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Alberto Gonzales & Texas Sex Scandal &" Sexual Abuse Lite"

Anyway Alberto Gonzales is now being connected to the Texas Sex Scandal in which a number of incarcerated teens have complained of on-going sexual abuse at Texas Juvenile facilities-
So much for Alberto Gonzales protecting America's youth from pornography & pediophiles. ( I guess when the pediophiles are working for the Republicans & the Neocons they are permitted to do whatever they want.)

see article at which is a Conservative Website & not some radical or liberal anti-bush group so judge for yourself:

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up'
Attorney General
Gonzales among officials who allegedly ignored abuse of minor
March 25, 2007
By Jerome R.
Corsi© 2007

Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, both already under siege for other
matters, are now being accused of failing to prosecute officers of the Texas
Youth Commission after a Texas Ranger investigation documented that guards and
administrators were sexually abusing the institution's teenage boy inmates.

Among the charges in the Texas Ranger report were that administrators would
rouse boys from their sleep for the purpose of conducting all-night sex parties.
Ray Brookins, one of the officials named in the report, was a Texas prison
guard before being hired at the youth commission school. As
a prison guard, Brookins had a history of disciplinary and petty criminal
records dating back 21 years. He retained his job despite charges of using
pornography on the job, including viewing nude photos of men and women on state

The Texas Youth Comission controversy traces back to a criminal investigation conducted in 2005 by Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski. The investigation revealed key employees at the West Texas State School in Pyote, Texas, were systematically abusing youth inmates in their custody.
Burzynski presented his findings to the attorney general in Texas, to the U.S. Attorney
Sutton, and to the Department of Justice civil rights division. From all three,
Burzynski received no interest in prosecuting the alleged sexual offenses.

"This case demonstrates that a partisan political agenda, with Karl Rove
in an orchestrating role, has penetrated the Justice Department and subverted
fair-minded administration of the law," Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star
Project, told WND.

It's just the latest controversy for Sutton, Gonzales and the Bush administration's direction of the Justice Department. Earlier, Sutton's decisions to prosecute two Border Patrol agents and Deputy Sheriff Gil Hernandez were criticized as having been influenced by the intervention of the
Mexican government.

To shift the blame & responsibility Neocons have even question if incarcerated Juveniles got pleasure out of sexual encounters with prison guards & administrators. As the article from outlines the case:


Attorney General Gonzales among officials who allegedly ignored abuse of minor boys
By Jerome R. Corsi,

In the Texas Youth Commission scandal, Texas Ranger official Burzynski received a July 28, 2005, letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton's office, declining prosecution on the argument that under 18 U.S.C. Section 242, the government would have to demonstrate that the boys subjected to sexual abuse sustained "bodily injury." Baumann wrote that, "As you know, our interviews of the victims revealed that none sustained 'bodily injury.'"

Baumann's letter continued, adding a definition of the phrase "bodily injury," as follows: "Federal courts have interpreted this phrase to include physical pain. None of the victims have claimed to have felt physical pain during the course of the sexual assaults which they described."

Baumann's letter further suggested that insufficient evidence existed to prove the offenders in the Texas Youth Commission case had used force in their alleged acts of pedophilia: "A felony charge under 18 U.S.C. Section 242 can also be predicated on the commission of 'aggravated sexual abuse' or the attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse. The offense of aggravated sexual abuse is proven with evidence that the perpetrator knowingly caused his victim to engage in a sexual act (which can include contact between the mouth and penis) by using force against the victim or by threatening or placing the victim in fear that the victim (or any other person) will be subjected to death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping. I do not believe that sufficient evidence exists to support a charge that either Brookins or Hernandez used force to cause victims to engage in a sexual act."

Baumann's letter went so far as to suggest that the victims may have willingly participated in, or even enjoyed, the acts of pedophilia involved: "As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply 'getting off' on the school administrator."

Baumann's letter also rejected Burzynski's charges that the administrators at the Texas Youth Commission facility in West Texas had used their position of authority to force the inmates to participate in the sexual acts or that the administrators had lengthened the sentences of the boys to retain willing participants or punish those reluctant to participate.

The incidents are treated as isolated cases yet there have been at least 1200 allegations made & that those higher up including the AG of Texas knew about these crimes. If no signs of physical injury then it is not abuse so say those pimping for Gonzales & prosecutors in Texas. We could call it " Sexual Abuse Lite " which is similar to "Torture Lite" which many Americans seem to approve of & besides the Press & TV tell us these were isolated incidents or the detainees deserve such treatment & besides they have valuable information which is needed for National Security or whatever. But then couldn't the FBI & even local police forces make the same sorts of claims. So we see how pernicious the Bush Regime's callous & Machivellian attitude towards " Terrorist Suspects " has spread throughout the US system of justice & the Department of Justice under Alberto Gonzales & his handlers President Bush & Cheney & Karl Rove.

One of the arguments the Neocons have made that if someone is arrested & charged with a crime then that person should have no rights & if the police rough them up a bit or if guards sodomize or abuse prisoners in other ways who cares since they get what they deserve.

So screw silly liberal notions like civil-rights & human rights or even the US Bill of Rights & the Constitution or the Geneva Conventions since they are just " pieces of paper ".

But Gonzales hypocritically says he is determined on the other hand to protect children from pornography & pedophiles but this doesn't include prison officials who may do whatever they like with juveniles in their care.

Meanwhile the Texas Sex Scandal is ignored or downplayed by officially sanctioned United States media ; Washington Post , New York Times, CNN, Fox News etc. who are more interested in latest Photo-ops of President Bush driving around in a Golf Cart as they wait & hope for the bombs to start falling on Iran . Nothing like another war to fill up space & unite the
American public . Maybe then America can start testing its theories on limited Nuclear War.

Once the War with Iran begins then all Bush's troubles will just go away & all the scandals will again be forgotten. As others have pointed out the seizure of 15 British soldiers by Iran may become the perfect excuse for War with Iran ala the Gulf of Tonkin incident which helped to justify the Vietnam war . But then again Americans love a good war as do most people since it gives them a purpose otherwise life is far too boring.

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