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A clip from "638 Ways To Kill Castro", where Enrique Encinosa, anti-Castro radio host of Miami based Radio Mambi, and associate of anti-Castro terrorist Luis Posada, essentially confirms that Posada was behind the hotel bombings in Havana in 1997, saying that he thinks it is an acceptable method to make it clear that Cuba "is not a healthy place for tourists". Needles to say that the only reason why Cuba would not be a healthy place for tourists is because it is made unhealthy for tourists by anti-Castro terrorists who want Cuba to be an unhealthy place for tourists...

Anyway here is an editorial in today's MIAMI HERALD defending Posada Carrelis '
activities as an anti-Castro hero even if he did help to murder a number of civilians but it was in the name of Capitalism & the American Way & therefore " TRUE WESTERN VALUES" & therefore justifiable. The headline itself would be laughable if the matters being discussed wer not so serious- "U.S. RULE OF LAW" - tell that to the thousands kidnaped, arrested, renditioned, tortured, abused , denied basic legal rights & then told if released they are not to talk about what happened to them or where they were held just like the Good Old Days when General Pinochet ruled Chile with an iron fist & lots of Christian Style torture to teach all those " liberals" & human rights activists a lesson & backed by the Americans.

Miami Herald
Posted on Wed, Apr. 25, 2007
Posada benefits from U.S. rule of law

The release of Luis Posada Carriles, after nearly two years of detention, is affirmation that under U.S. democracy, the law is supreme. Mr. Posada is no saint. He has been accused, but not convicted, of terrorism. The United States doesn't -- and shouldn't -- convict people on suspicion alone. Mr. Posada, 79, has never been convicted of a terrorist charge, here or abroad. Thus, a federal judge in El Paso ordered him released and set a very high bond. That was the right call.

The U.S. Justice Department called him ''an admitted mastermind
of terrorist plots.'' But the actual charges against Mr. Posada are for fraud. He is accused of lying in an attempt to gain U.S. citizenship. The Justice Department argued that he was a flight risk and should be imprisoned pending his criminal trial on May 11. But U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone didn't buy it.

Detained past limit

Mind you, before prosecutors charged Mr. Posada with a crime, he already had been in immigration detention for 20 months, well beyond the six-month limit set by the U.S. Supreme Court for releasing a
foreigner who hasn't been deported. An immigration judge had barred the government from deporting him to Cuba or Venezuela because he might be tortured.

Moreover, the feds haven't found another country willing take him.
Now, after paying $350,000 bond, Mr. Posada wears an ankle bracelet and is under 24-hour house arrest in Kendall, a far cry from the four decades he spent trying to topple Fidel Castro and working as an intelligence operative

So it is ok to murder civilians if you are anti-Castro ; well this shouldn't surprise anyone. The Bush regime as has been pointed out numerous times tends to make it up as they go along . On the other hand is this just business as usual in AMERICA . It's ok to kill, kidnap, torture & murder those whom the American government & the Bush Regime disapprove of .

And check out this article now found at WALTERLIPPMAN.COM:

The United States admits for the first time that Posada Carriles is a terrorist
(Washington DC, March 31, 2006.- Embassy of Venezuela).-

In a document entitled Interim Decision to Continue Detention dated March 28, 2006 and sent to Mr. Luis Posada Carriles, the United States admitted for the first time that Posada Carriles is a terrorist. According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) decision, Posada Carriles has a "long history of criminal activity and violence in which innocent civilians were killed." His release from detention concludes ICE in its letter to Posada, "would pose a danger to both the community and the national security of the United States."

In support of its decision, ICE cites Venezuela’s pending extradition case against Posada and the fact that Posada fled from a Venezuelan prison while his trial for the downing of a passenger plane in 1976 was pending. "Your past also includes your escape from a Venezuelan prison which was accomplished after several attempts utilizing threats of force, explosives and subterfuge," says ICE in its Decision. ICE goes on to cite Posada’s own statements to link him to the "planning and coordination of a series of hotel and restaurant bombings that
occurred in Cuba . . . in 1997."

These bombings resulted in the murder of an Italian tourist and the wounding of several others. ICE also cites Posada’s conviction in Panama for "crimes against national security," in reference to his
attempt to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro in 2000 with C- 4 explosives as President Castro was to speak to an auditorium with full of students. The attorney that represents Venezuela in the Posada case, José Pertierra expressed that "this is something that the government of the United States should have said and done since Posada was detained in Florida in May of 2005. The government has always had the evidence to conclude that Posada is a terrorist. It is in recently declassified documents from the CIA and the FBI, and it is also in the documentation presented by the government of Venezuela as part of
its extradition request."

However, Pertierra explains, "Washington has always tried to avoid using the term terrorism in relation to Posada Carriles and has
instead treated him as a simple undocumented immigrant. However, the truth and the immigration laws now require that the U.S. face up to the truth: its "detainee" is not an innocent undocumented immigrant, but is instead a terrorist.¨ "If he were not a terrorist," Pertierra adds, "ICE would have to release him." Pertierra pointed out that "although ICE avoids using the specific term "terrorism" in its Decision, the actions it attributes to Posada represent the very essence of terrorism."




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