Monday, September 22, 2014

From Crooks&Liars Media Fearmongering Over ISIS Versus American War Crimes

War Fever madness continues at Fox News and media in general.While media ignores America's war crimes taking place now or over the last 13 years . America's War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity include the unwarranted invasion of Iraq as therefore being a war of aggression which then included the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, white phosphorus, cluster bombs, land mines,massive bombing of civilian populations . Then the American military was authorized to carry out assassinations, renditions, torture ,mass murder ,rape, death squads as part of the collective punishment of the citizens of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya etc.
So it can be argued America does not have the moral high-ground when it comes to other governments or rebel groups or fanatics including ISIS. America's military has shown its complete lack of decency when it comes to killing and brutalizing civilians whom they refer to as "merely collateral damage".

In Iraq the Americans have killed some one million Iraqis but conveniently the US does not maintain a body count so they say unless for public relations reasons they are counting evil terrorists killed which includes any male killed who is over 15 years of age according to President Obama.

Given the fact that the former Bush administration lied to the public some 935 times in order to gain support for the invasion of Iraq and the on going slaughter of its citizens should we accept whatever the current administration under President Obama tells us about ISIS or Syria or Libya. Obama's policies have left Libya in chaos and Syria in a bloody civil war while replacing for example the legitimate government of Honduras by a vicious Junta supported by Obama and Clinton, Biden & Kerry et al.

The USA has a long history of removing legitimate governments of foreign nations to suit its own purposes and self-rationalized interests while ignoring the desires, wishes and views of the populace of those nations . America has been in the business of over throwing governments since at least the 1950s with the overthrow of the governments of Iran and Guatemala in 1953 to Chile 1973, Honduras 2008 . Meanwhile America's other nasty foreign policy is the maintaining of brutal anti-democratic regimes for example in Vietnam , Pinochet's Chile to Saddam's former regime in Iraq, to the Shah's former regime in Iran til 1979 and of course Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia and now in Iraq once again and currently in the Ukraine.

In order to defeat the former Soviet Union the USA backed a proxy war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union by backing various rebel groups of Mujaheddin which morphed after victory into the Taliban, Al Qaeda and various brutal War Lords . Now out of the chaos created by American policies in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan , Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Israel, Palestine etc. they have helped to create ISIS.
GORD. update 5:19 PM Sept. 22, 2014.

Fox's Pirro Goes On Bloodthirsty Fearmongering Rant, Calls ISIS Greatest Threat In U.S. History

For an example of America's recent history of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity see video about crimes committed in the Vietnam War at DemocracyNow :

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at DemocracyNow! A Mi Lai massacre every month in Vietnam!!!

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update: 9:07 PM, Sept. 22, 2014.

America being a superior nation , a nation chosen by God, an exceptional nation can by definition we are told do no wrong. Whatever America does is part of God's plan and is therefore justified and righteous. Other nations excluding Israel are under the authority of evil and Satan and not God.

When America and Israel use White Phosphorus and Cluster Bombs on civilian populations its okay but when other nations use these munitions the USA objects-hypocrisy much???

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