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"One who shelters a terrorist, is a terrorist" – President George W. Bush.

Anyway , it seems the Bush administration & the mass media in the US & Canada etc. are all in favor of someone blowing up a plane with 73 civilians aboard if the civilians are CUBAN -which by definition according to the NEOCON's & CIA perverse logic means they are pro-communism & anti-capitalism & anti-Christian & of course evil & EXPENDIBLE since if someone hasn't been BORN-AGAIN then they are agents of the Anti-Christ or ,at least, not pro-American ...

And what is worse is that American Intelligence knew about the attept to bomb the plane but didn't tell anyone about it & so the plane blew up with American approval or complicity but I guess when you have GOD ON YOUR SIDE all means to achieve your goals is permissible.

Anyway here's the news clip from NBC on the Cuban Terrorist who's not really a terrorist since he once worked with the CIA & is anti-Castro & therefore on America's side & so is being unfairly persecuted by liberals, leftists, human rights groups & other disloyal Americans...

Note: the reporter uses phrases like " accused" &" allegedly " & " they believe " in order to water down the story & act as if there , maybe a big difference between Posada Carriles blowing up a plane with civilians on it & the same thing being done by others like Osama Bin Laden

thanks to youtube user:scottoslab

"Luis Posada Carriles, an agent for Chile's Secret Police known as DINA as well as a CIA agent involved in Nixon's Operation 40 was released On April 19, 2007. Carriles was involved in the bombing of Cubana Flight 455 in October of 1976, as well as other terrorist activities against the Cuban Government. During the time of the 455 bombing the CIA director was George H W Bush. "

AND FROM THE YOUNG TURKS AT AIR AMERICA found at YOUTUBE discussing the case of Luis Posada Carriles :

And here's an article from Information Clearing House:

Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Bush
04/22/07 "ICH" By Robert Parry

George W. Bush
likes to present the “war on terror” as a clear-cut moral crusade in which
evildoers who kill innocent civilians must be brought harshly to justice, along with the leaders of countries that harbor terrorists. There are no grays, only blacks and whites.

But evenhanded justice is not the true core principle of
the Bush Doctrine. The real consistency is hypocrisy: violence which Bush favors – no matter how wanton the slaughter of innocents – is justifiable, while violence that goes against Bush’s interests – even an insurgency against a foreign military occupation – must be punished without remorse as “terrorism.”

In other words, if Bush hates the perpetrators, they are locked up
indefinitely without charge and, at his discretion, can be subjected to
“alternative interrogation techniques,” what most of the world considers
torture. The rule of law is out the window. Wild West hangin' justice is in.
Even the ancient fair trial right of habeas corpus is discarded.

However, when the killers of civilians are on Bush’s side, they get the full panoply of legal protections – and every benefit of the doubt. Under this Bush double standard, therefore, right-wing Cuban terrorists Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch, though implicated in a string of murderous attacks on civilians, get the see-no-evil treatment ...

On April 19, the 79-year-old Posada was released on bail from federal custody for an immigration violation and allowed to fly to Miami where he will live at home while his case winds its way through the U.S. courts. Bosch, too, has been allowed to live out his golden years in south Florida with the help and protection of the Bush family.

But the evidence in U.S. government files is overwhelming that Posada and Bosch were the architects of the 1976 mid-air bombing of a civilian Cubana airliner, killing 73 people, including young members of the Cuban national fencing team.

Since the conspiracy was hatched in Caracas, Venezuela, where Posada worked as a Venezuelan intelligence officer, the Venezuelan government has sought Posada’s extradition. However, when a Posada friend testified at Posada’s immigration hearing that Venezuela practices torture, Bush administration lawyers let the unverified claim go unchallenged, leading the judge to forbid Posada’s deportation there... "

So here we go again protecting terrorists whom we like while hunting down those we do not like.The Bush administration & even Stehen Harper doesn't mind handing detainees over to countries who practice torture unlees a big fuss is made about it but when it comes to terrorists who work for the Americans, or Canadians or British or French etc. these people must have their basic " HUMAN RIGHTS " protected. It is just part of the Hypocricy of the Western interests.

and for official US government historical documentation on the case see :

The National Security ARCHIVE
JUNE 9,2005

In the following article we get a glimpse into the mind of cold calculating terrorists who believes his cause is right & therefore he is allowed to use whatever means necessary to defeat his " Godless" enemies:

Posada Carriles, Orlando Bosch And the Downing
of Cubana Flight 455

Last week in
Miami, Luis Posada Carriles´s accomplice in the downing of the Cuban passenger plane that was blown out of the sky with 73 innocent people on board on October 6, 1976 was interviewed by Juan Manuel Cao of Channel 41 in Miami. His name is Orlando Bosch.

I quote verbatim excerpts from the television interview ...

Juan Manuel Cao: Did you down that plane in 1976?

