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And so it goes:

"For over four years, the president has been waging a war without end and a war without accountability and oversight. No longer will this Congress and the American people continue to give the president a blank check in order to continue a failed policy. Accountability is desperately needed..."

A Salvo across the bow by--Congressman John Murtha, chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense 25/04/07. Chairman Murtha to Bush: Sign the Iraq Accountability Act TRUTHOUT MURTHA TO BUSH

ISTHIS THE BEGINNIG OF THE END FOR BUSH & HIS CRONIES & THE NEOCONS-- Are their halos slipping a bit or is their armour no longer impregnable but why does most of the media keep defending them or playdown stories which portray this REGIME in a negative light ...

and on the other-hand from the blogger WONKETTE we get this gleeful tid bit: Congress Subpoenas Condi Over IRAQ WAR From Wonkettedcgossip

Now it’s starting to get good. To hell with this FiringOfUSAttorneysGate — sure, if it hangs Gonzo it’s useful, if ever so boring. But with the official House oversight committee’s subpoena of Condi Rice specifically over the faked pre-invasion "intelligence" on Saddam’s mythical WMDs, we are quickly turning in the direction of actual war trials. Huzzah for the incredibly slow Demon of Justice! And what will Condi wear to her hanging?

(Oh, and dimwitted Pat Robertson School of Fundamentalist Criminals’ grad
Monica Goodling got immunity from Judiciary, so she can sink Gonzo like a stone. Double Huzzah!)

But Condi says as reported by ABC NEWS & elsewhere...

"Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she has already answered the questions she has been subpoenaed to answer before a congressional committee" and suggested she is not inclined to comply with the order. "I am more than happy to answer them again in a letter," she told reporters ...

As Marty Kaplan explains in his article in The Huffington Post 26/04/07...that...

" These are the Final Days "... of The Bush Regime if the Media would just accept it & go for the Jugular... not just to get Bush & his cronies but to save the country from slipping further into an authoritarian style government if not a dictatorship & the damage it is doing to America's reputation ...

as Kaplan argues:

" ...there's currently a wildfire raging in our democracy that's being covered like a political chess game, not a five-alarm disaster. Each week brings new reasons for the press not to wait for tomorrow to nail what's happening today. Dick Cheney calls the Democrats "cynical," on the same day that Jessica Lynch, and Pat Tillman's brother and colleagues, provide the textbook example of actual cynicism. Bush declares that the 2006 vote gave him a mandate for escalation, that failure to achieve victory in Iraq will be the Democrats' fault, on the same day that the Iraqis demand the US "gated-community" walls be torn down, that the death rate in Iraq approaches a nauseating new record, and that the number of Americans who want an orderly withdrawal from Iraq to begin now, and not wait until 2009, escalates toward everyone but his dog Barney.

The issue isn't competence (though incompetence has had devastating consequences, from FEMA to the Coalition Provisional Authority); the issue is ideology. The issue isn't corruption (though corruption, from DeLay and Abramoff to Halliburton and Enron, has ravaged lives and pillaged treasure); the issue is the constitution. Alberto Gonzales, whose honesty W praised this week, isn't (just) an inept, detached Attorney General; he's the perfect tool to politicize the Justice Department and make the third branch of government the handmaiden of Republican Party as run from the West Wing via Karl Rove's RNC email account. Paul Wolfowitz isn't (just) an arrogant unreconstructed neocon enjoying absolute power and a tax-free salary; he's the servant of the religious right, imposing Robertson-Falwell-Dobson abstinence-only insanity on the AIDS-ravaged young people of the developing world... "

(which he ends with) " These are definitely not the good old days, but they are surely, already, the incomparably awful final days. "

And other headlines of the day indicating serious problems within the Bush administration as it almost teeters on the brink ...but don't worry public indifference & apathy & the corrupted media will once again " save the day " claiming the Bush regime is being treated unfairly :

House Passes Iraq Pullout Timetable
By Jonathan WeismanWashington Post Staff Writer April 26, 2007

" The House last night brushed aside weeks of angry White House rhetoric and veto threats to narrowly approve a $124 billion war spending bill that requires troop withdrawal from Iraq to begin by Oct. 1, with a goal of ending U.S. combat operations there by next March.

The Senate is expected to follow the House's 218 to 208 vote with final passage today, completing work on the rarest of bills: legislation to try to end a major war as fighting still rages. Democrats hope to send the measure to the White House on Monday, almost exactly four years after
President Bush declared an end to major combat in a speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln. That would be a particularly pungent political anniversary for Bush to deliver only the second veto of his presidency. "

...How bad can it get you might wonder well even what seemed to be positive stories about military operations in Iraq were in fact merely invented pieces of propaganda which have come back to bite the Bush Regime on the ass as it were :

Rupert Cornwell: Secrets and Lies- how war heroes returned to haunt Pentagon:

" Truth, it is famously said, is the first casualty of war. And thus it has been for two of the most celebrated official heroes of America's campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. One was Pat Tillman, the pro-football star who gave up the NFL's riches to serve, and ultimately die for, his country. The other was a young woman from West Virginia whose capture and rescue in the early days of the Iraq conflict inspired the TV drama-documentary Saving Jessica Lynch. Now, however, the two stories have returned to haunt the Pentagon. Both stand revealed as propaganda operations in which the truth was deliberately distorted to inspire a country and allay public doubts about the righteousness of the cause. For the US military they have become a colossal embarrassment; for gleeful Democrats they are another stick with which to beat an already battered administration.

On Tuesday, the two cases converged in a hearing of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, chaired by the California congressman Henry Waxman, an especially harsh tormentor of the Bush White House since the Democrats recaptured Congress last November. Mr Waxman promises to follow both affairs wherever they lead in the Tillman case, he hints, perhaps to a cover-up involving Donald Rumsfeld, the former defence secretary, in person..."

anyway there's more & the hits don't stop coming... but more of the hits next time...

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