Tuesday, April 10, 2007


THIS IS A VIDEO OF MAGRITTE PAINTING "infinite/ false mirror " from youtube user tktimelapse :

SEE more on Magritte in the links & below the links ---MOVE FORWARD OR DOWN--for video of THIS IS NOT A FILM by James Kelly & read more of my previous posts on Magritte & SURREALISM in the link to posts pages dialogue boxes ...but keep moving ...

This video combines images of surrealist painter Magritte with
John Cale's song " After Magritte". From YOUTUBE user hotturn1.


I'd forgotten how often we saw Magritte
He's been much on my mind these days
Often we saw Magritte
Inside a canvas of blue saturated with beauty
In a web of glass
Pinned to the edges of vision

There's a car-horn in the street outside
And a museum with its windows open
Often we saw Magritte
Running with the legends of conspicuous men
And how often we forgot Magritte
How we remembered him then
And worshipped at his feet
Pinned to the edges of vision

Somebody's coming that hates us
Better watch the art
Upstairs there's a canvas stretched
For umbrellas and bowler hats
Everybody knows Rene did that
Often we saw Magritte
Pinned to the edges of vision
Often we saw Magritte
We all know Rene did that
Often we saw Magritte

There are few interesting bits about Rene Magritte to watch on YOUTUBE & one of the best besides the one above is one by James Kelly " this is not a film " which is excellent at capturing the essence of Rene Magritte's eroticism paranoia & whimsy.

click on link below to go to YOUTUBE as embedding for this video has been disabled:


I have written about Magritte & the Surrealist movement in several previous posts along with my pieces of poetry entitled " CAFE APOLLINAIRE " about deciphered dreams & marauding lobsters & artists in Paris dueling with Baguettes at Banquets & so therefore are in part about this movement & the other movements of modern art in a playful & deadly serious manner while diving into the depths of of the search for reason & ultimate meaning & why it is raining men in bowler hats.

And if interested check out my previous posts on Magritte & Surrealism from links below this post -

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