenn Beck - Road to Socialism: Ayn Rand Center-Feb. 17,2009

Review of book: Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning by Jonah Goldberg (Doubleday

"Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro History

In his new book, Goldberg has decided to dream up fascists on the left rather than acknowledge the fact that the real American fascists have been lurking in the right's closet for lo these many years.David Neiwert | January 8, 2008"

Goldberg, who has no credentials beyond the right-wing nepotism that has enabled his career as a pundit, has drawn a kind of history in absurdly broad and comically wrongheaded strokes. It is not just history done badly, or mere revisionism. It’s a caricature of reality, like something from a comic-book alternative universe: Bizarro history.

The title alone is enough to indicate its thoroughgoing incoherence: Of all the things we know about fascism and the traits that comprise it, one of the few things that historians will readily agree upon is its overwhelming anti-liberalism. One might as well write about anti-Semitic neoconservatism, or Ptolemaic quantum theory, or strength in ignorance. Goldberg isn't content to simply create an oxymoron; this entire enterprise, in fact, is classic Newspeak.

Indeed, Goldberg even makes some use of Orwell, noting that the author of 1984 once dismissed the misuse of "fascism" as meaning "something not desirable." Of course, Orwell was railing against the loss of the word's meaning, while Goldberg, conversely, revels in it -- he refers to Orwell's critique as his "definition of fascism."

And then Goldberg proceeds to define everything that he himself considers undesirable as "fascist." This is just about everything even remotely and vaguely thought of as "liberal": vegetarianism, Social Security, multiculturalism, the "war on poverty," "the politics of meaning." The figures he labels as fascist range from Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt to Lyndon B. Johnson and Hillary Clinton. Goldberg's primary achievement is to rob the word of all meaning -- Newspeak incarnate.

The term "fascism" certainly is overused and abused. The public understanding of it is fuzzy at best, and academics struggle to agree on a definition, as Goldberg observes -- and he makes use of that confusion to ramble on for pages about the disagreements without ever providing readers with a clear definition of fascism beyond Orwell's quip.

Along the way, he grotesquely misrepresents the state of academia regarding the study of fascism, which, while widely varying in many regards, has seen a broad consensus develop regarding certain ineluctable traits that are uniquely and definitively fascist: its populism and ultranationalism, its anti-intellectualism, its carefully groomed culture of violence, its insistence that it represents the true national identity, its treatment of dissent as treason, and what Oxford Brookes scholar Roger Griffin calls its "palingenesis" -- that is, its core myth of a phoenix-like rebirth of the national identity in the mold of a nonexistent Golden Age. And, of course, it has historically always been vigorously -- no, viciously -- anti-liberal.

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