Orlando Bosch: If I tell you that I was involved, I will be inculpating myself . . . . and if I tell you that did not participate in that action, you would say that I am lying. I am therefore not going to answer one thing or the other.

Juan Manuel Cao: In that action 76 persons were killed (the correct figure is 73, including a pregnant passenger)?

Orlando Bosch: No chico, in a war such as us cubans who love liberty wage against the tyrant, you have to down planes, you have to sink ships, you have to be prepared to attack anything that is within your reach.

Juan Manuel Cao: But don´t you feel a little bit for those who were killed
there, for their families?

Orlando Bosch: . . . Who was on board that plane?
Four members of the Communist Party, five north Koreans, five Guyanese, (JP: there were really 11 Guyanese passengers) . . . concho chico, four member of the Communist Party chico!!! Who was there? Our enemies . . .

Juan Manuel Cao:
And the fencers? The young people on board?

Orlando Bosch: I was in Caracas. I saw the young girls on television. There were six of them. After the end of the competition, the leader of the six dedicated their triumph to the tyrant etc etc. She gave a speech filled with praise for the tyrant. We had already agreed in Santo Domingo, that every one who comes from Cuba to glorify the tyrant had to run the same risks as those men and women that fight alongside the tyranny.

Juan Manuel Cao: If you ran into the family members who were killed in that plane, wouldn't you think it difficult . . . ?

Orlando Bosch: No, because in
the end those who were there had to know that they were cooperating with the tyranny in Cuba

..... JP: Bosch´s answers to those five questions give us a glimpse into the mind of the kind of terrorist that the United States government harbors and protects in Miami: terrorists that for the last forty-seven years have waged a bloody and ruthless war against the Cuban people.
What happened to Cubana de Aviación 455 almost thirty years ago is no secret. We need simply examine the CIA's own declassified cables. At the time, this was the worst act of aviation terrorism in history, and the first time that a civilian airliner was blown up by terrorists.

More than three months before CU-455 was blown out of the sky over Barbados on that sunny Wednesday afternoon of October 6, 1976, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) informed Washington that a Cuban
exile extremist group planned to place a bomb on a Cubana de Aviación flight.

The State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research reported to
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that a CIA source had overheard Luis Posada Carriles say less than a month prior to the bombing that "we are going hit a Cuban airliner."

Neither Washington nor the CIA alerted Cuban authorities to
the terrorist threat against their planes...

and from:

North Texas Independent Media Center www.ntimc.org
Posada Carriles: Washington and Miami’s Preferred Terrorist
by F Espinoza Tuesday, Jan 16 2007, 11:36am
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
Press Releases, Cuba, Front Page

“One who shelters a terrorist, is a terrorist” – President George W. Bush

The Bush Administration is harboring perhaps the Western Hemisphere’s
most insidious terrorist, whose application for U.S. citizenship is presently on the docket and if granted, would represent an effrontery to this nation’s bona fides, as well as the legitimacy of its worldwide anti-terrorist crusade and what remains of its good name abroad

The White House feverishly searches for a country willing to receive Posada in order to spare it from having to cross swords with the Miami leadership by either extraditing him to Cuba or Venezuela, or trying him here

The Posada case as well as the Cuban Five represents perhaps a defining moment in which the Bush administration’s ideological passions have snuffed out a proper application of justice – an unacceptable sense of ethical values and public rectitude

or check out :

Terrorist Up For U.S. Citizenship: The Strange Case of Luis Posada Carriles
Adam Elkus
13 /06/06
The release of United 93 has brought renewed
attention to the tragic events of 9/11. Yet Americans are less familiar with the story of another jet full of innocent people destroyed by terrorists:

Cubana Flight 455.

On October 6, 1976, it was scheduled to take off from Barbados
to Kingston, Jamaica. Nine minutes after takeoff, a bomb in the aircraft’s rear lavatory exploded. The captain radioed to the control tower: "We have an explosion aboard, we are descending immediately!" A second bomb exploded, causing the plane to crash into the water. All 73 people on board died, including all 24 members of the Cuban national fencing team, many of them teenagers. Until 9/11, Cubana Flight 455 was the worst act of terrorism aboard a commercial airline in the Americas. One of the men responsible for the planning of this incident currently lives within the United States, and is currently applying for citizenship. His name is Luis Posada Carriles.

A fanatical anti-Castro Cuban exile, Posada has left a bloody swath of terror and destruction across the Gulf of Mexico. By his own admission, the CIA-trained and Miami-funded Posada has planned bombings of Cuban hotels, cafes, and dancehalls.

Although he has denied involvement, strong evidence exists that Posada was
involved in the bombing of Cubana Flight 455. CIA and FBI documents unearthed by George Washington University’s National Security Archive place Posada among the conspirators at two planning meetings for the bombing.

Ah well it is a messy business building an Empire & then holding onto it & as before them the British or even The Romans were not to be questioned about their motives or their methods as they too were appointed by the GODS or GOD or Natural Law to rule the world.

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