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Anyway , Jeff Sharlet of THE REVEALER has published a new article on THE BATTLE CRY! ministry. This is scary stuff scarier than JESUS CAMP. Battle Cry puts on a powerful show of Heavy Metal & Rap extolling the virtues of Fundamentalist /Evangelical Christianity & their message is not one of love & inclusiveness but is rather a combination of a literal inerrant view of the Bible & Neoconservativism & America as the chosen nation.
They are against pre-marital sex & abortion & Gays & Lesbians & liberals or Secular Humanists & preach that all other religious views & religions are really tools of Satan.

To get a better idea of their high tech & manipulative techniques watch the video below:

Check out Jeff Sharlet article in which he gives an in depth account of the concert & the people involve & their motives & why we should be alarmed as he says about it in his intro:

"Teenage Holy War" -- the full text of my latest Rolling Stone story on
Battle Cry, the most militant Christian youth crusade in America. With
links to additional resources.

Teenage Holy War
12 April 2007

Behind-the-scenes with the most militant Christian youth crusade in America.

By Jeff Sharlet

The following is republished from Rolling Stone #1024, on newsstands until April 19th. The first section of the article is excerpted at, along with videos of the organization discussed below and a very heated debate between admirers and critics of the BattleCry movement.

This is how you enlist in the Army of God: First come the fireworks and the prayers, and then 4,000 kids scream, "We won't be silent anymore!" Then the kids drop to their knees, still but for the weeping and regrets of fifteen-year-olds. The lights in the Cleveland arena fade to blue, and a man on the stage whispers to them about sin and love and the Father-God. They rise, heartened; the crowd, en masse, swears off "harlots and adultery"; the twenty-one-year-old MC twitches taut a chain across the ass of her skintight red jeans and summons the followers to show off their best dance moves for God. "Gimme what you got!" she shouts. They dance -- hip-hop, tap, toe and pelvic thrusting. Then they're ready. They're about to accept "the mark of a warrior," explains Ron Luce, commander in chief of BattleCry, the most furious youth crusade since young sinners in the hands of an angry God flogged themselves with shame in eighteenth-century New England. Nearly three centuries later, these 4,000 teens are about to become "branded by God." It's like getting your head shaved when you join the Marines, Luce says, only the kids get to keep their hair. His assistants roll out a cowhide draped over a sawhorse, and Luce presses red-hot iron into the dead flesh, projecting a close-up of sizzling cow skin on giant movie screens above the stage...

And if you haven't seen "Jesus Camp " yet it is a summer camp where they train children to be the vanguard of a future Christian Army to bring America back to Godliness & to create a Theocracy . Here's a clip of one of the most disturbing moments in the film & shows how politics & religion have become entangled as the children attending the evangelical / religious right camp are asked & give their Blessing & Pray for the Godly & Sainted President George W. Bush (in a card board effigy) :

Here is another disturbing strangely entertaining Film clip which depicts images of St. Michael which focuses it appears on Christianity as a militant religion & not a religion of whimpy sentimental compassionate all- forgiving pacifist liberal Christians who do not realize that the fight between & among religions is a battle to the death & that the battle is won only when Christianity Triumphs . At least that is the view of the more extremist Evangelical Christian fundamentalists/ " Religious Right " who view the Bible as the Literal Truth & that it is without error ( inerrant or inerrancy ).

For more see film clips on YOUTUBE articles on the web on " Reconstuctionism " & "Dominionism" . & to get it straight from " the Horses Mouth " check out website by the " Reconstructionist "/ " Dominionist " & judge for yourself at :


And when it comes to preaching against evolution in favor of " Intelligent Design" once known as " Scientific Creationism " watch this short clip:

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From FogerRox YOUTUBE user:

" IN NJ, Blowback from the Dominionist ... IN NJ, Blowback from the Dominionist teacher preaching in class, one of his students speaking to the Kearny Board of Education. I don't think she's going to be a scientist when she grows up."

And here is a clip from the PBS FRONTLINE documentary in which Bush claims that the rights of Americans come from God & not the Bill of Rights or the courts or a consensus among the people:

see full film at:

Also see articles about the Religious Right & their connection with George Bush at:

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